Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Breaking News

BREAKING NEWS: President Obama has just confirmed that the DC earthquake occurred on a rare and obscure fault-line, apparently known as “Bush’s Fault”.

Obama also announced that the Secret Service and Maxine Waters continues an investigation of the quake’s suspicious ties to the Tea Party.

Conservatives however have proven that it was caused by the founding fathers rolling over in their graves. -UNKNOWN AUTHOR

H/T to Amy Proctor

A Violent, Racist Game

Why isn't the MSM covering more of this and calling it a "national crisis?" One guess.

"One thing is certain: if the races were switched, this game -- combined with the flash mobs -- would be considered a national crisis. There would be a chorus of wailing and gnashing anguish the likes of which hasn't been seen in over fifty years. We would all be made to confess that racism has reemerged. The attacks would be treated as a reflection of a massive, looming problem. We would be talking about our nation's rotten, racist soul if whites were playing this game."

Elections Expert Who’s Called Every Presidential Race Since ’84: Obama Will Win in 2012


However, Lichtman's model is subjective, as one commentator posted:

[He] failed [in his 2006 candidate bid] for Senate (he sought and resoundingly lost the Democratic nomination in Maryland) Lichtman's model is way too subjective to be taken seriously.

What comprises a "serious" contest for the nomination or a "serious" third party candidacy? What constitutes "major changes in national policy"? Would Bush's passage of No Child Left Behind or Medicare Part D make the grade? What are "major" failures or successes? And who, exactly, is the arbiter of charisma?

Lichtman's model is delightful because it is entirely adaptable to his own whims and subjective judgments. And since he picked Gore to win in 2000 (and then quickly mentioned that the model only applies to the popular vote), I think that "perfect record" is somewhat questionable.

Since he's an activist Democrat predicting Obama will win reelection, Lichtman can count on lots of positive media exposure between now and November 6, 2012. But if the polls start looking hopeless for Obama in the final two weeks of the campaign, watch Lichtman's judgments suddenly adjust.

Holy Mother of God!

What would you say if I told you that the most liberal paper in the world, the New York Times (although it's readership is pretty much nil outside of New York proper) actually told the most bias, liberal television network in the world, MSNBC, that they're too bias?

Yeah, I had to perform a double-take as well.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sun Causes Climate Change Shock

But the scenario, the result of cosmic rays which act as a seed for cloud formation that has apparently been proven correct, by Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark is also being kept under wraps by the "Al Gore minions" of higher-ups at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

But of course, it's all "BULLSH*T!" Right Al?

Yes, NewsBusters, It is A Big Yawn

Leave it to MSNBC to repeatedly play the tired old race card because their hero in the White House is a complete and utter fiscal failure. In fact there are not enough words in the English language to describe the monumental screw-up Barack H. Obama Jr. is as president.

The ring leader of this episode is the "hate everything conservative wonderkid, The Thrillboy himself, Chris Matthews.

Matthews Soup de Jour this time is, well, the same as it's always been since Obama moved into the white House and the second anyone on the right disagrees with any Obama policy for any reason, well, hell, that's because their white and obviously a racist. Unless they're black, then of course they're just a "useless, self-hating, Uncle Tom." Of course if the left had any brains or sense of history at all, instead of just making up their own all the time, they would know that "Uncle Tom" of course was a wise, independent champion of human rights (before that term even existed) and a soldier in the Underground Railway movement after his defection to Canada. So for the left to reactively just throw that "insult" out there to insult (or in the left's tiny little minds, attempt to discredit) any conservative or even libertarian black person is just another endless example of the left's broad ignorance. But then again the Dems fought tooth and nail to block the 1964 Civil Rights Act, why should this be any different?

But anyways, I digress and back to Thrillboy.
It seems Matthews is still in denial that the country has buyer's remorse and are soured by Obama. He either can't or simply won't admit to that fact. So what is his rationale for Obama's plummeting numbers? Yep. Racism. This, despite how Matthews was only three years ago lamenting on how big the numbers were for whites voting for the first black president. Nevermind that in all his recent insane race-baiting tirades, Matthews does not one time offer up the thought that all the blacks, Hispanics or Asians that didn't vote for John McCain in 2008 were clearly racists for simply not voting for a white man.

Remember, Matthews openly admitted to his job being to "to make the Obama presidency a success."

Obama Administration Blocks Release of Bush Administration Surveillance Policy Memos

To Answer Your Question

Recently, columnist Jonathan Alter asked his readers (although the column was meant to seek answers from the right, because who on the left doesn't think Obama is "the one he's been waiting for?") "You Think Obama’s Been a Bad President? Prove It"

Well, to comprehensively (and more logically and even-tempered than I ) put this to rest is HotAir's Ed Morrisey... as does Peter Wehner

* Under Obama’s stewardship, we have lost 2.2 million jobs (and 900,000 full-time jobs in the last four months alone). He is now on track to have the worst jobs record of any president in the modern era.

