Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pretty Close

This is Canada's health care in a nutshell.
via Big Hollywood.

"You see, just like college students, liberals have the luxury of espousing points of view from the lap of luxury that is the USA. When you’ve had to live through it and have actually had a “dog in the fight,” it becomes a whole new ball game. Is this really what we want for America?"



I wonder if Wile E. Coyote was his adjuster?

"Why would they have laughed at a Harvard graduate who tried to file a claim? Because Obama hadn’t bought collision insurance. The only insurance drivers in most states have to carry is liability insurance, to cover damage they do to the cars of other drivers. Obama explained in this clip that he only bought the legal minimum, not collision or comprehensive, which would have covered his damage. When people buy insurance, it’s made very clear exactly what it covers. Most drivers can understand it … even the Harvard Law grads. That may have been why “Acme” laughed when Obama attempted to file a collision claim when he hadn’t bothered to buy that policy."-Ed Morrisey from

TIME's Klein Performs Literary Fellatio on Obama

What a surprise. All I (or anyone who actually can diseminate from liberal stinkwads of BS) got is, "Blah, blah, blah...shame on you Republicans! Forget that my president only re-hashed old, unacceptable ideas that 54% of Americans don't want, you didn't give him everything He wanted! How dare you?!"

I swear, the guy just clicks on every healthcare column saved to his computer, and just changes the date. What else is new here? I guess if Obama can re-hash old, tired ideas, why can't Klein?

As one commentor said, "Really poor journalism by Klein, More of an apologist trying to spin rather than analyze. Klein is a propagandist flunky and if you understand that then you understand his writing."


Oh This is Promising

I wonder, will the same chowder-heads that lambasted Bush for his "dictitorial" Patriot Act (that Obama just extended, by the way) have anything to say (read: complain) about this beauty? Um, no.

Fannie Mae Seeks More Handouts

Will the POTUS open up your wallet yet again? Me thinks he will. He has a lot of lobbyists to feed, you know.

House Republican, Linder to Step Down

via the New York Times.
"Another House Republican is stepping down at the end of this session, making him the 19th to do so. He announced his decision Saturday morning in his district outside Atlanta."

Great Economic Recovery News

Ok. I lied. It's not so good. But you still believe it when The One says it so...
H/T to Amy Proctor.

Awesome Article on Obamacare Totalitarianism

via Moonbattery by Van Helsig. Superb.

Oh the fear-mongering and paranoia. I know, I know. Or is the left's paranoia of being proved historically wrong again?

Obama Giving Up on Iran Sactions?

Remember not too long ago I said that the president may be ridding himself of the soft on terror moniker? Well, not so fast there. Be sure to check out all the links contained therein. I should have known. Clinton was awesome too, wasn't he? Man are the Mullahs playing this guy. Why doesn't he just sing them a song (such as their praises) and make everthing better? I'm still waiting for him to change the world.

More Appeasement to the Extremists

Because then liberty and freedom won't take a back seat to infatada Islam. No sireee bob. No more trouble there. Obama would be proud.

Not Quite What They Wanted

So it appears that the Great ObamaCare Summit did go on without a hitch...for the Republicans. Yeah, the president sounded great as he always does. But just like Kennedy and Clinton before him, sounding great doesn't mean doing great, no matter how the MSNBCers and network Obamaphiles lovingly spin it. Even the liberal Slate magazine says the GOP came out of it fine and, moreover, better off. Of course Obama "won," because they said he did. Nothing mentioned about him meeting the Republicans halfway. Of course, no need to. 'Everybody knows' being a liberal means meeting halfway is having your adversaries agree with you and abandon their philosophy morals entirely.

And yes, Sen. McCain, the campaign is over. Remember, "He' won."

Probably Not Meant As Flattery

Awesome. They've got their own "movement." How much praise will the Olberloons, Madcows, Tingles and Huffingtons give them? Why all of it, of course. No snide comments. No sexual inuendos, just Obama-like frothing-at-the-mouth respect and lust, I'm sure.

