Thursday, September 29, 2011

Americans Seeing Through the Media

As much the MSM wants people to believe that they and they alone hold the keys to morality, information and the truth, more and more people are seeing through their bias and outright B.S.

With the baseless accusations and lies against Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, Republicans and anything or anyone else that isn't them, the public at large has started (I think waaaay before this) to see the mainstream media for who they are: Team Democrat.

MSNBC Hosts Predictably Still Haven't Even Mentioned Solyndra

Other than rachel Maddow, who mentioned it only to dismiss it as unimportant other to try and convince the Mess-watching sheep that it's, wait for it...BUSH'S FAULT, none of the other hosts have even mentioned the Obama administrations goof in wasting 528 million dollars in a bad loan to the energy company Solyndra that went bankrupt after the loan and that even the company's employees knew it was a waste of time and money. A loan that George W. Bush denied, by the way.
Not Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Martin Brashear, Al Sharpton or Lawrence O'Donnel; not one of them. Even though the story broke a month ago. How long would it take them to blame a Republican president? About as long as it took to make up accusations and blame anyone with a (R) after their name.

Obama: Causing change, one liberal journalist at a time.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Political Correctness and "Feelings" Continue to Dominate Education

I can personally verify this one. When I was in college, at least one of my profs used a purple pen to mark our papers. I found this odd at the time but nothing that I would lose sleep over. Then, after a few months after graduation, I noticed stories like these popping up more and more often.

The reason being is so that kids (mind you, this was in a school full of students no less than 17 years old-other than adult students) won't "feel bad" about seeing red on their papers. No matter if they got an A or an F, the powers that be just felt it would somehow hurt their "feelings" if they saw red on their papers. This, combined with giving everyone a trophy just for showing up for any sort of competition (be it sports or a spelling bee-which really doesn't ready anybody for the real world of business and/or life)

This is the doctrine of the left. It's all about feelings and best intentions. It doesn't matter one iota if the intentions fail miserably, they'll just try harder next time. Don't hurt anyone's feelings, regardless of the truth or circumstances. On the bright side for the left, it does ready one for being conditioned to life-long entitlements.

Despite What Idiotic and Ignorant Dems Say, Saddam Hussein Funded al Queda and Other Terrorists

And that includes terrorists THAT LIVED IN IRAQ.

Deroy Murdock, a syndicated columnist for Scripps-Howard News Service and a contributing editor for National review Online, has a website, Hussein and that shows irrefutable information of how former Iraqi dictator and mass murderer Saddam Hussien not only aided and abetted terrorists such as Yasser Arafat and the PLO, Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas, the mastermind behind the hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro and the murder of wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer in 1985, but paid the families of suicide bombers $25, 000 for their sons heinous and cowardly acts. And let us not forget the medical treatment and Hussein hopitality of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the head of al Queda in Iraq.

I still don't know how the left can deny that Hussein had WMDs at some point. Were all of the world's intelligence communities absolutely wrong? Did Hussein not gas the Kurds in Northern Iraq? Was he not in search of yellowcake in Africa? Isn't it amazing how liberal politicians were so quick to believe intelligence reports when it was politically expedient? In other words, isn't funny how Democrats "were for the war" before they "were against it?" Isn't it amazing how the media allows them to re-write history?

When history exposes that Bush was right and he actually planted the seeds of democracy in the Middle East and spread the idea to the revolutionists/students in Syria, Egypt and Libya; watch how many of these loons will jump right back on that wagon.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hamas' Opposition Two-State Solution Ignored by Media

A little historic amnesia by the pro-"Palestinian"/anti-Israel enablers.

"No Peace with Israel"

"No Jews welcome in Palestine"

"Death to Israel"

New Fast & Furious Document: ATF Bought Guns with Taxpayer Money and Sold Them to Illegal Buyers Directly

In spite of Barack Obama and Eric Holder's "hear no evil, say no evil" attitude towards the sale of guns to illegal buyers, the Obama administration has some explaining to do about "the federal government used taxpayer money to buy semi-automatic weapons, sold them to criminals and then watched as the guns disappeared."

McGinnis Email Proves Palin Book Full of Lies

Joe McGinnis, the author/stalker who moved in next to the Palin family in Wassila, Alaska sent an email to an anti-Palin blogger "asking for help" because McGinnis himself admitted "no one has ever offered documentation of any of the lurid stories about the Palins." Including a supposed affair Todd Palin had with "a woman charged with prostitution, who is no doubt desperate for money."
McGinnis himself states, "I’ve neither seen nor heard anything that indicates that Ms. Tripp’s story has any basis in fact."