* The unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent v. 7.8 percent the month Obama took office.

* July marked the 30th consecutive month in which the unemployment rate was above the 8
percent level, the highest since the Great Depression.

* Since May 2009 — roughly 14 weeks into the Obama administration — the unemployment rate has been above 10 percent during three months, above 9 percent during 22 months, and above 8 percent during two months.

* Chronic unemployment is worse than during the Great Depression.

* The youth employment rate is at the lowest level since records were first kept in 1948.

* The share of the eligible population holding a job has declined to the lowest level since the early

* The housing crisis is worse than in the Great Depression. (Home values are worth roughly one-third less than they were five years ago.)

* The rate of economic growth under Obama has been only slightly higher than the 1930s, the decade of the Great Depression. From the first quarter of 2010 through the first quarter of 2011, we experienced five consecutive quarters of slowing growth. America’s GDP for the second quarter of this year was a sickly 1.0 percent; in the first quarter, it was 0.4 percent.

* Fiscal year 2011 will mark the third straight year with deficits in excess of $1 trillion. Prior to the Obama presidency, we had never experienced a deficit in excess of $1 trillion.

* During the Obama presidency, America has increased its debt by $4 trillion.
That is to say, Obama has achieved in two-and-a-half years what it took George W. Bush two full terms in office to achieve — and Obama, when he was running for president, slammed Bush’s record as being “unpatriotic.”

* America saw its credit rating downgraded for the first time in history under the Obama presidency.

* Consumer confidence has plunged to the lowest level since the Carter presidency.

* The number of people in the U.S. who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Obama’s watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels that led to the national war on poverty.

* A record number of Americans now rely on the federal government’s food stamps program. More than 44.5 million Americans received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, a 12 percent increase from one year ago.

There is more that can be said, but you get the point.

It's Bush's fault! He caused ALL of this! Poor, poor Obama. He inherited this whole thing. NOTHING. I repeat, NOTHING is his fault! Or Chris Dodd, or Barney Frank or Ben Bernake. Nope. It was Bush and those evil Republicans (that didn't have anything to do with law-making between 2006-2011)

al Qaida's Number 2 Killed in Pakistan

The Great Divider

The always brilliant Thomas Sowell lets even the most ardent (and naive) Obama supporter how the current president is not even close to the "Great Communicator" his minions have tried to convince the rest of us he is:

Al Gore: Not Too Far from A Mental Breakdown

Or at least an official one. We all heard and laughed at Al Gore and his army of environmental thugs and cretins who liken man-made climate change deniers to Holocaust deniers, are the purveyors of BULLSH*T! And are like "birthers" that hate the planet, hate children, hate the elderly all because we've had the audacity to question the legitimacy of The Goracle's science, fake numbers, computer models and every other part of his little scheme that is made to line his pockets.

Now, not surprising, Gore and his sheep have taken to likening skeptics as the old liberal fail-safe...RACISTS! Yep. Now climate change skeptics are just like civil rights deniers...just like his father.

This guy continues to be comedic gold!

Oh, the title of this post? It was supposed to be just a random point about Gore's moonbattery, but then I saw this. Who knows how true it is or not. But if "climate change" is making people depressed:

''When we talk about the next 50 years and what are going to be the big drivers at the community level of mental health costs, one we need to factor in are severe weather events, catastrophic weather events."

Then this includes suicides because people like Gore are needlessly scaring the crap out of people and giving children unnecessary nightmares about the "drowning" polar bears and penguins.
How many people will sue Al Gore for needless "pain and suffering?"

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Left Still Think the Media are A Problem for Obama

Yes, there are actually liberals out there that still think that the mainstream media are actually making President Obama's job more difficult. Like when they actually do their jobs and report negative things about his tenure. Such is the misguided (or deliberate) opinion of lobbyist and Democrat strategist, Donna Brazile. George Will was, again, thankfully on hand to correct and to infor yet another lefty of their wayward ways. He also ripped the MSM for engaging in "synthetic hysteria" concerning Hurricane Irene.


The race card and attempted white guilt. It never, ever ends at The Mess.
See, Obama's plummeting approval numbers can't possibly have anything to do with his lack of experience and leadership, it has to be racism. What else could it be? I mean, other than Americans being too dense to see how brilliant and successful the president is?

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Thinking of the Left

Conservative radio hosts Dennis Prager and Dennis Miller expose the left and their hope and change with the usual right-wing explanation of common sense and reality in defense of capitalism and self-determinism.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bush Remembers 9/11

Next month will be the all-to-soon 10 year "anniversary" of the worst terrorist attack on American soil. George W. Bush sadly reminisces of what is was like to be president and to be simply an American that horrible day.

Obama: Raising the Debt is Unpatriotic

Unless he does it of course. Any Jon Stewart clips on this one? No? Hm.

"The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents – #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic."

And does the Hypocrite -In-Chief remember...

