Sunday, September 30, 2012

Race Card A Plenty

He's at it again.  Not that he has ever stopped, but MSNBC's "Toure" is on another quest to fill caucasion Americans minds with "white guilt," as well as blacks with white hatred, as he once again is blaming the awakening of people discovering that Barack Obama is not only not a demigod, but also not a particularly good president.  Nevermind the rise of unemployment, the deficit, national debt, mistrust and confusion in his administration and the fall of the credit score from triple A to double A (again the first time in American history-the first "first" of Obama the left loves to ignore) not to mention his popularity and policies like Born Alive Protection Act (to effectively kill babies that survive the abortion process) the schmoozing of Muslim extremists and the alienation of allies, etc, etc.

But "Toure" doesn't even try to defend Obama's policies, or even take serious any legitimate, intelligent argument about them.  Nope, the only thing "Toure" is interested in defending is Obama's skin color.  Why he keeps on fighting for something that there is no fight against is beyond me and all those who are left scratching their heads ever time this guy opens his mouth.  Everytime.  This is why (among other obvious reasons) that Dr. Boyce watkins labeled "Toure" the "Kim Kardashian clone of social commentary."

So no "Toure," if Obama loses in November, it won't be because of his race, it will be because of demagoguing, race-baiting supporters like you who have absolutely no idea how the average American thinks and why they vote the way they do.  And smart people are tired of it.
Exit question:  How racist will the blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other non-white voters be when they don't vote for Romney?  Were they as racist when they didn't vote for John McCain?  Were they just general racists when they voted for Obama based solely on his skin color?


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