Friday, April 29, 2011

Anti-Christian Bigots Strike Again

Let's see if this happens to anyone ever reading from the Koran aloud in public.

Syria to Join UN Human Rights Council

Another hit for the Useless Nations. Are these clowns ever going to wake up and realize where the real evil lies? How many bribes and kickbacks are enough? I think it's time for the U.S. to pull out of the U.N. They are oviously trying everything in their means to minimalize American influence and make a mockery out of human decency.

Of course, it goes without saying this was ignored. "Maybe" it has something to do with Syria's new found title.

Oh This is Going to be Interesting

Toys in the Attic, I'm Craaazzzyy

Get a load of this one...

I...I'm just...speechless.

As Usual The Mess Hosts Don't Know Their History

You know there were going to be real conspiracy nuts on the right who were going to keep this whole "birther" thing going even after President Obama finally showed his true birth certificate. Well it's happened. But this was to be expected.

The thing that gets me is that media members of the left, especially MSNBC, are the ones that are now prolonging this thing even more. And they're still using the race card. I mean, who are the racists here? People asking legitimate questions (even though they turned out to be wrong) about the president's origins, despite his skin color; or the one's who keep bringing up the phony issue of race every single day as The Mess has been doing. I mean everyone from Chris Tingle to Andrea Mitchell, to Lawrence O'Donnell have not let this go. Maybe they have a right to gloat about their little victory, but why keep it going? Are they this desperate for ratings-like that's gonna help.

In any event Mitchell and and outgoing CBS anchor, Katie Couric didn't do themselves and their networks any favors by spreading more historical fantasies to fit their narrative of...drum roll...racism! How desperate are these people? And I say that knowing full well about the irony.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wisconsin Doctors Face Penalties for Writing Fake Sick Notes

It had to come to this. They simply couldn't be allowed to get away with it, could they?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate

President Barack Obama has finally released his long form birth certificate ending two years of controversy and disposing of any conspiracy theories that he was not born in the United States, therefore being constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of president.

It's about time too. He only had to do this from the very beginning. Now it should really be the end of the matter. I personally have stated that he was American-born, However, I did support the question because it was a reasonable one. Now it's over. That's all that had to be done. I suppose the next irrelevant question would be why did it take so long? But that's neither here nor there. He's done it. It's over. And there will be those on the far-right that still won't believe this document is genuine. I will not be one of them. The president was right when he said there are more important things to concentrate on. There's more important work to do. Let's move on people.

Although I would still like to know why he's still not released his school records from Harvard or any other records and documentation that he has written, including anything that has not been made public when he was an Illinois state senator or the president of the Harvard Law Review.

How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre

Kermit Gosnell and the Abortion Industry

A most sincere and morally truthful column by Dr. Timothy Dalrymple on the climate of abortion that has been allowed to permiate throughout western civilization.
Finally, someone is talking about Kermit the baby killer. Just not in the mainstream, where most would actually read about it.

Want to Hear Something New from an MSNBC Host?

One of them just said that Republicans, especially Donald Trump, are racist!

What? You've heard that one before? About a million times? Oh, well I guess the classic liberal moron who has no television or radio audience (who I said I wouldn't mention anymore, but I am, so I won't mention his name) has pulled a new trick on national television. One that they've never tried before and something that the general population won't see right through as old, boring and an outright lie.
He played the race card. Brilliant! That'll work to give him his much needed credibility and audience.
You'll also notice that Tavis "Christians do this sort of thing every single day in this country" Smiley has already set the agenda of the Democrats (and racists like himself) for the 2012 election. Racism. Oh did we already cover that? Oops. Sorry, I hear it so much it's like living next to the airport with planes flying over every 10 minutes. You just sort of get used to it.

What a bunch of tools.

By the way, there's something that's been bothering me about Smiley for a while now. No, not that he's a complete ignorant, anti-Christian bigot, we've all known that for a while now. No, it's something else, something...

I got it! He looks like that doll that was used for a fake photo of an American soldier supposedly captured by insurgents in Iraq. Remember?

Proof Positive: Paul Krugman is a Fraud

Nevermind the fact that the New York Times' resident know-it-all economist (not) is routinely punked by his own readers, the so-called Pulitzer Prize winner has proved to the world that he indeed just likes to talk out of his rear and will oppose any plan by the Republicans just...because.

As NewsBusters Lachlan Markay reports, Krugman favored raising the retirement age until the GOP proposed it.

It's no wonder George Will kicks this nerds butt every time they appear on a panel together. And more often than not Krugman has his own words and columns thrown back at him. His defense is the simple liberal one. Spin and deny it. A peer-reviewed study shows how biased and manipulative his "expertise" really is.

