Monday, June 30, 2008

Is Iran Preparing For War, Or Hoping For One?

They claim it's under the guise of the "Geveva Convention", that Iran is readying hundreds of thousands of graves-mass graves if neccessary-in the event that they are attacked and/or invaded.

Does this sound like a warning or a invitation to you?

Obviously meant to throw some weight (not to mention some heavy-handed influence) around the Middle East region and to start some infighting among American politicians (and its citizens I presume)

General Mir-Faisal Bagherzadeh, a top Iranian commander, sources say, has said,
"We have plans to dig 15,000 to 20,000 graves in each of the border provinces or a total of 320,000."

N0w tell me they don't mean business. "Oh, no, they're just bluffing", the naysayers (read: ignorant) say. "Remember, they were only "fooling" when they said they had a nuclear weapons program."
Nevermind the fact that they weren't "fooling" (So Bush "lied", but the Iranians are "fooling") but when are people going to take these guys serious when they say they're going to do something. Oh, that's right, it's all Republican, warmongering, lies, right?

Get with it libs!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Daily Kos Looking for Defeat...Again

O.k, so, we know they said American troops would be coming home body bags so often, it would make Vietnam look like a picnic. In fact, they were trying to be so convincing with their inane lies and non-existent logic that you can just tell they were hoping to be right. The same with the troop surge. They were just wishing for the death of soldiers as a prelude for America's exit. Now they are adamantly hoping for troops in Afghanistan to die. They seem to have proof of a body-bag pile-up from the Pentagon.

Embellishment anyone?

Free Speech Victory in Canada

And believe me, I live up here and I see, first hand, the deteriation of freedom of speech; what with Canada going slowly Socialist/Communist.

It's a great day for freedom advocates everywhere!

Mark Steyn is free.

A link to the National Post.

But Maclean's knows this is only the beginning of the Muslim tirade:

"Though gratified by the decision, Maclean's continues to assert that no human rights commission, whether at the federal or provincial level, has the mandate or the expertise to monitor, inquire into, or assess the editorial decisions of the nation's media. And we continue to have grave concerns about a system of complaint and adjudication that allows a media outlet to be pursued in multiple jurisdictions on the same complaint, brought by the same complainants, subjecting it to costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the inconvenience. We enthusiastically support those parliamentarians who are calling for legislative review of the commissions with regard to speech issues."

Because you just know these "law students" (cough-cough*Fifth Column*cough-cough) will seek redemption and sadly will eventually win.

Feminists Have Already Casterated This ABC Goofball

Apparently his wife and/or mother, or perhaps even some female (or even some spineless male) liberal professor has cut off his boys and keeps them in a jar by their bedside until they're satisfied he's no longer a man.
That's the only answer I can come up with as to why this

This Time the MSM Silence is Disgusting

...and there's no getting around it this time.

Apparently, the Massachusetts State Representative James Fagan (D) is only doing this because, as he says, as a defense trial-lawyer, he has to have his clients best interests at heart. Nevermind the best interests of the children. Couldn't he just refuse such a moral dilema? After all, he's a scummy trial lawyer, not a scummy public defender. He doesn't have to take these cases.

I predict a parent or two getting a hold of this guy. Excuse my french, and you know from my posts, I try and keep things professional, but what a bastard! There's no excuse (and don't give me "Well, he's only doing what's right in the eyes of the law."
How about what right in the eyes of those children and the rest of humanity?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Real Facts on the Death Penalty

When I posted, "Death of the Father", it wasn't at all about the death penalty (or any other penalty for that matter) but I recieved a comment that was one of two of the best I've recieved since I began blogging two years ago. By the way, I was going to give myself a kind of "Happy Anniversary" type of thing, but ah, well...

This comment was about the pro end of things on the death penalty debate. And boy, is it convincing (not that I needed anymore, especially since the courts deemed that raping a child is definately not "cruel and unusual punishment" but puting that evil piece of garbage to death is)

so, instead of just simply publishing the comment it's usual rightful section, I've decided to publish it as a post, so that it can get the attention it rightfully deserves.

The anti death penalty side produces many deceptions.

Some correction:

The Death Penalty in the US: A Review
Dudley Sharp, Justice Matters, contact info below

NOTE: Detailed review of any of the below topics, or others, is available upon request

In this brief format, the reality of the death penalty in the United States, is presented, with the hope that the media, public policy makers and others will make an effort to present a balanced view on this sanction.

Innocence Issues

Death Penalty opponents have proclaimed that 128 inmates have been "released from death row with evidence of their innocence", in the US, since the modern death penalty era began, post Furman v Georgia (1972).

That number is a fraud.

Those opponents have intentionally included both the factually innocent (the "I truly had nothing to do with the murder" cases) and the legally innocent (the "I got off because of legal errors" cases), thereby fraudulently raising the "innocent" numbers. This is easily confirmed by fact checking.