Does this mean the right can call them "douchebaggers" with the same loathing and a pass from the MSM?
Follow the links in the NB article. It's hilarious.

Pelosi Says She's Still Running the Most Ethical Congress In History

Damn embedding problems.
Ah well, via Newsbusters. Try not to view this while eating or drinking. *Choke warning due to hilarity!

I swear this woman changes her ethics whenever the wind blows (the winds of her political agenda, that is)

Obama Extends Key Bush Patriot Act Provisions

So, who's going to complain now? Well, no one who supports the president, that's for sure. Because y' know he "inherited" the problem that was "Bush's fault."

Funny. I don't hear the ACLU or Code Pink (are they even still around?) sounding any whistles or raising (or burning) any flags. Why is that?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hamas Founder's Son a Spy for Israel?

Oh, this is sweet. So much for Hamas' secrecy and discipline. Talk about a crushing blow to morale. Fo course, according to them and their Iranian enablers, it never happened.

So Hasan Was a Muslim Extremist Afterall

Silly righties, looking to history and the truth and all that. How dare they "act stupidly," by "jumping to conclusions."

Nothing to see here.

Isn't It Obvious...?

That Joe Stack was a right-wing nut job?

Ah the MSM.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yeah, Really...

Where's the people of color on MSNBC, Keithy? And we're not talking about guests either, Slapstick.

Monday, February 22, 2010

If You Won't Listen to Me...

Muslim Soldiers at Ft. Hood Under Investigation for Poison Plot

About al-Mabhouh...

Although Hamas has predictably blamed Israel for the death of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a senior Hamas military commander (so really, who cares?) nobody really knows what happened to the terrorist group leader. However, a personal "source" of mine that knows the region and people very well (through it's and Hamas' history only) due to spending some time in the there, theorizes that the assination was carefully planned out and the perpetrators knew exactly where and when al-Mabhouh would be, the moment he left Damascus; even though he had arrived in the UAE with a false passport bearing a false name.

My "source" theorizes that the assassins were "more than likely" Israeli, as they have the best and brightest spy agency on the planet. With all the flubs by the CIA and MI-5 (and even the former KGB) in recent years, that's not too hard to swallow. He contends that the perps used any number of different foreign passports including Canada, Italy, Sweden, etc. Almost from anywhere, really.

For those of you that didn't know, al-Mabhouh was in a hotel room that was literally surrounded by his assassins. They knew what room he would be in and booked the rooms across the hall from him, as well as on either side of him. There didn't appear to be any forced entry into the room, so he may have even known his assailants. That's doubtful, however nobody heard any ruckus from inside the room around the time of his purported death.
As the article states, there is an autopsy being done to determine the actual cause of death, poison being the main culprit as trace amounts were said to have been found in his system.

But the question remains who tipped off whoever it was that killed him to his whereabouts? I mean we're talking about knowledge of his pseudonym, flight number, hotel, the fact he didn't have his usual entourage with him, everything. Money talks and no more than in the Middle East. It's quite possible that someone from within Hamas itself took the money and ran and is living the life of luxory all on the Isreali dime. Either just for the money itself, which is proabaly the leading candidate or simply to remove a competitor from within Hamas' own ranks. Unity? A common enemy and goal? Pfft. There is no honor among theives.

And you think Scotland Yard is good.

Breitbart Starts on His Promise

Andrew Breitbart promised to go after disingenuous lefties on their vitriolic, ad-homonym attacks on people like James O'Keefe when they expose lefty child-rape enabling entities like ACORN and play their usual game of using baseless accusations calling conservatives, Tea-Partiers and the like racists; especially with no proof of their accusations or worse yet, simply making up their hateful crap. He started with Salon's Max Blumenthal:

A little heated, I would say. They really don't like it when they have to actually back up their fantasies, do they?

He was at CPAC too:

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble embedding the video, so once again, it's up to the good folks at newbusters to relay it to you.

Beck Delivers Keynote Address to CPAC

Just because I know it'll make you lefties heads explode!


