Thursday, June 30, 2011

Racism or Newsworthy?

No opinion here. No personal stories to add (even though I do have one or two) just showing you (collectively) what the politically-correct, timid media won't. Because apparently the media wants to create (and really already has) where they refuse to print stories (or at least identify the culprits) involving any ethnic minority attacking whites, but they're oh so happy to print anything said by the biggest racist on the planet Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, even if they are bogus outrages and just done to get their name in the paper and on TV to stay relevant. Remember Crown Heights? Tawana Brawley? The Duke lacrosse team? All made up racism by Sharpton, all career and life destroyers, never an apology from Sharpton for any of it and the national media falls in line...every time.

And they say the Tea Party is racist. Pfft. Whatever. Have you seen the lily-white rosters of most news organizations? What's their excuse?

I await the predictable, unsubstantiated accusations of racism.

Who's the Flake?

Rep. Michelle Bachmann has definitely had her gaffes (still not even remotely close to the gaffes-and easily knowable historical ones at that-to the Obama/Biden ones) but when FOX News' Chris Wallace asked Bachmann if she was a "flake," due to those heavily MSM looped and repeated gaffes and the queries about why she makes them, the left had a filed day with this irrelevant question. But the better question is why the media doesn't focus on the more notorious and more easily identified ones by the president and vice-president?

What do you mean you don't know of any Obama/Biden gaffes? Ah, the left-wing MSM media white-washes strike again.

Bin Laden Wasn’t Running Al Qaeda Anymore?

According to this story via NewBusters, it seems that Osama bin Laden was not the "real" leader of al Qeada at the time of his death at the hands of American Special Forces and moreover, he was a non-factor in terms of planning and running the terrorist organization. Ergo, was he irrelevant?

Exit question: Does this take away from President Obama's accomplishment of being the guy who "got" bin Laden? I mean if the left is so gung-ho on Obama because of the SEAL team's doing away with OBL and if it turns out he wasn't really the leader of al Qeada at that time (and as the story suggests that no one in al Qeada "took him serious" anymore, was it all for not? Does this reduce the grandiose party that the Dems are still relishing in? I don't think so. bin Laden the target was, as far as we knew (and more importantly, as far as the Pentagon knew) still the leader of al Qeada and his compound in Abbotsbad, Pakistan was still the "command center" everybody thought it was. So if the argument is made by the right that the killing of bin Laden was irrelevant, expect the left to say that if it was Bush's intel that found bin Laden, then it should have indicated that he was no longer in charge. For which an argument can be made...unfortunately.

Psychiatrist Says Bill Maher Hates Women and Has No Regard for Life

Granted the good doctor was on Fox & Friends, so there's reason to believe that they may have sought out a doctor that was willing to be a little less than positive about Mahr. Even so, he is a "renowned" psychiatrist, so his evaluation (even if Mahr wasn't on his couch) has to have some merit, right?
Even still, I don't think anyone needed a psyciatrist to tell them that Bill Mahr is a far-left, bat-sh*t crazy liberal.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More on Stewart Misinformation

Rather ironic isn't it? The man, the satirist, that a lot; if not most of, the left seem to get their "information" from says that FOX News viewers are "consistently wrong in every poll...consistently." Well, Politifact and Pew Research have already debunked that ludicrous statement that are based on nothing but polls conducted by lefties to begin with. I mean how can you give a honest answer about your dislike of Obama's policies without the "poll" reducing you to being "incorrect" or sadly and typically, "racist." How can you be construed as "misinformed" when you simply disagree with the policies of a president that the national media absolutely love and protect from almost all criticism? That's how liberal-conducted "polls" work, folks. You answer a convoluted question and you're deemed as misinformed.

In any event, Brent Bozell further sets the record straight on the uninformed Jon Stewart (who's looking more and more like the oh-so brilliant Bill Mahr).

It's truly amazing how the left twists everything to fit their agenda, isn't it?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Michelle Obama Admits Media's Role

Not that anyone (unless you're a monbat, brain-dead liberal) needs to be smacked in the head to realize how truly bias and unobjective the MSM really is. We've seen the collective heads-in-the-sand before and will again well into the future. I don't think the internet has enough room so I can list every one-sided and edited interviews, "news" reports and misinformation permeating out of the major newsrooms over the years that I've been cognizant of my surroundings.

