Thursday, September 30, 2010

More and More Obama Allies Under Investigation

-Black Panther Head Racist, Malik Shabazz

-Former SEIU President, Andy Stern

-Hatem Abudayyeh

-Joseph Iosbaker

-And more...

It seems tjhe Commander-In-Chief will have to get his spin doctors to work overtime...or just let hius fawning media buds to do their usual thing.

If it were constitutionally legal to impeach a president for his friends actins and for lying to the American peopl eand the world about his dealings with them, you'd be reading my first call for it. Or if, like Ace says, "If only the establishment media had any integrity, this swamp would have been drained back in 2008, and America would have been spared the unfolding catastrophe formerly known as Hope & Change."

Really, how far does the nut fall from the tree?

Bewilderment: Reporters Freak as Ann Coulter Meets Gay GOPers

Ah, the media. What ever shall they do when homosexuals not only invite Ann Coulter to give a speech, but are quite comfortable with the context of it? Well, as Human Events' Lisa De Pasquale reports, they lie and twist Coulter's words (as well as the audience reaction) to fit their narrative.

I guess conservative gays aren't really gay, much like consrvative blacks aren't really black, huh MSM?

FNC "Red Eye" Host Gutfield Calls Out Obama on His FOX News Whining

In his recently released interview in Rolling Stone magazine, President Barack Obama said of FOX News, I think Fox ... is part of the tradition that has a very clear, undeniable point of view. It's a point of view that I disagree with. It's a point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world. But as an economic enterprise, it's been wildly successful."

FNC's Greg Gutfield took the Prez to the woodshed when he reminded him (as has many conservative personalities and bloggers, such as myself) that with the left controlling most networks, cable stations, newspapers and Hollywood (not to mention radials in his administration and American universities) he is showing his thin skin and intolerance by whining about the one lone (albeit most successful) right-leaning network.

How immature is this guy? How many times do you think he's asked his buddy Chavez how can he go about shutting down the one television outlet that doesn't go along with his vindictiveness and manipulation?

Right on Greg. On. The. Money.

James O'Keefe Exposed?

When citizen journalist James O'Keefe rightfully went into the offices of ACORN, along with assistant Hannah Giles, to expose the corruption, illegalities and plain ol' scuminess of that left-wing organization that has strong ties to President Obama, O'Keefe was hailed as a hero by the right for showing the world the underhandedness of left-wing political organizations in general. But now it seems he is dabbling in his own dishonesty, and perhaps a touch of perversion when he allegedly tried to lure CNN reporter, Abbie Boudreau onto a boat to seduce her "for all the world to see" after he claimed CNN uses "hot blondes to seduce interviewees to get screwed on television..."

So, in a prepared statement, he said, "they want to portray me and my friends as crazies, as non-journalists, as unprofessional and likely as homophobes, racists or bigots of some sort…"
"Instead, I've decided to have a little fun. Instead of giving her a serious interview, I'm going to punk CNN. Abbie has been trying to seduce me to use me, in order to spin a lie about me. So, I'm going to seduce her, on camera, to use her for a video. This bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who comes on at five will get a taste of her own medicine, she'll get seduced on camera and you'll get to see the awkwardness and the aftermath."

Boudreau's story can be read here. as with CNN's official take.
As of this writing, there has been no further comment on the matter by O'Keefe, except to say in an e-mail to CNN, "That is not my work product. When it was sent to me, I immediately found certain elements highly objectionable and inappropriate, and did not consider them for one minute following it."

As all the facts are not in on this one, and to be honest, I don't know if I completely trust CNN motives on anything anymore (but not even nearly as bad as MSNBC) so I'll wait for the full outcome of this to pass any judgment. But if this turns out to be true as Boudreau claims, then it does not bode well for O'Keefe's future and/or his credibility. As the Media Research Center's Brent Bozell said,
"Conservatives must all guard against this. Let there be scrutiny, by all means." And I repeat: there must be scrutiny.
Bottom line: We want nothing to do with O’Keefe or his dirty antics."

Ace of Spades has a take on it as well...(scroll down)

Exit question...
Why would Boudreau agree to the meeting in the first place, much less on a secluded spot like a boat? Is O'Keefe that much of a player that CNN would do a profile on him? Is O'Keefe correct? Is the media out to get him because of the ACORN story? Or is he just perverted and paranoid?Who knows? I mean he had to know any sort of unwarranted advancements wold be reported by Boudreau herself.

White House: FOX "Destructive," MSNBC "Invaluable?"

So in the minds of Barack Obama's White House, FOX News is "destructive" for America, yet MSNBC is "invaluable." If this doesn't prove that Obama is most divisive president in the history of the republic, then nothing else will (other than perhaps coddling America's enemies while condemning her allies)

If relaying lies and misinformation to the public, at the same time covering for Obama and his cabinet's malfeasence is "invaluable," that would explain his love for radical leftists and tyrannical dictators. Iran's Amedinejad and his ilk do it all the time.

Well, CNN's John King, for one, has apparently seen through this lapse in fact and bias on his John King USA segment on CNN + Politics.

From Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz's destructive and hate-filled rants to Rachel Maddow's ignorance of history (as well as Olbermann and Schultz-if they aren't actually worse) how can a guy like Obama, who everyone claims is so smart, knowingly agree with these loons and then, even worse, actually give them props as to lie to America about their so-called usefulness?
I mean wasn't this the president who not too long ago said, "For if we choose only to expose ourselves to opinions and viewpoints that are in line with our own, studies suggest that we become more polarized, more set in our ways. But if we choose to actively seek out information that challenges our assumptions and our beliefs, perhaps we can begin to understand where the people who disagree with us are coming from."
Then he comes off spewing this crap about destructiveness because no one chooses to believe or even watch his favorite "news" show.

