Friday, February 28, 2014

Democrats Race-Based Lies (And on and on and on)

What will the hard-core race-baiting lefties respond to this one without actually calling the author a "token" or an "Uncle Tom" as per usual when African-Americans stand up and see through the usual racism inherited in the Party of Byrd.

A little reminder from Black & Right about how the Democrats and their media enablers simply will not tell the truth about their disgusting, racist past that they've white-washed (pardon the pun) their history in academia, the media and in their own textbooks (sanctioned and distributed by state-liberals in political power-senators, governors, etc) all in the name of misinformation and outright lies.

Even today the ignorant and liars try to play the "Dixiecrat" myth whenever and whenever their lies are debunked.  Tell me how many times have you heard that old B.S. line of "the two parties switched their belief systems?"

The real unintentionally funny (as well as disturbing) part  is the young and naive college-age crowd, while being a captive and indoctrinated crowd, have no recourse in correcting the record when even agenda-driven professors in liberal-minded universities threaten them with grade-reduction, not to mention trying to embarrass and humiliate them when they point out such flaws in logic and history.  From there, liberal projection begins in earnest.

And let us not forget (as much as the left tries to) that the Klu Klux Klan was created as a militant wing of the Democrat party with members such as Democrat senator Robert Byrd, who simply "apologized" and all was forgiven.  Along with everything being (conveniently) forgotten  as well.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Liberal Students Idea of Diversity

We all know a lot (dare I say most) university students are not only naive and easy to indoctrinate (four years or more of nothing but liberal ideas, arguments and bias without dissenting viewpoints is the norm in places like Berkley for instance) but now they're toiling with the closed-minded idea of their version of "tolerance."

One student at Swarthmore College, a liberal arts college (what else?) in Pennsylvania, Erin Ching says "I don't think we should be tolerating conservative views..."
Another student at Harvard, Sandra Y.L. Korn says, "...why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of 'academic freedom?"  Korn says academic freedom should be replaced with "academic justice."  Pretty much the same thinking that represents "net neutrality" aka "the Fairness Doctrine."  Champion liberal ideas and agendas without a thought of what anybody else thinks.  If the opposition happens to be conservative, more the better to ignore them.  The Fairness Doctrine, if you don't know, is merely the left trying to halt the advancement of conservative speak, because like Air America on radio and MSNBC on television, the free exchange of ideas and commerce is where they are losing and losing bad.  So, they have to have the government step in and level the playing field because they can't do it themselves.

This liberal idea of "academic justice" is no different.  That way, future "progressives" can legally tolerate the intolerance of "diversity."

"O.K. to Lie" About Global Warming? Academics Paper Says Yes

Two economists, Fuhai Hong from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University and Xiojian Zhao from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are publishing a paper in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics that purportedly "proves"  that media manipulation (read: lies) will "enhance global welfare" with their version of history and "facts."

This is about the media manipulation and agenda.  Not so much about who's trying to prove or disprove

This, along with the hacked e-mails from East Anglia University (which were investigated and found to have no evidence of fraud or scientific misconduct-says purveyors of human global warming from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change-UNIPCC) shows that there's what, a consensus on the global warming/climate change/ global disruption debate?  Yes, debate.  Because contrary to what the power-hungry wannabe dictators and their supporters want to believe, there is no such thing in science as a "consensus."

Believe what you will, but since when is there absolutes in modern-day science?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Speaking of Lies

Weasel Harry Reid, the supposed "leader" of the Senate said that "Despite all the good news, there's plenty of horror stories being told.  And that "They're all untrue."

Really Weasel? 

Even today, reports are out about more premiums being raised

According to, a non-partisan research group "tracking money in U.S. politics and it's effect on elections and public policy," the Koch brothers, who are apparently the epitome of everything evil (along with FOX News of course) are listed 59th in total political contributions in the past 15 years.  The top five were union contributions affiliated with Democrat causes.  Has Reid even heard of George Soros?  Of course he has.  They know each other quite well.  No mention of his billions and his "funneling money through all kinds of organizations."  As if Soros isn't trying to "buy America."

By the way, you can bet your bottom dollar Weasel Harry won't mention too much about Soros buying stock in Halliburton.  Doesn't that make him eeviiiillll?