Will Dimisses 'Party of No' Myth

George Will was on ABC's "This Week, and he gave a resounding "NO!" to the myth that the GOP is indeed the "party of no." Well, at least to inane Democrat ideas. He also nipped in the bud the whining that goes on when the Democrats don't get their way. You know when they say when washington is "broken." He let's the soon-to-be-retired Evan Bayh have it too.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Man Flies Plane Into IRS Building

A man disgruntled with the Internal Revenue Service has flown his single-engine plane into a government office building in Austin, Texas.
The incident is under investigation.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taliban's Number Two Captured

It's Not His Fault...

Monday, February 15, 2010


The world may not be getting warmer? Really? Who says? And since 1995? Ooooh, that's gotta sting.
When do you think the alarmists and liars will apologize, or at least be embarrassed?
Don't hold your breath, they're still making up excuses for "global cooling" of the 70s.

Go Get 'em Boys

Phil Jones Admits to Manipulating Global Warming Data

He had no choice, really. Lack of credibility anyone?

Credit to Schieffer

A little credit is due to CBS' Bob Schieffer for asking Vice President, Joe Biden, well..."What?" after Biden had the audacity to claim that the end of the Iraq war "could be one of the “great achievements” of the Obama administration.
Apparently Senator Biden is not aware that you cannot have a political victory without a military one. And this coming from the guy that wanted to partition Iraq into three different countries.

Like I've said before, I like Biden, but he really does say some pathetically stupid things sometimes.

And, uh, about that whole Iraq thing...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Matthews Gets His

Not often enough if you ask me. But, Harry Jaffe in Saturday's Washington Examiner did usually what liberals do when they can't answer a simple question (and as Andrew Klaven pointed out months ago) they tell you to simply, "shut up!" Really. It's about time.
Please Harry, tell us you have something left for Olberloon and Madcow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clinton Rushed to Hospital

Bill Clinton, the 44th President of the United States, was rushed to a New York hospital after complaining of chest discomfort. He is apparently doing fine after two stents were placed in one of his coronary arteries.

Charlie Wilson Dead at 76

Charlie Wilson, the man known as "Good Time Charlie" and who funneled millions of dollars to Afghani rebels fighting off the Soviet invasion of 1980 and who had a major motion picture bio made from his life story, died Wednesday.

Obama Sanctions Revolutionary Guard

Not that it will do much, and doing it through the U.N. will undoubtedly do even less, since they ave already "slapped" Iran with three of them and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doesn't seem to care as he continues his enrichment of uranium and threats to Israel (along with Syria)and the West. Not to mention the stifling of information.

But President Obama seems to be quickly shedding his moniker of weak on terrorism. It started with the "o.k." to take out a couple of Somali pirates, adding 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan, putting a missile defense shield in Israel, now putting sanctions on Iran. It may be a futile effort, but give credit where it's due.

First Lady Says Obesity Threat to National Security

First Lady, Michelle Obama has declared that the nation's obesity (especially that of children) is costly and a threat to national security, lamenting that, “This epidemic also impacts the nation’s security, as obesity is now one of the most common disqualifiers for military service.”

Now, while saying that obesity is a "threat" to national security (as opposed to terrorism) is greatly over-exaggerated, it is a problem facing not only the overall health of America's children, but the population as a whole as records show that Americans are getting more and more obese as the years go on. Although fitness trends have been the "in thing" for a lot of Americans, the instant availability of fast foods and sugary treats aimed primarily at children is, or should be, a legitimate concern.

Much like Nancy Reagan, who tried to teach the nation's children to "just say no" to drugs, Michelle Obama has taken it upon herself to help the future of America to stay healthy. This is a good thing and I can't for the life of me understand why her detractors (I didn't know she had any, other than those who rightfully chastised her for her "For the first time in my adult life, I'm proud of my country remark") are assailing her. What is wrong with what she is doing? I can't fathom why she should recieve any criticism, other than deriding her somehow means deriding the president. There are many, many reasons to attack the president and his policies, but frankly, this is not one of them. Nor should it be, even in any alternate universe.
Not cool people.

