Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where's the Outrage?

Imagine for a moment if George W. Bush or any Republican president for that matter, had outright lied about an American consulate in the Mid-East being raided, burned and American dignitaries being dragged out of the building and murdered; then only to find out that not only had he lied about it, but the mainsream media (save for a few reporters that actually asked questions about it-and if it were Bush, you know they would) instead of collectively falling asleep at the switch?  How upset would the left be at not only Bush, but a very "conservative media?"

That's what time has uncovered the last couple of weeks...the truth, and amazingly, the Obamedia has reported it.  And the simple fact is, if you ever worked with classified intelligence in ongoing, fast-moving events, that's the way the information evolves." WMD's anyone?

The Libyan consulate attacks were not the result of a spontaneous mob insulted and angry at some second-rate Youtube video. We're still waiting on why they won't report information on an apparent illegal Fast & Furious, but they eventually got to this.  Of course, it was after the right-wing blogs already had so they really had no choice and couldn't put the cat back in the bag.  Where's the lefty outrage?  Where's the chants of "Obama lied, people died?"  Where's the calls for impeachment and a demand for a trial for crimes against humanity?  I mean where's Code Pink? 

I don't expect any Muslim apologist and/or "leader" to set the record straight about how this act of free speech, even if did insult the same poor sensitive Muslims that cheer at the stabbing of a Jewish baby in the crib, was just another excuse to demand the first amendment to the U.S. constituion be eradicated and those who have gone on record after jumping the gun with their political correctness to blindly and cowardly side with said extemists.  And I mean real extremists, not those who are considered as such simply because they disagree with you.  Again, I can't wait for the release of Zero Dark Thirty and how the media and left will spin the violence after more westerners die due to the "insulting" of people that get insulted when the wind blows.  And since the film will undoubtedly and wrongfully make President Obama himself look like the killer of Usama bin Laden.  What or who will the Muslim world burn and murder then?  But alas, the left will just find a way to blame Bush for it.  Then again, so will Obama.

If it were only Bush, then the liberal interpretation of justice would be heard.  Wouldn't we all sleep better?


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