Saturday, July 22, 2006

What Happened?

What the hell happened to people like Dan Rather and David Letterman who together on Sept. 17, 2001 passionately and rightly stood vehemently behind President Bush after 9/11. How could Letterman (who I believe this night did the nation a great service by his monologue) go from this to this.

Rather on the other hand was the one who was making all of today's
conservative arguments that he somehow dissented from along the way from this night to this. There he was, more or less honoring the President and telling everyone-that's millions of Letterman viewers-what President Bush, along with conservatives and Republicans have been saying since day one: The War on Terror will take years and that "we're in it for the long haul." He gave praise (if you can believe it) to Rumsfeld, Powell and the like. The same goes for Rudy Guilliani. He made the correct statement that true Muslims are not the problem; fanatic, fundamentalist-extremists are. al Qaeda, Hezzbola, Hamas and all the rest of the terrorist groups do not want anything from us but our deaths. There is to be no negotiations (nor should there be) with "people" that will stop at nothing to ensure our collective destruction. There he was, the pre-"fake, but accurate" Dan Rather. The anchor of the CBS Evening News that we could trust, that we could depend on. If we only knew. Then again, he did this same type of "agressive reporting" to help bring down Nixon. One has to wonder where his professional integeity and intuition was when Slick Willy was in office.

In The Beginning...

Just for the hell of it, here and here are my first blogs (that started out on a blog entitled "Conservative Eye" that for some reason, I can't link-up with this site. The first one is my very first blog and the second is a post about the ever-growing conspiracies about 9/11. I realize this is exposing my identity for all to see. But we Conservatives aren't afraid of anything. Are we? Oh well, as the French would say.."que so what, so what".

Hope You Find Me Here

For those of you that read my other blog entitled "Conservative Eye", I appologize for not continuing under that title. In short, I screwed up, and couldn't get back there to post again. So I just started another blog until I figured this stuff out. As you can tell my posting of images isn't quite perfected yet as well. To those of you that left comments on "Conservative Eye" (all two of you), as well as any and all new bloggers and/or readers, I appreciate the kind words of support and hope that you will find me here and that you will keep on reading. I realize this is a matter of "too little, too late" but my appologies none the less.

Wanted For Treason...In Canada (Dishonorable Mentions)

CAW Union President, Buzz Hargrove

Belinda Stronach

The Seperatist government of Quebec

CBC anchor, Peter Mansbridge

Wanted For Treason...In Canada

Yes, we here in Canada also have our enemies to the left.

The Communist Broadcasting Corp.

Our former dictator, er, "leader" Paul Martin.

Our resident waffler, the communist-founded NDP leader, Jack Layton.

The real reason we're in this mess, the dishonorable Pierre Idiot..oops, I mean Eliott Trudeau.

Mr. Deferrence, Jean Chretien.

Wanted For Treason II

Big, fat, stupid white man, Michael Moron

"I vI voted for this, so I could vote against this (my idiot wife caused me the election) John Kerry

Very classy Katie
Capt. Hypocracy, Nancy Pelosi

Wanted For Treason

"Howlin" Howard Dean. What a Moron!

A terrorists best friend, NYT Editor Bill Keller


Slick Willy

Hillary " a plantation. You know what I'm talking about." Clinton

"Baba" Boxer

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Documentaries You Should See

Follow this link to the Screw Loose Change Video website (allegedly not affiliated with the Screw Loose Change "Blog" or "MySpace") From there you can watch videos posted that show us, among others, how American hatred was born in the Middle East due to radical Muslim teachings and the genesis of al Qaeda. Other videos and links can be accessed from the home page. Attention all CTers: Check out the sources and counterpoints page.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oooh, What I'd Like To Do To These Guys

I'm sure by now all my fellow Canadians have heard about these disrespectful little punks that got drunk (probably after sharing a six-pack) and decided to urinate on the National War Memorial. This is akin to the idiots in the U.S. that were at the funerals of fallen soldiers in the War on Terror, holding up signs that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates Fags" among other disgusting and cowardly slogans. Some of these pieces of human trash even hid their faces with bandanas or turtle-necks with over-sized sunglasses because they were so proud and forthright about their actions.

Everyone I've talked to, even the ones that are anti-war, thinks these actions are absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. Everyone has their own thoughts on what should be done to these vile morons, as you can see by the comments left by concerned and angry citizens following the story in the first link above.