Is Weasel Harry calling all the factual cases of people losing their insurance, being laid off due to their employers not being able to afford Obamacare premiums; not to mention 2.5 million job hours to be lost, liars?   Of course he is.  That's what he does.  The mission of the Democrats now is to simply convince the masses that they cannot do no wrong and that they know what's best for everybody  Their base already believes it, now their trying to convince independents that socialized medicine in a fee-market society can be simply implemented overnight.  Remember: you had to pass the bill (dishonestly) before you could know what was in it.

The only lies being perpetrated are the ones spewing everyday out of the useless pie holes of Dems like Reid, Nancy Pelosi (who you can tell that even David Gregory knows she doesn't have a clue) and Barack Obama.

Facts and liberals.  Like oil and water.

Wait. Who's the liar again?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Hillary Papers: MSM Scooped (Again)

Once again, it took someone not a member of the liberal establishment to break a story that shows the true colors of Hillary Clinton's stubbornness, ruthlessness and general witchiness that everyone knows about, but will not let the public (who doesn't know already) about her past.

The Washington Free Beacon published their take on Shrillary's past only to find she hasn't changed at all, but no one on the left knows this, for all their time in their "progressive" bubble do they think she is the well, I guess since the left love to base their heroes on skin color and gender nowadays (as long as they're steeped in the leftist Culture of Death) she will be the Great White Female Hope.  Except she's white, so that may be a problem with the liberal-guilt-laden bleeding hearts.  But maybe not.  After all, her husband was the "first black president" don't you know? 
That may be a surprise to all the Obamaphiles out there.  But what the hell?  Since George Zimmerman was apparently the first "White Hispanic" in history, Obama is the first "White African" president.  At least he's still the first something.  He's certainly not the first Democrat failure in the White House, so that's out.

The media is doing their darnedest to make sure this too is white-washed.

CNN: Nugent A Hater, Every Liberal Hater Not So Much

So Bill Maher and other celebrities can go on television and say Sarah Palin is a c*nt and that her Downs Syndrome baby is a "retard," or that her (at the time) ine-year-old ddaughter had sex with a Major League ball player.  But to call president Obama a "mongrel" (which Obama himself described his line of ancestry) is just over the line.

Just another run-of-the-mill fake outrage "story" for CNN and the left.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Dare the Right Remember Their Shady Past

The left and their media enablers/sycophants can and do bring up every little rumour and non-story alike about any Republican and conservative whenever they see fit to distract one from a real issue like the death of Americans at an American embassy, or how guns sold to drug cartels have killed a U.S. border agent,or how about how the Democrats historically destroy the economy while throwing whistle-blowers and actual concerned law-makers and economists under the bus for merely relaying the actual numbers and consequences to the public.

If that exposure of facts puts the light on Obama, then perhaps they may find themselves being audited or labelled a criminal (or a "right-wing terrorist") or maybe even spied on.  even today, the "most transparent administration in history" is still using a government agency to scare its critics.  But you know, there's "not a smidgen of corruption" in this White House.

Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, etc.  They've all tasted the wrath of the media who dared to question the exaltedness of the Mighty Clintons.  From the man the left conceived their inspiration of accusations of a "War on Woman," which led to an investigation leading to Bill Clinton's impeachment; to the woman that he's married to lying to the victim's families faces of Benghazi and installing a new low of corruption in the office of Secretary of State.  But don't you dare bring up any of their past when Hillary runs for president.

'Cause that's not fair.

But can anyone tell me what this pathetic excuse for a person, much less a politician has done for America?  What positive legacy has she left as Secretary of State?  I said positive legacy.  Leaving four dead Americans at the hands of terrorists doesn't count..

What has she done?  I mean, she has travelled a lot, so you figure the enviornmental weenies would be on her, but no, she's their favourite too.  So, really, what has she done?  Other than these.

Another Liberal Journalist Knows the Economy Better Than An Economist

Another night, another MSM defence of President Obama's failure of a policy.

This time CNN's Carol Costello tried to appease all of her Obama-loving audience members that despite the overwhelming evidence (including that of the Congressional Budget Office report-which you know would be used against a Republican president infinitum) that Obamacare will probably cost between one and a half to two million jobs (which was warned since day one)

Costello went into full-white House talking points mode as she vainly attempted to defend the law, saying that the two million is possibly result of "people choosing to leave the workforce because they can afford insurance now.  So, in her mind, if people were given more hours to feed their families, go on a well-deserved vacation, pay off their student loans, what-have-you, they would reject it, because they choose to.
Not because the law in all it's genius is forcing them out of work, but because they choose to.