Death penalty opponents claim that 24 such innocence cases are in Florida. The Florida Commission on Capital Cases found that 4 of those 24 MIGHT be innocent -- an 83% error rate in for the claims of death penalty opponents. Other studies show their error rate to be about 70%.

Therefore, 20-25 of the alleged 127 innocents MIGHT be actually innocent -- a 0.3% actual guilt error rate for the over 8000 sentenced to death since 1973. The actual innocents were all freed,

It is often claimed that 23 innocents have been executed in the US since 1900. Nonsense. Even the authors of that "23 innocents executed" study proclaimed "We agree with our critics, we never proved those (23) executed to be innocent; we never claimed that we had." While no one would claim that an innocent has never been executed, there is no proof of an innocent executed in the US, at least since 1900.

No one disputes that innocents are found guilty, within all countries. However, when scrutinizing death penalty opponents claims, we find that when reviewing the accuracy of verdicts and the post conviction thoroughness of discovering those actually innocent incarcerated, that the US death penalty process may be one of the most accurate criminal justice sanctions in the world.

Under real world scenarios, not executing murderers will always put many more innocents at risk, than will ever be put at risk of execution.

Deterrence Issues

16 recent US studies, inclusive of their defenses, find a deterrent effect of the death penalty.

All the studies which have not found a deterrent effect of the death penalty have refused to say that it does not deter some. The studies finding for deterrence state such. Confusion arises when people think that a simple comparison of murder rates and executions, or the lack thereof, can tell the tale of deterrence. It cannot.

Both high and low murder rates are found within death penalty and non death penalty jurisdictions, be it Singapore, South Africa, Sweden or Japan, or the US states of Michigan and Delaware. Many factors are involved in such evaluations. Reason and common sense tell us that it would be remarkable to find that the most severe criminal sanction -- execution -- deterred none. No one is foolish enough to suggest that the potential for negative consequences does not deter the behavior of some. Therefore, regardless of jurisdiction, having the death penalty will always be an added deterrent to murders, over and above any lesser punishments.

Racial issues

White murderers are twice as likely to be executed in the US as are black murderers and are executed, on average, 12 months more quickly than are black death row inmates.

It is often stated that it is the race of the victim which decides who is prosecuted in death penalty cases. Although blacks and whites make up about an equal number of murder victims, capital cases are 6 times more likely to involve white victim murders than black victim murders. This, so the logic goes, is proof that the US only cares about white victims.

Hardly. Only capital murders, not all murders, are subject to a capital indictment. Generally, a capital murder is limited to murders plus secondary aggravating factors, such as murders involving burglary, carjacking, rape, and additional murders, such as police murders, serial and multiple murders. White victims are, overwhelmingly, the victims under those circumstances, in ratios nearly identical to the cases found on death row.

Any other racial combinations of defendants and/or their victims in death penalty cases, is a reflection of the crimes committed and not any racial bias within the system, as confirmed by studies from the Rand Corporation (1991), Smith College (1994), U of Maryland (2002), New Jersey Supreme Court (2003) and by a view of criminal justice statistics, within a framework of the secondary aggravating factors necessary for capital indictments.

Class issues

No one disputes that wealthier defendants can hire better lawyers and, therefore, should have a legal advantage over their poorer counterparts. The US has executed about 0.15% of all murderers since new death penalty statutes were enacted in 1973. Is there evidence that wealthier capital murderers are less likely to be executed than their poorer ilk, based upon the proportion of capital murders committed by different those different economic groups? Not to my knowledge.

Arbitrary and capricious

About 10% of all murders within the US might qualify for a death penalty eligible trial. That would be about 64,000 murders since 1973. We have sentenced 8000 murderers to death since then, or 13% of those eligible. I doubt that there is any other crime which receives a higher percentage of maximum sentences, when mandatory sentences are not available. Based upon that, as well as pre trial, trial, appellate and clemency/commutation realities, the US death penalty is likely the least arbitrary and capricious criminal sanctions in the US.

Christianity and the death penalty

The two most authoritative New Testament scholars, Saints Augustine and Aquinas, provide substantial biblical and theological support for the death penalty. Even the most well known anti death penalty personality in the US, Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, states that "It is abundantly clear that the Bible depicts murder as a capital crime for which death is considered the appropriate punishment, and one is hard pressed to find a biblical 'proof text' in either the Hebrew Testament or the New Testament which unequivocally refutes this. Even Jesus' admonition 'Let him without sin cast the first stone,' when He was asked the appropriate punishment for an adulteress (John 8:7) -- the Mosaic Law prescribed death -- should be read in its proper context. This passage is an 'entrapment' story, which sought to show Jesus' wisdom in besting His adversaries. It is not an ethical pronouncement about capital punishment." A thorough review of Pope John Paul II's position, reflects a reasoning that should be recommending more executions.

Cost Issues

All studies finding the death penalty to be more expensive than life without parole exclude important factors, such as (1) geriatric care costs, recently found to be $69,0000/yr/inmate, (2) the death penalty cost benefit of providing for plea bargains to a maximum life sentence, a huge cost savings to the state, (3) the death penalty cost benefit of both enhanced deterrence and enhanced incapacitation, at $5 million per innocent life spared, and, furthermore, (4) many of the alleged cost comparison studies are highly deceptive.