First Lady, Michelle Obama has admitted for all to hear and see the Obamamedia's real reason for exisiting.

But doesn't "Fortunately, we have help from the media" kind of say it all about the role of the MSM in the re-election of BHO?

Blagojevich Convicted on Multiple Counts

Disgraced former Illinois governor and Barack Obama buddy, Rod Blagojevich has been convicted on 17 criminal counts and is looking at at least 10 years in federal prison.

Now, how long of a soundbite will this generate on the national news circuit? 10, 12 seconds and that's the end? What are the odds of this being dragged on for weeks on The Mess or CNN? And if you didn't know who he was before, what are the odds of them telling you he is a democrat?

By the way, is anybody keeping a count on how many times Obama lied about not knowing this guy?

Happy Anniversary to Me

It's been five years for Conservative Jedi now. I hope you've been entertained and informed by reading these post since 2006 and I hope you had at least a smidgen of fun as I've had writing them.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awesome Quiz

Ignoring His Generals, Obama Set to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan

Ignoring the advice of people much, much more experienced in the matter (you know, the people that actually know how to fight a war and have lived the military life longer than the president has been alive) Narcissist-in-Chief, Barack Obama has decided to withdraw 30,000 troops from the region.

Democrats Seek New Stimulus

You know the definition of insane? Doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result? Well...

Van Jones Organized 9/12 Anti-America Rally

This is all you need to know about the creepiness and anti-Americanism of former Obama green "czar," Van Jones. He actually was going to have a rally putting down America the day after 9/11? It really speaks to the commitment to America and the quality of the company Obama keeps. Why wasn't this president and his associates vetted again?

Have you ever and I mean ever seen a United States president with more anti-American and racist friends? Which of course Obama either never met or didn't hear anything controversial from them...ever. Nor the media.

Chris Matthews Doesn't Like the Truth about "Global Warming"

Despite all the evidence to the contrary (including "Climategate," serious errors in the last assessment report from the IPCC, and the doctoring of ice and water-level statistics) Al Gore and his Hollywood minions, along with sheep like Chris Matthews still want to scare the bejeezus out of your children and make you struggle more in this economy with their advocating of Cap & Trade and letting the government tell you what type of toilet you can use, while the Goracle reaps the financial and influential benefits.

Oh by the way, Matthews really jumped the shark when he revealed the obvious by stating, like " I hate that so-called evenhanded so-called objective journalism. You know, you know, you can’t say something isn’t true if it’s true in the interest of even handedness." That's really no different, as the story points out, than Al Gore (the guy that champions the environment, then uses more energy than the national average and eats endangered species at $2000 per plate dinners) when he stated on the Today show, "...when you're reporting on a story like the one you're covering today, where you have people all around the world, you don't take, you don't search out, for someone who still believes the earth is flat and give them equal time."

In short, frauds and idiots like Al Gore and Chris Matthews don't want you to hear the truth. They don't want any contradicting arguments. How would Al Gore continue to scam your money otherwise?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bill Clinton: A Flawed Man, But a Good President?

That's the conventional wisdom, as the author says and you can't really argue his fiscal success (although the Reagan tax cuts and trickle-down economics did work, despite liberal arguments to the contrary-which did in fact get the country on a economic boom after the total fiasco that was the Jimmy Carter administration) but was Bubba a decent man, reagardless of his womanizing and perpetual lying?

You decide.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maureen Dowd Blames Child Sex Abuse on Homosexuality?

It appears that way, according to her latest column (once again aimed at demonizing the Catholic Church)

Will Dowd be criticized for "demeaning" and/or "stereotyping" gays? Will there be a demand that Dowd retract her claim? Will the homosexual community demand her resignation? Will they sue for hate speech?
Hardly. She's not a conservative. End of story.

O'Donnell Slams Wallace and FOX News Sunday for Poor Ratings

Can you just taste the irony? MSNBC's self-confessed Socialist (proving that he knows nothing about numbers) ripped on Chris Wallace and FOX News' ratings despite having virtually none of his own to speak of. He also decried ABC's "Meet the Press."

Do these trogladites at The Mess even know what or how ratings work? Apparently not since they haven't seen any since...well, never.

Monday, June 20, 2011

So Maybe it is "Man-Made" After All

More fraud from the climate change people.

More and more proof of fraud and severe paranoia from the people who love to give their children needless nightmares and guilt.

