Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Media vs the GOP

Newsbusters has come up with a prime example of why their continuous message of the Republicans are and always have been misogynist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic and so is literally old news and tired (not to mention pathetically untrue)

See if you can tell the difference between the media's narrative then and now.  Wait til you see the lefts own "extreme" left-wing and "controversial" statements.  Here we go, 20 years of Animal Farm mentality.  Democrats good, Republicans bad.  All the time, every time.

Matthews Outed As the Closet Racist He Is; But It's Reagan's Fault

Gingrich takes it to Tingle in his own back yard and tells him exactly what he sounds like on a nightly basis.  Moreover, he pretty much sums up (and what I continue to remind anyone of) what the entire liberal media universe has been heavily attempting to indoctrinate mainstream television viewers with for at least the last 10 years or so.   Matthews, predictably, like all true-blue liberals, doesn't answer the question and flip the question back to Gingrich with (also predictably) the narrative of Reagan was racist.  Surprise!

One...well, not down, but at least owned; several to go.

What the hell does Reagan have to do with Obama?  Other than Reagan being someone else he and people like Tingle can blame their amateurish "governing" of the country and colassal failures on.  Twenty-four years later and they bring up Reagan as a someone to blame Obama's failed policies on?  Oh good Lord.  How emphatically desperate are they?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bob the Racist

Aren't we all, Bob?  Aren't we all?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong Dies at 82

The first human being to ever set foot on the Moon, or on any extraterrestrial body, Neil Armstrong has died at the age of 82.

"It's one small step for man.  One giant leap for mankind."

Reporter Tweets Solyndra Cost Taxpayers $500 Million; No Coverage

Not since June 1st has a televised report about Solyndra or even how one of President Obama's worst political and economic gaffes being involved in it, come from a major liberal network. 

And now that CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller has reported that Mitt Romney's campaign was saying the Obama administration is responsible for "US taxpayers [losing] $500-million underwriting Solyndra loans," where's the relentless questions to Obama about it?  The last time a senator made accusations about a certain presidential candidate, this was taken as an apparent blockbuster story that all the networks (both traditinal and cable) couldn't leave alone if they tried.  Now it's a claim reported by one of their own about a highly signifigant economy-related story (and potentially-or should be-a presidential-ending collapse of judgment) and the media is once again mum.

Wasserman-Schultz Just Doesn't Care

Since the seriously demented gaffe by Republican senator Todd Akin, the left Democrats have been tryng to tie anything they can think of either random Republicans, but especially Mitt Romney, to their old and irresponsibly inacurate meme of "The War on Women."

Especially Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who continually denies any wrong-doing about anything she say and does; usually bold-face lying about it on national television. 
To his credit CNN's Anderson Cooper was able to drive the point to his viewers that Wasserman-Schultz was obviously lying and dishonest when she couldn't. after repeated attempts by Cooper to get her to acknowledge her "error," not only did she never admit the truth, but defended her actions by saying "it doesn't matter.", thus, by her own logic tying the whole Democratic Party platform to smears, lies and wilful ignorance/dishonesty about their opponents.  In other words, lie about whatever you want, screw the American people and their right for the truth, something the Dems claim they fight for, or so they would have you believe in another time, on a another day.

They Just Don't Want Us to Have Anything

Michael Moore compiles a consortium of out-of-context video clips, selectively-edited internviews (that suposedly what FOX News does on a daily basis, which they hate, but yet the left loves anti-American Moore) it's par for the course and a stroke of brilliance, a "cultural juggernaut" was the description.  But when a conservative film comes along (and God knows there aren't enough of them) it's the left's lack of memory and abundance of hypocrisy that then fills their fingertips as they opine on teir keyboards their reviews of such movies or documentaries.  They did it with An American Carol (which wan't very good anyway) complaining it spit in the face of "real" American values and said it was just right-wing whing at "their view of why "real" Americans doesn't take the right very serious, if you can believe that.  They even they even attempted to "de-bunk" the documentary-style retort to Moore's Faherenheit 9/11, Fahernhype 9/11, which showcases the deceit, wayward "journalism" and dishonest, misleading bias in Moore's "cultural juggernaut ...a film for these troubling times."
They refuse to release Path to 9/11 on dvd and their attacking of the new 2016 and soon to be released Occupy Unmasked, is just like attacking a conservative Michael Moore while having a total lack of comprehension about the irony and hypocrisy of their questions they asked and values they supposedly held. 

