Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weasel Harry Removed from Reality

I know, that's his claim about Republicans who are rightfully demanding answers from Susan Rice about her role in the Benghazi cover-up.  But for a guy who claimed recently that he "know[s] somebody who works at Bain that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes for 10 years," shouldn't really expected to be taken seriously or even listened to when he chides someone else about "baseless attacks."
Reid's entire career is founded on baseless attacks.  From George W. Bush to Rush Limbaugh to John McCain to John Boehner to everyone in between, Reid makes his living off of gaining more power and leaving behind (save for more than a few earmarks) his constituents in favor of a "progressive" legacy.  Well, he's got that alright; at the expense of taxpayers who a) he's lied and manipulated over the course of his congressional tenure and b) who have curried favor and fiscal windfalls due to his corruption and lies (hello 99 per centers, rich guy spreading your wealth to his friends and lackies).

Isn't it funny how the defense "non-existence" of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq are nothing but brazen lies, but a Democrat lackie and major player in an Obama scandal and cover-up is due to "faulty intelligence?"  That little sponge is saturated with irony isn't it?

No Senator.  The reasons for the GOP being concerned and opposed with Rice isn't her skin color (pay attention now you race-baiters at MSNBC) nor has it ever been as you wish it were so you can continue, as with the rest of the disgusting left, with your insulting (especially to black Americans and real racism) divisive and baseless accusations; Republicans opposition to Rice is based on much more tangible and accurate reasons such as these.

Give it up Harry.  You're embarrassing yourself.

You Know Obama's Re-Election is A Bad Thing When...

If a totally insane and manipulative little troll like Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rest of the "brass" in Iran is joyful about the re-election of Barack Obama, what does that tell you about how ineffectual and weak the current U.S. president is?  I mean, now that they have four more years to develop their nuclear arsenal without the interference of a weak U.S. foreign policy, why wouldn't they be happy about Obama's second term?

Susan Rice: Oops, Um...About Benghazi

Not A Word from Left about Violent Rhetoric of Malloy

Is anyone, and I mean even the most supposed "open-minded, tolerant  liberal" disgusted that this Mike Malloy, the hate-filled, dishonest, center of misinformation is still on the air to spew his totalitarian opinions and violent rhetoric?  I'm not talking about taking him off the air, because that would be a cowardly left-wing thing to do.  I'm simply asking how in the world (and who was high enough) to allow this imbecile on the air in the first place.  Do your own check on this guy, but according to Talkers Magazine, Malloy isn't even in the top 250 radio personalities in the U.S.

So why do I care about what this idiot says, especially since given his lack of national notoriety?  I don't really.  I'm just amazed that, much like Chris Matthews, where is the outrage from the left when he starts in on his violent-laden tirades and wishes for death among people with which he does not agree?  Now Malloy is calling for the death of Tea Partiers vis a vie beheadings.
But of course, as usual when a left-wing lunatic rambles on about who he or she would like to see dead, not a peep out of the "fairness doctrine" people.  Maybe that's because with most liberals who preach their holier than thou platitudes, they agree with Rachel Maddow who opined that liberals love his "dark thoughts."

The mind of a liberal, folks.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Never Ending Ridiculousness

It just never, ever ends with the losers of the left.  Their race-baiting is some sort of Olympic sport.  They seem to be in training year after year, day after day until the big competition is upon them. But the 2012 U.S. elections are over and they're still on their "everybody except us is racist"-especially if you didn't vote for the black man in the White House that has initiated some of, if not the worst, domestic policies in the Union's histories.

But all that is nothing to the "new racism" by Slate's Ron Rosenbaum, who wrote a lazy, ridiculous scribe in 2010 that the geniuses at Slate decided it was worthy for another run; about how if you prefer white meat over black meat while enjoying your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, it clearly means you're a racist.  I kid you not.  This is what passes for journalism at left-wing on-line magazines or otherwise.

Tell me, any liberals out there, that you can find any reason to find this even remotely intelligent.