No wonder the First Lady is "for the first time in her adult life proud of her country," because with the blank cheque written by the American taxpayer, she can spend, spend, spend; vacation, vacation, vacation and eat, eat, eat!

And So It Begins, The Actual Assention of Pedophilia to Normalcy

Just as I told you in this post, the left-wing craziness is reaching new heights with the latest report that now a group of psychiatrists are attempting to "normalize" pedophilia by starting with the sick premise that it's "ok" to look at children in a sexual manner.

Remember, the ACLU is already on board.

I told you. I told you. Although I thought the left through all their "if it feels good, do it" mantra would champion polygamy first, since I figured even the loony, child-porn-loving crazed left wouldn't dare to push sex with children this soon. I should have known. But even with the sexually charged photos of a then underage Miley Cyrus by a suspicious female photographer, who happened to be lesbian, the continual ads with underage children coming from all fashion designers, it seems, and the left's continued fascination with half-naked children, not to mention the New York Times fawning movie review of a tale of bestiality called in the review as a "beautiful love story," how can anyone be shocked that the left is condoning this sick, twisted evil behaviour. say what you will about the rights take on immigration, war, the rich, what have you, it is the left and always have been the ones who promote the most perverted means of self-gratifying "entertainment" with no regards to the safety of children.

Even if the right is wrong on gay marriage, they said the normalization of homosexuality would lead to this and they were called "crazy" and "uptight." Well, I would normally say, who's laughing now whenever the left is proved wrong (over and over and over) but I don't find this too amusing.

So lusting after children is to now be tolerated. Soon it will be promoted (like it isn't already-Hollyweird is even doing their part) Closet pedophiles of the world unite (maybe with NAMBLA) for your time has come. Soon, it will be a hate crime to even say the word pedophile, much less accuse anyone of it. Hm. Maybe that sick bastard Warren Jeffs should have waited a few years when having sex with a child would be considered not only "normal"but "beautiful" as well. Then he'd be a hero to the left since he would be sheltered from the bad, bad right and even have a movie made about him and put him on a pedestal telling how much of a victim he is. Why stop now? It's been working for the left for years.

This is only the beginning. Say goodbye to western civilization.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cain Responds with Class to Racist, Irrelevent Garafalo

So irrelevant in fact that I wasn't even going to post about this unfunny, self-hating, closet racist. The only reason I post about it now is Herman Cain's factual and classy response. Showing quite clearly the difference in mental state between conservatives and loony liberals.

Here is Garafalo's whacked-out conspiratory screed, against Cain's response.

Just a bit of a difference isn't there?

Conservative is a Dirty Word

Not that we didn't already know this. But former ABC News correspondent and author Bernie Goldberg explains in simple terms why the MSM always uses the term"conservative" to label right-wingers as "alien," "dangerous" and out of the mainstream, as if the MSM themselves aren't. Remember, "conservative is conservative" which translates to "evil," while "liberal" is "progressive," which is just plain ol' good for you...whether you like it or not.

You know the scene. Every time there is a conservative author, politician or anything else not liberal, the conservative is labeled as such. There is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, in fact we're pretty damn proud of it. The trouble is, as Goldberg explained, the term itself is considered to be a moniker for bad people in the eyes of the press, while at the same time a liberal guest is hardly ever described or labeled as a "liberal" or even "progressive." They're just an "activist" or just...are.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seven Reasons Why Liberals Are Incapable of Understanding The World

Sooooo true and so eerily accurate.
From Townhall's John Hawkins. Read and learn:

To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil. — Charles Krauthammer

Even liberals who've accomplished a lot in their lives and have high IQs often say things on a regular basis that are stunningly, profoundly stupid and at odds with the way the world works. Modern liberalism has become so bereft of common sense and instinctually suicidal that America can only survive over the long haul by thwarting the liberal agenda. In fact, liberalism has become such a toxic and poisonous philosophy that most liberals wouldn't behave differently if their goal were to deliberately destroy the country. So, how does liberalism cause well-meaning, intelligent liberals to get this way? Well, it starts with...

1) Liberalism creates a feedback loop. It is usually impossible for a non-liberal to change a liberal's mind about political issues because liberalism works like so: only liberals are credible sources of information. How do you know someone's liberal? He espouses liberal doctrine. So, no matter how plausible what you say may be, it will be ignored if you're not a liberal and if you are a liberal, of course, you probably agree with liberal views. This sort of close-mindedness makes liberals nearly impervious to any information that might undermine their beliefs.

2) Liberals sources of information are ever present. Conservatives are regularly exposed to the liberal viewpoint whether they want to be or not. That's not necessarily so for liberals. Imagine the average day for liberals. They get up and read their local newspaper. It has a liberal viewpoint. They take their kids to school, where the teachers are liberal. Then they go to work, listen to NPR which has a liberal viewpoint on the way home, and then turn on the nightly news which also skews leftward. From there, they turn on TV and watch shows created by liberals that lean to the left, if they have any political viewpoint at all. Unless liberals actively seek out conservative viewpoints, which is unlikely, the only conservative arguments they're probably going to hear are going to be through the heavily distorted, poorly translated, deeply skeptical lens of other liberals.

