Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good Lord Man

What would Obama supporters say if Carl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld or even George W. Bush himself were to investigate themselves or their own department inside the Bush administration?  Once again that's a rhetorical question.  We know their heads would blow sky-high and rightfully so.
So why would they be o.k. with Eric Holder investigating his office's own malfeasance?

FOX News' Brit Hume called out Juan Williams on that very topic.  We'll see how this chapter...well, starts anyway; now that Holder is being investigated for perjury by the House Judiciary Committee.  But then again, couldn't a black man being investigated for alleged perjury by mostly white men be construed as raaaccciiiissst?

NASA Report Verifies Carbon Dioxide Actually Cools Atmosphere

Almost every single climate change alarmist likes to site NASA as the preeminent experts on the subject.  But what happens when that very government agency puts out a report that defies almost everything the alarmists have produced in the name of science?  Well...this, for one.

I realize this is a tit-for-tat argument and there most assuredly be information "debunking" this article (in the same ridiculous vein that 9/11 truthers "debunked" the Popular Mechanics article and book about the science of 9/11) but when even their most cherished go-to providers of information on the matter turns against them (again there are still those at NASA that are still in their camp) what are the alarmists to do?

Camelot Debunked?

Of course, as Bozell says, this will not receive any real airtime or attention as if it were describing a hero of the right or a modern-day conservative Republican.  But as it describes a hero of the left, it will be minimally examined and ignored and/or spun.  Although it remains to be seen if the contents of this book are accurate, it will be interesting (albeit predictable) how the press dissects it.

But if they are, is it like father, like son?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hezbollah Member Caught Trying to Infiltrate U.S. Government

I would say it's like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg trying to infiltrate the State Department in the 50s, except the ramifications of this are worse, much worse.

This is the next wave folks.  And with groups like the Counsel on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) making people feel guilty about protecting their nation to the point where many are afraid to even speak out on undesirables and potential terrorists due to being arrested by the PC police on "hate crimes," the "progressive" zealots of the left have these groups in their corner ready to pounce at a moments notice.  Terrorist organizations count on this and don't think for one second that they're not laughing about the complete foolishness that Americans are abetting these organizations to allow them to kill their fellow citizens unimpeded.

This certainly won't be the last attempt at this.  Mark my words.  In fact, would it be that entirely shocking to learn they are already in there with access to sensitive government information?  With Obama apparently learning everything from the news, I wouldn't be surprised.  Not.  One.  Bit.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Just That Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Again

Darn those pesky conservatives.  How dare they call a liar a liar and demand the Obama administration explain their deplorable in-actions on Benghazi or their abuse of power concerning the IRS and Department of Justice.  It's all just posturing and pandering to their right-wing "extremist" base.  Nothing to see here.  Once again, it's just the right "making up scandals out of nothing."  After all that's come to pass, they can't really still be playing this card, can they?

Holder Signed DOJ Rosen Warrant, Fought to Keep It A Secret

Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States of America who said that America is "a country of cowards," not only knew well in advance of the Department of Justice targeting FOX News reporter James Rosen, but he is the one that signed the warrant to do so.  Reports that Holder lied under oath to Congress is not only enough to bring him up on perjury charges, but apparently the DOJ fought to keep the search of  Rosen a secret.

At the very least, from all the scandals this incompetent has been involved in, he needs to immediately resign.  But I'll bet Obama throws him under the bus before Holder has a chance to do so.  If the president can do it to his own grandmother to save face in light of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright fiasco, do you really think he'd think twice about it to save Holder?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Benghazi Talking Points Crony Receives Promotion

Well this is a new one.  Usually when President Barack Obama gets caught in a scandal (how many have there been now?) he almost immediately throws someone under the bus.  This time with Benghazi, the DOJ-AP phone records and IRS scandals (to name just three in recent weeks) the Obama underling responsible for changing the Benghazi talking points and initially lying to the American people about the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and four others was the result of a anti-Muslim video, Victoria Nuland, has been promoted.  A job well done for disgracing the memories of the three victims, lying to their families and covering her boss's ass.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Details Emerge about DOJ Spying on FOX Reporter

It's not only the Associated Press that the Department of Justice was spying on, as it has been revealed in the last week or so that FOX News reporter James Rosen was also targeted.  Not only did the DOJ illegally obtain the the e-mails and phone records of Rosen, but it has come to light that they lifted Rosen's parents phone number as well.