Obama Impersonator Pulled from Stage

Reggie Brown, a Barack Obama impersonator was pulled from the stage at the Republican Leadership Conference before he was finished with his act. Brown was stopped in the middle of his act when he made too many racially-tinged jokes at President Obama's expense.

Question: Would liberal/Democrat organizers have pulled a comedian of the stage if he were to make racially disparaging or off-color jokes about a Republican president? How about Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann? Don't bet on it.
Just remember how they giggled at Sarah Silverman and Sarah Bernhardt when "joking" about Palin getting raped, or at Wanda Sykes when she wished Rush Limbaugh would die of liver disease? Do you think for one moment a person delivering such hateful and ant-conservative "humor" would even be looked at cross-eyed? Even for a nano-second? Nope. Because it's "satire," it's "humor."

At least Republicans know the difference.

Jon Stewart: FOX News is Biased...But Rest of Media Aren't

Wow. Real shocking.
As I've said before, the left love to claim the right-wing bias of FOX News without EVER bringing up the the far-left bias of MSNBC or the New York Times.

So to ask a lefty if right-wing news is biased is like asking David Duke his opinion on race.

UPDATE: As per usual, so-called "progressives" have an inflated opinion of themselves and know nothing outside of their elitist bubbles. Stewart says FOX News watchers are "the most consistently misinformed media viewers....Consistently -- every poll."
Wrong again, Jon.

This is the man who the majority of the left get their "information?" And he says the right is misinformed? Ah, irony.

UPDATE II: PolitiFact Agrees With NewsBusters: Stewart's Claim About 'Misinformed' Fox Viewers 'False'

Holder Absolutely Knew About Gunrunning Outrage Earlier Than He Said

Which is why the MSM, aside from CBS, hasn't touched this. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact it could result in another White House scandal and the competence of Obama's senior staff picks? Or better yet, would it have an impact on his re-election bid?

I think the media does.

Pat Condell on Islamic Cultural Terrorism

And People Think Palin is Dumb?


Nevermind the fact that there are at least three Obama gaffes to every Palin one. That's at least seven to one if you include Biden. It would be nice if the media did their job and showed us how uneven the playing field is just once when it comes to...well, everything really, but especially the way they fawn over certain people due to they're protection and amping up of certain Democrats intelligence.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Karzai Says U.S. In Peace Talks with Taliban

With the U.S. due to pull out approximately 97,000 troops from Afghanistan in July, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said there are peace negotiatins with the Taliban underway "in the first high-level confirmation of US involvement."
"Peace talks have started with them already and it is going well. Foreign militaries, especially the United States of America, are going ahead with these negotiations."

Weiner Resigns

After all his posturing and attempting to reel in some victimhood, Democrat Representative Anthony Weiner has resigned in light of his Twitter photo scandal.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

SEIU Starting to Eat Their Own

So it turns out not all SEIU members are lazy, Obama-loving, elitist, nanny-state defending thugs. One, a Mariam Nojiam, was actually forcibly removed from an SEIU election office while officials were giving instructions on counting procedure when she raised the issue of the SEIU's own rules about "election by mail for an internal election — for which it apparently uses the same kind of secret ballots that they want to deny workers with Card Check. By SEIU’s own rules, those ballots are supposed to arrive via US Postal Service, with postmarks to note the date so that the counters can verify they arrived before the deadline. One SEIU observer noticed counters opening large envelopes of ballots with no postmarks at all on them — and when she tried to protest, the other SEIU officials in the room pushed her out the door"

How long before she quits due to her own morals and spills the beans about the thug organization?

Pakistan Arrests Five People for … Helping the U.S. Kill Bin Laden

Because this is what "allies" do.
Maybe India needs a new friend. Kashmir anyone?

In His Own Words

Remember, he said it.
Of course we all know the reason he's a failure of Jimmy Carter purportions. It's all Bush's fault!

No Need to Have Permission from Congress

Because apparently, the United States is not engaged in hostilities and are just in a supporting role, even though the U.S. is a prt of NATO which is in the lead role of aggression towards Qaddafi.
Another classic example of "if the Republicans were doing this..."