3) Liberals emphasize feeling superior, not superior results. Liberalism is all about appearances, not outcomes. What matters to liberals is how a program makes them FEEL about themselves, not whether it works or not. Thus a program like Headstart, which sounds good because it's designed to help children read, makes liberals feel good about themselves, even though the program doesn't work and wastes billions. A ban on DDT makes liberals feel good about themselves because they're "protecting the environment" even though millions of people have died as a result. For liberals, it's not what a program does in the real world; it's about whether they feel better about themselves for supporting it.

4) Liberals are big believers in moral relativism. This spins them round and round because if the only thing that's wrong is saying that there's an absolute moral code, then you lose your ability to tell cause from effect, good from bad, and right from wrong. Taking being non-judgmental to the level that liberals do leaves them paralyzed, pondering "why they hate us" because they feel incapable of saying, “That's wrong," and doing something about it. If you're against firm standards and condemning immoral behavior, then your moral compass won’t work and you’ll also be for immorality, as well as societal and cultural decay by default.

5) Liberals tend to view people as parts of groups, not individuals. One of the prejudices of liberalism is that they see everyone as part of a group, not as an individual. This can lead to rather bizarre disparities when say, a man from a group that they consider to be powerless, impoverished victims becomes the leader of the free world -- and he's challenged by a group of lower middle class white people who've banded together because individually they're powerless. If you listen to the liberal rhetoric, you might think Barack Obama was a black Republican being surrounded by a KKK lynching party 100 years ago -- as opposed to the single most powerful man in America abusing the authority of his office to attack ordinary Tea Partiers who have the audacity to speak the truth to power for the good of their country.

6) Liberals take a dim view of personal responsibility. Who's at fault if a criminal commits a crime? The criminal or society? If someone creates a business and becomes a millionaire, is that the result of hard work and talent or luck? If you're dirt poor, starving, and haven't worked in 5 years, is that a personal failing or a failure of the state? Conservatives would tend to say the former in each case, while liberals would tend to say the latter. But when you disconnect what an individual does from the results that happen in his life, it's very difficult to understand cause and effect in people's lives.

7) Liberals give themselves far too much credit just for being liberal. To many liberals, all one needs to do to be wise, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, and sensitive is to BE LIBERAL. In other words, many of the good things about a person spring not from his actions, but from the ideology he holds. This has an obvious appeal. You can be a diehard misogynist, but plausibly call yourself a feminist, hate blacks, but accuse others of racism, have a subpar IQ and be an intellectual, give nothing to charity and be compassionate, etc., etc., and all you have to do is call yourself a liberal. It's a shortcut to virtue much like the corrupt old idea of religious indulgences. Why live a life of virtue when you could live a sinful life and buy your way into heaven? If you're a liberal, why actually live a life of virtue when you can merely call yourself a liberal and get credit for being virtuous, even when you've done nothing to earn it?

Right. On. The. Money!

Tea Party Strikes Back at Rep. Waters

Just after Rep. Maxine Waters said that she was waiting for the go-ahead from her constituents for the Congressional Black Caucus "unleash us on Obama," she gained a smidgen of respect for at least saying she isn't going to tow the party line and give the president the business end of a verbal shellacking about the level of unemployment in black communities (it's amazing she didn't claim that that was Bush's fault) but the California representative fell back into her vile comfort zone as she once again has insulted concerned Americans about the lack of employment and deficit spending, as she told a Inglewood crowd that "the Tea Party can go to Hell!"

The Tea Party, with a clear vision of the left-wing hypocrisy and indifference, commented on the Waters obscene and uncivil outburst.

Ah, Dems, thy name is class. Mm. No not really.

Spread the Wealth: The Vicious Cycle

Via SunnyTV. It's a great send-up of Obamanomics and one has to wonder, as did Thomas Lifson from the American Thinker site, if liberals who happen to see this video would even understand they are being mocked. I say, um, no.

Howard Fineman: If Obama Said 'I Love Apple Pie' Republicans Would Call It 'A Socialist Plot'

As if ultra-liberal Fineman would think anything Republicans say isn't nasty and divisive. That's what this so-called "journalist" is paid to do; create division and misinformation.

Appearing on MSNBC's Hardball, Fineman went on to say "If [Republicans] ever worried about the risk of seeming peevish and small-minded, I haven't noticed it." Yes, Howard. As if no Democrat has never anything remotely peevish and small-minded. Nancy Pelosi didn't call the Tea Party "astro-turfers?" Doesn't MSNBC play the race card every chance they get? Didn't Obama claim that Southerners "cling to their guns and Bibles?" Isn't the takeover of a private automobile company by the government socialism? Isn't saying "spread the wealth" and "we know how to spend your money better than you can," socialist, not to mention elitist? Granted that last quote was from Bill Clinton, but it's the mindset of the left that Obama has continued while constantly hiding who he truly is and his true agenda.