"[O]ne peer-reviewed study found that Krugman often - more than any other economist measured - changed his position on deficit spending depending on the president's political party."

What a fake.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Westboro A-Holes Finally Get Theirs

Only one word for this. Awesome!
It's funny. These douchebags are the one group that can bring the right and left together. One despises them because they're religious freaks, the other because they soil the heroism of fallen soldiers. Who woulda thought?

So, Uh...

I still can't find any coverage on Kermit the Killer. You know that disgusting, vile, evil abortionist out of Philadelphia who enjoyed stabbing new-born babies in the back of the neck to sever their spinal chords and keeping their severed feet as mementos? Gee, I wonder if it had been an abortion doctor killer that had been arrested, would we see wall-to-wall coverage, day after day?

Kind of shows you where the MSM agenda is, doesn't it?

Networks Treat Good Friday, Earth Day as Equals

To prove that to "progressives" global warming/climate change is indeed their religion, check out this story on how they think, according to the MSM, the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ is equal to tree hugging.

This of course goes unchallenged by anyone and everyone at the major networks.
Good grief.

Union Official/Professors Teach How-To College Course in Violent Union Tactics

Ever wonder what they're "teaching" your kids?
Did you notice how unquestioning the students of Marx are? Critical thinking? Not really.

"We will use the power of persuasion. If that fails we will use persuasion of power."
-Andy Stern (SEIU 'former' head)

Lone German Woman Stands Up for Freedom

God bless her.

Well, Well...

Well, This Says it All

Jimmy Carter Hopes for ‘Pleasure’ of Meeting North Korea’s Leaders

Once again, the irrelevant Smilin' Jimmy Carter hopes to make nice with a totalitarian regime. Ok, fine his "official" mission is to "assess severe food shortages and discussing the revival of nuclear disarmament talks." Great. Fine. But how in the world does anyone, after this failure's history in foreign policy (Iran, Soviet Union) expect this guy to do nothing but appease North Korea and blame the U.S. for everything?


Will This Consensus Get Reported?

Obviously no. With all the time and other people's money invested in this global scam, the major networks won't find the time to report on how a majority of humans believe that Climate Change/Global Warming is over exaggerated or at worst, a total fraud.

You know that "consensus" that Al Gore and all his little blind minions (especially the left-wing media and all their power to indoctrinate) keep reminding people of? What about the thousands of scientists that believe the opposite? Where are their interviews? Why aren't they getting hundreds of hours of TV time? Because it's one big money-grab, that's why. The MSM and conglomerates that make money off of the weak-minded and easily persuaded that have been duped into the cap and trade fiasco will do and believe anything to stop their kids from having nightmares about polar bears and penguins. GW advocates have pointed to a recent list of anti-Global Warming scientists that points out these men and women aren't climatologists or any sort of experts on climate change. To be expected, that's another lie from the "believers." But even if some are not, how many on the GW advocate list are to be believed? Knowing the past malfeasance of the left and their "honesty," like the same people that were clamoring for everyone to duck and cover over "Global Cooling," which they still haven't admitted that they were wrong about; they will never admit their paranoia and outright BS! The same for AIDS, Swine Flu and whatever other overwrought, under researched "Wormwood" of the time.

Relax people. Everything's fine.

I Guess All the Racists Aren't Just in America

Tea Party-type "populist" political parties are starting to appear throughout Europe, no doubt to the chagrin of lefties that continue to appease the totalitarian and murderous hordes of Muslim extremists.
We'll see how long it takes anyone of these people to be arrested under Europe's growing disdain for freedom and liberty. The Useless Nations will almost certainly see to that.

I Think This May Make It Official

Say what you will, but what kind of United States president (even if he is a Muslim) doesn't recognize the 70-80 percent of Christians in "his" country? He claims to be a Christian. He claims to go to church (only twice publicly, I believe-of course he also claimed to not have heard the racist, anti-American slurs by Jeremiah Wright either)
He just doesn't care.

As the story says, Obama has commemorated every Muslim holiday since he took office. But he can't even be bothered (and believe me, it's a bother for him) to acknowledge one of the preeminent religious days for most of his own people. Not Good Friday. Not Easter. Not even a hint. That's probably because Christian Americans aren't his people. The White House did however manage to find time to acknowledge the new Wicken holiday that is "Earth Day."
So maybe the so-called president (you know instead of Imam) is a Muslim. You actually need more proof?