Monday, February 17, 2014

What A Meathead

I really got tired of Sgt. Ed Schultz a long, long time ago.  His total and unabetted ignorance of history and just his downright video manipulation and lies (like almost every employee at MSLSD.)  I just got tired of his straight up stupidity.

I mean, c'mon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Afghani Prisoner Relief Another Obama Foreign Policy Failure

Are we seeing THIS!?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wowed by Michelle's Dress-More MSM Liberal Hypocrisy

"Elegant."  "Princely."  These are the words being used today by many members of the mainstream media to describe First Lady Michelle Obama's dress she wore to the state dinner in honor of the president of France.
They weren't so forgiving about Ann Romney's choice of fashion wear.  NBC's Shawna Thomas certainly didn't hide her appreciation.  Such is the liberal media.

But suddenly (or not so much) the lap-dog, Obama-loving sycophants have no qualms about the price tag of an article of clothing, as long as it's worn by their favourite politician's wife.  Now, all bets are off.  Hey, what the hell?  It's only been less than two years since our infallible watchdogs of society went to town on Mrs. Romney, so, why wouldn't we forget about it?

Does Mrs. Obama's choice of wear now signify she's "out of touch" with family values?  Whatever that meant to begin with.
Oh wait.  Of course not.  She's an Obama.

Look, this is not a big deal.  But it is another example of liberal caterwauling over an issue they fell self-righteous about, in an attempt to demonize an enemy, any enemy, of their political ideology. 

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Imperial President?

Since his State of the Union adress in which he said he'd bypass Congress "wherever and whenever" he can, Barack Obama has said to Hell with the Constitution and he's going to do things his way.

If it isn't crystal clear by now that Barack Obama is a Marxist with his love of corruption and Saul Alynski tactics to divide, lie and conquer (and then lie some more) is the most corrupt American politician in generations (if not ever) you need your head examined.  Is it because we're all so used to him by now that his malfeasence is just the norm?

The Science-Christian Monitor spells out (a little late the game perhaps) just what Obama wants and how he plans to get it.

By the way, where all the "concerned" citizens that lashed out at George W. Bush for going into Iraq?  You know, after he got permission from Congress like law-abiding presidents are required by law to do.  He got permission on something, supposedly, no one wanted him to do, yet this guy is bypassing Congress every chance he gets and no one says boo.
Interesting isn't it?

Democrats Responsible for Congressional Gridlock

For all the blame they project onto the "petty, egotistical, obstructionist" GOP, it turns out, predictably, that the congressional Democrats are to blame for all the gridlock. 
And this coming from a liberal think tank of all places.  For all his B.S. and pandering to his media enablers, not to mention putting the blame of all the Senate's stalling on people like Rand Paul, there's a reason the Senate majority leader is called Weasel Harry, folks.

No Scandal, Just Run of the Mill Liberal Douchebaggery

So not only does Barack Obama and every single puppet in his administration continue to lie about the IRS targeting conservative groups, they claim that because their big giant head in the Oval Office says it's not a scandal (going so far as to lie to every single American watching his interview with Bill O'Reilly that there isn't even a "smidgen" of corruption in the IRS.

BOO-HOO-HOO!  FOX is attacking me!  BOO-HOO-BOO!

Townhall piece.

Two years folks.  Two years they knew about this.  Moreover, they planned it that way.

Seriously, this guy is ripe for impeachment.


CBO: Obamacare Is a Tax, Will Cut Full-Time Work

So not only did President Barack Obama continuously and knowingly lie about the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare" not being a tax, but it will also, according to the Congressional Budget Office, cut 2.5 million hours of full-time work.  Something NBC, right on cue, didn't bother to tell the public.

Remember, the media says these workers *ahem* "choose" to work less so that they can spend more time with their families, finish that book they've been working on, or another pet project they now have time for, or they can use this newly-found time to look for another job.

Of course, to be expected Obama sycophant Chuck Todd says it's "unfair" for the GOP to sieze on this.

Evan Sayet: Liberals Think 'It's An Act of Bigotry to Be an Objective Reporter'

With his most recent book, "KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks," conservative comedian and lecturer Evan Sayet explains not just how the liberal mind thinks, but to be an honest reporter puts you in danger of being a bigot in the ivory tower of "progressive" journalism.

Not to mention the real reason why liberals hate Sarah Palin.
Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

You Go Girl!

Bristol Palin (oops I mentioned a Palin, you better start the hate-fest) had something very interesting to say to Wendy Davis, the left-wing "feminine of the year."  The last sentence says it all.