So let's see, the present state of the economy, even with all of his mass spending that hasn't done anything to gain public support or confidence is not getting any better (at least not by his doing) everything is Bush's fault (inheritance, inheritance, inheritance) and left-wing radicalism is the way to go because MSNBC inherently inflames it and Obama agrees with it.
Boy, what a great and inspiring leader.

It looks like the current president is a little full of it, huh? Is it any wonder he is so out of touch with America and his numbers are waaaaay down?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mumbai II

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

U.S. Governement to Wire-Tap Internet?

Allegedly to track criminals and cyber-communications. A good idea, I suppose, but wasn't this against the constitution and illegal and a part of Bush's attempt at a "New World Order" just two or three short years ago? Isn't this "domestic spying?"
Media? Nothing to say? Brian Williams? Ms. Couric? Democrats? No? Oh right, it's Obama in the White House now. Nothin to see here. Moving on.

Dirty Money

It's official. Far-left philanthropist, George Soros is anti-Semitic and has funneled millions of dollars to the anti-Israel front group, J Street. J Street's executive director, Jeremy Ben Ami has finally admitted to the media, after lying about it since the group’s founding: “I accept responsibility personally.” This is what passes for ethics in liberal journalism.

U.N. to Appoint ET Ambassador

Just in case we're officially visited by extra-terrestrials, the United Nations has a contingency plan...appoint an ambassador to meet them and maybe show them around town?
While she's at it, maybe Othman can ask the aliens why they've been screwing with our nukes?

Why do I suddenly have that scene in my head from Mars Attacks where the lowly, bashful general is in charge of meeting with the manipulating Martians only to have hundreds of people vaporized?

SIEU Employee Heads Voter Fraud in Houston

Likely Voters Don't Know or Don't Like MSNBC "Talent"

And...? I mean isn't this common knowledge? I mean real common knowledge, not the type libtards claim when talking about Republicans. You know "everybody knows that Bush is an idiot." Or, "It's common knowledge they invaded Iraq over oil." You know, liblogic.

No, I mean the long-known (and really, boringly factual, it's so well-known) fact that MSNBC cannot and never will draw flies. Nobody trusts them, nobody likes them and not surprisingly, no one even knows who they are.

The funniest part was the fact that a "plurality" people who get their news from cable have never even heard of Kieth Olbermann. Forty-four percent. A majority of those polled said they heard of Rachel Maddow or Ed Schultz. Seventy percent to 55 percent. Remember, Schultz is the guy who claims he can have 300,000 people show up to a rally like Glenn Beck did; moreover, Schultz has claimed he can do it impromptu-like.

The poll also suggests that likely voters think FOX talent like Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly are more positive when it comes to political debate and discussion. So much for hate and fear-mongering. Is it any coincidence that two of their "top" personalities came from the failed Air America radio network? So, people didn't care for the whining, paranoia and vitriol coming from an all-liberal radio network, so the geniuoses at NBC and General Electric decide to bring that failed format to television. Excellent. Expose them for what they are. Keep it coming, I say.

So the next time one of their on-air "personalities" tries to talk about their ratings or popularity compared to that of FOX, try not to shoot your drink out of your nose.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Gettin' Out While the Gettin' Is..Well, Not So Good

Amedinejad, Farrakhan and the New Black Panthers...We're All Friends Now

Top 10 Failures of ObamaCare After Six Months

Maybe...maybe there hasn't been enough time to truly judge the merits (or lack thereof) of Obamacare (it's only been less than a year) and there isn't all that much to gripe about. Except of course...these. Maybe they'll get better *snicker*

More Violence and Intolerence from Lefty Organization Thugs

Golly, where are the violent, racist "Tea-Baggers" in this one?

Is this what passes for tolerance and understanding (not to mention First Amendment rights) vis-a-vis a private citizen (and a white one at that in attendance at an African-American Alliance) simply filming said event?

Once the Black Panther and SIEU thugs got away with it, I guess it's open season on private citizens that don't want to live in their totalitarian world.

Liberal Research

This pretty much speaks for itself. We all know what happens when liberals try to blame anyone but themselves when it comes to their own words and testimonials about healthcare, terrorism, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, the economy, Iraq, WMD's and, well, pretty much everything they would want you to forget they said and backed...if it weren't for the internet recording everything they say, so they can't deny anything (and yet, foolishly, they still attempt to do so)

How do these people function in their world where every grain of sand and every blade of grass is like quicksand and every garbled word muttered is a futile attempt to backtrack for the sake of their nutroots? I mean what a pathetic, meager existence.

Obama Comes Down on Amedinejad For Trutherism at U.N.

Giving credit where credit is due, President Obama chastised Iranian President, Mamoud Amedinijad for using "trutherism" at his latest speech at the U.N. where they have repeatedly allowed this dictator to threaten, lie and berate Israel at every given opportunity, under the lie of "human rights and democracy."

Even though, I'm sure that this is some convenient attempt to look presidential in light of the Democrats facing a thrashing, at least the House, come this November, kudos to the president for not allowing the insane one to, at least publically, getting away with it; as the Useless Nations usually do.