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Truth and Nothing But

Sorry, I couldn't embed this one. Just follow the link.
I wish I could vote for this guy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Have to See How Much of an Idiot Ed Schultz Really Is

I told myself not too long ago that I would stop posting about Sgt. Schultz because the guy is just so irrelevant. Nobody watches his TV show and nobody listens to his radio show. I have no idea how he got either. He must have some sore knees by now, I don't know.

But regardless he recently tried to convince his tiny audience that tax cuts don't and never have worked (which shows his ignorance of history quite clearly) and used his trusty "chart." Which by the way, he arrogantly calls "Big Ed's chart". Maybe he's referring to his ego. Anyways take a gander at this great piece exposing MSNBC's top moron and see if you can spot his idiocy this time.

HINT: It has to do with his lack of knowledge pertaining to who was in charge of Congress in 1994-95 and who the president actually was in 2000. Also there's the distinct feeling that comes up which makes one believe he has absolutely no clue about the housing boom and bust and stock bubble during the Clinton years.

This guy is truly, truly pathetic. Really. Why are lefties so ignorant to their stupidity?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Michelle Obama's Close Call

First Lady Michelle Obama had an apparent close call with another plane when she and Vice-President Joe Biden's wife, Dr. Jill Biden were returning from New York City in a Boeing 737. The "near-miss" was with a U.S. military cargo plane upon arrival at Andrew's Air Force base.

The First Lady and Mrs. Biden were unhurt. Thank God for small miracles.

Taliban Threatens London Women with Death If They Don't Wear Veils

What else is new?
But you know, Christians do this kind of thing every single day.

Obama is a Demagogue and Ryan's Plan Explained

That is it's explained without the political spin of the media in lock-step with the now 2012 campaigning president.
Via Jeffery Kuhner

Saner Heads in NY State Back Off on Regulating Kids Games

First there was tag, then playing on the monkey-bars and then dodgeball became too dangerous. Now the bleeding hearts in New York want to ban Whiffleball, Freezetag and Red Rover all in the name of "progressive" safety for school children.

Thankfully some people in the state aren't full-on crazy as they recently backed off on regulating how children play and have been playing for generations.

You know if moonbats would just let their children play like children are supposed to, maybe then the First Lady's fascist-like banning of so-called unhealthy and fatty foods (except the ice cream, ribs and burgers her children still get to enjoy) combined with parents letting their kids sit in front of the TV and computers all day wouldn't be an issue.

Castro Out

Russians Claim Body of Dead Alien Found after UFO Crash

Narcissist in Chief Doesn't Like Being Interuppted When Lying to You

So President Obama tried to shove his typical B.S. down the throat of a local Texas reporter, Brad Watson, who would have none of it, Obama seemed to get a little peeved one of his media commandments were being broken. That is: Thall Shalt Not Interrupt The Great and Mighty Obama...even if he's lying through his teeth or spinning a lie to his political advantage.

Instead of the typical love affair with the media that Obama is used to with their softball questions and swallowing everything he says without question, the president had to deal with some actual questions he couldn't spin. When he tried that, Watson would immediately call him on it and Obama didn't like being challenged. The fact is Watson didn't cut off Obama, who attempted to blow smoke up his butt, he simply corrected the president when he tried to do so. The greatest leader of anything in the history of the world can't handle that.
The president didn't blow up or anything, but it's clear he didn't like being called on his fantasies.

At least they weren't on a plane or speeding bus.

Obama Claims Pollution Creates Asthma

Let me tell you one thing I know for certain. Despite what the "brilliant" President Barack Obama says, air pollution does not create asthma. How do I know for sure? I have asthma. I've had it all my life and it wasn't created by pollution or anything else. It was inherited.

As the story states accurately, the symptoms of asthma can be triggered by any number of things including dust, cat hair, perfume, smoke, etc. But it is certainly not created by air toxins.

Mr. Know-It-All strikes again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Al Gore May Have Found A New Spokesman for Global Warming

A new spokesman may have been found for The Goracle and his disillusioned acolytes. He's tough. He's mean. He can mesmerize and convince people with his spellbinding tales and penchant for capturing an audience. Oh yeah, and he's a mass murderer, too.

Too damn funny. Maybe he can join Keith Olberloon at the Current TV "news" desk.

"FOX of the North" Debuts in Canada

On Monday afternoon, Canada's first and only 24-hour right-wing news channel hit the airwaves.

It's already making the left's heads spin after only one broadcast. It was in fact hated before it even hit the airwaves. Before a single word had been muttered, a petition of some 80,000 signatures had reached the CRTC's head office in hopes of stifling or out right canceling the launch. Kind of shows where the left's opinion of freedom of speech lies, doesn't it?