Do they even wonder?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reagan Vs. Obama - Social Economics 101

Hate A Jew Day in Toronto Has Police Doing Extremist Muslim Bidding, Walking Your Dog Illegal

Once Again,Media Focuses on Wrong Story

The MSM would rather have people talking about a stupid comment from a conservative (hence their "conservatives are out of touch narrative rides again) than the man who is a heartbeat away from the presidency.  The same "concerns" they had for the alleged "inexperience" of Sarah Palin, who by the way, as stated multiple times, had more government and payroll experience than Obama, Biden and McCain combined.  But instead of focusing on what an idiot Vice-President had to screw up this time, the media has chosen to focus on  a Republican who is actually out of touch, but in no position to influence national opinion or policy.  If Biden were a Republican, how much time would be devoted to his racist gaffe? (no, not his "you can't go to a 7-eleven without being Indian" comment, this is a new one-and that one received only a slight soundbite as well)   How much do you want to bet those at MSNBC would be asking how dumb this guy is?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obama Now Telling Reporters What Topics to Ask About

Not this is a new development, but did ya here the latest about how now that the MSM is starting to ask "so-called president" Obama just a bit of questions that may be a tad annoying for the thin-skinned president?  So his answer to that is setting specific questions for them to ask about.  So now I'm just waiting for the Obamedia to condemn him for being such a totalitarian weenie.

Pfft. *Kerchuckle*

Pants on Fire...A-GAIN

Forget about CBS hosts and correspondents patting each other on the back for "a job well done," which includes the usual soft-ball love-fest in the presence of The One and a typical AP line of questioning to give President Obama a further opportunity to link Todd Akin's stupid rape statement with the mindset of the entire GOP .  What else have we come to expect of the Obamedia? 
No, what I noticed quite clearly was what the POTUS said when asked an actual question he couldn't just spin or "joke away."  To her credit, CBS's Nancy Cordes asked President Obama about the smear attempts against Mitt Romney by his campaign.

Obama's answer?  "Nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon" 
Really?  Between Obama and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (perhaps the worst spokesperson for any party in history) along, hell, too many to mention, these Dems couldn't tell the truth to save their lives.  What was Team Obama's reaction when the original charge of (as they put it) Romney lied in federal filings that show he worked at Bain Capital through 2002 and could be guilty of a felony, or has lied to the American people in saying he left the company in 1999? 
"Either Mitt Romney, through his own words and his own signature, was misrepresenting his position at Bain to the SEC, which is a felony."


Sarge Shows His Racism Some More

Probably the biggest white race-baiter on the deplorable MSNBC, Sgt. Ed Schultz showed a little bit more of his true colors.  Oh, he championed a black woman in Michelle Obama all right, but c'mon, is anybody seriously going to tell me that wasn't just an afterthought?  The wife of the Democrat's token president ?  A way to disguise his contempt for blacks, but still seem all so "progressive?"  I mean in the world of liberal-think, he also championed Hillary Clinton, you know, a woman that lived in Arkansas.  A southern state.  And we all know how racist those Southerners are, especially the Democrat ones.  Plus it's just another chance for him and his network of haters to just smear a intelligent, classy, self-made conservative woman.  Oh wait.  She didn't build her career.  I forgot. 
Moreover, does Michelle Obama need yet another reason to take a vacation?  Couldn't you just see her on the green or in the clubhouse ordering people around?  "Do you know who I am?  Do you know who my husband is (for now) Do you know what I can do to you?"  Etc.

By the way, isn't his two choices, Obama and Clinton, um, also rich woman?  Duh, I think so.  Why does NBC continue to hire or keep these con artists (not to mention ratings killers?)  Seriously, why?
More importantly, and thanks to a commentor at the end of this story, what does Ed care about "women's issues," as I was reminded as I read their comment (and I can't believe I forgot about this) didn't Schultzy go to court for some "domestic" issues with his wife?

But poor, foolish, irelevent Ed isn't the only racist on the left side of the political media isle (again, if I am supposed t think and argue like a moonbat liberal) those over at the The Nation are pretty quick to dismiss a black woman as a member at Augusta as well.

Yeah, anyways, Ed Schultz is a racist goof, complete idiot and woman hater.
Wow.  It's pretty easy to think like a liberal.  No effort at all, really.

Idiot Extraordinaire

Most times when a conservative or Republican speaks, the liberal media and especially those in the Obama administration spin the comments so ridiculously that they eventually resemble nothing that was actually said (with the usual help of selective video editing-hello Ed Schultz, hello Andrea Mitchell) but this time this complete baffoon by the name of Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri, actually said this:

Don't look to me to defend this guy. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peggy Noonan, Rudy Giuliani Know You Can't Mock A Democrat

That is, in the eyes of the establishment media, you're just not allowed.  Like I've been saying for years now and keep repeating in ths blog, if all and any Republicans that the media have been tearing apart for the better part of 40 years now were to have a "D" after their names, thry would certainly be treated more fairly by the mainstream media, if not outright adored as they do with Democrats now.  Now just imagine that the MSM's favorite Democrats had an "R" after their names, they would probably be a little more honest in their so-called critiques and examinations of their current political heroes, certainly Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and say, the late Ted Kennedy would be reated with such kid-gloves.