And this is not to say the right isn't also guilty of over-the-top rhetoric, but say that Obama is not the slightest bit socialist is like saying Joe Biden doesn't have the slightest bit of hair plugs.

But to Fineman's comment of the apple pie, it's just like what Noel Sheppard said: it all depends on the ingredients. A pinch of leftism and a dash of elitism baked in the heat of "climate change" and viola, Socialist Pie.
And there was a "funny-because-it's-true" comment left on the NewsBusters site that reads:

Actually, Howard, in Obama's case, it probably would be a socialist plot:

First, he would want to nationalize the orchards the apples are grown in.

Then nationalize the wheat fields that grow the grain for the dough.

Grant amnesty and unionize the illegals that pick the apples.

Nationalize and unionize the trucking companies and railroads who haul both.

Nationalize and unionize the oil companies who deliver the fuels to make delivery possible, and
to generate the electricity required to make pie baking happen.

Nationalize and unionize the bakers who make the pies, the pans, the ovens they are cooked in, as well as the boxes they are put in.

Nationalize and unionize the truckers that deliver the finished product to the retailers.

Nationalize and unionize the retailers that sell the finished product.

And make damn sure you pay out the wazoo for said product in order to make all of the above happen.

Ha! Awesome.

Facist Doctrine Dead in the Water

Thank God for common sense. Remember, the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" would have put liberals on equal time on radio and television (not that libs don't control the media airwaves as it is) because they say they're not getting a fair shake. The problem with that B.S. is that it's the people and ratings that dictate who the people want to hear from more. It's not conservatives fault that NPR, Air America and other money-losing liberal stations are dropping like flies. It's their content, their hatred for anything right-wing. The same for television. There's a reason FOX News is beating the crap out of every other cable station and has done so for the last five years running. People are sick and tired of the lefty meme of the right is at fault for everything. That every single Democrat (especially Democrat presidents) are brilliant, suave, hip and mainstream, while every single Republican is a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, Islamophobe and out of touch.

While the "Fairness Doctrine" purportedly was supposed to give "equal" time to liberals on the radio (because again, it's the one medium they don't biasly dominate) did it happen to mention giving conservatives equal time on the major news networks? Magazines? More conservative influence in Hollywood-made movies (another victim of the people getting sick and tired of the liberal in-your-face messages about how their country sucks-hence more independent-made movies being released and nominated for Oscars) CNN had ruled cable news since 1980. Then somewhere along the line, they decided to indoctrinate people with the liberal Animal Farm message of "Democrats good, Republicans bad" every time. Agenda journalism was born (or at least dug up and polished off)

The days of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite are gone. Now it's the days of Jon Stewart and Chris Matthews, pathetically. If any group should be crying foul (or in the case of Al Gore, "BULLSH*T!") it is conservatives. Three liberals to one conservative on The View? Hardly any conservative points of view during the Ground Zero Mosque debates hosted by Christiane Amanpour, as she went so far to question the patriotism of anyone with legitimate beefs of a Muslim building of worship going up in the shadow of the greatest MUSLIM terrorist attack on American soil? By the way, the irony of an English/Iranian nationalist questioning the patriotism of Americans was not lost on me. Discussion round-tables on Meet the Press is almost always tilted in the lefts favor when it comes to ideology of it's guests. If it wasn't for George Will what other regular conservative guest is there? Don't give me David Brooks or David Frum. They're as much a conservative as I am a liberal. Where is all the liberal concern over those? When libs are in the driver's seat controlling the conversation with no one to call them on their white-washing of history and bias, everything is butter. But the moment a conservative calls them on their lies or a right-tilted news-entertainment program gains any ratings over their left-wing counterpart, there has to be a system of "fairness."

Thank God the FCC finally came to it's senses.

Oh Good Lord Tom Friedman Is Completely Out of His Head

So the New York Times' Tom Friedman seemingly believes that through all of President Obama's failures (which is to say everything he's ever touched since being in the White House-which has led me to incredibly-because I didn't think it was possible in my life time-to rank Obama worse, yes, worse than Jimmy Carter) it's still too early to tell if the media over-hyped Obama in 2008. Yeah. You read that right. Apparently the jury is still out on whether the MSM did it's job well enough to vet Obama in 2008.

Here's what the mainstream media aloofly thought of an inexperienced, narcissistic, socialist that they nonchalantly didn't care had ties with crooked, and was completely influenced by, Chicago politicians, radical domestic terrorists, a shifty realtor and a racist pastor. Nah. There was nothing that they could have seen coming.