After Olbermann's Disgusting Attack on S.E. Cupp; NOW Again Silent

First Sarah Palin was attacked multiple times (the most recent by know-nothing "comedian," Bill Mahr-with sexist remarks and unprintable language-calling her another name for the female genitalia that starts with the letter C) and the National Organization for (liberal) Women did nothing other to say, "We're on to you right-wingers!" Okaaay. Now another conservative woman, S.E. Cupp has been unfairly and brazenly attacked by MSNBC failure, Kieth Olbermann.

He says Cupp should have been aborted by her parents. Which goes to show when lefties say abortion, they actually mean murder. Olbermann in turn was called on his disgusting, sexist language by the Twitter community defending Cupp. Of course, he tried in vain to back-peddle, denying he meant abortion (which is another characteristic of the left-when caught, don't own up to it, deny it)

I guess Olberdouche can't stand that he's out of the public eye and has to keep saying insecure, juvenile things just to see what he can get away with and if he's forgotten yet. Well, he is forgotten and he's just as maniacal as he ever was. Al Gore must be proud.

But again, where is NOW? Where's the admonishment for Olbermann and for that matter Gore, who hired this clown? Once again, the so-called organization for the advancement and respect for women only makes their presence known when a liberal woman is being assaulted. For that reason alone, they are totally irrelevant.

Monday, April 18, 2011

UN Scrubs Errant 50 Million Global Warming Refugees Prediction from Website

So apparently the United Nations wants everyone to believe, or at least not even mention in the next round of Climate Change talks, that they never predicted that there would be 50 million "environmental refugees" by the end of 2010. Instead of a correction, or at the very least a "oops, sorry about that," the U.N. has simply scrubbed their "handy map" from their web page, hoping that no one will notice or mention it. Not that it matters, the Great Global Warming Hoax can never be allowed to be exposed as fact. There's just too much damn money and lies invested for agencies like the Useless Nations to admit they have been wrong and will continue to be.

And as if that wasn't enough (like it ever is) The Great and Mighty Al Gore has now compared Global Warming to the civil rights battles of the sixties. At least he didn't compare it to the Holocaust as some of his followers have done.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is This the Future of Obamacare?

Since insurance must be purchased under threat of incarceration that is Obamacare, if you don't agree with a doctor's orders that you know will be ineffectual or harmful to your child (because who would know a child's health and history better than you their parents) will this be the government's next totalitarian move?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Confirmed: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

The phrase was first coined by conservative radio host, Michael Savage, Phd; I believe. Now it's (unofficially) official.

I guess they all get a pass now because they're "sick" and need help. So you see they can't be held responsible for their moonbat, tin-foil hat-wearing actions.

Pelosi: "I’m Not Responsible for the Budget Deal"

According to Blinky, she's not responsible for anything. She claims she didn't know about interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay, she claims she didn't see all the information about WMD in Iraq, she's not responsible for her party's downfall in the House and of course now she says that with the Paul Ryan budget up for a vote, pass or fail, she feels "no ownership of that or any responsibility to it.” That's Democrat leadership in a nutshell, folks.

Budget Deal Only Reduces Real Discretionary Spending by Around $15 Billion

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama's Non Response to Ryan Budget Proposal

Another speech by the president, another blame game on the Republicans, going as far as to label Ryan's plan as "unAmerican." Despite the fact that the Democrats failed to produce their own budget last year when they had control of the Senate, House and White House, President Obama once again took the low road to blame the GOP for the Democrats failures in reigning in the deficit and over-spending.

He gave the obligatory "we'll find cuts in domestic non-security spending, defense, health costs, and tax reform" (soon to be unfulfilled) promises but mostly spent more of his time stressing what he would not agree to than describing a clear plan of his own. He was at times incoherent and sketchy and without much detail, per usual.

It is quite clear by now (if it wasn't already) that this man is an empty suit and will never take responsibility for his own actions and that of his party.

Like The Atlantic's Clive Crook said, Obama's speech was "more notable for its militant--though ineffectual--hostility to Republican proposals than for any fresh thinking of its own. It was a waste of breath."
A good and obvious point was made by a commenter on the ABC website,
"Tax the evil rich, punish those who succeed. It's Bush's fault. Republicans want to starve children and old people and kill women with their plan. Slightly different words but the same ideas over and over."

Charles Krauthammer also thought it was "shallow," hyper-partisan" and "intellectually dishonest."