But yet he decided to have a book published that he himself couldn't confirm any of the allegations other than unnamed "sources" and "a friend close to a friend."

McGinnis also himself pointed out in the email that:

No one has ever provided factual evidence that:
a) Todd had sex with a hooker, or with anyone else outside his marriage.
b) Sarah had an affair with Brad Hanson, or anyone else.
c) Track was a druggie who enlisted in the army to avoid a jail term. Or that he vandalized Wasilla school buses.
d) Willow was involved in the vandalism of the empty house in Meadow Lakes. Or that Sarah rushed back from Hawaii to put the lid on that.
e) Trig is not Sarah’s natural born child.
f) Bristol was promiscuous as a high schooler and drank and used drugs, or became pregnant again after Tripp’s birth.

The funny part is I have yet to hear any mainstream media outlet confirm the alleged sexual romp with former NBA star Glen Rice. McGinnis claims Rice has confirmed this allegation (nowhere else but in the book in question, of course) But no one, not even MSNBC is saturating the airwaves with this crap. I'm surprised at that. You'd figure they'd believe any lie about Palin and would be frothing at the mouth to sit this fraud down and spread his B.S.
If this is any indication, then we all know why the media will fawn all over it without any proof whatsoever, simply just to float the lie and hope it sticks. Very much like the false and increasingly repeated lie of racism about the Tea Party.

As for stalker McGinnis, it seems even the Palin-hating MSM who would normally jump all over this (and may still) knows that McGinnis is a hack.

Other relevations about McGinnis, his book of lies and his publishers at Random House:

Update - Read: Caught: Random House Published Palin Smears After Lawyers Allegedly Told McGinniss No Proof Existed
Update – Read: Random House on Sarah Palin’s Privacy: A Tale of Two Press Releases
Update – Read: Random House ‘Rogue’ Scandal Update: McGinniss Confirms, Griffin Fumes, ‘Hooker’ Responds
Update – Read: Random House Doubles Down, Defends Anti-Palin Literary Hoax; McGinniss Spins Emails of Omission
Update – Read: Source for McGinniss in Random House Literary Hoax Accuses Andrew Breitbart of ‘Hacking’ Email

And Sarah Palin herself is (and whole-heartedly should) threatening to sue.

How long before the Obamamedia totally ignores the implications of these and other, non-stop Palin lies?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And That's About It

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just How Long Does It Take the Media to Ask...

"Can you explain this Mr. President?

Obama: Raising Taxes Will Hurt the Economy

Well I guess he only listens to himself in front of a mirror before debates or speeches or something, because the current POTUS doesn't seem to either remember saying these words or, per usual, he was blowing smoke when he did. Meh. Whatever it takes to get elected (or to flip on something-read:LIE- at an airport just two hours earlier, but whatever)

With all these liberal media members from CNN, NBC, the New York Times and MSNBC, et al (like you need a example from them The Mess) fighting for something that they clearly do not understand and will only drive the economy down and deficit and unemployment up even farther to the point where your children will be clocking in just to pay off China, president Obama said some things a little to the contrary before he actually took off the sheep's clothing and commenced to do his best to ruin the American (and by extension, the world's) economy.

But don't worry, if re-elected, he'll miraculously do better next term.

Media Mum on New Book Alledging 'Bombshell' Charges Against Obama Administration in New Book

Forever Coddling Questions for Dems

In the ongoing saga of how liberal "journalists" throw lovingly, fawning, softball questions at dictators, tyrants and of course liberal Democrats, here's the proverbial lefty media member, Matt Laurer showering former president Bill Clinton with adulation and giving the former POTUS a clear path to bash Conservatives without any rebuttal or contradiction whatsoever from the "professional" Today Show host.

Media Myth Debunked

Millionaires don't pay less tax as percent of income than lower earners.

But boy, is the MSM really trying to convince you (on behalf of their failure in the White House) otherwise.

Monday, September 19, 2011

What Have the Jews Ever Done for Us?

We've all seen the hilarious parody on the life of Jesus Christ, The Life of Brian by Monty Python, right? Well, remember the part where John Cleese, Michael Palin and Eric Idle (collectively known as the Peoples Front of Judea (PFJ) not to be confused of course with the totally irrelevant Judean People's Front-JPF-the splitters) were arguing over what did the Romans ever do to make the Jews life better.
History and Roman advancements bear out the hilarity.