And check out this little rap on the knuckles by a friend and co-writer of Bristol named Nancy French.  Yeah, you know the Libs hate her with a passion too.

Global Warming Rope-A-Dope

Townhall's Walter E. Williams has a good piece on how the media has lied about man-made glabal warming, I mean climate change, I mean climate disruption?  I think that's the new name now.  Every time they get debunked, they change the name of this fiasco.

How the media has withheld from the public the many, many scientists who don't fall in line with the enviornmental Nazis and how that has shapen many an opinion over the last few years is criminal.

"It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don't buy into anthropogenic global warming."

But, it really doesn't matter; because afterall, cooling means warming.

The Unaffordable Care Act

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said "we have to pass the bill before we can know what's in it?"  No wonder she was so vague and secretive (not to mention a complete maroon) about Obamacare.  She didn't want you to know that 1) She's a liar  2) She's a moron  3) She's both a liar and a moron  4) She doesn't have the first clue about what she's talking about  5) She didn't want the American people to find out until it was too late that the Republicans were right all along.  6) She's a typical Democrat that is only concerned about her own legacy.

So not only is Obamacare destroying jobs, businesses and futures, but it will top at least $2 Trillion dollars.

Is there anything these mutts have told the truth about concerning this fiasco?

-"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."
-"The Affordable Care Act will create four million jobs, 4000,000 almost immediately."
-"The Affordable care Act is not a tax."

More Liberal Idiots and Phony Petitions

Another petition drive to make "progressives" look even more idiotic.  Remember the push to ban water?  How about the one to ban Carbon?  This time Mark Dice gives liberal university students the opportunity to repeal the Second Amendment.  As Dice repeats over and over "only the police and military should have guns," no one stopped to even remotely ask if this was legal or constitutional.  except for the last dude at the end, who didn't want to be "guilted" into signing anything (kudos to him) although he did say "you're on the right track."
But it doesn't really matter, as lefties don't like either laws (except the one that benefit them) or the Constitution.

Christie vs Clinton: A Liberal Comparison

Ignore calls for help at an American embassy, let four people die, lie about the cause of the deaths, then be flippant in an congressional investigation by saying (in regards to the lies and deaths) "what difference does it make?"  You are considered "inevitable" to be the next president.
Allegedly close a bridge for political gain, you're "finished."

Ah, the inevitable twisted logic of the "progressive" crowd.

When Asked Real Questions..Real Men Apparently Whine About It

So Bill O'Reilly interviewed President Obama and simply asked him unasked questions that apparently mainstream "journalists" are too afraid to ask.  But when asked those questions that the rest of the media are done with (because Obama said he's innocent don't cha know?)  the so-called Commander-in-Chief with the thinnest skin in the history of the republic cries and whines about getting asked those unanswered questions.

Aren't the same people that agree and support this fraud the same people that were ashamed of the media for not asking enough questions about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  Or about why American forces went into Iraq altogether?  Now it's time to be silent?

No one to touch das Wunderkit!

Toxic Political Discourse?

I know that the Obama-loving media hates FOX News (and although they've topped the cable news ratings for going on 14 years now, the MSM and liberal society wants everyone to think everyone else hates it) and they've tried every trick in the book to discredit it, FOX has a long way to go in topping MSNBC for "toxic political discourse."

But, leave it to MSNBC leftards to confuse and belittle the public (and by public, I mean the 10 or so people watching this drivel) with their version of reality.

Imagine what FOX's ratings would be if they weren't so darn toxic.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

When is Population Control Talk of Africa Not Racist

Why, when it's spoken about by a liberal Democrat, that's when.

Former president Al Gore was in Davos, Switzerland recently and he talked about something that he has mentioned before (with the same silence and lack of outrage from the Al Sharpton's of the world)
Gore basically suggested that Africans, more or less, should have their population controlled.  He calls it "fertility management."  In other words, there's too many of them.  Let lily-white people like Al Gore who live in the lap of luxury decide how many children African people should have. So isn't he basically saying we have to control the black population?

Richard Nixon attempted this kind of talk and it got him labeled as a racist.  Al Gore says it, twice, and nada.  This would be the opportune time for Al Sharpton to step in and perhaps correct Mr. Gore.
No?  Nothing?  Shocking.

Saturday, February 01, 2014


With absolutely no doubt in my mind, as Krauthammer says, a Republican pulling this would result in an all-out attempt at impeachment by Congressional Democrats.  The freakin' hypocrites!
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