This just keeps getting creepier by the day.

Why Ask Why?

President Obama says he didn't find out about the IRS targeting conservative groups until he himself saw it on the news, exactly like the way he claimed to have found out about the Fast and Furious gun running scandal and when a low flying plane scared thousands of New Yorkers back in April of 2009.

For a "leader" who supposedly is on top of everything around him and is the "most intelligent president ever," he sure isn't to informed about a lot of important things now is he?  I was glad to see Jon Stewart finally rip on the president for such transparent remarks.  Stewart said mockingly that he was surprised that Obama didn't find out about the Osama bin Laden raid until he saw himself announcing it on television.  That was a good one.

Now the president apparently didn't even bother asking his staff why the IRS kept him in the dark.  This is becoming a theme for him.  Why wouldn't he?  You would think something of this magnitude would at least peak his interest, especially if it has to do with an abuse of power charge, if he is found through a senatorial investigation to have done so.  At his point there is no evidence that Obama knew about the IRS's dealings, nor that he initiated any sort of cover-up.  But then again, Richard Nixon had nothing to do with the Watergate break-ins, but he ruined his presidency by covering for his friends that were involved.  So you would think he Obama would have some interest in keeping tabs on things.

But to say he had absolutely no knowledge of such things is a little hard to swallow given that the IRS reports all findings and investigations to the Treasury Department, who in turn reports those findings to the president.
It comes down to the question that unfortunately has been asked all too many times during the last 40 years or so, "what did the president know and when did he know it?"

Helen Mirren: Hollywood Hero

Most Hollyweird actors are of the annoying, elitist variety that think, as the saying goes, their sh*t don't stink.  From global warming activists to dye-in-the-wool Republican haters just because it's the "in" liberal thing to do, most of them couldn't keep a intelligent, reality-based conversation if their life depended on it.

Then there are those that actually put there money where their mouths are, regardless of political affiliation or how their actions will be viewed by the Hollywood establishment.  Actors such as Gary Sinise, Denzel Washington, Carrie Underwood and Robin Williams to name but a few. Now you can add Helen Mirren to that list as she took it upon herself to grant a dying boy's wish.  This is class all the way.

Dem Senator Actually Blames Republicans for Moore Tornado

Democratic senator and ignorant pantywaste Sheldon Whitehorse actually blamed Republicans for the massive tornado in Moore, OK that has so far claimed 51 lives.  He went on a child-like tantrum on the Senate floor blaming the GOP for other natural disasters in Alabama and Texas.

Now, assuming the United States had signed on to the Kyoto Accord, signed on to everything the liberals wanted to to"battle" Global Warming/Climate Change (including liberty-stealing cap & trade) and the Republicans went along with all the paranoia involved since this whole GW debate started, does Whitehorse really think this tornado wouldn't have come to pass?  Apparently.  That's why paranoid people like him on the left aren't listened to and have no credibility (ala Al Gore) on this issue.

And the Republicans are the ones who politicize everything.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Man Forces Pre-Teen Rape Victim to Abort at Planned Parenthood

What else is there to say about this organization?

More from

And didn't PP's defenders say ignorantly during the Kermit Gosnell trial (that almost no one heard about) that Planned Parenthood don't perform abortions?

Are Republicans helping with "rapists rights" or is Planned Parenthood helping to hide rapists crimes?

And On It Goes

You know, you would figure with all the heat on the Obama white House these days, idiot racists like Eric Holder would have some semblance of intellect that he would not add fuel to the fire that is putting him closer and closer into the unemployment line and adding more pressure to his boss (and the media) to come up with excuses for more scandals.

But alas, there's apparently more bad news for the president and holder himself as a new report from the Department of Justice Inspector General says the DOJ and Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke leaked a document intended to smear Operation Fast and Furious scandal whistleblower John Dodson.

And yet another scandal that Obama acolytes will claim isn't.