Well, a parody of that was made by the good people at Honest Reporting. Kind of puts things into perspective of how there is a glaring discrepancy about the consideration and compassion of one side in the Mid-East conflict.

Afterburner: What We Did Right

Rex Murphy Sees the Incompetence of Obama

The media is starting to as well, but only because they now have no choice. Even they are forced to finally admit that the current POTUS is a HUGE failure.

I introduced you to Rex Murphy before. As I stated then, he's the Canadian equivalent of CNN's Jack Cafferty, but somewhat more of a centrist it seems. Murphy goes off on the media about what everybody has known since 2007. Obama is inexperienced (even still) and even more incompetent it seems than when he started, if that's even possible.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Underpublicized Threat Deep in White House

I don't know how it could happen, indeed if this is happening, but if it is, how in the hell could a) Obama brazingly get away with this and b) how could anyone let this happen. Since not even the right-wing media is reporting this that I know of, I can't put much stock in it right now. But if this turns out to be true (and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised) we will need the second coming of Joe McCarthy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Skull Points to A More Complex Human Evolution in Africa

This is Just Stupid

How can anyone either think or support the attempt of Syrian dictator Mahmoud Abbas to gain statehood as a full member of the United Nations for "Palestine" when "Palestine" doesn't exist. I'm not talking about it being a gaggle of people using that moniker to be recognized as a legitimate nation, I'm saying there is no nation to be given statethood to.

Why don't people read more?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What Do Television Producers Know?

Despite of all the "evidence" to the contrary, fathers and husbands are not idiots unlike their unfair and totally inaccurate portrayals in weekly sitcoms and commercials. Despite the images of Homer Simpson, Hal Wilkerson from "Malcolm in the Middle," Ray Barone from "Everybody Loves Raymond" and even Doug Heffernan from "King of Queens" that show the man of the house being not so much of one; the presence of the father in one's household "makes children happier, more intelligent" according to a study at Montreal’s Concordia University.

The Feminazis will go ballistic over this one, screaming about how this study means children don't need mother's and anything else they'll either mistakenly or purposely misconstrue.
Then again, since when did feminists care about motherhood? They care even less about fathers.

“These findings add to the increasing body of literature suggesting that fathers make important contributions to their children’s cognitive and behavioural functioning,” the report concludes, and point to the benefits of developing policies that encourage fathers to spend time with their children (i.e., parental leave for men) and promote positive fathering and involvement through parenting courses."

Obama Decieves Americans Again

Obama Lied!

That should be the right's mantra now as President Obama continues to decieve the American people with yet another lie.

This time he went back on his word about having American boots on the ground in Libya. Contrary to what he said back on March, sources have confirmed that uniformed American military personnel arrived on the ground in Tripoli. "Big deal," libs will say. Like this guy. "It's only four guys. Obama didn't lie. He's not Bush!" and of course, for some reason, it's FOX News that's the culprit here again, not the Obama administration. "I think Fox may be the most destructive force in American society nowadays, basically pouring poison into the stream of our political discourse." Yep. It's FOX, not MSNBC, not the biased networks or Obama supporting (I even mean financially) MSM anchors and "reporters," but the one, admittedly right-leaning, network. Conservatives are not allowed to question the left or have their own voice you see. People like Ricks won't allow it. FOX and the right are forevermore the problem with the world and must be destroyed. The historical faux pas by the left are not to be considered and moreover must be repeated infinitum because they have the "better intentions." Damn the predictable outcomes that continually hurt people and their way of life. Why? Because their leftist elite and ivy league liberal educations (that have rarely, if ever, been in the middle of the chaos that their hurtful beliefs and policies cause) know better than you do.

Um, and where's Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink and the rest of the war-hating, Democrat-loving crowd? Hello, MSM. Where's your wall-to-wall interviews with Obama's war policy detractors? Where's all your video of Obama=Hitler signs? Where's your "Obama killed Osama, now there will be even more terrorists" signs?"


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PBS Covers for Obama, Edits Transcript

And by "cover" I mean edit his historical gaffes so no one (and by no one I mean the historically ignorant) can claim that the "brilliant" Obama is wrong or doesn't know his history. Well, from the MSM's attack on Sarah Palin's correct assessment of Paul Revere to her "attacking" Democrats on a political district map we know how much the media knows of history. We also know the limits of the president's knowledge of his own history as he apparently didn't know he was born four years before his parents met "on that bridge in Selma."

But to what lengths did PBS go to cover for Obama? Well, how far is omitting parts of a transcript to protect his lack of knowledge?