Breitbart's Warner Huston apparently saw the same reduxed article and took Rosenbaum to task.

Man, I can't wait for the first black Republican president.

No Words

I have no words to describe how utterly sick and pervasive it is that (first, how I knew this was coming, that the left would start the argument after the victory of socially engineering and guilting people into believing gay marriage was "normal" or, in some situations, "optimal," that pedophilia would be made to be believed to be normal as well)

"It's a sickness," the left and their perverted "doctors" will (and now are) say(ing).  "It's normal sexual orientation," no different than gay or straight.  I actually thought polygamy would be made legal eventually because at least that debate dealt with adults.  This society is doomed.  Thanks liberals for tearing families and communities apart from your ivory towers.

Remember the argument that gay marriage will open the door to legalize every other perversion?  How's that defense looking?  That is not to say that gay and lesbian groups should be lumped into this advocacy.  The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual) community rejects approval of pedophilia.  In fact, NAMBLA's website currently carries an article regarding claims made against them by South Florida Gay News.

Children, as if they weren't before, are now open, free targets.  Forget the economy, the Tea Party, Occupy, FOX News versus MSNBC, this is where society officially begins to crumble.

This is all from the mind of twisted liberals, I mean, "progressives."  How much "progress" is made from destroying the innocence of children?  And now they want it normalized and legal.

Monday, November 26, 2012

McCain Responds to Outrageous Racism Charges

Like the man says, the only reason people like James Clyburn (Who was helped along in his baseless accusations by none other than CNN's favorite resident Obamaphile, Soledad O'Brien) John Lewis, Shirley Sharrod and now Marcia Fudge can't win any argument on the pure basis of their merits alone, so they typically (and by typically, I mean you can set your watch to it) resort to the race card.

Post-racial presidency, huh?  He may be a RINO, but John McCain showed his class over those who have none yet again.

UPDATE:  Aw, man.  How disappointing.

The Propaganda Times

If one would want to get an accurate description of how the Western media is taking their cues from al Jezeera and rhetoric from terrorist organizations such as Hamas, one would not need to go any further than

Of course, as this image demonstrates (via The People's Cube) if "respected" tabloids like the New York Times were in charge of your daily information to keep you abreast of what was happening overseas in World War II, the world would be a much more scary place devoid of any blacks, gays, handicapped, Jews and anyone else that wasn't Aryan blonde and blue-eyed.
But of course, these are exactly the kind of monsters (calling extreme Islam) that they protect and apologize for nearly everyday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Congress to Investigate Benghazi

I doubt if anything will come of this.  Not even a slap on the wrist for the most divisive president in the history of the Union.  Incompetence and malfeasance be damned.  If the media and Obama (as well as Chris Tingle) say it was "the video," than damn it, it was the video.  If it was faulty intelligence, then it was faulty intelligence.  Of course, in light of new daily information leaking out that destroys the president's transgressions and indifference, Congress has begun preparing to investigate Benghazi "talking points."

Guess which party decided to initiate this search for responsibility?

Why Isn't Sandy Obama's Katrina?

Other than the press simply saying it isn't I mean.  That, in and of itself is satisfactory for the mindless, liberal media-addicted sheep out there.  But with so many similarities between the two hurricanes, why hasn't (or will) history categorize Hurricane Sandy as Obama's Hurricane Katrina? 

Details and truths once again denied by the Obama administration and omitted by the media.

New Study: Taxing the Rich Won't Save Economy

Forget the fact that the rich, on average, pay almost 20 percent more in taxes than the average citizen, some of upward in the neighbourhood of 60-70 percent of their total income.  The left would have you believe that Socializing the American tax system with their "Robin Hood" plan would magically fix the economy (along with crushing the middle class by raising taxes during a recession)

But according to a new study, taxing the rich into oblivion would simply not work.