You know why the press didn't or couldn't investigate the potential new president from Illinois? It was Bush's fault.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Libyan Rachel Maddow

The World Has Had Enough of Al Gore

Clearly. And not a moment too soon.

The CBC's Rex Murphy (the Canadian equivalent of CNN's Jack Cafferty with an Art Garfunkel look for good measure) has written an excellent article decrying not only the ponzi scheme that is global warming, but the The Goracle's choice of language and falling influence on the world's governments and it's people.

It's all over but the crying. Oh wait, he's done that already:

Gore's right about one thing; there's no more of a "shared reality."

NDP Leader Jack Layton Dies

Jack Layton, Canada's New Democratic Party leader, the party that for the first time in their 50-year history gained official opposition status back in May of this year, has died of cancer. He was 61.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Petraeus to Recieve Canadian Award of Merit

Obama Continues to Hate Israel

Helen Thomas would be proud.

It seems the illustrious Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America continues to divide our allies and placate the nations of the world that would love to see the beacon on the hill be destroyed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scientists Plan to Deflect Earth-Bound Asteroids

Uh Oh, Obama's In Trouble Now

Frustrated black voters in Detroit are ready to "unleash" on President Obama-through Rep. Maxine Waters and the Congressional Black Caucus-when the people give her the "go ahead," because of the abysmal unemployment rate.

ACLU Shows It's True Colors...Again

Are you a pedophile living close to a school or daycare center? Do the unfeeling, holier-than-thou residents, including the parents of those in attendance at said schools and day care centers want you out for your past indiscretions? Are you being discriminated against for your one or two-time frolics? Then the American Civil Liberties Union is here for you!

Sick! Sick! Sick! And people still think this "admirable" organization is on the side of virtue? Yeah. So is ACORN and Planned Parenthood with their heroes like Kermit the baby Killer. Speaking of which...still waiting for the wall-to-wall stories on this monster MSM.
Just pretend he was a conservative doctor, trying to save babies that mothers wanted to kill. Ooh the horror. There you go. Now you got it. Now run with it.

Jesse Jackson Condones Flash Mob Attacks

No surprise here. I would have expected this more from Al "The Biggest Racist on the Planet" Sharpton. But don't worry, he'll be along.
It blows my mind that Jackson did not take one cue from Martin Luther King, Jr.

From within the article,
A few years ago the good revvum spoke at Johns Hopkins Hospital up the road in Baltimore. During his speech, he claimed the Los Angeles police officers who beat black motorist Rodney King after a high-speed chase were "racists."
After Jackson's speech, he held a news conference. I was the only journalist who asked him if the black rioters who beat white truck driver Reginald Denny to death during the Los Angeles riots were racists. This was his answer, verbatim, and I kid you not:
"They were reacting to being victims of racism. They were driven by race. To be a racist you have to have power. One cannot equate black fugitives from slavery fighting their masters as racists."

So in the curious alternate universe where Jackson lives, Denny wasn't some hapless victim who drove into the wrong part of Los Angeles the day of the riot. Noooo. Denny was some slave master getting his just desserts from the revolting fugitive slaves of early 1990s Los Angeles."

Ah, elitist racists.

Accusations of Pedophilia in Hollywood, Media Silent

Business as Usual at MSNBC

With President Barack Obama at the controls of the U.S.S. America nose-diving into a cataclysmic chasm with no Congressional solutions at the forefront, Sgt. Schultz over at The Mess ran with the usual old, played out race card.
The victim of choice this time was Texas governor, Rick Perry.

Perry was in Des Moine, Iowa for a rally and he was talking about America's monumental debt. He used the term "black cloud" as in "That big black cloud that hangs over America, that debt that is so monstrous." Evidently that in and of itself was enough for the righteous Schultz to automatically determine that Perry was, had to be, talking about Obama. Schultz, like every other MSNBC host (not anchor, not journalists, hosts) dove for that race card as if it was fresh and new. Of course it still works with the morons who are Mess sheep and it will continue to, but it goes to the saying, if you want to know what the liberals are up to, just listen to what they accuse you of. Perry obviously wasn't talking about the president, what was Schultz alluding to? Perhaps his own misguided racism? It's pretty clear.

Bringing up the whole race card is the only thing they have (which is to say they have nothing) because otherwise they'd be making up accomplishments about Obama to debate with. They have nothing and they know it and what's more the people of America know it. Clearly they must if the Mess's ratings are any indication. Editing someone-in mid sentence no less-to make it that more obvious of the Mess's dirty tactics and outright lies is something that has been going on since the network's inception. It never works on anyone with readable brain waves, so why do they continue to purposely mislead the public?
Then the next night, Schultz admits to editing Perry, but still doesn't appologize to trying in vain to make him look like a racist. He still managed to throw in that Perry's comments were "overheated rhetoric." So the left goes ballistic whenever a Conservative or Republican is accused of racism, yet when those allegations are proven to be false claims of racism, noone on the left says a word. Where's NBC Universal on this? Where's General Electric? Pfft. Yeah, right.