I know the media will never admit that Obama isn't as smart as they claim he is, or that they'll never collectively admit he's a failure as president; but can't they at least admit when he's wrong? Even once? Just a little bit?

Dems Starting to Think Obama Could Lose?

How could they not? Even in all their love and denial?

Scarborough Schools Smiley Who is Still Trotting Out the Tired ..and WRONG "Bush Lied" Mantra

After dozens and dozens of documents and admissions by the Bush administration of the faulty intelligence on WMDs in Iraq (which several were indeed found by American Special Forces-including Russian MIGs found buries in the desert) and as Ann Coulter has pointed out numerous times several chemicals that alone pose a limited threat, but mixed are lethal combination that can be used in a dirty bomb. Not to mention the so-called non-existent anthrax, mustard gas and other WMDs found.

On Tuesday's "Morning Joe," host Joe Scarborough and even Bush detractor Jon Meachem scowled at the clearly uninformed and naive Tavis Smiley who is still trying to convince the more ignorant than him that "Bush lied, people died."


Remember, this is the guy who said that "Christians, in this country, do that sort of thing everyday," referring to domestic terrorism. I'm still waiting for proof of that or for the rest of the left to correct him.

MSNBC Still Trotting Out Truthers and Terror Supporters

All at the expense of the country, one of the only countries, that will allow them to say what they do. This is what the left and the rest of the dictator-loving, terrorist-supporting, Stalin-esque crowd apparently still doesn't get after decades and centuries of battles with Communism, Nazism and all the other evils of the world.

They will not be happy, and still won't get it, until (if ever) like the Islamists have said themselves on multiple occaisions (that the MSM still won't pay attention to) "until the flag of Islam flies over the White House," "Death to America!" and "Islam will rule the world!" And even then, these so-called "journalists" will not see the sanke in the garden and most, I fear, will continue to support them even then.

From Wallace's "Wardrobe" Comment to Curries' "Why Do You Work So Hard?"

Six years later and the MSM is still coddling dictators like they were Barack Obama.

Back in 2006, CBS's Mike Wallace asked Iran despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about his wardrobe and commented on how much he liked the Iranian madman's jacket. Not why he felt he needed to threaten the world with nuclear weapons, not why is he arming Hamas against Israel, not why the oppression of women in Iran is still as prevelent as it was 1500 years ago? Nope. It was all about the "coolness" of a terrorist-supporting whack job. Wallace even went so far as to say Ahmadinejad was an "impressive fellow."

Well, it seems NBC's Ann Curry liked that line of questioning so much that she decided to ask Alqua Velva Man why he "works so hard?" allowing him to feign his usual BS about "peace, friendship, happiness and unity" for "every nation in the world," while noticing his "compassionate side."

If you can stand the typical left-wing lovefest for mass murderers and dictators, read on.

I wonder what Curry, Wallace and the rest of the lefty media would ask Benjamin Netanyahu? Would they be as fawning to the Israeli leader? I think not.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Paul Krugman is a Douchebag!

I was going to post this yesterday, given my ire at the time I read this complete hatefest of his own country, but given the day I refused to do what New York Times resident Pulitzer Prize-winning economic "expert" Paul Krugman did. He penned a screed so disgusting and so far from reality that I swear, if I ever met the dude, I'd spit in his face. Congratulations Krugman, you're now on par with Micheal Moore.

This just goes to show that the Pulitzer Prize means absolutely nothing to anybody except to those who think it does. Krugman, Obama, who's next? Chris Matthews? And let us not forget about Chris Hedges, who wrote his own "we should be ashamed" column and Kathleen Parker who proudly did the same.

Here's Matthew Sheffield's take on the inexcusable, deplorable Krugman. And for good measure, Ace of Spades (via NewsBusters) has a nice column on the fading mental faculties of people like these.

Seriously. Krugman really needs an ass-kicking.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years On

I can't believe it's been 10 years since that beautiful, yet horrific day in early September, 2001. I can still see the towers coming down, thousands upon thousands of pieces of paper floating through the air, the radio chatter of police and firefighters combined with the screams and fear of New Yorkers, the smoking Pentagon and the press trying to answer unanswerable questions.

Lots of stories today. Remember the victims, their stories, as well as the survivors and the pure evil that still permeates today that must be eradicated. Never forget.