Schumer, Franken Asked for IRS to Target Tea Party

For all their bellyaching about Bush taking away Americans freedoms with the Patriot Act, or how liberals/progressives profess they would "disagree with what you say, but fight to the death for your right to say it," they sure are a hypocritical bunch.

Just imagine how high the Senate Democrats heads would blow off if Republican senators not only publicly advocated the IRS to target liberal political groups, but actually wrote a letter urging the IRS to do so.  Well, it happened, but it wasn't Republicans wanting their political adversaries targeted and harassed, it was the Dems.  Always the Dems.  In fact, Texas Rep. Sheila Lee Jackson (D) asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate a Tea Party-affiliated group, True the Vote, in 2010 just before the IRS indeed targeted the group.

Their excuse?  The IRS's "lack of clarity" on political groups trying to claim 501(c) status.
How much you want to bet they were none too concerned on how easy it was for liberal political groups to gain the same status?  Which were about four percent of all flagged political groups.

Another Scandal in the Making?

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is being scrutinized for allegedly soliciting donations from health care companies to underwrite ObamaCare public relations efforts to increase enrollment.

Republicans want an investigation into Sebelius to determine if she is guilty of violating the Antideficiency Act which prohibits "augmenting congressional appropriations, and executive branch ethics laws."

Bloomberg's Hunt Says White House Scandals Aren't Scandals

Following in the footsteps (aka talking points) of White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer, Bloomberg's Al Hunt says the recent scandals plaguing the Obama White House (once again, Benghazi was news eight months ago, that the MSM is just now starting to realize is an actual cover-up) aren't scandals and calling them that is a "misnomer."  Add to that, his agreement with Salon's resident Obama sycophant Joan Walsh, that Obama has had a "scandal-free administration."

Wow.  What. A. Shock.

Monday, May 20, 2013

How Crazy Is He Now?

Just to play devil's advocate, everybody (including many on the right, and to a lesser extent, myself) says that Glenn Beck is a complete loon.  He's simply crazy for saying President Obama is a Muslim.  He's crazy for saying Obama and Dianne Fienstein, et all want to take away your guns.  He's crazy for saying Obama is a racist.  He's crazy for saying all of it.  But yet with this triple-threat of scandals coming within the last couple of weeks (Benghazi of course not being one of them, because there's "no proof" that Obama or Clinton knew anything about requests for added security) pointed directly at the White House, the Department of Justice and Eric Holder, and the IRS, Beck points out the playbook for the "fundamental transformation of America."

Of course with White House spokesman and spin-doctor Dan Pfeiffer declaring everything with these scandals "irrelevant," ol' Glenn is still bat-sh*t crazy and the left will see to it that he stays that way.  But is he really?  Is Beck to be fitted with a dinner jacket with extra long sleeves?  Right now I don't know.

Glenn Beck aside, how much more proof do you need that Barack Hussein Obama is quickly and distinctly turning into (or at the very least being exposed as) a third-world dictator?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's All Irrelevant

Meet the spin-doctor of the Obama White House, spokesman Dan Pfeiffer.  Obama couldn't lie his way through these recent scandals.  Eric Holder couldn't lie his way through them either.  Ditto for Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and company.  Heck, even Jay Carney couldn't spin the White House lies anymore (although he continues to try.)

So, now it's Pfeiffer's turn.  And apparently, his entire modus operandi is to determine everything "irrelevant."

-It's irrelevant where the president was during the Benghazi attacks.
-The legality of the IRS actions against conservative groups is irrelevant.
-It's irrelevant who doctored the Benghazi talking points.

And of course it's just down right "offensive" to question Obama's actions during Benghazi (and don't forget, it's probably racist too)

Oh boy.

They Knew

Not that this will come to a shock to anyone, but what everybody already knew has been confirmed.  The Obama administration knew about the IRS harassment from day one and Attorney General Eric Holder is at the top of the pyramid and by extension, President Barack Obama knew all along.  My  money is on him salivating about getting the goods on those "radical" Tea Party insurgents and other low-tax, small government traitors.

If Obama didn't know, he's clearly not the brilliant seer that everyone makes him out to be.  That, and one more piece of evidence that he's severely incompetent.

