Friday, April 11, 2008

Progress Ignored...Again

When General David Patraeus went before Congress last September, many members on the Democrat side decided not to believe the good general when he told them the "surge" was indeed working and they used disgusting language obviously meant to discredit and insult Patraeus. You remember Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton (you know, the "Fairness Sisters", a little name I have for them in light of their support of the "Fairness Doctrine") making statements such as,
"Your assessment of the situation requires a state of disbelief", despite overwhelming facts on the ground that were miraculously also ignored by the MSM.

This time he's briefing the Senate Armed Services Committee and once again, Patraeus is being vilified and having his time wasted by the terrorist apologists, who seem to have nothing better to do than to call this honorable man a liar.
Once again, the general had to set the record straight (for which they know the actualities, but choose to embarrass themselves, their constituents and their country by wasting everyone's time with repeating the Liberal doctrine of incessantly repeating the same old, tired lies, not to mention the same, old, tired questions just wrapped in a different, not new, but different package.

Of course the master of ignorance and deception (no not Hillary...this time) Ted *HIC* Kennedy tried his best to paint Patraeus into a corner by getting him to admit to things that simply are not true, but the general would have none of it.

Why does the Looney Left continue to embarrass themselves, their families, friends and country with their insane, attention-seeking ways? (that of course is rhetorical)
It's not the first time, of course and it most certainly won't be the last.

And while I'm at it, these ridiculous claims by Clinton, Obama, Reid (boy, where has he been such he proudly and mistakenly stated, "the war is lost") Kennedy and Kerry that the al-Maliki government is coming together on political benchmarks set forth by the U.S.-led coalition forces and the UN wouldn't be happening if it not for the aforementioned people "threatening" the Iraqi government and its leaders to pull out all the troops if things didn't improve politically.

Maj. Gen. (MG) Rick Lynch, Commander of Multi-National Division-Center nips that ridiculous claim in the bud as well.

These people will never, ever admit they're wrong. Which is sad. In a case like this, wouldn't you want to be?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Last of the Best is Gone

Of course it's already started. The last of the greatest Golden Era of Hollywood actors, the great Charleton Heston has died. Yes, Kirk Douglas is still kicking (barely) but he's a flaming liberal anyway.

So, as per usual when somebody of importance dies that has stated his or her political and theological beliefs are right of center, the Libs and the MSM eviscerate him.

Even the king of all propaganda, Michael Moore, has tried to sound humble and put a "tribute" to Mr. Heston on his website, thinking we wouldn't remember how he tried to paint the icon as a racist, even with the onset of Alzheimer's. Nice.

And of course, all the entertainment tabloid shows hardly mentioned his contributions to Americana, besides him being "controversial" and "polarizing".
It reminds me of when John Ford died and nothing but a two-minute "reminder" of who he was.
I guess spending weeks on end reporting about the irrelevent actions of Anna Nicole Smith and Brittney Spears is deemed more important and culturally relevent.

Why Oh Why Do They Lie

The irrelevant John Kerry is at it again, along with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Murtha, you know, the usual gang of Democrat miscreants that will say anything, including repeating the same lies day after day in the the slim hopes that their opinions will carry water with the American people.

Problem is, most people know these quotes credited to John McCain ("We'll be in Iraq for 100 years" etc.) are taken out of context and have been debunked multiple times. Of course that doesn't stop the Dems from believing them.
Does every Dem share a brain like 9/11 Troofers, or what?

Check it out. From Bottom Line Up Front

The "bang your head against the wall" thing about it is, every single Democrat believe this garbage and then sell it to the empty-headed followers.
Remember, these are the same people that cheer Obama when he blows his nose.


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

So Chelsea Clinton is on the fast track to becoming a misinformed, naive, panderer (dare I say liar?) like her mother, Senator Hillary Clinton. First she won't answer questions about the Monica Lewinsky debacle ( I know it's old news, but Democrats are infamous for bringing up the past whenever they see fit) telling the student who asked the question, "That's none of your business."

Now she's apparently taking tips from Mamasan on how to twist history and blame anyone for the Clinton's indiscretions other than her own parents and their failed policies and platforms.

From 2005's "fauxtography' scandal in the Israeli-Lebanon War to ongoing misrepresentations of fact of today, the AP obviously doesn't seem to mind being the laughing stock of journalism.

The truth about the U.S. and Global Warming/Kyoto:

-Getting on Board
-Rejected by Senate
-Emissions Fall While Bush in Office
-More Emissions Fall Under Bush

And just in case you missed it...

Penn & Teller's take:

Penn and Teller - Bullshit! - Environmental Hysteria

Glenn Beck's "Climate of Fear"

And John Stossel telling it like it is:

And just for fun, let's see if Chelsea will turn into even a bigger liar than her mother.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Even al Qaeda Thinks the Troofers Are Insane

And that's saying something.

I don't know how old this is, but man is it funny. Probably the most funniest part is how two groups of whack jobs can be this cordial to each other.
I guess both being America-haters gives them a reason to bond, huh? How adorable.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories 'Ridiculous,' Al Qaeda Says

And on the same note...

The website appears to be a joke, with all these April Fool's-type videos, but that's the spin, I guess, making these jokers even more of a laughing stock.
And what the heck is the Onion Network? I mean, am I just totally out of the loop or what?

UPDATE: O.k, this site is a joke. Just check this out, even though a real story like this would still be a joke. Forgive me, I should have known better. But, c'mon, like CNN wouldn't air a story like this? Actually, they would probably air the snowman story too.
Mass hysteria comes in many forms.
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