LIVE: Thousands of names read at 9/11 ceremony in N.Y

Gander, N.L. praised as Canadians remember 9-11

World remembers horrors of 9/11

September 11: US falls silent to mark 10th anniversary of 9/11

ABC: 9/11: Ten Years Later

Obama thanks Canada for 9/11 role in letter

Also, being the 10th anniversay of 9/11 I though I'd re-post a video I found in 2006. I also contacted the creator with my hopes of him winning an award. He informed me that the video was made a year after 9/11, so his chances were small. It's a very touching, very poignant animated video of a little girl who lost her father at the World Trade Center. I think today is the perfect day for its reemergence.

I dare you to try and watch this without tearing up.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bush and Clinton Pay Tribute at Shanksville

A memorial for the victims of Flight 93 was dedicated in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Saturday. Former President George W. Bush addressed attendees on the meaning of 9/11 and its tenth anniversary:

Mr. Secretary, thank you very much. Mr. Vice President, Dr. Biden, President Clinton, Mr. Speaker, members of Congress, my friends Tommy Franks and Tom Ridge, thank you for helping raise the money for this memorial. Members of the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation, all of those who supported this memorial, but most importantly, the families of Flight 93. Laura and I are honored to join you in dedicating this memorial to the heroes of Flight 93.

When the sun rose in the Pennsylvania sky ten years ago tomorrow, it was a peaceful September morning. By the time it set nearly 3,000 people were gone. The most lives lost on American soil in a single day since the battle of Antietam.

With the distance of a decade, 9/11 can feel like a part of a different era. But for the families of the men and women stolen, some of whom join us today, that day will never feel like history. The memory of that morning is fresh and so is the pain. America shares your grief. We pray for your comfort and we honor your loved ones.

September 11th, 2001, innocent men and women went to work at the World Trade Center. They reported for duty at the Pentagon. They boarded American Flights 11 and 77, United 93 and 175. They did nothing to provoke or deserve the deliberate act of murder that al Qaeda carried out.

One of the lessons of 9/11 is that evil is real, and so is courage. When the planes struck the World Trade Center, firefighters and police officers charged up the stairs into the flames. As the towers neared collapse, they continued the rescue efforts.

Ultimately, more than 400 police officers and firefighters gave their lives. Among them was the chief of the New York City Fire Department Peter Gancy. As a colleague put it, he would never ask anyone to do something he didn't do himself.

The Pentagon service members and civilians pulled friends and strangers from burning rubble. One special forces soldier recalls reaching through a cloud of smoke in search of the wounded. As he entered one room, he prayed to find someone alive. He discovered a severely burned woman and carried her to safety. Later, in the hospital, where she explained she's been praying for rescue. She called him her guardian angel.

And then there's the extraordinary story we commemorate here. Aboard United Airlines Flight 93 were college students from California, an iron worker from New Jersey, veterans of the Korean War and World War II, citizens of Germany and Japan, a pilot who had rearranged his schedule so that he could take his wife on a vacation to celebrate their anniversary.

When the passengers and crew realized the plane had been hijacked, they reported the news calmly. When they learned that the terrorists had crashed other planes into targets on the ground, they accepted greater responsibilities. In the back of the cabin, the passengers gathered to devise a strategy.

At the moment America's democracy was under attack, our citizens defied their captors by holding a vote. The choice they made would cost them their lives, and they knew it. Many passengers called their loved ones to say good-bye, then

Many passengers called their loved ones to say goodbye then hung up to perform their final act. One said, "They're getting ready to break into the cockpit. I have to go. I love you." Another said, "It's up to us. I think we can do it."

In one of the most stirring accounts, Todd Beamer, a father of two with a pregnant wife with a home in New Jersey, asked the air operator to join him in reciting the Lord's Prayer. Then he helped lead the charge with the words "Let's roll."

With their selfless act, the men and women who stormed the cockpit lived out the words, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." And with their brave decision, they launched the first counter offensive of the war on terror. The most likely target of the hijacked plane was the United States Capitol. We'll never know how many innocent people might have been lost, but we do know this, Americans are alive today because the passengers and crew of Flight 93 chose to act, and our nation will be forever grateful.

The 40 souls who perished on the plane left a great deal behind. They left spouses and children and grandchildren who miss them dearly. They left successful businesses and promising careers and a lifetime of dreams they will never have the chance to fulfill. They left something else -- a legacy of bravery and selflessness that will always inspire America.

For generations people will study the flight, the story of Flight 93. They will learn that individual choices make a difference, that love and sacrifice can triumph over evil and hate, and that what happened above this Pennsylvania field ranks among the most courageous acts in American history.