Paul Ryan's response

He also wrote..
“When the President reached out to ask us to attend his speech, we were expecting an olive branch. Instead, his speech was excessively partisan, dramatically inaccurate, and hopelessly inadequate to address our fiscal crisis. What we heard today was not fiscal leadership from our commander-in-chief; we heard a political broadside from our campaigner-in-chief.

"Last year, in the absence of a serious budget, the President created a Fiscal Commission. He then ignored its recommendations and omitted any of its major proposals from his budget, and now he wants to delegate leadership to yet another commission to solve a problem he refuses to confront.

We need leadership, not a doubling down on the politics of the past. By failing to seriously confront the most predictable economic crisis in our history, this President’s policies are committing our children to a diminished future. We are looking for bipartisan solutions, not partisan rhetoric. When the President is ready to get serious about confronting this challenge, we'll be here."

So once again, Obama can't get things done so he blames his predecessor and the GOP. What the hell? The liberal media and left-wing pundits will spin and lie about this for him in an almost guaranteed attempt to secure his very easily indoctrinated moonbat base. They'll say things he didn't say and excuse what he did just like every other useless speech where he distorted the facts, outright lied and blew smoke up everybody's butt while his apologists deem him "brilliant, "smooth," "a healer" and "besieged" by the so-called incompetence of the Republicans without putting forth any new or substantial ideas of his own...again.
It must be tough being a narcissist learning on the job when all your yes men and woman keep telling you and the world how perfect you are, then reluctantly realizing how utter failures your policies are.

By the way, it appears not everyone was excited to hear this recycled speech.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Third Terrorist

Author and columnist, Jayna Davis published a book called, "The Third Terrorist," in which she makes the case that Oklahoma City bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were not alone in their terrorist crime and that there may indeed be another suspect of Middle Eastern decent that escaped justice 16 years ago.

This theory of Davis's has been given new light as the FBI recently declassified documents pertaining to a 2005 revelation-or more accurately, an allusion-by Nichols during one of his interrogations by them. Davis tells us about it herself in this column.
It's very interesting. Let's see where this leads, if anywhere.

More Food Fascism

First the Fascist Food Police (FFP) and their Chief Administrator, Michelle Obama said no more fatty foods for children (except for her and her kids) No more outrageous overindulgence's (except for ribs and ice cream...for her and her own kids) Then came the end of Happy Meals (at least the "happy" part of it, along with any childhood memories of the right of passage with mom or dad taking you out for your first trip at McDonald's) along with pop machines in schools-with no manner of choice in most schools-even for juice)

Recently, a school in Illinois banned children from bringing in their own lunches. Apparently the lunches that their parents make are ill-thought of and the elitists in charge don't think very highly of the parents choices, so the Great Deciders made a point of letting you know who's in charge of your child's nutrition and eating habits. Now it's time to say goodbye to the historically tasty and nutritious chocolate milk. See, the fact that it's good for your children and they actually like it is not good enough for the people that are apparently better, smarter and care for your children more than you do, because you see good ol' chocolate milk still has sugar in it. It also has calcium, riboflavin, iron, carbohydrates and of course, Vitamins A & D. In fact, it has all the nutrients of white milk and about as much sweetener (corn starch) as unsweetened apple juice. I suppose that will be banned soon as well.

Normally, 11 grams sugar difference at 4 calories per gram equals about 44 calories, or less than 10 minutes on the playground. But since tag, the monkey-bars, dodge-ball are all now seemingly "dangerous," I guess the powers-that-be may have to decide how unimportant osteoporosis is when more pain pills (under forced Obamacare regulation, of course) are handed out (like candy?) for the afflicted masses when the calcium deprived kids grow old and become useless to the socialist state. Then of course, they'll have to die gracefully once they become statistics in the eyes of the Obamacare death panels.

What's next, the female administrators whipping them out and breast-feeding your kids to make sure they get the nutrition they deem adequate?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Watch and Laugh

Pay Attention America!

This is the state of Canada's Universal Healthcare system. Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, this is what you've got coming in regards to Obamacare:

Liberals Are the Same Everywhere

So you think Barack Obama is full of double-speak and hypocrisy? Look at the Canadian Liberal Party leader, Micheal Ignatieff. He once said "America is my country too," before deciding to come back to Canada after his Harvard University gig where he was a professor. He then claims to be a "true" Canadian after telling the Glascow Herald, "I am an American Democrat. I will vote for Kerry in November," in 2004.

By the way, Barack Obama and Michael Ignatieff went to Harvard at the same time. I don't know if they knew each other, but c'mon they had to run into each other at some sort of liberal function. Such as "Indoctrinate Your Children and Students with 'Whitewash History Day,' or something.

