Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Band of Brothers" Unit on the Chopping Block

The 101st Airborne Army Division, 506th infantry, aka "Easy Company," the World War II division of paratroopers made famous by Stephen Ambrose's book along with Steven Spielberg and Tom hanks 12-part mini-series "Band of Brothers," is being threatened to be nixed by the Army due to military reductions.

Another Lefty Gets A Pass

Toxic Hollywood flame-thrower and hater Alex Baldwin ranted on Twitter with some threats and homophobic slurs directed towards British reporter George Stark.  He also asked his Twitter followers to "straighten out" Stark.  What does that mean exactly?  To physically attack the gay Stark, or to "pray his gay away?"  Once again, as long as you do the "safe" thing and follow the left's blueprint of following everything they say and do, you get a pass.  With that, I'm assuming, free reign to do it again.

But yet the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) have seen no sin in Baldwin's outburst, seemingly because he "apologised."  Moreover NBC's Matt Lauer didn't even mention his homophobic outburst, essentially agreeing with Baldwin.  But again, you wouldn't know Lauer agreed with Baldwin calling Stark a "queen" or a "little bitch," because he conveniently didn't mention that part. CNN did the same,  not mentioning the several times over Baldwin called Stark a "bitch."  Shocking.

Mind you this indeed is a very minor story in the big picture, if one at all, but isn't interesting how the media (aside from Andrew Sullivan, to his credit) just simply defends people like Baldwin (the same guy who called his own daughter a pig) by default.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Senate Passes Amnesty Bill

In a bi-partisan 68-32 vote, the U.S. senate passed a sweeping immigration reform bill that will lead to the citizenship of approximately 11 million illegal aliens.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA as Unconstitutional

The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, enacted in 1996, as unconstitutional; paving the way for gay and lesbian couples to recieve full rights and benefits as all married couples.

To be honest, I define marriage as one man and one woman, as has been documented for thousands of years.  But since U.S. states have legalized gay marriages, I don't see how this wasn't the law since then anyway.

President Obama, for his part, "promised" (yes in quotes, since he'll undoubtedly break this one as well) not to force churches to conduct gay marriages.

As for Proposition 8 in California, the Supreme Court ruling apparently has no bearing on it.

Uh Huh

So the battle for gay marriage would spawn no groups of miscreants cashing in on the victim card and applying the same "complaints" huh?  Really?

"A favorable outcome for marriage equality is a favorable outcome for multi-partner marriage, because the opposition cannot argue lack of precedent for legalizing marriage for other forms of non-traditional relationships." 

Now, undoubtedly many will say that it's all about the decisions of consenting adults.  Of course they bare no burden on what their "cause" will do to the construct of the family unit.  But then again there is no more "normal" families now are there?  And what really is the point of a family anyway when children born out of wedlock is celebrated?  Heck, what's the point of wedlock itself, since men are no longer needed?  Moreover, not only are men/fathers not needed, they're routinely mocked in today's culture.  Proof?  Check out either at random or for about a week or so how the father figure is made to look the buffoon and irrelevant.  I'm not talking about Family Guy or The Simpsons either.  I'll leave it up to you and your own findings.  It won't take long or much effort, I promise.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hillary Exposed

This was produced in time for the 2008 primaries and election, in which Hillary Rodham Clinton actually thought her BS wouldn't be brought up by other Democrats like Chris Dodd, John Edwards and even Barack Obama.  It was supposed to be shown on cable TV during the 2008 primary season, but the government blocked it under provisions of the brazenly unconstitutional McCain-Feingold act.

Have you seen the two-day mini series Path to 9/11? It too exposes the malfeasance of the Bill Clinton administration.  That's why it has never been aired again, and since Shillary is a no-brainer to run in 2016 the film is not to be allowed to be released on DVD to this day.

Friday, June 21, 2013

MSLSD At It Again

The joke of a network that is supposedly the bastion of "progressive" truth (which it actually is when you think about the "progressive" mindset and how they operate) is once again using dishonest, manipulative video editing to lie to their ever-shrinking audience.  This time it's twisting the words of Texas Republican Rep. Pete Sessions who wants to keep undesirable abusers of the system from qualifying for food stamps.  Of course the typical and predictable motive-operand i from all of the NBC Universe is not only the usual Alynski tactics, but to add a red herring in there as well.  Take someones words, distort it, manipulate it, then attack the phony semblance of what that person didn't even say.

Such is the case of Andrea Mitchell, Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O'Donnell, Martin Brashear, Rachel Maddow and of course, Chris Matthews.This time it was Thomas Roberts' turn.

Be sure to check out the slew of examples of this conscious malfeasance at the end of the article.