Polling data

76% of Americans find that we should impose the death penalty more or that we impose it about right (Gallup, May 2006 - 51% that we should impose it more, 25% that we impose it about right)

71% find capital punishment morally acceptable - that was the highest percentage answer for all questions (Gallup, April 2006, moral values poll). In May, 2007, the percentage dropped to 66%, still the highest percentage answer, with 27% opposed. (Gallup, 5/29/07)

81% of the American people supported the execution of Timothy McVeigh, with only 16% opposed. "(T)his view appears to be the consensus of all major groups in society, including men, women, whites, nonwhites, "liberals" and "conservatives." (Gallup 5/2/01).

81% of Connecticut citizens supported the execution of serial rapist/murderer Michael Ross (Jan 2005).

While 81% gave specific case support for Timothy McVeigh's execution, Gallup also showed a 65% support AT THE SAME TIME when asked a general "do you support capital punishment for murderers?" question. (Gallup, 6/10/01).

22% of those supporting McVeigh's execution are, generally, against the death penalty (Gallup 5/02/01). That means that about half of those who say they oppose the death penalty, with the general question, actually support the death penalty under specific circumstances, just as it is imposed, judicially.

Further supporting the higher rates for specific cases, is this, from the French daily Le Monde December 2006 (1): Percentage of respondents in favor of executing Saddam Hussein:USA: 82%; Great Britain: 69%; France: 58%; Germany: 53%; Spain: 51%; Italy: 46%

Death penalty support is much deeper and much wider than we are often led to believe, with 50% of those who say they, generally, oppose the death penalty actually supporting it under specific circumstances, resulting in 80% death penalty support in the US, as recently as December 2006.


Whatever your feelings are toward the death penalty, a fair accounting of how it is applied should be demanded.

copyright 1998-2008 Dudley Sharp

Dudley Sharp, Justice Matters
e-mail, 713-622-5491,
Houston, Texas

Mr. Sharp has appeared on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, NBC, NPR, PBS , VOA and many other TV and radio networks, on such programs as Nightline, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, The O'Reilly Factor, etc., has been quoted in newspapers throughout the world and is a published author.

A former opponent of capital punishment, he has written and granted interviews about, testified on and debated the subject of the death penalty, extensively and internationally.

Pro death penalty sites


www(dot) (Sweden)

Permission for distribution of this document, in whole or in part, is approved with proper attribution.

You'll have to forgive the (dots) in the addy links. You'll just have to manually type them into the URL. C'mon, don't be lazy.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Lies From CBS

From the ERS website. ala Newsweek magazine and their bogus "story" of Qu'rans being flushed down the toilet.

Liberal Smears "Unoticed"

From Brent Bozell comes a report on the obvious smear campaign that the Democrats have already started, as I've also reported on recently. Not only do libs insult the public by constantly lying to them with their double standards and keeping them down by repeatedly telling them that they're victims and are useless without the Democrats, but the party of crazy really can't smell their own B.S.

Michael Medved recently relayed to his listeners about a CBS "report" on the "Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About John McCain and Barack Obama"
You should have heard this thing, it would have been funny if it were not so blatanly dishonest.

I don't have to tell you that the objective of this "report" was to smear McCain and to cannonize Obama.

A few examples:
-Barack Obama spends plenty of time with his family playing his favourite game. No, not "pull the Wool" (as in over the public's eyes) but Scrabble, especially with his sister. McCain meanwhile, is an avid birdwatcher. You know, because that's what old people do.

-Barack Obama is a humble, everyman, because he buys five of the same suit, off the rack.
John McCain won't wear wool. I guess because, they figure, he's anti-sheep, or a sheepist.

-Barack Obama was popular in high school and college, while John Mccain was nicknamed, "Punk" and was "always seen with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth." Oooohh.

-John McCain wasn't born in any of the 50 states (no, not 57-which, interestingly enough, is how many states there are in the Islamic world) the implication being McCain is not eligible to be president. He was born in the Panama Canal region, because his father was in the Navy, stationed there. No mention, however, of Obama's father being a devout Muslim.

I think you get the picture. And after Obama pre-emptively smeared McCain, saying McCain will, not has, but will play the race card; the gauntlet has been thrown and the gloves are now off.

Exit question: Do the wannabe "journalists" at CBS

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Death of the Father

So Hollywood thinks the father-figure is a moron, and can't raise children better than a woman. Well, the last time I checked, the optimum situation to raise a law-abiding, successful, head-strong child is by both a mother and a father.
But nooooooo, Hollyweird wants you to think that all men, and especially father-figures, which includes the all-important male role-model, are idiots.
That's the feminization of our culture. It's all about feeling and emotion.

Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, "Jim Belushi" (whatever his character's name is) and Al Bundy, and another Al, from "Malcolm in the Middle"
This is what passes for fatherhood in Hollyweird these days.
What ever happened to the Charles Engel (Michael Landon) types? Sickening.

Here's some more from Angry White Dude

Check it:

Liberals go against every norm or value that made America great. Here are a few examples:

Homosexual marriage - Who would have seen this coming in their youth? Most Americans are strongly against gay marriage but the liberals are all for it.

Taxes - the country was founded on strong states rights and a limited federal government. We now live with the opposite. Liberals are going to help me with $4 gasoline by taking more of my disposable income! I’m not Plato but that dog just don’t hunt! Every time that taxes are lowered, revenue increases to the government and the economy thrives. Is this rocket science? It is for liberals!

Freedom - Only last week liberal politicians in DC were arguing the nationalization of oil companies. The week before, they were pushing the Fairness Doctrine which would limit conservative radio programs. Senator Dick (and I mean that) Durbin, a lib pinhead Senator from Illinois (say no more) actually asked the head of an oil company “why are you doing this to us?” This is a question that 300 million Americans should ask the liberal politicians of the last 30 years! Together with environmental idiots, the liberals have kept us from building refineries, nuclear power plants and drilling our ABUNDANT oil reserves in the US. Now we are faced with an energy crisis and what do the liberal pinheads want to do?? Raise taxes and nationalize oil companies! You cannot make this up!

Abortion - I don’t know why liberals hate babies and want to kill them. If only they were more concerned with the unborn as they are with terrorist prisoners captured by our military. They have no problem sucking the brain from a partially born baby but completely go into hysterics over placing underwear on the head of a terrorist who would gladly slit the throat of Americans. How much protest have you heard from liberals when terrorists have beheaded one of our citizens? Exactly!

Crime - Liberals have no problem killing a unborn, viable child. But heaven forbid that some bloodthirsty killer be executed. Maybe liberals wouldn’t want to abort babies if they knew that they would grow up to be killers! Look at the many examples of libs running to protest and submit court challenges to halt the death penalty in cases where the criminal clearly committed the crime and doesn’t even show remorse! They call lethal injection cruel and unusual punishment. Most Americans favor capital punishment. I suggest that the murderer is executed in the same was as they killed their victims!

Nationalization of healthcare - Let’s trust the government to run healthcare! We can all be sick and die together. Nobody in the USA is denied healthcare if it is needed. We even provide healthcare to all of the squatters from Mexico who leach off of the American taxpayer. The biggest problem with healthcare in the US is greedy, POS lawyers looking to make big bucks off of doctors and insurance companies by suing them at every turn. Lawyers should be denied health insurance! Our healthcare system is the best in the world. How many Americans go to Canada for an operation? Right! Less than 0!

Multiculturalism - the first warning of a dying country! The Angry White Dude believes that America is the greatest country in the world. We have the best way of life. Yes, our way is better than the Chinese, Russians, Mexicans and Arabs. America is a great country because those who immigrated in the past became Americans. America will continue to decline as we allow millions to cross our borders and take from us while contributing nothing. Multiculturalism is a liberal ideal. It is not smart. Liberals are not smart.

Political correctness - Political correctness provides the umbrella that bad ideas such as multiculturalism find shelter. It keeps people from openly discussing our problems. It shifts blame away from the guilty and blames the innocent. Political correctness is the death of common sense. For example, whites who do not vote for Obama are considered racist by the media while the 94% of blacks who vote for him are not. Political correctness is another liberal dream that has become a nightmare.

White men - The AWD blames the treatment of white men in American culture on liberals. White men started this country, fought its wars, built its industries, paid its taxes. White men are the only group that is allowed to be ridiculed by the PC culture. Gone are the days of strong white men. Now they are metrosexuals, bumbling fools, incompetent, greedy, evil, etc. There are many posts on this site that prove this. Liberals have sought to change American traditional values from strong families to gay marriage. Thanks libs!

In conclusion, liberals have been behind every disastrous change in our culture. Liberals have sought to weaken families, tax them into submission, weaken the military, kiss the rears of our enemies, take our freedoms, kill our unborn and protect the worst elements among us. One need to only look at the incompetent leaders of congress today to see that the liberal agenda does not work and never will.

Wake up Americans who still have the capacity for thought!! Our world is dangerous and we have enemies in the camp. Who will lead?

UPDATE: I just found this great piece on this very subject by Cathy Young; although it is eight years old. No matter, it's still relevant, perhaps even more so with hindsight

Good News is No News As Far As the MSM Are Concerned

Duh, it's the MSM after all. I keep telling you guys, they can't be trusted.
The old fail-safe, "I saw it on the news" just doesn't cut it anymore.

New York Times Outs CIA Operative

Surprised? You shouldn't be. How many times has the White House asked them specifically not to reveal national security secrets, but did anyway?
Now they've-allegedly-gone and revealed the name of a CIA agent. Remember the Valerie Plame fiasco?

Read it here.

Lets see if any one from the "paper of record" will go to jail. Probably not. You know why? Freedom of speech, of course.