Both are liberals. Both make stuff up. Both try to hypocritically demonize their opponents. Both are hiding things from their past. Neither are who they say they are. Go figure.

It's funny, but as one commentor said on the Small Dead Animals site, "Thing is, if Iggy wins the election, we will have another thing the U.S. doesn't have -- an American leader."

You Can Slaughter Christians, But You Can't Burn a Koran

Liberalism, Black America's Greatest Enemy

Pentagon's Second Thoughts on Iraq Withdrawal

Court Rules Against Arizona Immigration Law

More "Unfacts" about Global Warming

Separated at Birth?

Kids Forbidden from Bringing Lunch to School

Can't decide what to pack your kids for lunch? It doesn't matter. If your kids go to Little Village Academy in Chicago, you are not allowed to decide what your child will eat at school anyway. Ah, Michelle Obama's legacy in full swing. Thank you First Lady for helping to do your part to destroy freedom of choice.
If we're seeing this level of totalitarianism now, imagine how much micromanagement of diets bureaucrats will insist on imposing when they've finished consolidating control of the healthcare system under ObamaCare.

Libyan Rebels Reject African Union Cease-Fire Plan

Rebel forces in Libya have rejected a cease-fire proposal put forth by the African Union that had been accepted by Moammar Gaddafi. An expected and inevitable reaction. The deal would have stopped NATO air strikes and kept Gaddafi in power to "negotiate" with the rebels.

Japan Hit by Another Earthquake

Japan was rocked by yet another earthquake, exactly one month after a 9.6 earthquake and tsunami hit the island nation, affecting nuclear facilities, the Japanese populace and nuclear power concerns.

More Ignorance and Lies from Matthews and Fineman

MSNBC's Chris Matthews and his Hardball guest Howard Fineman took to the airwaves to fear-mongor misinformation (or just down right lies) about Congressman Paul Ryan's federal budget prosal. I actually managed to catch some of this before changing the channel out of concern my I.Q. might lose a couple of points just listening to them.

They contradict themselves early and often and never did get it right. That's what happens when you get two liberal flamethrowers that have no clue of what they're talking about without any sort of counter-balance or opposing opinions. NewsBusters Noel Sheppard has the story... with an interesting question. If Matthews, who is 65 and Fineman who is in the neighborhood of 62, are both over the exemption age of 55 and aren't affected by Ryan's budget, why are they screaming bloody murder?

On that note, how does this mean the GOP are "killing seniors?" And really, if Ryan's budget is going to "kill half the people" watching Hardball, what's six people in the big scheme of things?

I don't know why I continue to post about what this shill has to say.

150th Anniversary of the American Civil War

April 12th marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War when southern rebel forces started the bombardment of Ft. Sumter in South Carolina. The resulting victory, 500,000 deaths later, meant the end of slavery and the eventual re-unification and ultimate strengthening of the Union and Republic.

50th Anniversary of First Manned Space Flight

Monday, April 11, 2011

Libya: Gaddafi Government Accepts Truce Plan, Says Zuma

Why the Democrats Never Passed a Budget Last Year

Despite the fact that the House Democrats never passed their own federal budget when they controlled the House, Senate and White House all, relying instead on having a few Republicans vote so they could blame them for the non-passage, they continue (as planned) to blame the GOP for their laziness, ineptitude and demagoguery.

H/T to Moonbattery.

Michael Yon Calls BULLSH*T on Rolling Stone

Ever since Michael Yon started writing about the Iraq War in defense of the soldiers when they were wrongly accused of atrocities and defended Bush when the truth was not making it's way out of Afghanistan (as well as telling certain truths the right didn't want to hear) I have been a fan of his columns. I haven't read his stuff for a while now. Probably due to the fact that the Iraq War was winding down and there "apparently" has been no bad news to report since Obama took the White House.

He has told us about the real results of the "surge" by Bush. He told us things both the right and left wanted to hear and as I said, didn't want to hear. In short, he has done the media's job for them without bowing down to bias or agenda. This time he takes on the disgusting, biased and amazingly ignorant people at Rolling Stone magazine. I've never been a fan of Rolling Stone (editor, Jan Wenner's dislike of my favourite band, KISS and along with more than a few on his staff, keeping them out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-but that's a whole other story) with their adamant and obvious hatred and vitriol for all things conservative. Their pure unadulterated lies about Sarah Palin have been especially disgusting.

