Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stripper Who Lied About Duke Lacrosse Team Convicted of Murder

Remember Crystal Magnum, the opportunist stripper who tried to lie her way into riches by scamming it out of well-to-do Duke University lacrosse players who enlisted the "help" of the biggest racist on the planet Al Sharpton because of her false rape allegations?
Well for all her lies and the ruin of people's lives, she has been convicted of second-degree murder for stabbing her boyfriend in 2011.

Looks good on her doesn't it?

You Go Girl!

Sarah Palin has accepted the apology of the disgusting and absolutely unprofessional Martin Bashir of MSNBC (is there any other type of personality that resides there?)

Only Palin had some advice to not only Bashir, but to cowards like Bill Maher who apparently feel their masculinity rise whenever they attack a female.  A female that doesn't share their hateful and immature left-wing ideology, that is.

Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK 50 Years Later

Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Fifty years since the American president was gunned down in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

If you can wrap your head around the fact that it has been indeed half a century since President John F. Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 p.m, on November 22, 1963.

The media is all a buzz with memories and tributes to the day the 35th president lost his life to a assassins bullet.

CTV news

FOX News-James Tague

USA Today-Lee Harvey Oswald


Yahoo news

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Comedian Knows Whos Who

Comedian Jim Norton recently ripped the biggest racist on the planet, Al Sharpton a new one by honestly, sincerely and succinctly telling it like it is.

Likely one of my new favourites.

Networks Make Sure They Identify as Republican in Cocaine Bust

When was the last time a Democrat was arrested?  How many stories did you see on it?  How many times was it even mentioned before being scrapped as a story altogether?  How did you even know it was a Democrat?

The sad fact is you probably don't.  Even if it was last night or this morning, I doubt if you know his or her political affiliation.  It happens with authors as guests as well.  When someone like Anne Coulter or Mark Levine happens to frequent a morning talk show, they are inevitably called a "conservative author" whereas someone such as Micheal Moore is simply described as an "author" or "filmmaker. or one of my personal favourites, an "activist."  No "liberal" precursors, no "progressive" tags when they're introduced.

Oh but when a Republican is under investigation, the liberal networks sure go out of their way to convince you of right-wing malfeasence, don't they?

Such is the case with Trey Radel, a "conservative Republican" that all six networks went out of their way to ensure you know was pinched for cocaine possession.  They also ensured you know he's a Tea Party Republican.  Well, they got one!  I guess this makes up for Brian Ross of ABC falsely linking the Aurora, Colorado shooter Jim Holmes to the Tea Party due to the men having the same name.

It's not the fact that a conservative Republican was busted, it's the same old story of the MSM bending over backwards to tell you the alleged perpetrator is a right-winger.

Did they do that with Jesse Jackson Jr?  Nope.  Did they do it with Thomas Porteous?  Nope.  How about Mike Crapo?  Hardly.

But I bet even though you probably never heard of Duke Cunningham, Samuel Kent, or Rick Renzi before their transgressions.  All republicans.  But I'm sure at the time, you knew their party affiliation before you knew their crimes.
Not that they shouldn't have faced the music, but is it really any wonder why a lot of the public think the Dems are made of teflon and can do no wrong?

MSNBC's Dyson Shown Why He's A Ignorant Race-Baiter

One of MSNBC's resident and over-the-top race-baiters (that is just one of many) Micheal Eric Dyson finally had someone stand up to his ugly, disgusting rhetoric of history and challenged him on his hate and total ineptitude of today's realities.

Of course Dyson had to go for the "white man using 'white priveledge' to silence a black man on the issue of race" bullschtein.

Can't you just see Dyson, Toure Neblitt and Al Sharpton getting together to compare notes and further divisiveness?  Why not?  If it puts cash in their pockets, I guess.

About This Brashear Thing

So once again a "personality" on MSLSD has vehemently vocally and publicly defiled a woman on the air.  And once again (and again and again) the left-wing media and so-called feminists are completely mum about it.