Gene Simmons Apologizes for Voting for Obama

Despite his recent on-air "troubles" with long-time girlfriend and mother of his two children, Shannon Tweed on his A&E Family Jewels show (airing family laundry on-air is a reason to doubt it's veracity) KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently sat down with FOX Business' Varney and Co. to apologize for voting for Barack Obama.

Being a long-time KISS fan myself (if you've read any of my other blogs, especially the lamely named, Entertainment Breakdown one, you'll already know this) I've known for a while that Simmons is an entrepreneur and a free-market advocate and has espoused conservative values for many years. That is why I was very surprised to learn he actually voted for a Socialist president. However, I am not surprised in the slightest at his change of heart (like many still waking up to their three-year long Obama hangover) and public reevaluation. The guy is just to good with money to let an inexperienced and left-leaning, "spread the wealth" thinking "leader" fruther destroy the economy. Regardless of his blaming it on ATMs and airport kiosks.

Get A Load of This One

This has to be the biggest, goofiest example of liberal paranoia, stupidity and ridiculousness I have seen yet. I mean this has to beat the 9/11 conspiracies (which may actually tie into this lunacy given the "Bohemian Grove" and all that)

These lib radio people from Randi Rhodes and Ed Schultz to the disgusting and senile Mike Malloy (I know, I know, who? Trust me, he's out there-in more ways than one) all have some toys in the attic that just won't let them use rationale and logic before they open their mouths and extend their irrelevance.

Liberals. Is there anything they won't say or do?
Sad. Really, really sad.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Being a Liberal Means...

You know what it means. I've reiterated it several times. Not only do loony liberals like the traitorous Charles Johnson (who at one time I guess was only a "part-time" racist since he was quite adamant about being vigilant against radical Muslims not too long ago) of Little Green Footballs who now spends most of his time making up accusations like the rest of the liberal melting pot and defending indefensible people from Planned Parenthood and ACORN (who, according to Johnson, were "set up" by Andrew Breitbart and his "dishonestly edited videos." The problem with Johnson incessant whining and search for a scapegoat for his ignorance, is what those employees said on tape were said. There was no lip-syncing or no voice-dubbing. The employees, especially at ACORN (which was de-funded-even by Democrat votes) said in their own words that they advocated tax evasion and under-age prostitution. So Johnson's pitiful excuse for being an idiot and hopeless liberal whack job is even more pathetic when examined further. As for his never-say-die, I'll never apologize attitude? Not only does that make him a full-fledged liberal whack-job (congrats CJ) but it really shows what he's made of doesn't it?

Even with Anthony Weiner's confession and apology to Breitbart, there are still (not surprisingly) liberal bloggers who maintain that Weiner's Twitter account was hacked and he was set up. This, after Weiner himself admitted the whole thing. The taking of the pictures, the lying to cover it up, everything. So even though Breitbart was right once again, people like Johnson simply won't man up. The others that refuse to grow a set? Matthew Shaffer has that covered nicely.

So do you see how those on the left will NEVER apologize, nor admit any wrong-doing. As long as they are allowed to print, say or publish anything they want without personal responsibility or are held to any kind of standard whatsoever. Why should they? They don't have to fear any repercussions from any of their peers or enablers anytime, anywhere.

The Audacity of the Left

Remember all those Bush=Hitler signs? How about signs (many of them being carried by children as per their loony and dangerous parents' plan of far-left indoctrination) saying "Kill Bush," "Indict Bush," "Impeach Bush?" No? Well, I can't blame you I guess. One can't really know about things when the media doesn't report them.

Now we all know about the MSM's almost sexual deviancy-type addiction when it comes to framing the Tea Party as racist. But exactly how many signs depicting Bush and Dick Cheney as demons and Nazis and all that good stuff were reported, or moreover condemned by the media? Not too many, if any at all. Compare the low and oh, so predictable tactics of MSNBC to anything you could categorize on FOX News as bias and deplorable. Many moonbats out there will bring up Andrew Breitbart. Well, number one, his credibility is only questionable to people like Martin Bashir who likes to use guilt by association (even when it's clear there isn't any) and the cropped pictures of a black man with an assault rifle and revolver at a Tea Party rally destroyed the liberal-induced myth that the Tea Party was too racist for the lily-white MSNBC (thus the purposely misleading video) Number two, through the Anthony Weiner affair, we learned Breitbart was right (as usual) and the media chose to believe and defend a cretin and a liar despite all the mounting evidence to the contrary.