"That threat to Israel, President Obama said, is another “example of where the Iranian people I believe are ill served. To have a President who makes outrageous, offensive statements like this does not serve the interests of the Iranian people, does not strengthen Iran’s stature in the world community. And there is an easy solution to this, which is to have a Iranian government act responsibly in the international community, along the lines of not just basic codes of conduct or diplomatic norms, but just basic humanity and common decency.”

“Again, for Ahmadinejad to come to somebody else’s country and then to suggest somehow that the worst tragedy that’s been experienced here, an attack that killed 3,000 people, was somehow the responsibility of the government of that country, is something that defies not just common sense but basic sense -- basic senses of decency that aren’t unique to any particular country -- they’re common to the entire world.”

Friday, September 24, 2010

Media Silent as Muslims Condemn Anti-Free Speech Violence

Great piece on the hypocrisy and agenda of the MSM as real Muslims speak out publicly, and it is all recieved by the lefty media (as the end of the story says) with a big "yawn" and deafening silence.

Paranoid Matthews Strikes Again

President Obama not being vetted by the media, and as a result, he appoints a plethora of "czars" that are unaccountable to anyone, instills big-government, socialist policies, appoints an attorney general that, along with himself defends racist, black ideology-based beliefs and groups such as the Black Panthers, among many other wasteful and liberty-hurting ideas and Chris Matthews gets a tingle up his leg. The GOP sends out a press release for their ideas for the nation when they presumably take over the House of Representatives such as job creation, and Matthews in an all his paranoia sees a cover-up.

Wow. The mind of a lefty is truly boggling. When the supposed "Party of No" relates their idea for freeing the country from a 10% unemployement rate and to shrink the government that has in the last four years (or more) spent beyond comprehension, all of a sudden people like Matthews considers them the "Party of Oliver Stone." Amazing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Military Leaders Don't Trust Obama, Advisors

During the Iraq War, Democrats ripped George W. Bush for supposedly not listening to his generals about sufficient troop commitments and strategic and tactical decisions in the field. But at least the men and woman in the theatre of battle, and the commanders leading them, trusted the former president. Not so much with the current one. This guy's presidency is just falling apart more and more every day.

Bias? What Bias? Part 1001

At least eight Bell City, CA officials were arrested Tuesday morning, but yet no mention of their party affiliation by most of the major networks and newspapers.

NewsBusters as always, were on top of things with their "Name That Party" segment.
Again, a note to the lefty news; just imagine all these clowns and thieves were Republicans. I bet you'd have a real field day then.

FOX's Scott and Lee More Popular Than the President

Man, talk about embarrasing. President Barack Obama had a Townhall meeting on CNBC and drew 450,000 less viewers than FOX News's "Happening Now" with Jon Scott and Jenna Lee. And what's more MSNBC's replay of the event didn't score any better.

I do believe that makes Obama, not only the most over-hyped, over-glorified president in history, but the most over-saturated as well; televised-speaking anyway. People are just sick of seeing him all the time. I guess he's not as charming as his followers and minions in the media would have you believe. Something tells me a random re-reun of Saved by the Bell would draw more viwers than this guy nowadays.

Olbermann Finally Blames Obama...

...for the BP spill, the economy, unemployment, immigration and 9/11.
Nah. Of course not. Like that would ever happen. He blames Bush and Cheney for them knowing about it and letting it happen, of course.
But, wouldn't that mean Obama knew about the above and let it happen? And what about the Ft. Hood shooting, the attempted Time Square and Christmas day bombings? if you're going to use false logic, ridiculous premises and re-written history, wouldn't that make, well...sense to blame Obama for those as well?

I would normally ask, who knew Kieth Olbermann was a Truther? But then again, he's Kieth Olberamann, MSNBC's resident whackjob. Man, what a complete and utter tool.

More Lies From MSNBC

The extreme arm of the Democrat Party continues to allow their on-air (non) personalities to fil the airwaves with perpetual lies of the GOP. This time, Sgt. "Burn this place down" Schultz, along with Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown, tried to convince their ever-shrinking audience that the Republican Party's new "Pledge to America" doesn't include job creation.
"This was just released a few moments ago from the Associated Press. They're calling it the 'Pledge to America. The 'Pledge to America' is to cut taxes, cut federal spending, repeal healthcare, and ban federal funding for abortion. Nothing in there about job creation...Those are the four main points."

Um, Mr. Ed, you may want to look at this. You'll notice that the very first points in the pledge were about jobs. I guess Mr Schultz can't read, or at the very least gets someone else to do his "research" for him.

NewsBusters has the full story.

Nothing new from The Mess.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ObamaCare Deprives Children of Health Insurance?

Remember way back when Howard Dean said "Unlike the Republicans, we care if children go to bed hungry?" Well, not only was that an uneccessary statement and total BS to start with, it turns out that may not be as bad as wanting to kill them altogether.

Yes. That is a out-of-bounds statement. You didn't have any trouble with it when Dean uttered it.

Exausted of Defending Obama

Pergury in Black Panther Case?

Has Kirsten Powers seen this? Remember her "cat fight" with FOX's Megan Kelley about the "non-issue" that was the Black Panther voter intimidation case? Well, it looks like Kelley was right...again.

CBS: Carter's Presidency Actually More Successful Than Reagan’s

Had Enough

You know, I am so sick and tired of FOX News being vilified and lied about in their coverage of the news. I was reading this temper-inflaming piece when my blood ran aboil. Why do the networks continually give this anti-Semitic has been of a complete presidential failure any airtime? To champion his cause of trying to fix his tarnished image, of course.
How long did the anti-Semitic Helen Thomas be championed as a "legend?" And why was she able to keep the center-seat, first row aisle in the White House briefing room? She hadn't been a reporter for years. She was a columnist. What's the difference between her function in that sense and Rush Limbaugh? Maybe they should have given him the seat 10 years ago.