I Just Couldn't Help Myself

In light of all the nonsense about Sarah Palin's "crib notes," I had to remind everyone of this...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did You Know...?

The first "birthers" were Dems. Mmm Hmm. It's true. Maybe someone should tell Rick Sanchez.
According to John Avalon, author of the new book "Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America,'' he claims that Linda Starr (who was the source of the false documents meant to disgrace President Bush in his bid for re-election and got Dan Rather fired) and Philip Berg, who were supporters of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, were actually the first to bring up the question of Barack Obama's place of origin. Those crazy lefties, huh?

I'm just sayin'.

Palin's "Crib Notes"

You know, I wasn't even going to comment on Sarah Palin's "notes" (in actuality, there were a couple words, as in headings, not actually what she was going to say-like some presidents nowadays) because it's all muchado about nothing. But since the regular peanut gallery of Wolf Blitzer, Keith Olberloon, Rachael Madcow-who's racism comes shing through in the fact she thinks blacks are too dumb to take a civics test to be able to vote-and Chris Tingle are having a field day with it and as usual, ignoring that their guy can't even talk to grade-school children without a teleprompter; I had to mention their usual hypocrisy. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Real Threat or More Posturing?

When it comes to Iran, I wouldn't take any chances. Like I said in a prior post, are they preparing for war? Will the appologists say America cannot strike pre-emptively, but Iran has the right to "defend itself?" Probably.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Murtha Dies at 77

If Al Gore Gets His Way...

It'll be just like this:

Taxpayer Money Going to Hamas?

Obama is not only spending obscene amounts on furthering another recession and bankrupting the United States Treasury, he's apparently supplying Hamas with funds to help them send more missles and suicide-bombers into Israel.

Good job, Barry.

Penn State Finds No Wrong Doing with Mann

Whitewash! Too much money involved to investigate thoroughly, I guess. What do you think they tell their children, other than asking them how much they like their new ponies courtesy of John Q. Taxpayer?

In a related story...
H/T to Moonbattery

Democrat CO2 Sanity?

Ever since the insane decision to make the natural occurrence of CO2 in our atmosphere a pollutant, it seems some Democrats have decided to tell the rest of their crazy party that they need to re-think their mandates on the subject. With President Obama's encouragement, the EPA is poised to attach itself to every aspect of American lives. I guess these Democrats saw the light (with the help of the admonishment of their constituents, I'm sure) and decided to stand on the side of liberty. Good for them.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Palin's Tea Party Convention Speech

Simply Awesome!!

The Language of the Left

I'm sure you've noticed by now when the left's idiotic ideas are wholly rejected by a more informed and vigilant public, they keep trying the same old ideas that have been rejected time and time again (the textbook definition of insanity, by the way) but they think the voters are so stupid and naive that they won't notice when the left simply changes the name of their latest pet project. A few examples would be, global warming=climate change, abortion=reproductive rights, tax increases=tax cut repeal, socialism=equality for all, and so on.

Is it that the left really are this arrogant and stubborn and simply just don't care what the voters think, or are they the ones who are naive and just can't handle the fact that their ideas and wants, all in the name of dictatorial power (not so cleverly disguised as "for the people") are historically repugnant?

One things for certain, they won't stop trying, they never do.

Newsweek the Latest to Join the Awakened

This is not the Obamaland everyone remembers. What is going on? This is the fourth left-wing news outlet to finally tell it like it is. Is the sky falling, or what?

Dems Applaud $1.9 Trillion Debt Limit

Via Reuters...

WASHINGTON, Feb 4 (Reuters)

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday voted to increase the government's borrowing authority to $14.3 trillion, sending the measure to President Barack Obama to sign into law.
By a vote of 233 to 187, the House voted to raise the nation's debt limit by $1.9 trillion, which will probably allow lawmakers to avoid revisiting the politically toxic issue before November congressional elections.