But back to the double-standard, and favorable indifference of the media towards anti-Bush signs. Not one member of the media, not one of them to my knowledge, ever chastised any of these ravenous, hateful people about the context or historical accuracy of their signs. When signs and posters of President Obama surfaced with him in the Heath Ledger/Joker make up calling him a Socialist, the media and Democrats went into a frenzy about it, somehow, being racist. So, by that insane logic, not only were black people who simply disagreed with Bush's policies racist, but anyone carrying a "Bush=Hitler" sign is not only historically ignorant and a danger to children everywhere, they're racists as well?

Yeah. It doesn't make sense to me either. But that's my point. The MSM and DNC will somehow, someway defend anything their loony followers do and say under the guise of "free speech," even if they threaten the life of the President of the United States in doing so. Do I have to remind you what happens when the roles are reversed? Do well-meaning patriots gathering peacfully get treated with such kid gloves? Right. We all know the answer.

So here's a video entitled "The Audacity to Complain about Tea Party Signs" that speaks for itself concerning what the media will/wants to show you versus what they won't.

Boehner Gives Obama Ultimatum on Libya

Speaker of the House John Boehner sent a letter to President Obama reminding him that if he doesn't explain the United States role in the Libyan conflict by June 19, Obama will be in violation of the War Powers Act.
Reports coming out of Washington indicate that the White House will speak to Congress about the U.S.'s role and to gain approval for that ongoing mission.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Automatic Justice

Pursuing Palin

And to conclude with the Palin theme today, I give you a great piece from the the Wall Street Journal's John Fund on the continuing left-wing hatred and bias towards someone the MSM declared long ago as "politically dead." But of course they still must attempt to destroy her past, present and future due to her popularity, influence and mounting threat to Obama's time in the White House.

"Three years ago the left-wing magazine Mother Jones requested Ms. Palin's gubernatorial emails during the 2008 election. After lengthy delays they were released last Friday in Juneau. The fact that you heard almost nothing about them is because there is almost nothing salacious or scandalous in them. As Britain's Daily Telegraph noted, 'the trove of more than 13,000 emails detailing almost every aspect of Sarah Palin's governorship of Alaska . . . paints a picture of her as an idealistic, conscientious, humorous and humane woman slightly bemused by the world of politics."

Man, the MSM just hates it when there's nothing to lie or twist the facts (that is, their facts) about.

"Mr. Halperin...hopes that in the future 'they do a better job treating people equally."

Not bloody likely.

Palin's Detractors Are Clearly Dumb

Want a list? The left-wing MSM members have been on such an orgasmic mission to portray Sarah Palin (and as history shows every single conservative/Republican since the dawn of time) as stupid, racist, out of touch and whatever other feces they've collectively tried to fling.

Case in point is the recent Paul Revere history lesson Palin gave to the MSM, in which historians agreed with her, which you know the media's collective heads absolutely exploded over; among others that have the MSM members scrambling to find anything to appease their fragile eliteist egos.

The latest humiliating example of media bias and ignorance is the racist MSNBC and their idiot of the week, Thomas Roberts. He claimed on Monday that Lyndon Bains Johnson "was never actually elected Commander-in-Chief."

Score another one for liberal historical ignorance and idiocy.

Even More Proof of Palin Derangement Syndrome

Not this will matter or make a difference, because as we all know being a liberal (a far-left liberal loon at that) means never having to say your sorry...or even make a lick of sense.

Such is the case this time around when 24,000 emails from the office former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Self-professed, yet hardly proven, conservative Joe Scarborough had Time magazine’s Mark Halperin on his show to discuss the MSM's obvious past and present bias and PDS. This time there appears to be no doubt (as if that wasn't made clear from John Ziegler's Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted) how the MSM has made it their mission to not only get Barack Obama elected and protect him on almost every decision he makes, but to absolutely destroy Sarah Palin or any conservative/Republican that may oppose or expose him and his administration (along with his media enablers)

Well, how bitter is the taste in their collective mouths now that they failed to garner any stories that they can use to try and further destroy her mounting and almost irreversible popularity and influence and they know it. The best part is everybody knows they know it.

As the story quotes Scarborough, "...did the media not prove how biased , over the top biased they’ve been every step of the way on Sarah Palin?”

Don't expect any reversals, admissions or appologies.