Why is it that the one, admittedly, right-leaning news outlet that informs people of the things the liberal and biased news of the left (CBS, NBC, ABC and most of the time at CNN, not to mention Hollywood and the magazines of Newsweek and Time) won't tell you (like the absolute lies of President Obama about his parents meeting at the March on Selma or that his father served in World War II among many, many other distortions abut Health Care and his ignorance of history) is the evil of all evils, when the liberal MSM is constantly championing everything that is bad for America, especially with a history about their communist, socialist causes (including their favourite ex-failure of a president, Carter and current washout Obama) is a history book away?

How is it that FOX News's ratings on a nightly basis destroy those of the news stations mentioned above? Why do more and more people not trust the liberal media (or perhaps the media in general?) I mean you have all these news outlets ganging up on one cable news station and routinely call them liars instead of examining their own malfeasance (hello Dan Rather!) and bias. Everything from Jason Blair to the "fauxtography" scandal of the Associated Press is basically ignored once the initial stories are told. The liberal media goes on for weeks about Andrew Breitbart, so far as to give their personal opinions on the matter, calling him scum and so forth and forgoing any semblance of journalistic integrity and/or objectivity, then absolutely ignore anything that may cause embarrassment to their favourite politicians, actors, athletes, what have you. It took Chris Wallace to call out Howard Dean on his lies and ignorance when the former governor said FOX started the whole affair about Shirley Sharrod, when in fact the video wasn't shown on FOX until after Sherrod's resignation. CNN had to fire (surprisingly) a "reporter" for not asking questions at an early Tea Party rally, but for arguing with people that differed with her opinion. Did you read that? Her opinion!

Speaking of the Wallace name, how do journalists like his father (whom I used t respect when 60 Minutes did their "ambush interviews-on everyone) ask despots and dictators like Iran's Mamoud Amedinejad about his wardrobe instead of his oppression of the Iranian people and funneling arms to Hamas and/or Hezbollah? Or Diane Sawyer's bizarre line of questioning to Mamoud Abbas about his favorite American movies? This is what passes for journalism? You can bet if it was an American conservative like Sarah Palin, they be jumping down her throat about not only made up assertions by their elitist counterparts, but they'd treat her like a leper, like ABC's Charles Gibson did before the 2008 general election when he so snobbishly looked at her down the end of his nose like a hard-line schoolmaster.

How about the recent Ground Zero Mosque debate? The MSM will have you believe that America is Islamophobic when there are almost 600 mosques in New York state alone. Did you hear anyone complaining about those? Or the fact that there are Arabs and/or Muslims that are opposed to the building of it near Ground Zero? Apparently more so than the MSM. The media would have you believe that their opinions are that of the general public when in fact, almost 70% of Americans and 60 % of New Yorkers oppose it. They won't let you listen to their opinions, but they'll make sure you hear and read about how those Muslim's beliefs on the matter are "fake" from supporters of the mosque, that are foreign no less.

ABC (I believe it was) rigged a car to explode in a report about the safety of GM cars. It is liberal journalists that have routinely been hired to work for Democrat administrations, then go back to being "journalists" when their time is up with that president's staff as if their allegiance to said president means nothing in doing their jobs as unbiased objective "reporters." Sure, there are conservative pundits that have worked for Republican presidents, but they're just that, pundits, not journalists. That's why I understand Chris Matthews point of view, but I cannot abide George Stephanopoulos or anyone like him that tries to portray objectivity and balance when they are clearly shills for the Democrat Party.

Everything from conveniently omitting the party affiliation of a liberal/Democrat until the second to last paragraph (if at all) to ignoring black on white crime. How about for once when Al Sharpton starts barking about social injustice and racism, one member of the left, just one, mentions Tawana Brawley or Crown Heights. Just one time. Or how about mentioning how the Democrats were in cahoots with the KKK after the Civil War and how they attempted to block civil rights legislation. Then how about they jump on people like Rachel Maddow for attempting to re-write history about those subjects, then trying some amateur reverse psychology or something by claiming the Republicans are doing just that. Don't even get me started on the hypocrisy on liberal radio and blogs that spew their borderline libelous accusations and hatred. Take a listen to Randi Rhodes (who isn't even brave enough to use her real name) Ed Schultz and especially Mike Malloy, then tell me there's more hatred on the right. What a joke! And the mainstream media says nothing. Lefty actors and "comedians " like Sean Penn, Bill Maher, David Letterman (who at least had the balls to apologize for it) Roseanne Barr and Sandra Bernhardt continually attack Sarah Palin with "jokes" about rape and child molestation and the MSM says nothing. Some of them eve laugh along. So spare me about the "hatred" on the right. Of course, "journalists" like CBS's Maggie Rodriguez then claim people like Palin are just "whining" that they're "media victims," instaed of actually looking how she and her ilk have attacked her so much that even some libreal columnists are feeling for her. Sickening!

Even when people like Bill O'Reilly make factual mistakes (I personally have seen him do it only twice in the 10 or so years he has been with FOX) at least he apologizes publicly, on the air. I do believe I have seen Kieth Olbermann do this one time. One! And even then it was like pulling teeth. Such is the arrogance of the left.