At the memorial we dedicate today will ensure our nation always remembers those lost here on 9/11. But we have a duty beyond memory. We have a duty beyond honoring. We have a duty to live our lives in a way that upholds the ideals for which the men and women gave their lives, to build a living memorial to their courage and sacrifice. We have a duty to find common purpose as a nation.

In the days after 9/11, the response came like a single hand over a single heart. Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle gathered on the steps of the capitol to sing "God bless America." neighbors reached out to neighbors of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The past decade, our country has been tested by natural disaster, economic turmoil, anxieties and challenges here at home and abroad. There have been spirited debates along the way. It's the essence of democracy. But Americans have never been defined by our disagreements. Whatever challenges we face today and in the future, we must never lose faith in our ability to meet them together. We must never allow our differences to harden into divisions.

Secondly, we have a duty to remain engaged in the world as 9/11 proved that the conditions in the country on the other side of the world can have an impact on our own streets. It may be tempting to think it doesn't matter what happens to a villager in Afghanistan or a child in Africa, but the temptation of isolation is deadly wrong.

World repression, anger and resentment will be a never ending source of violence and threats. A world of dignity and liberty and hope will be safer and better for all. The surest way to move toward that vision is for the United States of America to lead the cause of freedom.

Finally, we each have a duty to serve a cause larger than ourselves. The passengers aboard Flight 93 set an example that inspires us all. Many have followed their path of service by donating blood or mentoring a child or volunteering in desperate corners of the earth. Some have devoted their careers to analyzing intelligence or protecting our borders and securing our skies. Others have made the noble choice to defend our nation in battle.

For 10 years, our troops have risked and given their lives to prevent our enemies from attacking America again. They've kept us safe, they have made us proud, and they have upheld the spirit of service shown by the passengers on Flight 93.

Many years ago, in 1863, another president came to dedicate a memorial site in this state. He told his audience that, "In a larger sense we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. For the brave souls who struggled there, it consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract."

He added "The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here."

So it is with Flight 93. For as long as this memorial stands, we will remember what the men and women aboard the plane did here. We'll pay tribute to the courage they showed, the sacrifice they made, and the lives they spared. The United States will never forget.

May God bless you all.

Before President Bush came up to speak, I asked him if he was having a hard time. And he said I was doing fine until I looked at you, all of you. Last night, Hillary came home after spending a day in New York. And her eyes were red because 10 years ago she was the senator representing those 343 firemen and nearly 900 people from Cantor Fitzgerald who died and all the others. As we remember what happened at the -- in New York, at the Pentagon, and here, all the rest of us have to honor those who were lost, to thank those who love them for keeping their memory alive, raising their children, and finding the strength to go on with your own lives.

I think we should also thank President Bush and those who served with him, Vice President Biden, President Obama, those who served with them, for keeping us from being attacked again. I thank them for that.


Speaker Boehner, I thank you and the members of Congress who are here and who have been in the Congress for the last 10 years trying to respond to the findings of the 9/11 commission and improve our ability to secure our homeland.

But here in this place we honor something more. I was very moved as you were when President Bush calmly recounted the facts of what happened with your loved ones over this field a decade ago. There has always been a special place in the common memory for people who deliberately, knowingly, certainly laid down their lives for other people to live.

President Bush is from Texas, and I sometimes think because I grew up in Arkansas that's the more important difference between us than our partisan differences.


CLINTON: But every child I grew up with was raised on a memory of the Alamo, the defining story of Texas. Why? Because those people knew they were going to die. But the time they bought and the casualties they inflicted in the cause of freedom allowed the whole idea of Texas to survive. And those who live there now to enjoy the life they do.

The first such great story I have been able to find that reminds me of all your loved ones, however, occurred almost 2,500 years ago. When the Greek king of Sparta facing a massive, massive Persian army took 300 of his finest soldiers to a narrow pass called Thermopylae. There were thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people. They all knew they were going to die. He told them that when they went. And the enemy said we're going to fill the air with so many arrows that it will be dark. And the Spartans said, fine, we will fight in the shade. And they all died.

But the casualties they took and the time they bought saved the people they loved. This is something different. For at the Alamo and at Thermopylae, they were soldiers, they knew what they had to do. Your loved ones just happen to be on a plane.

With almost no time to decide, they gave the entire country an incalculable gift. They saved the capitol from attack. They saved God knows how many lives. They saved the terrorists from claiming the symbolic victory of smashing the center of American government. And they did it as citizens.