Pelosi to Stay On as House Minority Leader

Too Little, Too Late, Joe

Pseudo conservative Joe Scarborough has finally seen the light through the fog of liberal opinion and lies spread by the mainstream media to protect Barack Obama and ensure his re-election.
Timing is everything.  Now that Obama has been safely snuggled into his second term as president, Scarborough finally felt brave enough to go against the grain of co-host Mika Brzezinski and regular guests with a liberal slant, nay, crevasse.

Scarborough is now publicly "wondering" about the made-up history of partisan "moderator" Candy Crawley.  Welcome to the party Joe.

By the way, I'm sure you noticed the typical left-wing, bias answers of Andrea Mitchell.  Still with the "it was the video" excuse.  No, she didn't come right out and say it (this time) but the ol' liberal excuse of  using something they condemned conservatives for over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, "faulty intelligence."  You see when the media hides the truth, it's a "scandal" by a lying, no good "cowboy" president.  When the left lies to the American people (with a truly pathetic and easily debunked cover stories) it's the fault of not the actual person that lied (five times in a single week) but the higher-ups that either told her to outright lie or threw her under the bus by not keeping her abreast of the latest information-the intelligence community...or the president.  In this case, guess which one I'm banking on?

Stone Peddling More Anti-American, Historical Drivel

Oliver Stone, the man that gave us the paranoid adventures of Jim Garrison, the District Attorney of New Orleans who "investigated" the assassination of President John f. Kennedy, has delved into his own paranoia and moral depravity once again.

Stone, in all his magnanimous glory and championing Communism once again, has "just co-written a revisionist history of the United States that is ideological drivel [and has] flawed history, numerous errors, and radical attack on America during the Cold War,"  so says Michael Moynihan.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Official: The Whole Obama Admin. Lied, Media Helped Cover It Up and No One Is Paying for It

That is, of course, except the families of four dead Americans thanks to the callous, incompetent lies and cowardice of a man and his staff who should never have been in the White House in the first place.  Now no one will have to own up to their brazen lies and incompetence, thanks to the liberal media who, now that Barack Obama is now safely in his "flexible" second term, has pronounced Benghazi a "non-scandal."  What else is new for the MSM?  They have rushed to rescue Obama from any and all Benghazi blame since day one.  Susan Rice was sent onto TV to lie about Benghazi and the White House knew she was going to lie.  With edited or omitted information known to Obama and the White House, she went on national television, at the behest of the Obama administration and lied to America and the world.

What does this administration have to do to see a speckle of justice to show them and their low-brow, uninformed followers that these people who they think are their heroes are not infallible.

The Big Bad President Needs to Defend His 'Damsel in Distress?'

Forget the fact that the next apparent Secretary of State, Susan Rice, is a typical Democrat operator and liar in the vein of Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and of course, Barack Obama, due to her totally opaque tales of Benghazi alone, but the fact that the left's War on Women is so obvious (this is aside from idiot's like Bill Maher, and every other Hollyweird "celebrity" that get their information from said idiot's like Maher) that the President of the United States has to tell everyone "picking on her" about those Benghazi lies to stop.  And this is the woman Obama wants as the face of America overseas?  The same soon-to-be dignitary that is supposed to stare down other foreign leaders?  How is this face of Obama's America, a much publicly weaker America, supposed to command any respect in foreign lands if the president has to hold her hand and giver her a pat on the head with a little "there, there, it's all right now?"

Kirsten Powers is not fooled by it, and moreover, is a little disgusted by the sexism of it all.  One might even suggest a little Democrat misogyny is afoot.

John McCain has thrown a few questions Rice's way (by the way, did you happen to notice the race card wasn't thrown around so easily when Condoleezza Rice was answering Congressional questions about Iraq WMDs?) due to her being the "face" of Benghazi on no less than five panel and/or Sunday morning shows decrying the "fact" that some YouTube video was to blame ("It is about the video.  Everybody knows it's about the video," huh Chris Matthews?  Twit.)