Yon this time takes them to task for their brazen inaccuracies about the Afghanistan "kill team," and those soldiers that they try to associate with them.
To Wenner and his staff, all American soldiers are blood-thirsty baby killers.

Oklahoma City Bombings Work of Islamist Terrorists?

Wow. If this is true, it would sure put a damper on the left's mantra of right-wing extremism and that terrorists "come in all shapes and colors." Even if it's just a suggestion, it is a declassified FBI file. Shouldn't this be all over the TV and newspapers? It would be if it was about a Tea Party member. But then again, this is nothing new. The Wall Street Journal had also previously reported on this. I'm not exactly sure if this information was poo-pooed by the FBI or the media, but it's the first I've heard of it.

This is the Epitomy of the MSM

This is the exact point the right tries to make over and over again with regards to media bias: Paints Would-be Mosque-burner as Anti-Muslim Radical, Omits That He's Muslim I was waiting to see if this would actually happen one day.

Not a Peep Out of Media about "Republicans Want to Kill Women"

So after Democrat Congresswoman, Louise Slaughter said at a pro-choice rally, ""In '94 people were elected simply to come here to kill the National Endowment for the Arts," claimed senior Democratic Congresswoman Louise Slaughter at a pro-choice rally on the National Mall Wednesday. "Now they're here to kill women," without a peep out of the lame-stream media.
As Lachlan Markay said in the original report, "Interestingly, after January's shooting in Tucson, Slaughter said "she would look at ways to better police language on the airwaves," according to The Hill. The implication was that "language" had something to do with the shooting spree that hospitalized Rep. Gabby Giffords and 12 others, and killed six. It seems that accusing one's political opponents of wishing death on women generally and comparing their policies to those of the Nazis would fall within the bounds of speech Slaughter apparently felt had somehow led to that shooting. Neither the absurdity of Slaughter's remarks nor her rank hypocrisy in making them, however, have seemed to satisfy the media's standards for newsworthiness."

On Sunday, on CNN's "Reliable Sources", even Howard Kurtz wondered aloud why this didn't cause any media outrage.

Mainstream media= crickets.

Seattle Shares in the Phase Out of Christianity

So the word Easter is now dead in Seattle. "Winter Solstice," "Happy Holidays," "Holiday Tree" and"Spring Spheres?"

Maybe we should rename Ramadan. Or how about Yom Kippur? Hey, how about the actual Qu'ran itself? I wouldn't find that entirely offensive IN A CHRISTIAN-BASED SOCIETY! Ah, political correctness. How can something that's "correctness" be so thoroughly wrong?

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Shutdown Avoided, White House, Congress Reach Deal

A deal has been struck between House Republican and Democrats on the federal budget to avoid a government shutdown.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

GOP Lawyer Drafts Obama Impeachment

Now I'm most definitely no constitutional lawyer or scholar, but Bruce Fein, a former Reagan administration official in the Department of Justice, may have some legitimate charges against the president, but I highly doubt his "kinetic military action" warrants any kind of high crime and misdemeanor or impeachment.

But that having been said, it is interesting that Vice-President Joe Biden hasn't lead the charge for impeachment after having said, "I want to make it clear, and I’ll make it clear to the President: that if he takes this nation to war in Iran, without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him."

And that "Iran is not an immediate threat to the United States," business at the end is a bit loony.

Grandstanding and tough talk without real intent will come back to haunt you in this game.
But not for Obama.

But moreover, Fein isn't a member of the U.S. Congress. Does he even have authority to draw up articles of impeachment against the President of the United States? Color me ignorant on this one.

Glenn Beck Leaving FOX

Glenn Beck, the sometimes "controversial" (only whiny libs say due to his kicking their collective butts in the ratings...since day one) and emotional patriot commentator is leaving the FOX News Channel sometime in 2011.
Some reports indicate that Beck's departure is due to his problems with advertisers (in no small part to said whiny libs boycotting-or threatening to do so due to their clear and obvious fascistic double standards and hypocrisy)
Don't celebrate too early libbies, he won't be that far away.

"Death Trap" Ok, "Death Panels" Divisive and Misleading

When Sarah Palin used the term "death panel" to accurately describe what Obamacare has in store for seniors (basically rationing their medicine because they're too old and unimportant to consider prolonging their lives)the DNC and MSM were up in arms at the "choice of divisive, misleading language." Yet when new DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz decried the GOP's 2012 budget proposal as "literally...a death trap for some seniors," no one in either camp who cried foul about Palin's "language" seemed to care about the double standard of NBC or the cheering DNC.
So like...are you surprised?