When enough people buy into mass hysteria like Global Warming, the networks will tell you it's a consensus and true to fact. When more and more people watch FOX News over all the other cable news (and almost rival those ratings of the networks) those same people are ignorant and are sheep.

So why are more and more people flocking to FOX News instead of trusting the liberal affiliates who are supposedly the bastion of integrity and truth? I swear to God, if investigators at FOX and representatives of the MSM were to sit down and use each of their own information to show who's telling the truth and who has the more culpable bias, the networks would soon find themselves regurgitating their crap to crickets. Or, in other words, the audience the size of MSNBC.

Like a commenter said at the end of this piece, "If the Libtard media decided to suddenly dedicate itself to the truth after decades of inaccuracies, half-truths and lies, they'd have to spend the next 25 years doing nothing but corrections and retractions."
Well said.

I could go on, but I won't...for now. I need a drink of water.

Matthews Sets Obama Straight?

I guess when looking for liberals to lament each other, you may have to look long and hard to find any chink in their collective armor.
But on Monday's Hardball, host Chris Matthews scolded President Obama about his ignorance when it comes to tax cuts and that it isn't the government's money to play with or feel that they're "giving" money to anyone.

Again, credit where it's due.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Godless President

Remember when the current president covered the IHS symbol when he visited Georgetown University? Well, now he omitted the words "by their Creator" while reciting the Declaration of Independence. Degrading Christianity while promoting Islam. He's not anti-religion, just anti-Christianity. Just keep piling it on, Barry. Don't get too comfortable with your feet on that desk.

"Anti-Hate" Protesters Spit on Breitbart, Call Him Homosexual

Unlike Congressional Black Caucus member and Rep. John Lewis (the liar that was exposed by Breitbart himself) an assault on Andrew Breitbart by "tolerant" lefties was actually captured on video.

Ah, once again, the "tolerant" left and their "do as I say, not as I do" mantra.

And So It Goes...

I guess the term "climate change" wasn't good or convincing enough, or the elitists fear the uninformed (or easily manipulated) are waking up to their propaganda, so I guess a another name change was in order. Oh, it's not a far-out there change like "man-made disasters" (terrorism) or not liberal, but "progressive." What is so "progressive" about liberalism anyway?
I guess if they change the name enough, someone might actually believe it. This time, the change is from "global warming" (I thought they had changed it to "climate change" a couple of years ago) to "global climate disruption." I guess there's so much snake-oil left in their wharehouses that they have to re-label everything to sell it.

They'll just keep on doing this. If their BS message isn't getting across to those other than the left-wing moonbats, they must change tactics and try, try again. Because doesn't everybody know that global warming really means global cooling and vice-versa? Again, the definition of insanity? Trying the same things over and over, hoping for a different response. Mass hysteria tends to do that.

Have You Heard of Eleanor Holmes Norton?

No? That's probably because she's a Democrat, about who's scandal is a non-issue for the MSM.
I mean shaking down lobbyists for cash, with the promise of "reimbursing" them with stimulus funds? Isn't this the kind of story that would be splashed across every liberal rag and blog in the country if it were a Republican/conservative?
Of course it is. Therefore is isn't a story.

Norton lashes out.

Couple Tried Selling US Nuke Secrets to Venezuela

"They were accused of dealing with an FBI undercover agent posing as a Venezuelan agent. The government did not allege that Venezuela or anyone working for it sought U.S. secrets.
The pair were indicted for allegedly communicating classified nuclear weapons data to a person they believed to be a Venezuelan government official," the AP article claims.

Disgraced Helen Thomas to recieve Lifetime Achievement Award from C.A.I.R.

That's C.A.I.R, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, you know the front of an organization that has indicted "Palestinian," Saudi and other Middle East terror-supporters on their board. Members that have been indicted (some convicted) on terror financing and of hate-speech spewing imams. Giving a Jew-hater like Thomas an award is par for their course.

This of course, doesn't surprise me or anyone else that has followed, or is the least bit aware of the anti-Semetic Thomas's career and opinions. Just listen to any of her White House briefing room questions or typical columns over the last few decades. This was not a new thing for "her." It just goes to show that you can make a long, established career out of being hateful, biased, Jew hater; and then get rewarded for it.

President Clinton Lies About His Role in the National Debt

Former president, Bill Clinton claimed on Meet the Press that, "the debt was quadrupled in the 12 years before I became president and then we paid down the debt for four years, paid down $600 billion on the national debt."

Except that he didn't. Not one year. The link to the story has the tables on the national debt from the time Clinton took office, till the day he left and there is not one indicator that he even put the smallest dent in it.
Of course, I wouldn't expect host David Gregory to challenge him on it, since Clinton is the living deity of the DNC.

More Left-Wing Racism Posing as Humor by Bill Maher

British Law Enforcement Release Six Alleged Pope Assassination Plotters

Six men who were held without charge in Briton for an alleged plot to kill Pope Benedict XVI have been released by their jailers.
To presumably carry on with their diabolical plan. This doesn't really count as foiling a plot, now does it? It's only the Pope, after all.
What if there had been threats to an Islamic Imam? Would there have been more concern then? Perhaps a little longer of a detention?

AP Shocker: Bush Tax Cuts Didn't Just Help the Rich

From the AP wire, via FOX News. It's amazing when the press see the light and actually print some unbiased facts for a change.