And right on cue, because it's not Allan West or Herman Cain, or even Mia Love, the Black Congressional Caucas has rolled out their tired, yet somehow still effective race card.  Oops.  That right there is racist, right? I mean, McCain must be a liar, right?  I mean he's white, old, rich and a Republican.  See, that's the key right there, you have to be a Republican or conservative to be racist.  But of course, you know that already, don't you?  I'm still waiting for the $100,000 reward that Andrew Breitbart offered for any proof, any proof that any homosexual or racist epitaphs were said that day.  John Lewis, Barney Frank and the lot are disgusting liars!  Whoops, another homophobic and racist slur.  I better be careful.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Incompetence Personified: Holder to Stay on as AG

Pelosi to Step Down?

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi has said she may be stepping down from that position as early as Wednesday morning.  A move that comes not a day too soon for followers of the Constitution.
in any event...good riddance.  Now if only Weasel Harry Reid were to follow suit.

As Goes California...

As with everything from fashion and trends, to political influences, California will institute cap and trade as a "solution" to curb carbon emissions or "footprints."   According to this piece from Ben Shapiro, carbon emission is not the only thing that will disappear.  Once California forces this rouse on the nation, it's only a matter of time before it's the law of the land.

White House Knew of Petraeus Affair; Kept It Secret Until after Election?

Reports and opinions are speculating that the extra-marital affair of former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus was withheld from the public until after the election to allegedly keep Petraeus quite to his knowledge of the Benghazi attack after he conducted his own investigation into the attack.

Of course, the White House is deflecting anything coming their way (surprise!)

Obama Re-election Consequences

Now that Barack Obama has secured himself a second term (which the left is calling a "mandate" even though half the country voted for Mitt Romney) there are certain consequences to him being president for another four years.  A lot has to do with certain cultural ramifications such as late-term abortions, gay marriage, etc.
Other concerns being of the economic variety that Obamacare can directly and indirectly be the cause of; including more lay-offs:

For more good news, check out Daily Jobs

H/T to DJC and Dave Blount

10 Concepts Liberals Talk About Incessantly But Don't Understand

Giles: Whites Hate Abortion to "Build Up Their Race"

Imagine if a white conservative pundit had said on national television, "Blacks love abortion because it's killing off the white race."  Well, that's what MSNBC contributor Nancy Giles said on the Mellisa Harris-Perry Show over the weekend.  Actually, she said that "Maybe that's why they're trying to eliminate all these abortions and stuff.  Maybe?  That's creepy."  What's really creepy is that she actually got away with saying this without anyone else present raising an eyebrow.  Not only did not one member of the panel of guests on the show contradict Giles, but no one on the "network" has said anything to the contrary and no media members have taken her to task.

Again, if a Caucasian or conservative had made this comment, we'd have demands for their banishment from the airwaves a la Rush Limbaugh for weeks.  Al Sharpton and "Toure" would be blowing gaskets for weeks.  Wanna-be blacks, racist black panderers and race-baiters like Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz would crank up their usual phony outrage and expose their wanton racism for all to see all under the guise of "equality" or "fairness," but just general pseudo-concern to pander to their white-guilt-laden audience, who they have personally indoctrinated with their collective white-wash of their own historical racism.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget

Remember the fallen...

Remember those that wore (and for those who continue to) the uniform of the Armed Services of your respective country, whether it be the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, or any nation that has helped and continues to help make the world a safer place from tyranny and oppression.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Petraeus Resigns

Why Obama Won

Zo is back (again) to give us our just desserts and to say (why I think) we should have heeded his warnings and game plan in the first place.

Is It Time to Act Like the Left?

With all their hatred, lies and discontempt for anyone who doesn't think like them, they still manage to win elections and indoctrinate the uninformed through coersion, deciet and misrepresentations that facilitate the white guilt that the left, through Obama and his infallible policies and ideas with the help of his corrupt media base due to his pigmentation, have successfully integrated into the American psyche; maybe it's time the right started playing by their rules.