Media Malpractice:

So now that nothing has been found that the MSM can use as a basis for more lies and bias against Palin, how long will it take for someone to make it up? Oops. How silly of me. They've done that countless times already haven't they?

Rush Limbaugh summed it up beautifully,

"What a spectacular backfire it was. I mean 24,000 e-mails. How many people could withstand a media analysis of 24,000 of your e-mails replete with volunteers looking for any syllable of dirt on you and nobody finds anything? What a giant backfire. Speaking, of course, about Sarah Palin. The media is terribly distraught looking for the knockout shot that they have been unable to deliver.

The State-Controlled Media is clearly hoping to find anything that would knock Mrs. Palin out of the race, even though she's not in it. They want to knock her out of it before she gets in it. They want to knock her out of it before she gets in it so she doesn't get in it. Why? Why do they care, folks? If she's such a idiot and a dunce, why do they care?

So all they found in these e-mails -- and there's 24,000 of them -- all they found is that she's a very hardworking governor. They found out that she is really devoted, a very, very hardworking governor. [...]

Okay, now that we've seen all of Sarah Palin's e-mails, could we finally get a list of all of Obama's tee times? Maybe some of his grades somewhere? Seriously, do you realize what has been done here, the singular effort to destroy a human being by the United States media? It's not all that uncommon, but I've rarely seen it this intense for this long on somebody who's not even elected, not even serving in office. They go through 24,000 e-mails and they find nothing? It backfired and now they're ticked off again?

They were so sure they were gonna find that smoking gun. They didn't know what it would be, they didn't know what it was but all they could find out was that she's very serious, that she's nice woman, that she took being vice presidential nominee very seriously, and they also confirmed that she is the mother of Trig. You know, they tried to spread a rumor that she was not the mother, one of the daughters was. They found out that she -- imagine! -- told the truth about that. (Gasp!) What do you do? I tell you what: Palin did better in her public colonoscopy than Katie Couric did in hers."

So MSM, kind of an EPIC FAIL there, huh?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pelosi Wants Ethics Violations Investigation into Weiner

Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi wants what is probably a waste of time and probably just for the benefit of her supporters to think she's bipartisan and follows the letter of the Senate law. That's laughable at best. But she's calling for a House Ethics Committee investigation regardless in Rep. Weiner anyway. Talk about a show trial.

Palin Was Right about Revere

So Sarah Palin, the dumb Alaskan hick who supposedly doesn't know history has proved the MSM wrong yet again. Well, she was right about the date of the Boston event where patriots dumped tea into the Boston Harbor to revolt about taxation and those on the left that mocked her were wrong. Don't expect an apology from a liberal about something like that. And don't expect an apology from the left now that she's correct...again.

Alas, the MSM and the rest of the left just can't get enough of their baseless attacks. And it appears once again that they also have no grasp of history.
Seriously, it would just kill these people to admit they are wrong and she is right. It would kill them!

Historians agree that Palin was correct. Now, who would know more about history, an actual historian or Brian Williams? You decide. How does anyone "get lucky" by reciting the actual events of history is beyond me.

By the way a couple of comments left at the NewsBusters page, summed up a few things nicely about her "gotcha" comment and how the media treats people who screw up the events of history:

"As far as the "gotcha" question, what she meant there and was clear to me, was that they ask questions just to get her. It doesn't mean that it's a hard question. It means that what ever question they ask her is meant to get her to say something, anything that they can dissect and turn into a Katie Couric moment. Yeah, you can laugh it up and act like she thinks "gotcha" means hard but it doesn't.
Obviously even the question Katie Couric asked wasn't a hard question. Anyone could answer it including Sarah Palin. If someone asks me my favorite band, I'd have to say, there's too many, I can just give you one or a few. She obviously reads and the fact that people insinuated she didn't from that was ridiculous."


"[D]id NBC spend multiple nights, or any night at all, examining the accuracy of Joe Biden's hopelessly mangled inaccurate statement of how "Franklin Roosevelt handled the 1929 stock market crash by going on television with a speech"? Hmmm, they do handle these things differently depending on who they're covering - or not."

And this sums up Brian Williams and NBC's attitude about Palin and any Republican/Conservative...