The Senate passed the bill last week. No Republicans voted for the measure in either chamber.
Mindful of a growing voter backlash over government spending, Democrats crafted the legislation to require that new spending be offset elsewhere in the budget.
Such "pay as you go" legislation helped the country turn budget deficits into surpluses in the 1990s, Democratic leaders said.
"This is one of those things that has the benefit of being both symbolically and substantively beneficial," former President Bill Clinton told fellow Democrats on a conference call.
Obama hailed the passage of the bill, and in a statement said the "pay as you go" provision "will help usher out an era of irresponsibility and begin putting the country back on a fiscally sustainable path."

Congress has periodically raised the legal limit for the government's borrowing and the Treasury Department is expected within weeks to exceed the current $12.4 trillion limit set in December.
Failure to raise the limit would roil financial markets, but lawmakers are never eager to sign off on a measure that allows the government to dig itself deeper into debt.
"Our creditors around the world on whom we are now relying in order to fund our government don't really care about our partisan politics," said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. "They do care however about the will that we have to meet our responsibilities, to pay our bills."
But that did not stop Democrats and Republicans from blaming each other for the country's rapidly spiraling debt load, which has more than doubled over the past decade.


Democrats pointed to the tax cuts, pricey prescription-drug benefit and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan pursued under former Republican President George W. Bush.
Republicans criticized the aggressive spending measures Democrats have taken to blunt the impact of the deepest economic downturn in 70 years.
"They took out a monster loan that is not paying off," said Republican Representative Pete Sessions.

The government spent a record $1.4 trillion more than it collected in the past fiscal year, and the White House expects that this year's deficit will be even worse.
Experts warn that investors could demand higher interest rates on U.S. debt if Obama and Congress do not get deficits under control.

Obama plans to set up a commission to figure out ways to reduce the deficit, but Republicans have indicated that they might not cooperate because they view it as a ploy to raise taxes.
Democrats said paygo will also help Congress stay within its means by requiring new spending programs or tax cuts to be offset by tax increase or spending cuts elsewhere in the budget. But it would not apply to existing programs like Social Security and Medicare that are projected to eat up an increasing portion of the budget over the coming decade, and lawmakers could set the rule aside for spending designated an unforeseen emergency, such as relief to Haiti.

C-SPAN turns the sound down (always) after the gavel, but you can hear Dems applaud the raising of the debt limit in the House after the vote...
H/T to HotAir Pundit

One of His Best Ever!

You know once in a long while, I am given a reprieve from the nausea that Keith Olberloon causes me and I am infected with a case of the laughies at this moron's ultimate idiocy. This tirade just goes to show, it's all about Keith. This is just to good for words. Have a look for yourself.

Olbermann's network president, Phil Griffin, has said, "Keith has been our tentpole." Adding later about the MSNBC host's dismal ratings (that are falling more and more every single day) "I'm pleased with where we are."

I'll decline the urge to go leftist and attempt a sexual innuendo here about the tentpole remark.

If he keeps this up, regardless of the naivete of Griffin, this may happen to poor ol' Olby:

H/T on the photo to Moonbattery

This, From the New York Times?

What is the world coming to? No hatred? No vitriol? This is Sarah Palin he's writing about here, isn't it? Did someone hijack the political section of the NYT?

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President

He would have been 99 today. Between him and George Washington, the best presidents there ever were.

Media Waking Up?

I doubt it. After all, they have too much invested in their guy. After all the fawning books, periodicals, articles and comments, they can't possibly now say that they were out and out wrong. But are they now starting to realize that the current president isn't the saviour they all made him out to be, that in fact, he is fallible? And that the MSM haven't been doing their job all along, that perhaps if he were a Republican, they would have treated him differently?
But regardless, this seems to be happening more and more recently.