Black and Hispanic Conservatives are "Window Dressing" according to MSNBC

Another MSNBC pundit, another racist in disguise.  Oh, but you see Joy-Ann Reid is black, so it's ok to be racist.  What?  She was talking about blacks voting Republican?  How can that be racist?  Calling them "window dressing" as others have called them "house niggers" and "slaves" is common practice on MSLSD.  All the excuses in the world are made for Hillary Clinton to mention "code words" as the hypocritical left likes to call them, such as "plantation," or Vice-President Joe Biden to suddenly enact a southern drawl while warning black Democrats about the GOP "putting y'all back in chains."  The very same tactic as street gangs or outlaw motorcycle clubs use when kids are recruited to do their crimes, so does MSNBC roll out their black commentators to defile other blacks who choose not to live in a Socialistic country where totalitarianism rules with no thought to their fellow citizens, contrary to what they claim.  Their actions speak for themselves.  Racism is not hidden by skin color when defiling the same, except when you're a member of the statist crowd.  Al Sharpton, jesse Jackson, Ed Schults, Chris Matthews and "Toure" now have another racist in the MSNBC family.

Obama's Re-election Seals America's Fate

A bang-on column from Monty Pelerin from American Thinker about how Obama's unthinkable re-election has just sealed her fate and the future of those children within.  God help us all.

Hollywood Gets Classified Info, SEALs Get Punished for It

When Hollywood came calling to infiltrate the classified vaults of Obama's White House, The One's security detail openly gave the salivating Obama biographers all access to Operation Neptune Spear to clearly make Obama a hero, or worse yet, an architect in the whole planning and execution of the mission to capture or kill Osama bin Laden.

But yet when Navy SEALs tell of their tale, for a somewhat less ominous and less selfish reasons, they are punished.  Being a dictator to distort and re-write history sure has its advantages, doesn't it?

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Matthews Glad for Hurricane Sandy

You read that right.  Chris Matthews, the disgusting, uninformed, race-baiting loser over at MSNBC publicly stated after Obama's election night victory actually stated on air that he "was glad we had that storm last week," referring to Hurricane Sandy that ravaged the east coast and left hundreds dead and without food or power.  All for political points and photo-ops that may have turned the tide and stopped the momentum of Mitt Romney going into election night.

Although Matthews "apologized" for his hurtful and callous remark, it doesn't change the fact that he, in his little disgusting liberal mind, saw the death and destruction of of people and property of New York as a political advantage for Obama.  In a nutshell  this is exactly how liberals think, pretend you care for the masses, then when their guard is down Obamaholics say what they really mean.

The damage is done.  It doesn't matter if he apologized.  Would it if he were a Republican or a FOX News commentator?  Absolutely not.  From Matthews to Ed Schultz, to Lawrence O'Donnell  to every other host on the joke that is MSNBC.  MSNBC is not a joke you say?  If their race-baiting, white-washing of history and accusations of code-words and dog-whistles (except when they do it) doesn't scream hate, what else does?

I'm usually not one for taking someone off the air for their views or opinions, but this clown has had so many strikes against him and he and his keepers just don't seem to understand what a detriment this clown is to civil discourse (I guess Tingle didn't get Obama's message in 2008-09) and facts of history, he must be made an example of.  His empty apology means nothing.  Rush Limbaugh became their meal of the week (or more) after he called a nobody a "slut" and they called for his head as well as his career.  They didn't count on their plan to boycott his sponsors (that did result in him losing some) resulting in other sponsors lining up to replace the timid and cowardly ones.  Limbaugh apologized, but that wasn't enough for the left, they wanted him permanently off the air.  So why no outrage for Matthews?  I'm not talking about some on the left ooh-ing and ah-ing, "you shouldn't have said that," I'm talking about the same outrage they would have for Limbaugh or FOX News whenever they uncover the left would rather have stayed covered up so they don't have to deal with it and reveal their hatred for their country and all that value the rights and freedoms that she represents.

Imagine, just imagine how a right-winger's career would have been destroyed, utterly stopped in its tracks if they had said this about Katrina?

Obama Wins Four More Years

I was reluctant to post the title while it appeared key states like Ohio and California were still in play, but it appears that President Barack Obama has secured the 270 electoral votes needed (and then some) to secure a second term as President of the United States.

