Sunday, February 02, 2014

When is Population Control Talk of Africa Not Racist

Why, when it's spoken about by a liberal Democrat, that's when.

Former president Al Gore was in Davos, Switzerland recently and he talked about something that he has mentioned before (with the same silence and lack of outrage from the Al Sharpton's of the world)
Gore basically suggested that Africans, more or less, should have their population controlled.  He calls it "fertility management."  In other words, there's too many of them.  Let lily-white people like Al Gore who live in the lap of luxury decide how many children African people should have. So isn't he basically saying we have to control the black population?

Richard Nixon attempted this kind of talk and it got him labeled as a racist.  Al Gore says it, twice, and nada.  This would be the opportune time for Al Sharpton to step in and perhaps correct Mr. Gore.
No?  Nothing?  Shocking.


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