Friday, May 23, 2014

Laugh Riot

Really?  Do I need to say anything? 

For the Upteenth Time, Dems Ignorant of History or Just Lazy Liars

Are they really this ignorant, or are they just pandering to their whiny base?  Whatever keeps Weasel Harry in power I suppose.  From Colonel George Armstrong Custer to General Philip Sheridan to whomever they want to historically drag through the mud by white-washing and twisting history to their current benefit.

The current let's-make-it-up-because we-feel-like-it elitism by Weasel Harry Reid is the tired "racism" of the owner of the National Football League's Washington Redskins, Bruce Allen.  If you want to know the truth and history behind the name (instead of just knee-jerk reactions about insensitivity) check out Allen's personal letter to Reid; after Reid typically over-reacted to the ground swell of bleeding-hearts and people he can manipulate for votes.  Like he gives a crap.

By the way, if Reid or any of his do-gooders really wanted to know the history of the team and that of its name and logo, they need to look no further than a special issue of Sports Illustrated that celebrated the history and inspirations of different sports uniforms.  But, y'know, I wouldn't expect people like Harry Reid to look before crossing the street, nevermind doing any simple research.
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