"He recounted Palin's comments where she mention Revere and bells, then, at the end - couldn't help himself - smirked and reminded everyone that it was - OF COURSE (as in "You know. I know. and everyone else knows - except for this idiot woman") - lanterns - not bells - that were used. Should have been a thought bubble over Williams head: "Huh. Huh. Get it everybody? She's an idiot. That's the entire point of putting this non-news story on the air. See. She said bells. It was lanterns. We hope you hate this woman as much as we do. "

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Joy Behar Defends Sarah Palin

Yep. You read that right. Believe it or not, the usually hateful, spiteful, ignorant Joy Behar actually defended Sarah Palin from Baba Wawa's ridiculous attack from an even more ridiculous analogy.

Maybe that poor delusional Harold Camping wasn't too far off when he said the Apocalypse was near.

In case you didn't read the transcript or couldn't hear the video, Behar actually said,
"Wait a minute. Let me defend Sarah. Let me defend Sarah.Let me defend Sarah for 30 seconds. The woman has no sex scandal in her dossier, in her arsenal. This is a completely different thing from Sarah Palin, and I want to defend her here."

Can you hear the Horsemen cometh?

And On it Goes...

And on and on and on. The racist MSNBC has once again brought up the race issue-because that's what racists do-when they accused Walter Williams (a black man) of racism on FOX.
Surprise! Of course, this idiotic "observation" was made by none other than The Mess's resident moron, the recently re-instated Ed Schultz. Who else?

And of course the biggest racist on the planet Al Sharpton, proves as such yet again by somehow evoking race into Rick Santorum's comment about how dependent and ultimately hurtful Medicare costs have become for Americans, especially blacks.
That Bill Press is quite the opportunist and ignoramus too, isn't he?

They just simply don't get it or will ever stop at The Mess will they? Pathetic.
And people do know this. Proof? Take a look at their dismal ratings.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner Admits to Snapping Twitter Shots

Now, do I think Weiner should resign? No. He didn't send anything to any minors. Is he a creep? Well, I guess so. But who in Washington isn't? I don't like the guy; I think he actually is (and pardon me for using an all-too-easy joke) a weener, but does he deserve to be forced out of office, or resign? Not for this. There are worse crimes in the nation's capital than embarrassment and being a creep.
I would however, like to see the impossible. That is the media admitting they were wrong and that they emphatically defended a liar...and of course a creep.

But once again, just admit to it and people will forgive you and move on. How many times does this have to be said?

By the way, the master of seducing young women chimed in his opinion on the Weiner matter recently:

D-Day: Honor the Fallen

It's been 67 years since the Allies sent their sons to free the world from tyranny. Unimaginable courage is right.

Never Forget!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

More Attacks on Palin from the Left

So again, if Sarah Palin is such a non-threat and "unelectable," then why the continuing attacks on her?

Just a look at these few stories concerning her ongoing bus tour, the liberal news networks are so desperate to get the public to swallow more lies about the former Alaska governor, that they are now referring to her as "dangerous" because, according to CBS News producer Ryan Corsaro, she's traffic hazard because she is forcing reporters to chase her around like they were paparazzi, a la the late Princess Diana. This prompted Rush Limbaugh to correctly comment that, "Palin, "has rendered" the liberal media "totally irrational," adding: "She's making utter fools of these people, as they are plunging to new depths to come up with anything they think is legitimate criticism of her. This is their biggest stretch yet."

I don't think this is their biggest stretch (that would have to be the crap about her baby, Trig)

Another laughable and totally irrational attack in hopes of securing President Obama another term is that Palin is "in breach of federal law." This one comes courtesy of MSNBC's Martin Bashir, The Mess's resident guilt by association specialist.

And of course, she has a "lack of respect of the mainstream media" (I wonder why?) and an uninvited guest as well as a distraction to boot! This one is a doozy as it is an easily researched false claim by NBC that yes, actually, she was invited.

But how pathetically desperate is the left? How desperate are their enablers in the media? Why do they continually attack someone who "everybody knows" is a dim bulb, is controversial, is divisive and any other projections the left wants to fling in her direction, hoping something will stick? A lot of these lies already have. I guess the left hopes they'll get the same ignorant youth and "white guilt" laden voters that believe anything they read or hear to once again prop up their Socialist president and his radical left-wing policies.

It's just funny to me that they keep on attacking Palin with made-up controversies and non-issues based on full-on lies and misinformation for someone who has supposedly already been discredited and defeated.
Man, are these people scared of her.
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