Who Is Barack Hussein Obama?

Unfortunately, we really don't know do we?
Well, it's guess speaker time again. Check out the following links to some info on the man even Time magazine said was the winner of the democratic primary a whole two weeeks before it happened. Ooooh, what a leap that was, huh?

Anyways, take a look:

How Obama Can Disseminate the Truth to Correct the Lies - Slate

Getting to Know Obama

Obama Smears Collection

Hugh Hewitt: The Willful Blindness of Barack Obama

NewsBusted 177

Near-Despondent AP 'Report' Virtually Begs for Obama Votes

Liberal Columnists Broder and Shields Turn on Obama

I'm sure there's more to come. Stay tuned. Is At It Again...Idiots

Do I have to mention the NYT and the "General Betray Us" ad?
I didn't think so, we all know how disgusting and cowardly that was.
Now the traitors and cowads at the world's worst website are at it again, this time attacking the most honorable man in the presidential race, Sentor John McCain.

The ad, both on television and radio, has a woman named Alex repeating the left-wing lie that McCain wants to stay in Iraq for a hundred years (by the way, I still haven't heard any complaints from the left that Bill Clinton left troops in Bosnia to this day)
she goes on to say how her baby "makes her heart pound" every time she looks at him. Well, what mother doesn't skip a beat when their child is being adorable?

She then goes on to tell McCain that "you can't have him" referring to the (only in a liberal mind) that Mccain is already contemplating the next generation to go to war. I mean not even the 100 Yars War lasted a hundred years.

Well, Bill Kristol from NewsMax magazine and the Weekly Standard has a rebuttle to that, that is more than adequate. From the New York Times, of all places.

Oh, expect a lot more from these

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who's Using Race?!

All through the Democrat primarys, both Hillary Clinton and barack Obama's camp used race to make certain points. Bill and Hillary used it to show how hypocritical Obama is (coming from all people) and Obama's camp used it to show how racist white people are.

Now, Obama has attempted to stack the deck already and fire a pre-empitive strike against the Arizona senator by puting race on the front burner already, claiming that McCain and the Republicans will use race as an issue. Uh-huh.
You see, no one can talk about race in America unless you happen to be black. Otherwise you're just a silly, discredited racist yourself...or a Republican of course.

I notice Obama didn't mind that race was an issue when he got 90 percent of the black vote in the Carolinas or that he got a majority white vote in of all places like Ohio which is predominately white. Nope, we're all racists and McCain is apparently the worst.

But I think it's dishonest and irrefutable that Obama is the one playing the race card, and trying to make it sound like McCain and the Republicans already have used race as an issue. Oh, I know, I know; the Great Saviour said that they will, not that they have, but they will.
Just a wee bit presumptuous, don't cha think?

Check this out from
What happened to changing the way politics are done in Washington? What happened to hope and change? Nope, it's still the same ol' way of doing things, but Mr. Marxist gets a pass and no backlash whatsoever. Not that I'm surprised. He is a liberal in a liberal-controlled media world.

So let's see:
Lay off his ears.
Lay off his wife.
Lay off his pastor-excuse me, ex-pastor (yeah, right)
Lay off his upbringing
Lay off the fact that he and every little sheep that follow him (remember the nose-blowing incident?) may say he stands for this and that; but what exactly are those?
and he says he's going to ensure this and change that; but what exactly is he going to change and how?
I dare any mainstream "journalist" to grow a set and actually challenge this guy.
You just know, with Brian Williams as the new host of Meet the Press, Obama can't wait to get on there now and face not only soft-ball questions, but to have Williams actually fawn all over him. Seriously, watch for the drool.

Obama Lies, Flips. Only Excuses From MSM

So John McCain endorses drilling off shore and in Anwar. Of course, Barack Obama being a Marxist liberal, opposes it. Therefore, all his ignorant little minions opposes it, too, without even knowing what it's all about.
But, oh wait, the New York Times (who recently publicly released more sensitive information the White House yet again asked not to be divulged, and yet again the Traitor Times have to, HAVE TO go against their president, their country and "their" troops.

Now Obama is flipping, yet again. No, he hasn't changed his mind about Anwar (and I somehow doubt his numbers on offshore drilling "The taxpayers won't see a return...till 2030")

Read this. It's a transcript of this very topic. And a very good point on Barry's non-commital to finding a feasable alternative fuel source.


Hussein Obama Shows His True Allegences

You know everyone and their dog gets on President Bush for what they claim is invading "brown countries" and "imperialism" (never mind the fact that America produces in one day-at times even one hour-than what these countries produce in a year) but no one-on the loony left, that is-ever argues about these "brown" countries doing things to change us, change our way of life.
Mostly because the left chooses to ignore this threat in their rose-colored world, choosing to accept that America is the threat, America is evil...but I digress.

Would you like a taste of a President Obama world? I mean other than what you've been hit over the head with already?