Judge Jeanine Pirro Laying the Smacketh Down

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Liberals vs "Progressives"

Maybe I've been too hard on people who proclaim themselves as liberals.  I mean, historically and classically, liberals have been the ones to champion free speech, free thought, small government, lower taxes, etc.  All of the things that are granted as rights enshrined in the Constitution, again what classic liberalism fights for.  So maybe I shouldn't generalize so much.  Not after seeing what complete and utter enemies of the people "progressives" are.  And after seeing this video by perhaps the most logical man in Britain, Pat Condell.

Of course you know I can't do that overnight.

Another Hoax Perpetrated By Moonbat;Nothing from Media

Add this to the ever-growing list of liberals/"progressives" perpetrating fake crimes and blame conservatives for it.

Just follow the linked story down to the (partial) list of 14 left-wing hate hoaxes that the left and their media protectors will not admit to.

What You Didn't Know About Hillary Clinton

But I bet you could guess this one.
Really.  Is there anything left to be said about this disgusting excuse for a public servant (who's obviously only out to serve her own demented legacy?)

Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Do It

When you are an ineffectual liar and a really, really bad president, simply resort to the teachings of the School of Obama:  blame everything and everyone else other than yourself.


What A Difference A President Makes


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama Comments on IRS Scandal

President Barack Obama, while at a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron answered questions on the recent IRS scandal in which the government agency intentionally targeted the Tea Party and other groups that were considered "radical" by searching for words like "patriot," "tea party," or "9/12" in their name.

Gosnell Guilty on Three Counts of Murder

Now that the MSM has lifted its self-imposed blackout of the Kermit "The Killer" Gosnell, ABC lifting it just last night (the 13th) 56 days after the initial story broke.
The jury in the case found Gosnell guilty on three counts of first degree murder of babies born and killed out side of the womb after they had each survived the grisly late-term abortion process.

Monday, May 13, 2013

How Come Pat Smith Isn't the Face of the Republicans Versus Obama?

Pat Smith the mother of Sean Smith, one of the four Americans murdered in Benghazi, wants answers and wants to know why Hillary Clinton, Leon Panneta and President Barack Obama lied to her face.

Remember Cindy Sheehan?  The outspoken mother of Casey Sheehan, a U.S. soldier that was killed in Iraq?  The mainstream media paraded her out on cue whenever they needed a parent that was against the Iraq War to vilify President Bush.  Blowhard, opportunist, hypocrite and liar Michael Moore used her seemingly every other week to vilify Bush, Dick Cheyney, Condoleeza Rice and the Republican Party in general to illicit an emotional, political response.

Not that I would agree with another Cindy Sheehan-esqe go-around, this time by the Republicans, but why isn't the MSM clamoring over each other to interview her and make her the face of Benghazi?  Yes, another rhetorical question.

Time to Start Impeachment Procedings?

As George Will pointed out on ABC This Week, "just imagine...if the George W. Bush administration had an IRS underling...saying that we're going to target groups with the word progressive in their title, we would have all hell breaking loose." Of course he is dead-on accurate.  The left-wing and their media acolytes would be going berserk.  They would already be calling for the impeachment of the 43rd president for, as Will also stated, "'violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.' Section 1, Article 2, the Impeachment Articles of Richard Nixon."

Of course, Will wasn't suggesting that Obama be impeached (not yet anyway) but he was pointing out the obvious double-standard that the media treated Richard Nixon as a criminal, yet they can't seem to bring themselves to apply the same moral compass with the current president.
"Oh, another vast right-wing conspiracy," they'll say.  "It's not the same thing," they'll say.  Carl Bernstein, the investigative journalistic partner of Bob Woodward, who together infamously brought down the administration of Nixon, and rightfully so, has already stated that he "can't imagine" that Obama would be involved in this IRS scandal of targeting conservative groups.  Why?  Because, apparently, "we know a lot about President Obama" and although it's true that, at the moment, there is no hard evidence linking him to this scandal, Bernstein is just another "progressive" that just can't see Obama using the IRS for retribution against his political enemies because, darn it, he's just too nice to do such a thing.  

Did Bernstein just say the press has been "all around aggressive on Benghazi?"  *ahem* Anyways...

