Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Is What Passes for "Progressive" Journalism at MSNBC

Nevermind the left's fascination with celebrities.  Enough so that they interrupted an interview with a congresswoman to report on the arraignment of Justin Bieber.  Hard-pressing news item that was right?

MSNBC's resident birdbrain, Andrea Mitchell actually said on air that until President George W. Bush's comments during the Iraq War regarding his comments calling Iran a part of the "Axis of Evil," that Iran was an American ally.  That's right, an ally.  She didn't make the case of Iran being a pre-1979 ally, which it was for a time, she was framing it in a way to blame Bush and say it was only after the "Axis of Evil" comment did Iran all of a sudden change their ways for the worse.  As usual, no one on the panel with her corrected her obvious historical mistake.

I guess taking American diplomats hostage for 444 days in 1979-1981 and historically calling for the destruction of Israel (an actual American ally) and supplying Syria, Lebanon and other terror-supporting countries as defined by not only the United States, but the left-loved United Nations with suicide-bombing techniques and bankrolls for same; I guess such actions are indeed the work of an "ally."

This is the deranged and insipidly stupid "personalities" MSNBC hires.  No journalistic integrity as witnessed by their manipulation of videos (some involving Mitchell herself) and omission of the facts and just plain lying to the small amounts of Americans that watch this joke of a network.  Obviously they have no education on history either.  We're not talking about ancient history either.  These events didn't transpire 2000 years ago.  It was 35 years ago.  You know there are people in her tiny little audience that will believe this without question.

To the people who actually watch this garbage for more than five minutes, I'm sorry but, are you people really this naive?  Jesus.  Pick up a book once in a while.


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