Just a Public Relations Glitch

So the frauds and Gore-aphites that wish to keep lying to you and take your money to line their own pockets in the name of "research" and the "plight of the planet," still maintain that their science is sound. Again, with no concern about their mass fraud on the human populace nor none to those who challenge their made-up numbers. They simply choose to keep on deceiving legitimate concerns concerning their numbers and scientific evaluations. And still they give absolutely no credence to the thousands of environmental scientists (including Nobel laureates) that dispute their findings and simply want to be taken serious and have an honest debate without being labeled as holocaust deniers. There is never an absolute in science.

Speaking of the Goracle, Bucky the cat is back with another funny:

Bush and Ft. Hood

I'm losing it. I'm totally losing it. This news item was from November, right after the Ft. Hood shooting and I missed it (so did the MSM, who rather chose to omit this story from their nightly newscasts-if I'm wrong, somebody correct me) But I bet I'm not the only one who was kept from this story. I only found out about oit through an email I recieved recently.

The story I got goes like this:

So, who told the White House?

Bush Asked by White House to Leave Ft. Hood

A nurse had taken this picture with the camera phone of the injured soldier, Alabama Army Guard, Maj. Randy Royer. There is a false story that was going around that Mrs. Royer had recieved a false text message concerning her husband and that she rushed into his room to find the president and Mrs. Bush already there and that President Obama didn't even show up to visit the wounded soldiers and only hung around long enough for a photo-op in the gym and all that sort of nonsense. But this story is false and according to Maj. Royer's own account:

"On Friday the 6th, President Bush and his wife made a visit to us, no frills, no press. It was awesome. They were down-home, normal people. They were able to visit with us and other soldiers in the ICU. The pic was taken on my cell phone and I had it sent to a few people and somehow it got around, but we don't know who or why the email was started. We really appreciated President Bush and Laura taking the time to visit the soldiers, especially after all they had gone through. We also had many other visitors in the following days, including President Obama and Michelle. They were just as friendly and concerned and were able to speak to us after the memorial ceremony."

A little more on the story you may find interesting from

It has been a bit disconcerting that the President of the United States has seemed so terribly disengaged from a terrorist attack on a military base in the heartland of the United States. On American soil. He gave some lip service to the ‘horrific outburst of violence’ at the end of some comments he made at the end of the Tribal Nation Conference on the day of the attack. He warned people to not ‘jump to conclusions’ - you know, like he did when a white police officer was doing his job and got cussed out by one of Obama’s friends and they all ended up having to have a ‘beer summit’ with the President to improve race relations. Yeah, don’t jump to conclusions like he does.
Of course, the reason he warned about jumping to conclusions is that it turns out that the Army Major is a muslim with a muslim name. Major Nidal Malik Hasan. He’s the alleged perpetrator, traitor and enemy combatant who
cornered a large crowd of unarmed Soldiers in the Soldier Readiness Center at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas.
Okay, so we won’t jump to conclusions, Mr. President. But the question remains, why has the president shown so little interest in an attack being perpetrated by an enemy combatant on a military base on American soil? Why the downplaying? Rationalizing it away? Giving his family in Palestine a voice via American media outlets to decry the Global War on Terrorism? The spin seems to be that he’s disgruntled, mistreated by his peers for being muslim, scared of being deployed. Yada-yada.
The other side to that story comes from virtually everyone else who tells us that he initiated arguments with peers at work, couldn’t relate to the Soldiers he was ‘treating’ at Walter Reed Hospital and apparently told everyone within listening distance that he was ‘muslim first, American second.’ He also made statements to many people that he viewed an attack on an Army recruitment center as justified and that muslims should take up arms against American troops.
This is NOT a disgruntled, mistreated guy who was picked on because he’s muslim. This is an enemy combatant and a traitor to the United States.
Meanwhile, former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush
quietly visited the wounded from the Ft. Hood massacre on Friday. They didn’t allow photo opts, rather quietly visited the wounded. They are said to have spent hours there and were very concerned and comforting to the wounded and grieving.
Obama, on the other hand, the President of the United States, hasn’t gotten around to getting down to Texas yet. He’s just been so busy, don’t cha know.
Here is Obama’s schedule for Saturday.
11:25AM THE PRESIDENT addresses the House Democratic Caucus - Cannon House Office Building
2:30PM THE PRESIDENT makes a statement to the press on Health Care - Rose Garden
2:45PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart The White House en route Camp David - South Lawn
Perhaps he simply doesn’t care. Or perhaps, he’s having to try to figure out how to keep people from finding out that the terrorist who attacked our Soldiers at Ft. Hood was a member of Obama’s transition team. He was a member of the Homeland Security Policy Institute. It’s on page 32 of the Obama Transition Team documents.
Is that Obama, Hasan connection the reason that Hasan has been under investigation for six months and yet was free to go about a military base undeterred? Obama IS the commander-in-chief after all. Food for thought and something that makes you more than a little sick to your stomach.
One has to wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes. Barack Hussein Obama, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.
You can see the odd comments Obama made, seemingly as an afterthought, about the Ft. Hood Army base massacre at the end of his comments at the Tribal Nation Conference on November 5, 2009. That conference
is a whole other story.