Now he can go back to lying, ruining the economy even further, disrespecting Christians, turning a blind eye to the murder and mayhem in the Middle East that his policies caused (or at least helped him to ignore when Americans are killed there) and apologizing to the animals that kill American soldiers and civilians.
I guess his golf game will improve as he will have more executive tee times, while his wife can go on another 20 vacations a year all on the taxpayers dole.

Americans will continue to be unemployed, energy companies will continue to go bankrupt (before Obama invests in them-while being warned beforehand) terrorists will continue to kill at will without fear of repercussions and the country will continue to be divided.  And all of it will get worse.

Congratulations America, you just secured your demise.
Sour grapes?  Definitely.  Just like in 2008.  But just like in 2008, you were warned and you didn't listen and look where it got you.  I can't believe with all the economic and foreign policy failures that people would actually give this fraud a second term.  Of course it's easy to be deceptive when the media covers up your every gaffe, misrepresentation and outright lie.

Just in case you forgot what Obama has done (or not done that he said he would) these are the failures and lies that  no one seems to mind that the media ignored and spun.  This is only the tip of the iceberg of his failures, that, if he were a Republican, he would have been crucified for.

Speaking of Republicans, although they lost the big one, they did hang on to the House of Representatives and were able to gain more governorships. And Mitt Romney for his part was gracious in defeat (something the left never are-but somehow I think Obama probably would have been...before blaming Bush) and called for "the end of partisan bickering."

So when it turns out all the Obama critics were right all along (which will be predictably denied and spun by the left-wing sheep) remember, you deserve what you get.  Good luck.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

If Obama Loses, It's Racism...What Else?

Since they can't blame George W. Bush on the results of tonight's election results (although, believe me many will try) the left-wing loons in the media who seem to harbour some racist tendencies of their own are using unsubstantiated polls (in which they make their conclusions based on the percentage of answers of one question in particular) to try to sell the tired lie of "America is racist."  Ann Coulter's new book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama makes several great points (with historical references) on this matter.

Race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made a career of supporting race hoaxes that are vehemently supported by the MSM that say nothing about their gross incompetence (as well as their being accessories after the fact to murder, rape, theft and assault) when these hoaxes are exposed.  The latest of which (other than false "hate crimes" against homosexuals) is the Duke lacrosse team non-rape case of 2006 in which lives were ruined over false allegations by a woman who, by the way, is now on trial for the murder of her boyfriend and the "Jena Six." Media personalities such as the disgraced Nancy Grace and always ill-informed Bill Maher   rushed to judgement without a shred of credible evidence.  Grace going so far as to call the Duke players guilty on her Headline News show bearing her name before the case even went to trial.

It's cases like these (and many more throughout the last three decades-at least) that add fuel to the race-baiting fire of whack jobs like Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz (aw heck, the entire MSNBC line-up) and apparently the vastly paranoid and white-guilt-laden Sandra Banks of the Los Angeles Times that has convinced them that racism in America is much, much worse than it ever has been.  And there in lies the excuse of the left should Barack Obama become unemployed.  It doesn't matter if you're white and voted for Obama in 2008.  To prove that you're not a racist, you must vote for Obama in 2012, otherwise you didn't really vote for Obama in the first place, says supposed "expert" Andrew Sullivan.  Unemployment is lower than when Obama took office?  Decimated al Qaeda?  Saved the auto industry? (maybe Sullivan can explain  why Ford didn't need any "saving.") He has carried through on almost every election promise?  He told us it would take two terms?  Why? It only took Ronald Reagan one term to make provably vast improvements in the economy after the debacle that was Jimmy Carter's presidency.

 "What the hell  is the colour of the sky in this Sullivan's world?  Or Obama's for that matter if he thinks people don't pay attention to his "evolution" of opinion

But that folks is the ace in the hole for the petulant left.  An overwhelming percentage of whites voted for Obama in 2008.  That should have put the "America is racist" cries to bed once and for all.  But to really prove America isn't racist, regardless of his failed policies, you have to vote for him again.  If you don't, guess what that makes you?