Well, we know that BHO is related to terrorists, so does this pandering seem shocking? Or the fact that radical Jihadists use Obama's rallys to meet, yell, scream and gain blind support from the galactically ignorant, while fully supported by Obama himself. No wonder he didn't want the press there. I don't know why. You know they would protect him and opt-ed about anyone who says or, God help them, thinks different wil lbe labled a racist, Islamaphobe, Nazi, neo-con, you know all that good stuff that has no meaning any more.

Take a look at what Barack Hussein Obama wants to protect and support, and damn you if you don't see things his way.

Jihad Watch: An Update

Here's an update for those of you that either don't recognize the threat of Global Islamism through such things such as the Fifth Column, Wahabbism and the iradicating of real free speech through the manipulation of hate crime legislation (such as the jokeof a law suit that is happening to Mark Steyn up here in Canada) and the general re-writing of our fundamental and founding Christian/Mosaic laws.

Here to heighten your tension, aggrevation (and hopefully awareness) about what the radical and fundamentalists in both Canada and the U.S.-it's in Eurabia as well, but they don't seem to mind-are doing to your culture, history, values and laws; and nobody of any real signifigance and/or power is doing anything about it, is Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch
and accompanying video, via NewsBusters
And don't forget the terrorist-supoporting, anti-everything western, CAIR (of course, I wouldn't purposely lead you to a hate-filled web page, but you must know, so here, once again is the fully legal and truthful, ANTI-CAIR.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet Deal Scandal You Probably Haven't Heard Of Yet

Why? One Guess. Give up? Their initials are the M.S.M. Duh.

Folks, the only reason I keep harping on the bias of the MSM, besides of course the painfully obvious, is I'm sick and tired of the double standard and these so-called "professionals" not-so-hidden agenda.
The proof will be forthcoming soon (not that it was ever in doubt since, oh I don't know, say the 1960s and that Easy Rider crowd)

I mean look at it truthfully:

-Ted Kennedy leaves Mary Jo Kopechne to die at Chappaquiddick-nothing
-William Jefferson was found with $90,000 of, litteraly, cold hard cash in his freezer (undoubtedly ill-gotten booty)-nothing
-Al Gore keeps proving he's the biggest hypocrite in the world-nothing
-Al Sharpton slanders a respected police officer in the tawana brawley case and incites a violent riot that results in the death of a Jewish store owner-nothing
-Michael Moore is exposed multiple times as a complete fraud-nothing
-Over 500 types of Weapons of Mass Destruction are actually found in Iraq, and still to this day-nothing
-Bush's so-called "lies" on WMDs are exposed as faulty intelligence-not deception-and they not only don't report this, they continue to-again to this day perpetuate the "Bush lied" lie
-The Duke non-rape case is exposed for what it was-nothing
-Newsweek magazine slanders marines in Guantanamo Bay about a Quran being flushed down a toilet-nothing
Nancy Pelosi is exposed for her hypocrisy on the union debate-nothing
-Time magazine, in cohoots with John Murtha and the Taliban, it seems, and slanders marines about Haditha-nothing
Barack Obama continually lies about his past, his pastor and his general Marxist leanings and dislike for America-nothing
-And of course, the Grand Pooh-Bah, Bill Clinton lies through his teeth on just about everything and he stays in office-impeached-but still in office (and don't forget about Whitewater and the tainted blood (non) scandal)

As opposed to these, which were all happily reported by the left-wing, main-stream media.

So, you see, the media of today is pretty much good for nothing, except of course setting their own political agenda and protecting their democrat friends.
I'm sick of it all.

And now...
there's this
More about it here, here, here(and this is more to my point of this post) and here (so far)

Murtha is Still a Sleaze

With the help of hearsay from a terrorist insurgent, plus the unmittigated gaul by TIME magazine for simply taking his word for it, then finding the biggest sleaze in the democratic party that they could to sell this lemon to the world (take your pick there) John Murtha should be shunned, if not tarred and feathered all together. At the very least, he should be removed from office. At most (if not jail for the Adscam) he should be removed from Washinton and never be allowed to run for public office again. I mean not even dog catcher. This "man" is a disgrace!

Remember his tangent on Meet the Press back and other media outlets back in May of '06' calling the brave Marines (which I'm sure they're ashamed-as is the rest of the country- that he was once one of them) who are fighting and dying for the security of the West, a bunch of "mercenaries" and "cold-blooded" murderers?

Well, by now you must know that all of the Marines in question, who were set up from the beginning by a bias, hateful liberal magazine and an old, unpatriotic, senile, bitter democratic representative, (good, thorough info here) have been exonorated. That includes yesterdays great news out of Los Angeles, that all charges have been dropped against Lt. Col. Jeffery Chessani, the senior officer in the Haditha case.
And may I just say it's about freaking time.

Now that the case has been put to rest, will Murtha or any Democrat representative appologize to these marines or their families?
I know, silly question. Of course they won't.
First they'll keep saying that the judgement was wrong, that it was fixed from the start by President Bush or someone in his "organization" or perhaps even by the diabolical, evil genious/"idiot" himself. Then they'll demand new hearings, a new investigation and all that other liberal, sour grapes crap.
But most likely, with the help from their liberal media friends, they'll just pretend it never happened. After all, being a liberal means never having to say you're sorry.