So you stay classy and factual there, Sarge. Maybe one day you'll accidentally say something true.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Credit Where It’s Due: KTVI Fox 2 Covers Black Conservative Conference

Appeals Court Rules Against Obama Healthcare Mandate

Oldest Survivor of Bataan Death March Dies at 105

R.I.P. and God bless.

Don't you think a movie about the trials of Mr. Brown, based on "Forsaken Heroes of the Pacific War: One Man's True Story," which details Brown's experiences would be more relevant and inspiring than a movie about the bin Laden killing in an attempt to boost Obama's popularity right before the general election of 2012, based on classified information allegedly given by the Obama administration to Hollywood producers?

I would think so.

Now THIS is Funny

Only because it's so freakishly, frustratingly, transparent CRAP!!!
But it's Obama speaking, so you've become accustomed to that by now, I'm sure.

So it was "bad luck' that ruined his legacy of being the greatest human ever to live. I see. And all this time I thought it was his inexperience, ineptitude, arrogance, his socialistic agenda or any other number of the plethora of inadequacies and failures even before he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. At the very least, I thought that somehow George W. Bush had snuck back into the White House and was ruining the economy again. Whew! Good to know it was only bad luck and not a horrible president.

Also, if only those darn Republicans weren't so concerned with curtailing overspending and the fiscal future of the nation. Das Wunderkind would have had it solved if he would just been allowed to do the liberal tax and spend, spend, spend thing.

More Stonewalling by Obama Administration

You know for a guy who ran on transparency and change, it amazes me how much stuff he hides or simply refuses to release to the public. And this time it's not even personal information.
It's not like the public wants to know why Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae failed and who's responsible for it. If it's not simply Bush's fault as the left has infallibly been claiming, what's the hold up?

Go Obama! Keep doing what you're doing.

Pedophiles Attempt Their Assention to Normalcy

And with normalcy comes laws to protect their now sick and demented "affliction" but soon-to-be "mainstream" and open for all the insane left-wing arguments about "who are you to tell them who they can love?"

Soon they'll put it gradually on television and in movies to desensitize you to it. Then after 10 or so years of sick bastards defending their actions in the name of "love" and pity stories of how they're being wrongly condemned for just for being themselves. And of course, we'll all be drilled with the mantra of "not that there's anything wrong with that."

I told you it was only the beginning.

Obama Took the Credit, Will He Take the Blame?

President Obama made it painfully aware of his "role" in the assassination of al Qeada leader Osama bin Laden. He made a full blown effort to make sure everyone understood it was he and he alone who made the decision to give it the green light (after 16 hours of valuable time-consuming hesitation) he wanted it known that it was mostly he who had made all the arrangements (with "help" from the Pentagon and the Department of Defense-and a meaningless slight tip to President Bush-you know that guy that actually was the catalyst of all the groundwork on finding bin Laden) and that it was his administration who formulated this great and noble undertaking. If it wasn't for people having actual brainwaves he may have actually convinced a lot of them that he was actually on the ground with the SEAL team and that he pulled the trigger on OBL himself. That's probably what the new Killing bin Laden Super Barack movie will show.

So now that everybody knows that Obama is solely responsible for the demise of Osama bin Laden, will he take the blame for "creating more terrorists" or being responsible for the "revenge killing" that took out members of SEAL Team Six in Afghanistan when 38 died when their helicopter was shot down last Saturday? Oh right. Since this happened in Afghanistan in a "republican" war and since he's only been out of office for almost three whole years, let me's Bush's fault!

Tea Partier Heckles Obama

Let's talk about that civility thing Mr. President. No?

Man asks question, Obama denies any responsibilty whatsoever by denying the premise. The devil you say! That folks, is what is known as Liberal-speak.
What ever happened to that little quote he stole from Harry Truman (who, like Reagan and Lincoln and JFK and whatever other president that is viewed historically to be so darn popular-you can now add Martin Luther King, jr. to that list; who else?) that he's supposed to be carbon copies of) "the buck stops here?" Didn't he bring up that little aspect of the president's responsibilities? What? You mean he would actually have to implement that little gem that, like all his other "BEST SPEECH EVER" speeches, he isn't ready to be called on? Don't worry the press won't mention little things like his own words coming back to bite him in the backside.

Obama at New Low

The Perfect Photo-Op

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Most Honest Rant Ever!

This probably one of the funniest, honest rants I've ever seen. Unfortunately it's over the economy and how laughably bad it is.
It's funny because it's true.

WARNING! Language.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harry Reid's Pick for His "Super Committee"

One in particular has me in stitches. John Kerry? Wow.