One should remember that Obama's director of Homeland Security, Janet Nopalitano named the Tea Party (as luck would have it, the same political caucus that the IRS was targeting) as a "right-wing extremist group," and that they should be treated and monitored as violent and as a threat to the Republic.
So who called the shots on that one?  Who released Nopalitano on the Tea Party back then?  Me thinks that little tidbit should be investigated also.

By the way, the IRS found absolutely nothing on any member of the Tea Party during this debacle, destroying yet another meme about the caucus and their supporters.  At least they still have the phony racism charges making the rounds as they have since the Tea Party's inception.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

12 Benghazi Talkiing Point Revisions that White House Scrubbed and Lied About

And all of these they denied from day one, lied about it and covered it up, including the moronic excuse that a really bad amateur anti-Islam film was the cause of everything.  When the cracks in the armor started to show (even with the MSM generally playing along with the Obama administration to back their every lie) President Obama and his cronies even threw Susan Rice under the bus.

Additional info via

Compound this with secret meetings with Obama's favorite media members (MSNBC, CBS, ABC and CNN), Fast and Furious, sending arms to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt during the so-called "Arab Spring" in which he by-passed his Constitutionally-mandated obligation to seek permission from Congress-which he did, not-plus his seemingly forgotten (which the media sighs with relief over) associations with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Tony Rezco to name but a few scandals (that Salon's Joan Walsh says doesn't exist) now add to these, the recent IRS fiasco in which the government agency specifically targeted Tea Party people.

Do you still think the Obama administration is the "most transparent in history?"

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Most Transparent Administration in History Holds Benghazi Meetings with Press...In Secret

Does it Really Matter?

Here's a free one for you lefties.  Normally I too would be, for lack of a better term, "rejoicing" in the fact that the Cleveland piece of dung known as Ariel Castro that kept three women hostage for 10 years as sex slaves is a registered Democrat (and that may be used in future arguments when the left brings up what party has scumbags as members) but really, does it mean anything right now?  This is one of the few times that I don't care what someones political affiliation is.  Castro is excrement  (and that's being nice) and he should be flushed.

Also, the man who saved Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and and Michelle Knight is now being "vetted" by the media because of his past criminal record.  Of which he hasn't seen even the shadow of the police in his life since he cleaned up his act, at least 10 years now.

Local Cleveland television news station, WEWS has since apologized for their rush to judgement, but in my eyes, too little too late.  Why did they think this was even the slightest bit important, especially immediately after he just helped to rescue three young women from 10 years of pure hell?

Yes, believe it or not, but shame on you media.  Sensationalism beats all, I guess.

Like I've Said...

If the American people really want to get to the truth of how the Obama administration operates with it's cover-ups and throwing others under the bus, just imagine that President Obama and his cabinet are Republicans.  Then watch the fur fly.

Brent Bozell agrees.

Friday, May 10, 2013

More Fraud from the MSM

Is it any wonder that people like me and followers of Jon Stewart can agree more and more about the brazen arrogance and fraudulence that is the mainstream media?  Especially that of CNN?

It's no wonder Stewart takes them to task nearly every night when they pull stunts like this.

 Did they really not figure that viewers would notice the same trucks, cars and buses passing by each woman?  I mean the exact same trucks, cars and buses?  

How insulting that CNN and the rest of the MSM keep doing these things.  Manipulated video from MSNBC (health care, Benghazi, Rick Perry, Sandy Hook, etc)  manipulated audio from NBC (George Zimmerman) Where does it end?  Probably with their bankruptcy when all sponsors are pulled after the bottom falls out of their ratings.  One could hope at least.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hillary Clinton's Bold Face Lie

Just a reminder of how much this administration lies not only to the American people and the world, but to the faces of the family members of the four slain diplomats that were murdered in Benghazi.  Their indifference and disconnect from reality just to avoid any responsibility and to get Obama re-elected is disgusting.

Sean Smith's mother on what she was told (or not told) concerning her son's death when interviewed by Anderson Cooper:

 SMITH: I don’t know if he was shot. I don’t know — I don’t know. They haven’t told me anything. They are still studying it. And the things that they are telling me are just outright lies.
That Susan Rice, what — she talked to me personally and she said, she said, this is the way it was. It was — it was because of this film that came out.

COOPER: So she told you personally that she thought it was a result of that video of the protest?