Keep on bringing those ratings down NBC.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LA Senator Guillroy Switches to Republicans

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory has switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.  In the following video, Guillory defends and explains his decision wherein he accurately describes the true racial history of the two parties.  More American blacks need to listen to people like Guillory and realise how much the Democrats really are keeping them down as pawns to their power.

Walters, Goldberg Defend Mahr Calling Trig Palin A "Retard"

Bill Mahr, that bastion of insensitivity and callousness, not to mention the left's champion of misogyny, called Sarah Palin's  down's syndrome child Trig a "retard" while performing stand-up.  And while a right-winger of any sort would be condemned, chastised and forced to apologize, or fired from their job, Mahr once again is defended by the left.  On a recent episode of ABC's The View, Whoopie "it's not really rape-rape" Goldberg asked a question of her fellow hosts that she knew the answer to, is Mahr a bully? Defender of anything liberal  Barbara Walters spewed out one of the most ridiculous "defenses" when she claimed that the old un-politically correct description of a mentally challenged people was to call them "retarded."  While this is true, as Walters used her deceased mentally challenged sister as a example that some people even today don't know that the term "retarded" is no longer publicly accepted and that "unless you're a little more familiar  , you don't even know the term."  Is she  kidding?  Kindergarten children know the difference.  In today's PC world, even douche bags like Mahr, who's supposed to be some well-informed intellectual, know the difference and Walters should be ashamed to try and pull this on her audience and viewers and home.

Also, Walters claims she doesn't think Mahr "intended it to be mean-spirited" when he said it.  Really?  This is coming from the same jag-off that consciously insults and berates Palin at every single chance.  Remember him calling her a C yoU Next Tuesday?  I suppose that was accidental and not intended to be mean-spirited either.

I wonder how Goldberg and Walters would feel if Mahr had called a women a slut?  Rush Limbaugh did and lost advertisers (20 more were there to replace them, so Limbaugh lost nothing) There were calls for his resignation or for his radio show to be yanked off the air.  What Mahr had used the n-word to describe a black woman?  Would Goldberg be defending him then?  Actually, I bet she would, probably saying he didn't mean it.  It was "all in humor" as all comedians get away with when using racially insensitive "jokes."   Michael Richards (Seinfeld's Kramer) did that-although his was very heinous and he pretty much deserved what he got-but he is a comedian, why didn't he deserve a break if that's the defense?  But as usual, it's open season on conservative woman and their children.  How long is Mahr going to be allowed to get away with this sort of behavior?  The answer?  As long as he wants, as long as he plants his flag in the liberal tent.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

News on Global Warming

Nothing really, other than even the New York Times has stated that the earth's rising temperature plateaued in the last 15 years despite the rise of CO2.  

And apparently, and get a load of this one, allergies are now caused by the biggest fraud perpetuated on mankind.  That insanity goes quite nicely with the "hockey stick graph" theory of man-made global warming when it was said asteroids nearing the Earth are also caused by AGW.

I can't wait for the next little tidbit.

Another MSNBC Anchor Tries to Blame Bush for Obama Scandal...Again

They're still at it at MSNBC.  The very low-rated network tried once again to deflect any blame on President Obama and the NSA snooping scandal by placing the blame on George W. Bush.  It worked to get Obama re-elected, so why fix what isn't broken, right?  Except the guests on Alex Witt's show, Weekends with Alex Witt (yeah, I never heard of it either) weren't buying it.  Is it any wonder that this "network" is at the bottom rung of the Neilson ratings? (besides perhaps Current TV) Is it any wonder that even liberals are turning on the "bend-Over" network as well as Obama?

Just like their nightly, unsubstantiated claims of racism, the "blame Bush" tactic is getting very, very old.  Not to mention very, very predictable.

How Liberals Think and Why They Think It

These pretty much answers all about the lefts arrogance, hypocrisy and utter predictability.  Do you ever wonder about how the left is all about "best intentions" and no real grip on reality when their programs and ideas fall flat on their faces.  Either immediately, two weeks later or 10 years down the road?

How Progressives in the Media Ignore Uncomfortable Facts and Justify Their Bias

And back in 2007, pundit and cartoonist Evan Sayet put it all on the table over how Liberals (and later "progressives") wrap their heads around "Democrats=Good/Republicans=Bad" over and over again, but never learning (Einstein coming to mind when he asserted "insanity is trying the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result") and always being proven wrong about their concepts (again it may take a while for the liberal-media to come around-usually when their forced to due to ratings) but eventually the masses-the ones that actually want to be told the truth-see through the garbage and start thinking for themselves.

Sayet was addressing the Heritage Foundation when he gave this speech, "How Modern Liberals Think."

Sunday, June 09, 2013

But Isn't That Racist?