But unfortunately, if Murtha never had to answer for the 1980 Adscam scandal (which miraculously also dissapeared from the liberal history books) he won't be admonished for this either. I mean, is there any doubt?

How much coverage do you think this is going to get from his liberal media pals?
oops, there I go again.

You just know Murtha is secretly glad that Tim Russert has passed, because now he won't have to answer any questions on the subject on Meet the Press. Hey, that may be cold, even a bit callous, but you know it's true.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Liberal TNR Editor: 'Bush Never Lied to Us About Iraq'

Listen up libs, democrats, "women" on The View and all the rest of you far-left, Bush Derangement Syndrome suffers: one of your own is trying to be honest, intellectual and trying to save you from yourselves.

Here's the original column, via the L.A. Times.

Of course, now the author, James Kirchick, who is no stranger to a left-wing bias, has seen the light that has been burning brightly in his face for the last 5-plus years, and has penned his opinion about it.
Of course, like all Libs who choose to go against the insane grain, will now undoubtedly be compared to a "climate change" denier and will be ridiculed by the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos,, and all the rest of the "vast left-wing conspiracy".

Remember Joe Lieberman?

Yep. Mr. Kirchick, you are now the enemy. Good luck, you're gonna need it.

Outrage! Except of Course From the MSM

So first, this poor excuse for a judge, James Burge of Ohio, who ruled that lethal injections in "his" state are unconstitutional and must cease, claiming that,
"...lethal injection procedure doesn't provide the quick and painless death required by Ohio law."

So, like all liberals on the bench, they believe it is not only their duty, but apparently their God-given right to legislate from the bench.
Remember the convict in Texas who's execution was stayed because the pin-prick he would feel as the state was giving him his lethal dose would "hurt" him?
Well, here we go again.

Now this bozo not only thinks he should impose his idiotic left-wing morals, but that he actually shows off his bias of his fellow Marxists like barack Obama and apparent theological lust for mass murders like Che Guevara.

These people aren't even trying to hide their bias and misplaced contempt for their own country anymore. The reason being, is simply they think they're right and quite righteous with their dangerous thought process.

You just know, after these people, led by their messiah, Barack Hussein Obama; destroy their country

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Left Should Learn From Russert

Tim Russert was probably the best middle-of-the-road journalist out there. with his untimely passing, the MSM will be hard pressed (and likely won't even try) to find a more fair interviewer and commentator.
He mostly asked his thoughtful and provacative questions from the center. He asked public officials what the supporters of both the right and left sides of the spectrum wanted to know. I doubt, in today's media atmosphere, that there will be a more fair and intelligent commentator.

He really did ask tough, but fair questions to all parties and personalities alike. That said, my sincere condolences to Russert's family in this time of great loss. They can take comfort in the fact that he will be missed by both the left and the right. Hopefully NBC won't tarnish his image in their selection of a replacement.

He will be missed by any and all of those who wish to know what a good, honest journalist should aspire to be.

Did I Say Double Standards Have Me in A Spell?

Correction. They have me parylized.

Once again, nothing from the Obamedia on him claiming that, If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun", concerning the percieved notion that John McCain and the evil, evil Republicans will do their myth-induced best to stop at nothing from preventing Barry O from becoming president.

Although the Reps probably should and will do everything they can to stop the left-wing radical and all his minions, history shows that Republicans act, while Democrats re-act (emotionally) to the issues, not personal attcks, is what the Dems are sure to do.

Anywho, check out what they're up to now; with of course nothing but yawns and turning heads from the MSM.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

See What Happens When Democracy (see Capitalism) is Left Alone

Once again, kudos to Amy Proctor's Square

Baghdad economy is soaring

Just Some More Info About the Earth and Us Nasty Humans

Still more information on why we're not causing global warming; oops, there I go again, I mean climate change (these loonies keep changing the rules when it appears they're losing the game) yet no said information from the ol' reliable, professional, unbiased media (sorry, had to hold back a good chuckle there)

What will the Goracle's answer to this be? Oh right. Nothing. Because, as we all know, if the MSM doesn't report it, it doesn't exist.

He must feel especially safe, now.
He's untouchable. He is a Noble laureate after all.

It Is Too laugh

This is too darn funny. Like NewsBusters asks, can you read this without laughing out loud

Like I've Been Saying...

Not only Obama gaffes are ignored, but his historical inacuracies, his lies and now, that finally a Democrat with some integrity and honesty (at least about this, I don't know what his record is on other matters)

To wit...

Maybe Michael Moore had the quote right, just about the wrong man, when he said we're living in fictional times (he would know) with a ficticious president. Well, if Mr. Barry H. Obama can continue to pull the wool over the sheeps eyes for a few more months (with the help of his MSM allies, of course) we will have a completely ficticious president.
I mean, really-how far does the rabbit hole go?