SMITH: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. In fact all of them did. All of them did. Leon Panetta actually took my face in his hands like this and he said, trust me. I will tell you what happened. And so far, he’s told me nothing. Nothing at all. And I want to know.

Is it any wonder all of the principle players involved in this cover-up are now safely out of office?  The only question remains (because unless Obama throws someone under the bus-which he's sure to do-no one will pay for this) how will the media treat her when she runs for president in 2016?
So much for "the most transparent administration in history."

Left Fall for Another Bogus Study-"Less Intelligent" FOX News Viewers Vindicated

Remember the "study" that found FOX News viewers are supposedly less informed than regular watchers of other cable news channels?  Well as much as people-especially on the left-loved to believe it, once again they will fall for anything they really want to believe in.  Unfortunately for them, these "studies" have turned out to be bogus.  Not surprising really. These types of stories and/or studies usually turn out to be wrong.  Whenever an accusation from the MSNBC crowd, or something from the New York Times that denigrates Republicans (of course that is something they have no problem with printing onto the front page) usually within two to four weeks, some new information comes along to expose faulty, corrupt or bias data within the parameters of the studies questions or reasoning.

Maybe, instead of rushing to believe anything demeaning conservatives, they may want to do some research and save themselves some embarrassment.
But just like the "progressive" MSM, who rush to find any fault (preferably the criminal kind) with the Tea Party without any substantial proof, this too shall be ignored.

This will really go over well with the Obamaphiles over at MSNBC, especially Chris "Tingle" Matthews.  You know, "It's the video, everyone knows it's the video," when discussing what was the real catalyst for the Benghazi terrorist riot.  Now if you want to talk about who's uninformed...

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Seven Most Despicable Ways Liberals Have Attacked Sarah Palin

As homosexual bigot and bully Dan Savage wishes cancer on Sarah Palin, this is just the latest on the liberal hatefest directed towards the former Alaska governor.
As Townhall's John Hawkins writes, libs have hated Palin from day one because she is loved by a lot of people that aren't them.  The hypocrisy and lies about conservatives not liking women, strong, intelligent, independent woman at that,  has been in the news and in blogs for all to see for years, with not one leftist Feminazi raising an eyebrow.  Hawkins points all this out and the seven most despicable ways liberals have attacked Palin throughout  the years.  Remember, these are only seven.

Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith?

Are you kidding me?  If there is any doubt whatsoever that President Obama is NOT a Christian, than this is it.  Disgusting and highly illegal I might add (but then again what dies Obama know about the Constitution?)  I wonder if the same will happen to Jews or Muslims?  Doubtful.  Very doubtful.  Especially the latter.
No war on Christianity, huh?  Yeah, right.

MSM Finally (But Too Late) Asking Questions About Benghazi

It appears the mainstream media has finally (albeit way too late for any justice to be done as all the principle players are now safely out of office) started to do their job that should have been done eight long months ago.  If it wasn't for right-wing bloggers and FOX News (who, by the way, are owed a great many apologies for the typical accusations of being "liars") this story would have died on the vine.  But alas Hillary Clinton, Leon Panneta, Susan Rice and

CNN Foreign Affairs Correspondent Elise Labott grilled Deputy Spokesman Patrick Ventrell for saying that the State Department hasn't had access to transcripts of interviews.

Up until yesterday, the mantra of the MSM has seemingly been what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bellied at Congress during her hearing, "What, at this point, does it matter?"  She'll be hearing that one for years to come.  Will it derail her presidential aspirations for 2016?  Probably not.  The press may be asking questions now, but they're a forgetful lot; especially when one of their favorites is in the hot seat.  The left-wing media (after denying this story in it's entirety in the beginning) will simply call it "old news" and tell te rest of us to move on.  What a difference a president makes.

And what will be the agenda of the Democrats?  Save Hillary at all costs.

And what about President Obama?  Don't expect him to accept any blame (unless it's politically expedient to do so) he'll just do what he always does, throw others under the bus.  In fact, right now, he's probably thinking up some diversionary "crisis" to throw the dogs off the scent.  Something tells me he'll succeed.

Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will begin to hold long-awaited hearings on the matter.  Baited breath shall be awaited with.
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