Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Kurtz Outs Obama, Gore on Their Whining About the Right Media

CNN's Howard Kurtz continues to hit President Obama and the Democrats from the left.  Kurtz is by no means a conservative champion, yet he has more and more been about the only media member from the left (especially CNN) who can at least be honest about the president and his phony media war with FOX News and Rush Limbaugh (I'm sure Glenn Beck and his insurmountable audience the left could never equal would be on Obama's hit list if he was still at FOX)

With all the power he wields, Obama seems a little too preoccupied with one or two right-wing media outlets that dare to let Americans know what Obama doesn't want them to.
Kurtz take the president to task (along with the ever-more hypocritical Al Gore) for his whining about the right-wing media.

Kurtz also chastised the liberal media for their sloppy love affair with Hillary Clinton.


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