Martin Brashear, the highly ignorant and hateful misogynist (one of many on the so-called "network") has yet again made disgusting, hateful comments directed toward his favourite female punching bag, Sarah Palin.  This time the pig that Brashear is said, while once again taking Palins comments clearly out of context-even after she predicated  her words  about being beholden to foreign debt, that someone should defecate and/or urinate in Palin's mouth (which you KNOW would never had been said if Palin were sitting directly across from him)

Dana Perino called him on it, as has Dee Dee Myers, President Clinton's White House Press Secretary.  The mainstream media and especially the woman themselves on MSNBC...nada!

Howard Kurtz say Brashear is "sad, pathetic and disgusting."  Let's not forget a misogynistic pig.

Keep it classy Marty and you oh-so-caring-and-sensitive-to-woman-at-MSNBC.

Rush Limbaugh had a good question (although it has really nothing to do with misogyny) about what if someone suggested defecating in Obama's mouth?  It wouldn't be so disgusting as it would be, you guessed it, R-A-C-I-S-T!

Left-wing outrage, where art thou?

Brashear did attempt to appease Palin, the sponsors and MSNBC brass (I guess, since neither one has said boo about the whole thing) but if he is simply allowed to say whatever he wants, then make a half-assed apology (a la David Letterman who recently admitted that he only apologized to Sarah Palin and her family for saying the New York Yankees Alex Rodrguez should have had sex with Palin's youngest daughter Piper during the seventh inning stretch, so that Letterman could "continue to make fun of her.")

What else is new on the "bend over" network?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

House Republicans Introduce Resolution to Impeach Holder

Republicans in the House of Representatives have drawn up a resolution calling for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder.

With all his crimes and misdemeanors, this should be a slam dunk.  Watch the incredulous feining of ignorance by the Democrats in 3...2...1...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Logan/Rather: A Comparison

We all know about the dishonest agenda by former CBS anchor Dan Rather to manipulate and lie to Americans about George W. Bush's National Guard record to affect the outcome of the 2004 general election, which failed, and he was fired along with CBS producer Mary Mapes.

Now that Lara Logan has admitted on air that her interview with Dylan Davies has resulted in blowback to the network due to the story being bogus (after his story he told on 60 Minutes conflicted with his statements to the FBI) some, like Salon writerAlex Pereene, have suggested, nay demanded, that Logan be fired.'s A.J. Delgado says the "scandals" are diiferent and Logan is not to blame.

I don't really know either way.  What do you think?

Two More Ignorant, Hate-Filled Lefties Off the Air

So lib-talk hate-spewer Randi Rhodes (of course not her real name) has been let go from her radio network.  The people at Premier Network have finally seen the light and have booted the ratings-killer.  And the brilliant thing is she did it to herself.  No conservative-held rallies or petitions to "silence" her.  Just bad ratings and insane, unpopular left-wing rhetoric.

Maybe it was Bush's fault.  Or perhaps even Rush Limbaugh.  If it were, either one should take a bow. Now, let's help Mike Malloy along, who in my opinion is much, much worse.  Just let him do what he does and he too will eventually be gone.

Another lefty who loves to hate those he disagrees with, the extremely racist W. Kamau Bell, has also joined the unemployment line.

Mark Wahlberg Blasts Tom Cruise for Likening Acting to Service in Afghanistan

Failing Hollywood elitist (and Scientologist) Tom Cruise made a ignorant and insulting comment about how being an actor that keeps you from your family is comparible to being in the military and serving in places like Afghanistan.

Troop supporter and fellow actor of such films such as Ted, Two Guns, Boogie Nights, The Departed and his newest, Lone Survivor, Mark Wahlberg took Cruise to task, blasting the near-irrelevent Mission Impossible star with a dose of reality.

POLL: More People Trust FOX News for Information About ObamaCare than from Obama

Again, I'm not one for polls, seeing how pretty much any answer can be derived from manipulating close-ended questions.  So I'm hestitant in even pointing this one out.  But if true, I'm not surprised.  I know all you FOX-hating lefties do, mostly due to being told what theuy say (again, most FOX-haters have not even witnessed 15 straight minutes of any show be it Bill O'Reilly or others)

But to be fair, they have their agenda as do all other news organizations.  That in and of itsef is pathetic, as even FOX has lost a lot of my trust over the last few months.  Not even remotely close to the networks have and I've never trusted MSNBC to begin with (that started pretty much with the cropping of a black man in frame carrying a pistol and "assault" rifle, all the way to the audio and video manipulations and lies about George Zimmerman)

It's just I love watching the left's collective heads spin when they try and re-write history and ignore or whitewash the facts to their own looney narrative.