It's Official: MSNBC Creates Violent-Prone, Would-Be Killers

At least that's what the would-be killer told the Tampa Tribune.
The Mess's probable answer (if any at all) "No, no, it was FOX News! They made him do it! Believe us. Please believe us. Here's more lies, er, um, I mean more left-wing lunacy, D'OH! I mean more "facts" to prove it. And...Tea Baggers are racist, y'know."

ABC Reporter McKelway Fired for Argument Over Anti-Obama, Anti-Greenpeace Bias

His superiors say he was fired for "insubordination and misconduct," but since he was revealed that President Obama has been the biggest recipient from BP contributions and that (surprise!) Greenpeace is a far-left enviornmental group, we know better.

Never cross the boss.

The wheels of the bus go round and round...and the latest to be thrown underneath them is Doug MeKelway.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bush Not to Blame For Economy? But Clinton Is?

I would say yes! Considering the legislation Clinton put in place. And although, this is written by a lefty from the Huffington Post, so there's obviously some problems with historical accuracy ( such as no mention of Bush trying to regulate the housing market) it's amazing it was even allowed on their website)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He Said/He Said

Another Obama Totalitarian Employee

Don't dare question the policies of Barack Hussein Obama. It's unAmerican and will not be tolerated. So says Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in a letter to Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans.

And the beat goes on.

George Will Embarrasses Huffington Yet Again

I have to wonder if Ariana Huffington is a glutton for punishment. She is repeatedly smacked down by George Will on panel discussion shows, totally exposing her ignorance and left-wing contempt. She tries to sound informed and is usually not a flame-thrower, but she is regularly out of her element when facing off against the conservative economist and commenter, as this piece painstakingly points out.

Whenever these two are on the same set together, It just seems like a repeat of her being intellectually destroyed over and over.

When You Want Something Done Right...

...take it to the streets yourself, I guess.

From a commentor: "I have so many black friends that I went to college with that all became Republican's as soon as they started working 8 hours a day and started paying taxes."

After Left Complains About "Constitutional Rights," MSNBC Hosts Cut Off Mic of Controversial Pastor

Look, the irrelevant Pastor, Terry Jones (which the only reason I, or anyone else even knows who he is, is because the fervor of the media to flame hysterics and sensationalism-as even the disgraced Dan Rather said recently) is a complete quack. Everybody knows this. But does that give Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough the right to alleviate him from his constitutional rights? Didn't we just have a big brouhaha about the rights of Americans over the Ground Zero mosque? Weren't the side of the building of the mosque up in arms about the "constitutional rights" of the builders?

So why when a controversial pastor in Florida that wanted to wrongly burn copies of the Quran (which, according t0 MSNBC, is ssomehow Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh's fault) those same people say he has no right to speak. He shouldn't be given a platform. He's a hate-monger, after all. Well I'll retort that with two simple words: Al Sharpton. This man is one of the biggest race-baiting hate-mongers on the planet, yet he is given platform after platform (his own radio show, rallies, TV appearances etc.) to spew his rhetoric. Should Jones have been listened to? Should he have been taken even remotely serious? No, but does that mean he doesn't have right to speak? A constitutional right? I would say yes he does. Again, this guy should have been a non-issue from the start, but slow news days will put some dumb things on our TV screens.

This may be an extreme analogy, but if even Adolf Hitler was just ignored, would he have had as much power? Would he have been a factor in history? He may have been just a crazy old man complaining about the Jews that no one paid any attention to.
It seems when the left has something to say and agree with, it's a "constitutional right." Anybody else doesn't deserve a nanosecond of time to air their opinions.

And no Mr. Scarborough, the complaints about it aren't from "crazy people," they're from people that happen to disagree with you.

Pew: Americans Spending More Time Following the News

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget

As much as many on the left want us to "move on," or better yet, forget all together about the horrific of events of September 11, 2001, since al Queda is simply "no longer a threat," and that America "overreacted to that day itself," the rest of us know better about honor, respect and what is going on in the real world.

It's nine years on. God bless the victims and their families.

Unfortunately and tragically, some have chosen to not just "move on," but to advocate everyone else to indeed forget; as NewsBusters' Rusty Weiss points out.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Daley Stepping Down

Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago won't seek re-election for 2011. But don't worry. I'm sure one of the top spots in the world of Chicago thug politics (you know, where the current president got his career start-other than in the living room of domestic terrorist, William Ayers) will be filled by just the right successor. One that will embarrass the city and take her for all she's worth. Which isn't completely zero. Which is surprising, considering how much Daley has raped her and her citizenry. Such as bankrupt government coffers, crime-infested public housing, and one of the “most stressed cities” in the nation.

But you know, he "tried his best."

Obama Goes Back to the Campaign Trail

And wouldn't you know it, he's blaming the Republicans for everything! Talk about a failed policy.

Obama Added More to National Debt in First 19 Months Than All Presidents from Washington Through Reagan Combined

CNS News reports.
Yeah, but he's "trying." Screw the outcome. It's always with the best of intentions with the left. That's all that matters.

Ayatollah Khmomeini: It's O.k. to Rape Children

Not that I'm surprised.

This is Islam? Yeah, defend this.

More Contradictions, Distortions and Lies About Sarah Palin Exposed

What else is new?

Vanity Fair writer Michael Joseph Gross's "profile" on Sarah Palin is drawing more and more detractors (incredibly, even liberal ones) from across the blogosphere. Why? Oh, I don't know. Perhaps because it's pure, unadulterated crap!?

Via NewsBusters.