Monday, June 09, 2008

So He's Not the Great Speaker After All

So, the Great Saviour can't hold a thought together without the help of his precious, precious teleprompters, eh?
Too bad he already has the sheep in the palm of his hand, so it was relatively easy for him to cover his tracks and actually made a joke of it, judging by the baa baa's coming from the pen. He really should be treated as any Republican would be and be shown for what he is, then allow him to fairly defend himself.

After it all, he's just a Marxist that may speak well, but has no commanding presence (regardless of what the "experts" and opt-ed writers may think) and cannot give a speech without help (unlike the divine) of his teleprompters.

But in all reality, this should let some air out of the mystique of the man and it should, along with the exposing of he and wife's real view of America and the world, his lies about his family, his upbringing, his pastor and his association with him and his general Marxist ideologies that will no doubt -NO DOUBT-destroy the fabric of America, not to mention her defenses.

But, since he is the Great Saviour, and since the MSM are mostly naive, ignorant (or) liars, they will instinctively protect him because of their own leftist ideals. And since Hillary has conceded, they will triple their efforts and not care how biased they look or how obvious they are, as long as Obama, or any other Democrat (except Hillary, because the MSM, you know, hates her now) that can take the White House.

He hates attention though.

The Thing About the Lefty Version of Free Speech

Oh, just read this.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

That Old Double Standard Has Me in a Spell

It's not even worth the whole rant and raving about how the MSM won't report information about Democrats as opposed to frothing at the mouth when it comes to reporting negative stories (or non-stories as far as the drive-by media is concerned) about Republicans and/or those eeeeeviiil conservatives.

But even when Democrat superdelegates decide to shine the light on something, the MSM instinctively turn deaf and dumb.

But isn't it funny when, back during the general election of 2000, people on the left shouted up a storm about how Gore should be the president because he had more popular votes as opposed to the votes gained by the electoral college? You know, the way it's been done for 232 years?

Well now the Obamamites are screaming again. I don't know why. I mean, didn't they just get their boy nominated to the presidential candidate for the Democrat party?

But wait. Hillary Clinton is going on about how she has more "popular" votes than Obama, therefore, she should be the Democrat candidate, even though she has already conceded.

So the obvious question is, why the double standard? Why is the delegate/electoral vote so relevant now and the popular vote isn't? Wasn't it just the other way around in 2000? Heck, even in 2004?

History re-writes itself yet again and the MSM stays loyally silent.

Ug, I Think I'm Going to Be Sick

If you have been paying attention to this blog for any reasonable amount of time, or more specifically my other blog, "Entertainment Breakdown", you may have noticed I'm a HUGE STAR WARS geek and proud of it.
But, upon reading this column by Brent Baker on on George Lucas and his revelation (although not a surprising one, coming friend a close, personal friend of ultra-liberal director, Steven Speilberg) it's official, even the most brightest, most talented people on the planet are ignorant and self-involved.

Yeah, he talks of peace and "dreams and hope" (like every Lib, except they have no idea how peace was procured for the last 50 years) like that empty, broken record of the elites.

This really disapoints me. I know Lucas was a lib, but he usually never shows (or at least talks about) his left-wing values.
Heck, I even used dialogue from a couple of SW movies in a past post to demonstrate how Lucas might be a closet conservative, being how the Jedi mindset is.

Oh, George. How you disapoint me. Mind you, he is the creator of STAR WARS, so he may be able to be forgiven for a little naivete once in a while. I mean, it's not like he's Baghdad Rosie or Susan Surandon, you know, real loonies.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I Couldn't Have Said it Better

So, I won't even try. I'll just leave that to your favourite woman-to-hate (although I still really dig 'er)

Check out this column by Ann Coulter, and see if you don't whole-heartedly agree.
Good stuff.

I know, I know, I have to get back to writing my own, long newsy-type rants, perhaps even Dennis Miller-ish. But for now, just read the above link.

It's time for the Not-So-Conservative versus the Empty Suit. should be interesting , if not anything th

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He's Wagging That Finger Again

Remember when former president, Bill Clinton blew a gasket at Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday way back in September of 2006?

Heck, I think he even may have had it wagging away when he lied to the world when he said,
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never asked anyone to lie. Not a single time. These allegations are false."
Remember? No?

Here you go:

There's also this:

There were a definate number of times 1, 2, (and so on) he has done this. And every time he does, it's a poker tell that he's full of it.

It won't be the last.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The "Most Honest Man in News" Cheats On His Taxes

Are you surprised? Even just a little bit?
It appears the man who Rolling Stone magazine (like that means anything) named the most honest man in news (chuckle) doesn't think he should pay his taxes. Over $2,000 worth.

Check this out from and (be sure and click on the "Olbermann Watch report" link for a look at Olberloons tax reports.

Mark Levin also has a good little rant on Mr. Dishonesty

Hey, doesn't this make the Loony One the "Worst Person in the Woooooorld"
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