Sharpton Still Finding New Ways to Allow Democrat Racism

I'm not going to waste my time by reiterating how much of a racist-hustling pimp this douche bag is, we all know his disgusting history.  But here is yet another instance in which the good "reverend" always finds a way to not only keep racism, hate and divisiveness alive, but to always look to the right for some racist bogeyman instead of looking right in his own back yard where it lives in droves.

As a commentor said in a post recently, "This clown sees racism in separating white meat from dark meat on a chicken."  Priceless.

Sharpton is not the only one consistently playing the pathetic card.  The ridiculously-named Krystal Ball at MSNBC also tried to play on liberal white-guilt by predictably ignoring the past racism of the Democrats and with a straight face told her small band of viewers that Republicans in Virginia are the "rightful heir[s] to the Jim Crow legacy."

It never ends with these clowns, does it?

Just a Few Tidbits on ObamaCare Fallout

Here is a few "Matt Drudge-type deliveries" about Obamacare and the debacles it created.
Yeah.  I'm a little lazy today.

Obamacare cancaellation to enrolleeratio: 50 to 1.

POLL: Obamacare Threatens Congressional Democrats

4.7 million Lose Health Care Insurance.

Sarge Can't Really Make Up His Warped Mind

There can't be anyone on the left that actually listens to this guy is there?  I mean even the most stringent Obamaphile can't believe a word this loon has to say do they?  If so, they're more moonbattery than I thought.

The guy really can't decide who's to blame for all this Obamacare enrolment fiasco: the Republicans, all conservatives, the architect of the website or the American people themselves, whether they helped along the GOP's "agenda," whatever that is this time, for being "on the fear fence."
He also, if you can digest this without gagging, that the mainstream media wants Obamacare to fail.  Yeah, that's right, Sgt, Schultz says the all-Obama-empowering MSM actually wants ObamaCare to fail.  The very same MSM that has gone to bat for the president who has continually lied about keeping your insurance program that you have.

Really.  This guy is just too funny.

New Low Approvement Numbers for Obama; ABC, CBS Report, NBC Mum

A new low for President Obama in approval numbers.  Somehow, while ABC and CBS found time during their fawning for him to mention this new low, NBC and the presidential bower, Brian Williams decided not to pass along this bit of information.

Matthews Presses about Answers on Benghazi

It's been well-established that Hillary Clinton, while holding the position of Secretary of State openly lied about her knowledge of what had transpired in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.  The worst part was brazingly lying directly to the families of those four killed in the attack and continuing to push the fantasy that that attacks were caused by a YouTube video.  Whether Susan Rice knew about this or not when she peddaled this fable on the Sunday morning shows is not the point.  The point is we are no closer to any truthful answers today than when it first happened.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews were one of many of the Obama sychophnats that not only ran with this easily-debunked falsehood, once telling a member of the crowd outside the the MSNBC studios "Of course it's the video, everybody knows it's the video," as the real cause of the attack on the consulate.

Well now even Matthews is seeking real answers as it seems now even the most ardent Obama supporters are (finally) questioning the words of their Dear Leader and his benevolent staff in between calling conservatives Nazis, woman-haters, terrorists and most recently, "pissants."

If you're on the left and you've lost your most loyal sheep, you've got problems.  Don't worry, though, he'll come to his "senses."  I'm sure someone there will whisper in his ear about who he's attempting to screw with.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Obama Presidency is "Worse than You Know"

Former Secret Service Agent and Republican candidate for Congress in Maryland Dan Bongino has written a supposed explosive tell-all book about his time inside the Obama White House and what he learned.  Here he speaks on talk-radio about how much you can trust Barack Obama and his cronies and what really motivates them.

How much blowback will he see from the lefty media, if not being totally ignored?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Obama Regime Threating Benghazi CIA Personnel

From CNN of all places...

And this is the guy who you lefties think is transparent and honest?  When will you people give your freaking heads a shake?

Remember All Those Who Perished


For the heroes of all the wars fought by Canadians in foreign wars throughout our time as a nation.  May we never forget.
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