Where would such ignorance stem from? Undoubtedly from lack of respect for our fallen heroes, no doubt. The real genesis of this vulgerness has to have come from a) the current education system (implemented by the military's best buddies-the Liberal Party of Canada as well as the socialist/veteran -hating NDP) that make villains out of the men and women that have died making our country free and b) the more disgusting (but not surprising) parents of these idiots who apparently raise their children to believe that "We don't even need an army.", as I've heard one in particular ignoramus say to me not all that long ago. It seems that the parents of punks like these are not teaching their offspring that without these servicemen and women we would all be speaking German right now. It's not a cliche folks, it's a fact.

The governments of the past surely have to shoulder a lot of the blame for this ignorance. For starters, with the re-constitution of 1982, public education is for the most part totally denies Canada any history prior to that year. We don't honor our heroes unless the date reads November 11. We (almost) never have any films or documentaries produced in Canada about the bravery and ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes. Could any of these anti-patriots tell me the name of our last Victoria Cross recipient that recently died? He was a veteran of World War I. Does that tell you about the infrequency of Canada's role in armed conflicts in the past 60 years? I guarentee you it's not for the lack of bravery of our soldiers when Canada does send troops overseas. Could any of them tell you the names or places of any battles that Canadian troops have been engaged in besides Vimy Ridge or Dieppe? Or how about the Somme or the Beaumont-Hamel? Do they even know about those?
I'll bet if it wasn't for vignettes from Heritage Canada on t.v. every once and a while, they wouldn't even know Canadians bravely served in World Wars 1& 2. How do you expect our fighting men and women to be respected when the Liberal governments of the past 16 years are re-writing, or worse yet, erasing their legacy. How can the rest of the world respect our military when all we can claim is that our people in uniform "are peacekeepers"?

Even then, they still have to have permission from the U(seless)N to protect themselves. How do you think it looks to the rest of our allies when we have to hitch a ride with the Americans because the Liberal governments of the past have cut military spending to the point where our boys show up in Afghanistan wearing green camouflage and have to literally spray-paint their uniforms a beige-brown. Doesn't it fill you with disgust that we have sub-par weapons and equipment, such as schanook helicopters that continually stall and crash and Vietnam-era submarines than catch on fire and have to be towed into port by the Americans?

Even today with the mission in Afghanistan, our politicians on the left want to "Murthasize" us by pulling a cut-and-run out of our obligations because Canadian soldiers have begun to take casualties. What in God's name has happened to our sense of pride and national unity? Instead of listening to people like Jack Layton, why doesn't the media tell us what the actual people involved in the Afghanistan mission, the soldiers, have to say? Do you actually think they would say we shouldn't be there, or that Canada shouldn't be involved? My whole family at one time or another has served in the military. Be it against the Nazis in World War II or serving in the Reserves to pay for their education. That's why every time I see a Canadian soldier in a pub or lounge, I proudly, without hesitation buy them a round.

The bottom line is, we better start teaching our children to respect the men and women of the military, because, as the recent events in Toronto point out, we may need them sooner than you think.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Told You

Well, as stated in an earlier blog, I told you the left-wing media would try and claim that the U.S. military either had planted WMDs in Iraq, or with reports that they indeed have been found, would deny their existence all together. This report, you may notice, has no author, it's main source is the anonymous kind and the dateline is from of all places, Tehran, Iran. Not that it matters much (if it turns out to be true) but what did you expect, the drive-by media to admit they were wrong and the Bush administration was right? Now the liberal sour-grape sucking media whores are claiming that the weapons that "weren't found" just aren't the WMDs that THEY led the public to believe the U.S. and coalition forces were searching for. Which is it? Were they not found, or they just "not the right ones"?

Another item, although admittedly theroretical, has an idea of what happened to the rest of the WMDs that weren't mentioned in the original reports of found weapons. Yet another piece informs us that the sound of silence is indeed deafening.

Don't you find it thoroughly disgusting that the MSM, along with the far-left liberal Democrats, will do absolutely anything and everything (paging Dan Rather, Newsweek) to undermine President Bush and put American and allied soldiers in harm's way?

And just for fun here's an item from Jim Lacey from the National Review Online, dated May 15, 2003 that (time will tell) is curiously close to what may actually have happened to Hussein's WMDs that are "yet to be found."

It'll be interesting to see where all this liberal back-tracking and Democratic pandering will lead. I assume down Wonderland Ave. and Neverland Dr.

Stay tuned, it's not over yet.

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