President Obama said in his recent radio address to the nation that the proposed "Gang of Eight" immigration bill would include a provision that would require new people to the country to learn English.

Well, aside from the contradictory message that the president and his party claims requiring non-English speaking immigrants learn the language is closet racism, didn't he not that long ago put forth the idea that not only Latino people (children especially) should not have to bother learning English, but that American parents should make sure that their children learn Spanish.  Not a bad idea in and of itself.  I mean I wouldn't mind knowing a second, third or even fourth language.  But that's not what Obama was representing.  He was clearly pandering to his base and moreover was putting the onus on the parents to bow to the whims and wants of people barely in the country for a cup of coffee.

Remember this?

Is anyone on the left ever going to call this guy on his flops and confusing rhetoric?  Take note.  This is what  happens when you depend on scripts to deliver every publicly-spoken word.

Two-Year-Old Emerges From “Vegetative State” After Adult Stem Cell Treatment

For those on the side of embryonic stem-cell research and/or use, umbilical cord stem cells extraction is starting to become more prevalent and commonplace if you will.  The argument that only embryonic stem-cell use is the way to go in the development or repair to dormant or damaged is losing steam.

Another Gosnell in Texas

Another abortion death-dealer has been exposed, in stark contrast to the left's assurances that baby-killer Kermit Gosnell was "an exception to the rule" of a "professional," "courteous" and "inspiring" "women's health provider."

Douglas Karpen, another abortion doctor in Texas, has been reportedly engaging in the same practices as Kermit the Killer.  Just like in the exposing of Gosnell, former employees of Karpen have come forward to tell their tales of horror.

It's sickening to think that there are more than one Gosnell out there.  We all knew there was (the numbers are more likely in the hundreds, if not thousands, counting all the late-term abortionists that fully support organizations like Planned Parenthood, who not only perform late-term abortions themselves, but then are legally allowed to NOT inform the parents of under-age girls when one is seeking their assistance.

Since it took the media about three months to barely report on the Gosnell case-when his murder trial was well under way without almost anyone in America knowing about it-don't expect any top-of-the-hour news briefs on this either.

About Sums It Up

Just the fact of how true this really is just makes it all the more funnier.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Victims of IRS: You Asked For It

So says Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington.  Apparently not only did the Tea Party and other conservative groups that were victims of the IRS's over-reaching probe deserve the it, but that the IRS was justified in targeting the groups if the IRS did so based on what the groups stood for instead of on the words in their names.   McDermott told the witnesses, "the "mistake here was the staff used the names of the organizatiions instead of the work they do."

Rep. Paul Ryan wasn't having any of it and called out McDermott's ploy by saying to the witnesses, "So you're to blame...I guess that's the message."

Teen Girl Saves Baby in Line of Fire

A shooting in the Bronx, New York left a baby stroller in the direct line of fire, as the baby's father ran for cover; leaving his infant exposed to a hail of bullets has turned 15-year-old Sarah Rivera into a hero for pushing the stroller and the baby out of harms way.

The father has some explaining to do.

Why Evidence Doesn't Matter to Liberals

We all know that progressive liberals love to re-write history to benefit their own agenda or paradigm.  All those on the right have seen it time and time again through the disingenuous speeches and policies of President Barack Obama and his acolytes to the Democrat controlled Senate perpetuating that disingenuousness, to Al Gore (and again his alarmist supporters in Congress) and the whole man-made global warming will destroy the Earth meme, to their laughable white-wash of their inherent racism with their civil rights filibuster and the hypocritical follow-up of defending KKK member Robert Byrd , to the insulting race-themed lowering of standardized testing (because, apparently, liberals think blacks are too stupid to pass a SAT like everyone else without having an intellectual advantage)

Of course I've, described this phenomenon time and time again.  Maybe it's time for my favourite intellectual, Thomas Sowell to lay it out better than I (while pushing his new book, The Vision of the Anointed: Self-congratulation as A Basis for Social Policy) as well as helping to debunk the claim that President Ronald Reagan's policies didn't work or simply benefited the rich.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Former Employees: Officials Ignored Complaints about "Nightmare" Abortion Clinic

Two former nurse employees at a Delaware abortion facility contacted authorities said they were met with indifference, incompetence or what appeared to be outright corruption when they tried to inform the state of the "absolute nightmare" of dangerous and unsanitary conditions of a Wilmington Planned Parenthood facility, but received no answer.

So much for the abortion industry's defense of an "isolated incident," given the conviction of baby killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell and other atrocities of late.

And On it Goes; Race, Race, Race

Is anyone sick of this yet?  I mean if this is the only thing the left can conjure up, if this is the only reason the right opposes President Obama's policies; it pretty much sums up their obsession that with which they accuse others of, don't you think?
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