Jimmy Carter Still Sucking Up to American's Expense

So the worst president in history decided to take it upon himself to travel to Cuba, hang out with his commie homies and put down America and her people once again. This time he championed Cuban spies and denigrated American Allen Gross, a democracy activist, who was jailed, in Cuba, for that very reason. Smilin' Jimmy never took the time to try and procure Gross's freedom as he did with the Cubans (petitioning both Bush and Obama) and he made sure everybody knows that the murderous Cuban dictator is his "personal friend." Is this guy a spectacular failure, or what? In what capacity does he have any official diplomatic position with the U.S. government? I mean if a Republican ex-president (W. for instance) went to say Australia to discuss how to stem the tide of illegal immigrants or how to tell the radical Muslims in America that want to institute Sharia Law where to stick it and to get out of America if you don't like it. Would people like Katie Couric and Mat Lauer champion them then?

ACORN Pleads Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud

NYC to Police Happy Meals

A bill in New York would require establishments that offer toys with food make sure the meals are 500 calories or less and have low fat and low sodium totals. Fascist much? You'll notice that the two cities that are embracing this slap in the face of choice are two of the of the most liberal domains in the country. Coinky-dink? I don't think so.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gadhafi Reaches Out to Obama

Inexcusable Doings of Afghanistan "Kill Team" Excused

Wars Are Only Dumb When Started by A Republican

So says Peter Heck brilliantly with quotes on the reasons for their wars by both Obama and Bush. See if you can see the similarities that the MSM refuses to. That's the real difference between a "smart" war and a "dumb" one. Other than one being started by a Republican president and the other by a Democrat.

Will Ignorance Lead to a Second Obama Term?

New Border Strategy

Stop arresting the invaders. Brilliant! Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

You Want the Definition of Crazy?

This is it...


Time Magazine Moonbat Explains Why Koran Is More Sacred Than Bible

Via Moonbattery. Well, it's over now. All the rights and priveleges of radical Islam has been championed. The koran is right and just and the Bible is wrong and evil. Time magazine says so.

Hiding the Death Panels

See, it's crazy talk when someone like Sarah Palin says the DNC wants to treat other, younger patients that may not die waiting for treatment, so they can, I guess, instead of seniors that may just live longer than the Dems want them to. But when former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says the GOP wants to starve seniors, it's the gospel and she's totally sane, backed up by fellow moonbatter, Sen. Harry Reid. The typical liberal spin and hypocrisy. Wow!

Um, didn't she have an opportunity to table her own budget as Speaker? Yes. Couldn't she have avoided all this if she had tabled one for her Democrat-controlled House? Yes. Did she? No. Ah, the old "let's leave it alone so we can blame the Republicans for it" plan. Like a charm, eh?

Israel Vindicated

After a scathing and ultimately untrue report that Israel had committed war crimes against "Palestinians," the author of this report, Ricard Goldstone has reversed his decision, based on "new evidence" (which is to say old evidence that has been clear to see for about, oh, 44 years now was actually used to admonish Hamas) reported earlier by former New York judge, Mary McGowan Davis and a committee of independents. Can you taste the disappointment of the Times? Don't worry, I'm sure they'll make up some other anti-Semitic story to appease their George Soros acolytes.
More from Townhall & the Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby

Obama Reverses Decision on 9/11 Suspects, Media Barely Report

So with all the hubub about President Bush keeping 9/11 suspects (Khalid Shaikh Mohammed among them) at Guantanamo Bay, and after he said his Attorney General, Eric Holder would try the suspects in civilian trials in New York City, Obama has now changed his mind and has pretty much lost face as he has to now pretty much "honor" what President Bush was doing in the first place and try them in military tribunals at Guantanamo.

Of course, no one in the lefty media has discussed the flip-flop other than to say his far-left base isn't happy-at least by ABC's standards (Code Pink, Daily Cos and the like) and the media doesn't want you to know that like Bush Obama now has to make decisions that aren't popular in the eyes of the peacenik crowd and that he is now indeed a war president, even if he doesn't want to act like one.

Even the so-called conservative, Joe Scarborough, sees the pomp and circumstance that is the Obamedia.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Obama the Expert Wrong Again

Just sayin'...wasn't he supposed to be some sort of great and powerful NCAA basketball seer? Didn't the networks make a big deal about his "tenacious and consistent" ability to pick winners? (albeit in the midst of his dilly-dallying on Libya) Didn't he pick all the number one seeds in the first round to advance to the Final Four? Didn't he pick Kansas to win it all? Well, since it's the University of Conneticut versus Butler, wouldn't this be another FAIL in the president's win/loss column? Me thinks it does.
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