Thomas Sowell: A Pyrrhic 'Victory'

The cowardly Democrats and their media allies continue to blame the GOP for the country's financial woes. Blaming a party who had nothing to do with the over-spending by a Democrat-controlled Congress even before the Republicans could muster any sort of nation-saving fiscal plans of their own. The left continues to blame the right for something they barely had anything to do with. Yes, Bush spent a lot, but not without the Democrat-controlled Congress of six years consent. Moreover it was the Dems who vetoed Bush's regulations on the housing and financial markets. This is documented, established fact. No amount of white-washing and re-writing of history is going to change that. Thanks Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and yes, Barack Obama!

Not one far-left loon and perennial Bush-hater will ever resign to that fact. So they will continue to stew in the left-wing gruel of hatred and lies from the likes of the Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddows, Howard Deans, Barney Franks, Andrea Mitchells, Ed Schultzs, Bill Presses, Paul Krugmans and the rest of the army of extreme left-wing media and "experts" that will bring America down to it's knees even further they way the want it to just for their political agendas and power. Their legacies may not be what they hope given the spectrum of history.

With that, I give you the always brilliant Thomas Sowell on his Grade A take on the Democrats and their "Pyrrhic Victory" concerning the debt ceiling.

Rand Paul: Blaming Debt on Tea Party Like Blaming Fire on Firemen

And Libs want to follow the mantra of John Kerry? Like this guy has any credibilty whatsoever.

It's Official: Obama Is the Worst President Ever

Yep. Ever. Even more than impeached presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. And now with the worst deficit in history and the U.S. credit rating being downgraded for the first time ever, Barack Hussein Obama is now even a more incompetent president than Jimmy Carter. Congratulations, Mr. President. You've achieved the impossible. Awesome job!

Liberals from across the spectrum are even heavily dissapointed and seem to know that Ol' Barry is a certain one-termer. Back in the 2008 primaries, even Hillary Clinton tried to warn the left. Buyer's remorse has now settled in. We told you you'd be sorry. Seriously though. Whether he was a Conservative or Liberal. Democrat or Republican. This guy is just B-A-D, BAD! And not in the Michael Jackson way either. Although that album, like Obama, was a let down as well, but I digress.

Me thinks more and more that January 20, 2013 will be a good day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why Obama Will Lose in 2012

Al Gore Loses It

Perhaps succumbing to the realization that man alone is not solely responsible (if at all) for the climate upheavals as of late, Climate Change guru, ultimate opportunist and B.S. artist Al Gore has gone off the deep end to lash out at the growing number of skeptics that aren't buying into his holier than now "do as I say, not as I do" mantra.

Is it because Gore is losing out on profiting from his propaganda? Of course it is. TownHall's Marita Noon has an excellent take on the arrogance and elitism of The Goracle.

To that end, the reason why nobody wants to hear The Goracle's unsubstantiated claims made to make him rich(er) is probably, he's a complete fraud and utter ignorant failure?

Walter Russel's excellent scenes behind the curtain. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

The Articulation of Sarah Palin

Despite the attempts by the liberal media to portray Sarah Palin as dumb, inept and "hokey" (like that wasn't seen in spades by Smilin' Jimmy Carter when it was enamoured by the left for being down home and sincere) she has many times over the past three years shown her acumen for articulation, knowledge of history and knack for being one step ahead of her opponents and naysayers (read: character assassins)

In a major hat tip to a commenter named "SheetAnchor" on the site, here is that post reproduced here showing how intutive, straight forward and articulate the former Governor really is:

For anyone to suggest that Palin is not substantive is contradicted by the evidence. For example, below is an article by the Wall Street Journal about her first major foreign and domestic policy address which occurred in Hong Kong to a notable international investment conference soon after she resigned as Governor. Prior keynote speakers at this conference included for President Bill Clinton, and Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. Palin spoke from notes for 75 minutes.
Palin has made countless addresses articulating policy positions over the last 3 years. She has conducted many substantive policy interviews as well. A few links to videos of some are below to anyone interested.
There are numerous additional ones here:

But who on the left really wants to take the time to see through the lies about Palin and actaully listen to her take on issues destroying America from within?

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Another Catch Up

Wow. Since I've been on vacation for the last 12 days, I have missed quite a bit. So, per usual when this happens, here's a run down of what has transpired in the wacky world of news and politics. Well, whatever I deem fit for my interests anyway.

Of course, the obvious and most relevant first:

Congress Finally Agrees to Deal on Debt Ceiling
It's about time the clowns on both sides in this circus got something done. Too little, too late though. It still amazes me how the media potrayed the Republicans and only the Republicans as the bad guys in all this, given Paul Ryans plan, John Boehner's plan and the Democrat-controlled Congress not really even caring to put forth a Constitutionally-mandated annual budget in two years.

America's Credit Rating Downgraded
Hey, here's another first for The One. I wonder why no one is celebrating this "accomplishment?" Whoever is in office takes the blame, right? Isn't it that how it goes?

London Burns

And I would be a total heel (which of course I am) if I didn't say a happy belated birthday to President Obama. Sincerely. Really. If it is in fact his real birthday...just kidding.

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