Kudos to President Obama for his concern at least after this:

It's interesting to note that the top Google searches on this story, even three months after the fact, are attributed to none of the major newspaper or television outlets other than FOX and the L.A. Times. No CNN. No ABC, NBC or CBS. Funny, huh?

I'm just often would President Obama visit soldiers, or anyone for that matter, after a incident like this when he's out of office? And for that matter, where was Clinton and Carter?

Friday, February 05, 2010

What a Surprise!

Spread the wealth, man. Quick question: How much of their own money would they be willing to give away?

Another Obama Bush-ism

He relies way too much on that darn teleprompter, me thinks. Anyone want to bet the lefty news flunkies don't even mention this?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Behind Obama's Phony Deficit Numbers & Other Facts You Should Know

Great, informative column by Dick Morris: The real Bush deficit.
Hey Mr. President, what was it that Joe Wilson accurately yelled out at you? Oh yeah...YOU LIE!

More fun from Kevin McCullough.

So it Begins

What's with all this talk lately of impeaching Barack Obama? I mean, clearly I'm not his biggest fan (shocking, I know) but can anyone tell me what he has done, constitutionally speaking, to warrant such an exit from office. I wish he could be. I wish someone found that elusive info on his lack of a public birth certificate (for the record, again, I believe he is an American citizen) so he can be found to be constitutionally removed from office.

He's done a lot of crappy things that no other American president has ever even dreamed of doing (e.g. taking control/ownership of a private company such as General Motors, implenting radical "czars" in positions of power that answer only to him and therefore do not have to appear before Congress-something the Democrat-controlled Congress doesn't mind at all, driving the deficit even farther toward China as he outspends a million women with 10 credit cards each and other bright ideas that he'll answer the American people to in 2012)

But, unfortunately, he hasn't done anything to recieve such a Democrat honor (Andrew Johnson & Bill Clinton-both impeached by the House of Representatives and aquitted by the Senate)
There's always hope, though. But Obama's probably a bit too wiley for that.

Obama Whines to Sympathetic Party Members

So after pulling a draw at the Republican caucus (although not enough Republicans called him on his SOTU rhetoric and untruths) President Barack Obama decided he was safe enough to kvetch about the meeting where he "had fun" at to his own party members.

Parts of this speech (where he was campaigning once again...and again and again) were so outlandish and full of B.S, even Democrats in the room had a hard time believing it. Oh, there was the obligatory pause and applause, but really it's the American public that he has to persuade and he's not doing it very well. Maybe it's because they just don't "get it."

At numerous points he repeatedly blamed George W. Bush for a deficit that he himself has inflated to $1.6 trillion. Which by the way, he'll adjust by printing more money that will simply bring the value of those dollars down to the level of Harry Reid's usefulness.