It's all falling apart for the Palin haters. Add to that, her condemnation of Florida Pastor, Terry Jones's intent of burning copies of the Qur'an. But the haters will simply find a way to say this is just political posturing by the former governor, I'm sure.

Another Tale of the "Wonderful" Canadian Health Care System

If you have a minor affliction or broken bone, sure Canada's a great place to be treated. It won't cost you a thing (other than in taxes paying for everybody else that comes into the emergency room or clinics with a sniffle) but for something a lot more serious, well...

Windsor Area Cancer Patient Says He'd Be Dead Without U.S. Medical Treatment

And along with this...yeah wonderful.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Taliban Bounty?

Is Iran paying off Talban fighters $1000 for every American soldier killed? So says Britain's Sunday Times, via MSNBC (since it is on their website, will their "anchors" even touch this?)

Definition of Insane?

What happens when over a hundred billion dollars in borrowed cash gets plunged into infrastructure spending and it fails to kick-start the economy? According to this administration, spend another $50 billion on the same failed policy.

What is that old adage of the definition of insane? Trying the same ideas over and over, hoping for a different result?

Hardly Islamophobic Update

On Monday, the always, always invaluable NewsBusters website posted a story, "Inconvenient Truth: 10 Times More Hate Crimes Against Jews Than Muslims," that I had already posted about (and linked from the original source-whaddya know, I scooped NB!) that shows (again) quite clearly how biased, wrong and agenda-driven the lame-stream media really is.

However, I did notice NB didn't mention the part about Caucasions being officially more victimized of hate crimes more than blacks were. You wouldn't think it, I know; but you know the LSM and their agenda.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Teacher Suspended for Talking About Holocaust

A Jewish teacher in France has been suspended for teaching about the Holocaust. According to the report, she was taking too long in her World War II curiculum, spending too much time on the atrocity of the Holocaust. Apparently the evil that took her descendants lives is considered "brainwashing" by her superiors.
I know the French gave up their nation to the Nazis without firing a shot, but do they still have to do their dirty work? Is this the school of Mamoud Amedinejad?

Just the Facts "Ma'am"

If only Jack Webb (aka Sgt. Friday) really was around to school incompetent Attourney General, Eric Holder. Ah, well, one can dream...

Not Unless They Hit You First

Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is talking tough again in regards to any attack on their nuclear facilities by Israel.

But if Iran isn't producing nuclear weapons and it's nuclear capabillities is for energy, as they have been claiming, how would it "eradicate of the Zionist entity" and "retaliate, strong and hard?"

If he thinks he has the unquestionable support of all Arab nations, he may have another thing coming as items such as this and this point out.

Republican "Young Guns" Denounce Bush

In an attempt to distance themselves from the administration of George W. Bush (much like the Democrats are doing with Barack Obama now, while he's actually still in office) three Republican members of the House of representatives are denouncing the former president on his "betraying of conservative principles" in their attempt to "publish a template for new era of Republican domination in Congress."


Racism, Racism, Racism

It seems quite clear to me and anyone who is paying attention that when a Republican president is unpopular, it's due to policies. When it's a Democrat in the White House it's due to the "vast, right-wing conspiracy." Since there is the first black president occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, it's clearly racism that keeps him from ascending to the status of a demigod.

On his "Chris Matthews Show," which apparently is needed for the host to double his audience on The Mess NBC to that of, oh, I don't know, 10; since his other show, Hardball just isn't reaching enough moon bats; Matthews let perennial race-baitor, Cynthia Tucker spew her usual left-wing talking points of how racist the right is because The One isn't allowed to freely implement his socialist policies without the rest of the country rearing up and screaming, "Whoa!"

Compound that with Eleanor Clift's absurd assertion (and once again, as of yet proven) racism in the Tea Party.
Not only did Monica Crowley smack down Clift about not only her assertions, but the lies of the NAACP...

So, the left's desperate attitude towards the right's opposition to the Obama administration's policies are not based in fact stemming from the presiden't own words and actions, but is simply (and dishonestly) based on racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, et al. Too many to name here, but you have undoubtedly seen this over the months and years.

Unemployment Rises to 9.6%, 54,000 Jobs Lost

According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, unemployment in the United States has risen to 9.6% with a total of approximately 56, 000 jobs lost. Why the Obama administration and the media keep trying to sell the "recovery summer" rhetoric is beyond me. The stimulus has failed, and so far employing census workers and IRS employees isn't exactly job growth where the president should be taking credit for, much less embelleshing any job growth because of them.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Obama's Mission Accomplished?

Well the president didn't actually say that in his speech from the White House but he did say that combat operations were effectively over. Well, not so much it seems.
Again, will the media call him on this? Duh, no. But of course in his defense he waited until the war was essentially won and most of the U.S. forces were out of Iraq before announcing this. He didn't bother with the pomp and circumstance none too much, either, as Bush did.

Number of Illegal Immigrants in US Now Declining

A while ago I posted a story of how President Obama may be one of the most anti-illegal immigrant presidents in history (anti in the deporting of illegals way) Now there's a report that the number of illegals coming over the southern border is now declining. Is Obama the reason? Possibly, although the author does make a point of telling us that, "Much of the decline comes from a sharp drop-off in illegal immigrants from the Caribbean, Central America and South America attempting to cross the southern border of the U.S..." so maybe the "Obama factor" is a moot point.

Still, he apparently has done more than any other president on the matter (if you believe the article in the first link, and I don't have any reason not to at this point) although I don't have the information about it from former presidents. If it is true, I don't think anyone can not give him credit for it.
Time will tell.