They allowed us to survive as a country that could fight terror and still maintain liberty and still welcome people from all over the world from every religion and race and culture as long as they shared our values, because ordinary people given no time at all to decide did the right thing. And 2,500 years from now, I hope and pray to God that people will still remember this.


CLINTON: So, since I am no longer in office, I can do unpopular things.


CLINTON: I told the secretary of the interior, the head of your development program, that I was aghast to find out that we still need to raise $10 million to finish this place. And Speaker Boehner and I have already volunteered to do a bipartisan event in Washington.

Let's get this show on the road. Let's roll. Thank you and God bless you.

For the record, I thought Clinton's tribute was better than Bush's. The way he made the connection to the Battle of Thermopylae and the Alamo and when he said, And 2,500 years from now, I hope and pray to God that people will still remember this," brought tears to my eyes. And his nod to Todd Beamer and the passengers of Flight 93 was a nice touch. Good for him.
Clinton's analogy to soldiers and the heroes of Flight 93 is exactly why I am still of the opinion that any remains or monuments should be at Arlington.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Newt At His Best

I'm not a big fan of Newt Gingrich. But I do like the way he talks to the media and shoots straight. At last nights Republican debate, he did what makes me almost want to see him president just to see how he'd handle the liberal press on a daily basis.

It Is To Laugh

According to Harold Ford, Jr; the former and last chairman of the now-defunct Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) President Barack Obama is "the greatest orator that the office has ever known." I don't know what office he's referring to, but if he means the office of the President of the United States, I do have to call shenanigans.

I mean is Ford really serious? Moreover, does he really expect to be taken seriously? As NewsBusters Mark Finkelstein asks, we're really supposed to believe that the current studdering occupant of the Oval Office that never met a teleprompter he didn't like is more articulate and a greater orator than Lincoln? FDR? Reagan? Even the left's darling, JFK?

Ford, puhleeze!

The Cult of Obama

Via American Thinker and "Robin of Berkeley."

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Biden Compares Americans to Savages, Media Still Mum on Hoffa Comments

No surprise here that the oh-so-eloquent Vice-President would spew out another gaffe, but the fact he purposely insulted millions of Americans-citizens that he is supposed to represent and serve-by calling them "barbarians" while the MSM ignores the whole thing (like the always reprehensible New York Times and Newsweek) is especially nauseating, if again, no surprise. Oh, and President Obama made sure to ignore it too, just as he did with the threatening of Republicans and Tea Party members lives by Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.

The always pathetic and hate-filled Sgt. Ed Schultz is loving it of course. Nevermind that Hoffa is a liar because firemen and policemen are exempt from the law of no negotiating, but when has that ever stopped the left?

Brent Bozell and Jonah Goldberg as usual, have great points on the silence and hypocrisy of the left and their media minions.

Obama's own press secretary wouldn't distance the White House from Hoffa's inflammatory remarks. As does Democratic Party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

So when a Tea Party member is shot and killed let's see who the Democrats, White House, Teamsters, New York Times, Newsweek and MSNBC blame. It certainly won't be themselves.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Being Governed By Scientific Frauds

Excellent article by James Lewis over at American Thinker.
These site really is a goldmine of intellectual opinionism.

The "Peace Team"

More Civility of the Left

"We need to take these tea party sons of bitches out!"-Teamster's president and Obama ally, Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.

Somebody's getting frustrated at the lack of respect and following of the unions and Chicago thug politics. It doesn't get much more blatant than this.

By the way, the POTUS is pretty darn "proud" of Hoffa and his violent rhetoric. Stay classy there Prez.

As the Saying Goes...

Mugged by Mythology OR Ten Ways Liberals Deny Reality

Either way, even they know their arguments can't hold water.

Page one, two and three.
Of course, it's nothing we didn't already know.

Monday, September 05, 2011

The Ultimate in Racism

Actually this paranoid, schizophrenic Nazi epitomizes much, much worse. What's more scary, his want of decimating the Caucasian race or that people actually applauded it?

Nice speech mine Fuhrer.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Did I Mention Paul Krugman Is A Waste of Skin?

Another reason for this illogical and irrellevent being so is that he said recently on ABC's This Week that "If Obama called for endorsing motherhood, the Republicans in the House would oppose it."
Hmm, really? Like the author of this piece Noel Sheppard said,
"Republicans voted for an Obama-endorsed agreement to raise the debt ceiling. The previous month, the Times reported 229 House Republicans voted in favor of Cut, Cap and Balance. In April, the Times reported 235 House Republicans voted for Congressman Paul Ryan's (R-Wisc.) budget proposal."