For a guy who said "the buck stops with me" (a quote by Harry Truman which he can't get right-another missed opportunity for the "objective" press to chastise him for being as "dumb" as Bush)

He keeps on blaming others for his malfeasance. It's not like the Republicans didn't play a part in the economy's collapse (however not as much as Chris Dodd and Barney Fwank) but let's refrain from re-writing history like a typical left-wing whack-job, alright?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Al-Qaida Likely to Attempt Attack

U.S. intelligence officials told Congress Tuesday that Al-Qaida is deploying operatives to the United States to carry out new attacks from inside the country.

We'll see how the Obama administration who is perpetually weak-kneed in foreign policy will handle this potential "man-made disaster."

Climategate Rolls On

Not only is there more evidence of climate information cover-up by the Global Warming frauds, but now it seems the IPCC themselves have been implicated.
They'll never give in y'know, even with all this evidence to the contrary. Being an elitist means never having to say you're wrong.

In case you missed them, here's more good reading on the whole Global warming B.S. debacle:

U.N.: Data Doesn’t Support Global Warming Finding that Himalayan Glaciers Will Be Gone by 2035
Global Cooling Over Next 20-30 Years Called Mini-Ice Age
Winter Grips the Globe with Record Breaking Cold and Snow
Global Warming Ravishes U.S. as “Wicked Snow-pocalypse” Slams 2/3rds of Country for Christmas
Al Gore Cancels Speech at U.N. Climate Change Conference…and other global warming news
Gibbs: ‘No Dispute’ on Global Warming Despite 31,000 Scientists Challenging the Science
Climatologists Baffled by Warming Stand Still; Researchers Efforts to ‘Hide Temp Decline’ Exposed by Hacker; Gore Photoshops to Sell Global Warming
“What Happened to Global Warming?”
Study Finds Global Warming Models ‘Fundamentally Wrong’
Alan Carlin on EPA Suppressing His Findings Contradicting Global Warming
South American Glacier Grows Despite Global Warming

Once again, an invaluable H/T to Amy Proctor

Beck Punks Huffington

Call him crazy. Call him a whack job (nothing that he hasn't called himself) but he sure layed the smackdown on Ariana Huffington on live nation-wide television.
Dig it.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Obama Outspends Roosevelt

New record spending with same mediocre results. Ya think maybe he's sending anti-missle defences to the Gulf to incite a war with Iran, in hopes of bringing the economy back a la WWII?

Nah, me niether. Just a thought.

But kudos to the president for taking action in response to Amadinewhackjob's threat of delivering a harsh blow to "global arrogance" on February 11.

For once, I'm cheering for Obama. That's what the loyal opposition does when need be.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Random Article

Reading through's articles, I ran across Kevin McCullough's from yesterday and had to share it those of you that didn't catch it. Spot on, too.

Can anyone believe anything he says in his speeches anymore?

It Just Keeps Getting Better

The IPCC isn't really all that serious about research, now are they? They sure have a lot of wool to pull over the eyes of all the sheep they fleeced, huh?

Why doesn't the world hold these lazy frauds accountable? Oh, duh, I forgot. It's all about the $$$$!

Semi-source: Clear Politics' Robert Tracinski.

SNL Rips Coakley

Funny stuff.

Perhaps just another way for the networks to diminish Brown's stunning victory by saying Coakley was such a disaster, like he didn't win, he didn't earn it, she simply lost becaue she was such a bad candidate (which they certainly weren't saying before the election)but, still some power to truth in this particular skit.

When Saturday Night Live continues to jump on you, you know you're looking the liberal elites anyhow.

Ailes K.O.s Huffington, Krugman

FOX News Corp. Chairman, Roger Ailes was This Week and squared off against liberal water-carriers, Ariana Huffington and Paul Krugman (And even guest-host, Barbara Walters) but left them pretty battered and bloody with his superior intellect and common-sense. Surprise, surprise.

Moore Still a Big, Fat Hypocrite

Mockumentary-maker, Michael Moore is going to recieve a grant from the
Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a nonpartisan Michigan-based think tank. Funny thing is (other than his knowledge of history) is that he was against such subsidies as recent as 2008.

When will anybody finally call this phony out? Man , I would love to get him face to gut in a debate.
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