Al Gore Creating Terrorists?

It's not such a crazy theory, given the loony liberal mindset of today's left-wing pundits and television hosts. If this guy watched "An Inconvenient Truth" and had an "awakening," that made him decide to burst into the Discovery Channel building with weapons and bombs strapped to himself and take hostages, doesn't the blame lie with Gore?

"Lee said at the time that he experienced an 'awakening' when he watched former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental documentary ‘‘An Inconvenient Truth."

I mean if Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are making people "angry" and "hateful" towards the president, doesn't this mean that Gore is responsible for creating an environmental terrorist? And if there's one, there's bound to be more nuts like him.

Once again (and it's never ending) a lefty goes postal and the lefty media ignores it (or claims he that he's a conservative or Tea Partier or something) Let's see the unstable morons at The Mess (hello Schultz) spin this one, which they're certainly going to do.
And I guess those "crazy" global warming skeptics aren't looking so crazy anymore now are they?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lefty Celebrity Calls for Tolerance, Non-Violence

Oops. I meant yet another lefty celebrity calls for the violent death of conservatives.

In the vein of Sandra Bernhardt, Brad Pitt (in his case it was against BP executives) and Sean Penn, among others; ultra violent lefty and B-list actor John Cusack wants a "satanic death" of conservatives and the GOP.
Keep it classy John, you and your hate-filled buddies. Imagine the world in their hands (shudder)

Definition of the Day

Racist: (ray-sist) noun. adjective. 1. Someone who is winning an argument with a liberal

And Now Another Installment of "If This Had Happened to Bush"

More teleprompter troubles Mr. President?

You'd figure that this guy could get through at least one press event without his second wife helping him along. I mean, I thought he was clairvoyant and all that.

Oh, and you can add that to this, which you may not have seen.

Hmm. How do I get this through here?

Beck Critic Taibbi Gets Owned by Tea Partier

So according to Taibbi, any gathering of a group of whites is a KKK rally. I guess that would mean (as idiotic as it sounds) that any gathering by blacks is a Black Panther rally, or any group of Hispanics and blacks is a Crypts or Bloods meeting, I see.
This was concurred by a great post by a commentor by the screen name of "dividingbyzero" who said,
"I'm tired of people like Dana not addressing the underlying notion that an all White crowd is a bad thing. Stop the pandering. Ask them when they have criticized a crowd for being all Black. Ask them to denounce the attacks on Whites in Des Moines which the media refuses to cover!"

Taibbi was clearly out of his element here (whatever his element actually is) his nervous laughter didn't exactly cover up his nonsense and the obvious fact that he had no idea what he was talking about. Score one Dana Loesch.

I love it when a liberal loon like Taibbi tries to outhink a conservative like Loesch. They just end up embarrassing themselves. Really, some of these people need a bicycle helmet just to walk outside.

FBI: Hate Crimes Against Muslims Rare

Via Kansas

Did you happen to notice that at the top of the story that Caucasians are among the top victims of hate crimes, along with gays, lesbians and Jews? Just sayin'.
Or maybe the FBI are all racist. And where is the MSM coverage of this? Oh...right.

Religious Intolerance Part of Lesson Plan in Iraqi Schools

The war may be "over" in Iraq, but as a commentor on Hot Air says (through a link to a Kansas story) the future of Iraq, according to the teaching of "tolerence" to their school children, is probably not all that bright.

Obama Not Responsible for Troop Withdrawal

As much as all the Obamaphiles want to swallow every fantasy that their Dear Leader gives them, such as taking credit for the success of the troop surge and for the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops out of Iraq, he had nothing to do with either, especially the latter as while still in office, President Bush's Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker signed the agreement.

Via Wikipedia: "On November 17, 2008, the Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari and U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker signed the agreement in an official ceremony."

You can read the whole breakdown of the agreement.

It was agreed by Bush and company to happen anyway. So how hard was it for Obama to make a campaign "promise" about something that was going to happen anyway due to an international agreement. Sorry Obamaphiles, another lie by your guy. And you just keep on digesting it.

Gibbs Lies Huge About Obama's Doubts on Iraq Surge

Yesterday morning, White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs did the rounds on the network and cable news shows and said that President Barack Obama (then candidate and Senator Obama) actually supported the surge because "...Barack Obama said that adding 20,000 men and women into Baghdad and into Iraq was likely to improve the security situation...."

Did you get that? Barack Obama said the surge would "improve security." A bold-faced lie in front of the world and that wasn't the only time, as he proceeded to go on and try (and succeed as none of the network interviewers called him on it, of course)
He actually said this, folks. The problem for Gibby and the prez is, Obama's word's of denial are all over the internet via YouTube and other video posting sights (forgive me for having to use an interview with Keith Olberloon)

Of course after the surge did work, Obama and Gibbs claim that (in so many words so as to mask their blatant earlier denial) Oh yeah, we all knew it would work.

Then, after fielding the same questions all morning with the same lying answer, he went on Fox and Friends and belittled Gretchen Carlson for asking the same questions his fawning network buddies did.

Newsbusters has the story here in order of his morning appearances.

These guys will try to get away with anything, won't they? Say what you will about the Bush administration, but how bold-faced can you be/

By the way, this is usually where I would give credit where it was due for Obama finally acknowledging President Bush on at least himself acknowledging the troops for their sacrifice (only because it's a Congressional election year) But after so much denial on the current president's part, I really don't think that's applicable this time.
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