Obama Didn't Call the Benghazi Attack Terrorism; CBS Knew and Covered It Up

For the third time in a year, a major American television network's news division has edited video to assist a left-wing version of white-washed history.  President Obama in his Rose Garden comments about the Benghazi attack, covered up any facts leading to the obvious conclusion that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack and although assisted by Candy Crawley and the rest of the left-wing media in the second presidential debate (that the president had "clearly" said in the Rose Garden it was a terrorist attack) CBS held on to footage of Obama, just hours after the press conference mind you; where he supposedly said that Benghazi was a "act of terror."  They have decided to release the footage now that we're one day from the election and it won't harm Obama's chances of re-election.

Why didn't CBS release the footage (or better yet, why was it edited out in the first place?) after the second debate when the comment was in question?  Once again the media's malfeasance has put one more nail in the coffin of truth and liberty.

Bias...What Bias? An Ongoing Saga

Who says the Washington Post is biased?  I mean it's not like they sell their souls to apologize and make excuses for Obama (usually for the same hypocritical reasons they smeared George W. Bush for) and his transparent, Socialist policies.

In yet another example of the left only caring about free speech for themselves and simply lying about anything else that doesn't jive with their collective left-wing ideologies, the cowards at the Washington Post have scrubbed positive reviews of the conservative film Hating Breitbart, not once, but three times.  The film's director Andrew Marcus has been following the despicable attempt by the paper to silence positive reviews and although he was disappointed, but not surprised by the tactic the first time, Marcus has had enough.  So have the fans of the film, based on their reviews and knowledge of the Posts dishonesty.

I've Wondered That Myself

Have you noticed that when it comes to American military intervention, specifically in Afghanistan, the media couldn't care one iota about the death tolls of American soldiers since Barack Obama has been in office?  It wasn't that long ago when George W. Bush was in office that the MSM couldn't rip him enough about the "soldiers dying every single day" in Afghanistan and Iraq (along with there dreadfully misleading numbers on civilian deaths-why did that 50,000 dead civilian number never go up or down?) So now that "during the last four years in Afghanistan alone, under the leadership of Commander in Chief Obama, US forces have experienced significantly more injuries and deaths than under the entire eight years of President George W. Bush," where is Cindy Sheehan?  Where's Code Pink?  Where's the calling of the president a war criminal and murderer?  Where's the chants of "blood for oil" or "Obama lied, people died?"  Where's the calls for impeachment?  (other than some right-wing sillies demanding it due to his economic policies-which really isn't an impeachable offence, that's what elections are for)

So how does the media report U.S. war casualties?  That depends who's in office.

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Libya Lies

In a nutshell...

We were told for two weeks that it was a demonstration when the White House knew within a few hours that it was a terrorist attack.

Obama went campaigning after he knew there had been a terrorist attack.
Obama mentioned terrorist attack only once in the rose garden.
Obama didn’t speak until after Mitt Romney.

3 Requests were made for backup. Those requests were denied.
With a 7 hour battle, help was within reach.

White House refuses to say where Obama was while the attack occurred

Saturday, November 03, 2012

First Time? Not Really

You know that add from the Obama campaign which features minor celebrity Lena Dunham that alleges she is talking about sex "for the first time"  that turned out to be about voting for "the right man?"  Well, it appears that The One once again has fooled the sheep on the left into thinking he's some brilliant politician/marketer.  It seems that ad which was hailed by the left-wing media as "refreshing," "new" and "fresh"  is from a Australian political ad from 2010.  Nice try Prez.  At least you fooled your naive base.

See if you can spot the obvious plagiarism that the Dems are becoming ever-more infamous 

And really, if your looking for the "right man" for the "first time," Jay Leno said it right when he quipped, "you may want someone who doesn't need four years to get the job done."

Is there nothing the left doesn't steal and claim as their own?  Except good policies that is.

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