Secondly, isn't this a typical representative of the left who favors all forms of abortion? (that taxpayers, even those opposed to it have to pay for) He then hypocritically states that Republicans would oppose motherhood?

What a broken tool.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I Guess MSNBC Viewers Are Just Plain Ol' Racist

The MSM Will Go to Any Lengths to Protect Obama

Some relatively obscure news item about a relative of President Obama's that CNN was pretty adamant about making sure you understood that it was only the president's half uncle that was arrested under charges of driving under the influence. But CNN went out of their way to make sure their viewers understood that the man in question was only Obama's half uncle. With a nice little family tree graphic and everything. Not to mention failing to comment on the fact the man is an illegal alien.

But whenever the MSM needs a random Obama relative to smear one of his political adversaries, they don't care how close on the family tree that relative is, just as long as they spell their name right and correctly quote them, as the link above shows.

Democrats Good, Republicans Bad

Every time, all the time. I've said it before, when it comes to the MSM, the U.S. Congress (and ideological views in general) is like Animal Farm.

Now NBC and their resident Democrat boot-licker, Matt Laurer seems to think that even though FEMA has recieved $1 billion from the Republican-controlled House, NBC and Laurer seem to think the Dems haven't acted fast enough. To what? To stop the Republicans in aiding FEMA, or to pull the purse strings themselves. Maybe Laurer doesn't realize that the Republicans took back the House last year and they decide where funds will go. Kind of shows you where Laurer's loyalty lies now doesn't it? As if I had to tell you that.

MSM Ignore Rep. Carson's Lynching Smear of Tea Party

Not surprising that the "Big 3" television news networks would ignore anything derogatory from the left about The Tea Party, but since it is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus using racist language and defaming the names of Tea Party members (once again with the made-up, racism charge no one in the MSM even remotely interested in calling Carson on his inflammatory remarks) the media in America chooses to act like it didn't happen. Because after all, if it's not reported then it didn't happen. Of course, even if it is reported by left-wing, biased "journalists," there's a good chance it didn't happen then either. Remember the bogus racist and homophobic calls supposedly directed toward Rep. John Lewis and Barney Frank for which Andrew Breitbart is still trying to find anyone who has documented proof in the form of video or audio with anyone saying any racist or homophobic slurs toward anyone else, let alone saying any type of slur 15 times!

This is why the left continues to use divisive, foul, hateful language against right-wing political groups and supporters. Because they can. Who's going to call them on it? Even so-called journalists that have "race-relations-based discussions" start with the premise that anyone associated with the Tea Party is racist. It's just a given to the MSM, because the Dems and libs say so. Nevermnd the fact that it's Democrats who started the whole "Obama/Joker=Socialist" posters and that the aforementioned John Lewis is a damn liar (ooh I called a black man a liar, now I'm racist I suppose. Oh wait. I already was) and Barney Frank is just a complete moron and incompetent ass (more so are the collective brain trusts in Massachusetts that keep voting this skid mark back into the House every election)

You want to know what real racism and incendiary rhetoric is? Check these...

New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz: “Prepare for War!” against “Tea Party” and “White Right”

Dear Maxine, Go Straight to Hell

Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson: “The Real Enemy is the Tea Party” [Video]

Obama: Tea Party Has Racially Biased “Subterranean Agenda”

Video: Black Tea Party Protesters Called ‘Sell-Out Negroes’ at NAACP Protest [Updated]

Portland: Leftists Taunt, Harass and Hurl Racial Insults at Black TEA Party Patriot [Video]

The Progressive Pot vs. Tea Party Kettle

SHOCK: MSNBC Admits Liberal Bias Against Tea Party [Video]

Reporters Attempt To Harass Black Tea Party Leaders

New Black Panther Leader King Samir Shabazz “You’re going to have to kill some crackers.
You’re going to have to kill their babies.” [Video & Transcript]

Video: Black Tea Party Protesters Called ‘Sell-Out Negroes’ at NAACP Protest [Updated]

U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Ashley Taylor: New Black Panthers Harassed Black Republican Too [Video]

New Black Panther King Shamir Shabazz: ‘Whites Use Black Babies as Alligator Bait’ [Video-Transcript]

New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz: “Prepare for War!” against “Tea Party” and “White Right”

Portland: Leftists Taunt, Harass and Hurl Racial Insults at Black TEA Party Patriot [Video]

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