That takes me to the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan and her accurate comparison (taking cues from Rudy Giuliani)

With the way today's media conducts itself in reference to the two parties, despite Chuck Todd's childish assumptions that Giuliani simply holds a grudge or "vendetta" against Joe Biden.  It's short but sweet.

Fox News resident liberal (one of many, an example of diversity that you won't find on MSNBC for example) Kirsten Powers finds the media's transparent double standard also perplexing.

Isn't the attitude of the press in their belief that no one can see through their B.S. astonishing.  But of course, I only see these things because I'm "looking for it."

Friday, August 17, 2012

Media Matters Columnist Smear Navy SEALs as "Gutless"

Do I really have to comment on how dumb Media Matters' Eric Boehlert is?  Forget about his flawed ideology.  Forget he is a far-left moonbat liberal that hates conservatives and will defend anything Obama does or says, that' his prerogative.  If Boehlert and his kind want to stay on a sinking ship, that's his problem.  But to publicly call the men who went into Pakistan, risking not only their own lives but the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama (remember Iran and Jimmy Carter?) to eliminate Osama bin Laden, saved Capt. Richard Phillips from Somali pirates in 2009, not to mention the January rescue of hostages in Somalia, to call them cowards?  Are you freaking kidding me?  I can't tell you how much this offends even me. 

I know this may make the preceding rant a little irrelevant, but Eric Boehlert, you sir, are an insignificant little nat.  Go bitch about somebody else who disagrees with the policies of your phony hero instead of people who actually make a difference!

Heir to the Throne

A while back I said it was possible that MSNBC's resident hate-filled little racist Touré Neblett could be in the running to take the title from the "biggest racist on the planet," Al Sharpton.  Now?  There's no doubt.  This dude's paranoia and hate of everything white is not only transparent, shameful and a disgrace to the airwaves (not surprising for NBC Universal) but why would I not be surprised to see this guy blocking polling stations and intimidating voters come this November?

Predictable: After Family Research Council Shooting Left Wing Media Memory Subdued on Hate Blame

Right after the very recent Aurora, Colorado shootings, the left-wing MSM were quick as always to immediately place the blame on "right wing hate" without even knowing all the facts.  But now that a shooter has gone to a place that is more or less a right-wing think tank and actually told a security guard before shooting him, "I hate your politics," that same left-wing media is careful to make associations and place the hate label so quickly.
Brent Bozell tells the tale more succinctly.

On a not-so related story that same Democrat-loving media is quick to appease Vice-President Joe Biden's sensitive "chains" remarks . The same type of gaffe that (is apparently not as bad as a Mitt Romney one) would be all over the news if Biden were a "hateful" Republican.  But it seems the media is not willingly going along with Biden's people trying to edit stories on his "7-11-type" remarks, but allegedly aren't really opposed to the idea either. 
The Republican-hating, race-baiting Al Sharpton would normally be bouncing off the walls crying racism if these came from anyone not associated with Barack Obama, and it looked like he may have gone that way...until he remembered he was dealing with Obama's Vice-President.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Piers Morgan, after calling the Ryan budget plan "social engineering," was straight up educated (all the while with an arrogant smirk on his face) by Newt Gingrich about how even though Ronald Reagan was attacked by the media as "out of touch" and "destroying the middle class," he did exactly what Gingrich said he did; he raised people from the middle class to the upper-middle class and people from poverty to middle class.  Reagan did not engage in class warfare as the media are accusing Romney/Ryan of doing and despite a growing deficit, Reagan created a strong, vibrant economy out of a mess created by Jimmy Carter (without blaming him) and that's what Romney/Ryan plan on and probably will do.  The media will do the same thing too-smear and attempt to discredit a Republican presidential candidate because they cannot create an excuse for their Democrat president's horrible economic record.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Daily Kos: Democratic Convention Plans Coming into Focus

So the Daily Kos has the "scoop" on the Democrats convention plans: "Advisers to President Barack Obama are scripting a Democratic National Convention featuring several Republicans in a prime-time appeal to independents — and planning a blistering portrayal of Mitt Romney as a heartless aristocrat who “would devastate the American middle class,” Democratic sources tell POLITICO." 

Right.  Even though it came from Politico. 
Kos.  Poltico.  What's one left-wing rag over the other?  But the real meat is they actually expect Obama and the Dems to believe anything any future smear ads might say after the clear-cut indefensible lies put forth by the The One's administration that hey have happily accepted and perpetuated that even members of the left-wing media have called out, such as the "Romney worked for Bain three years longer than he says" claim, or the recent Obama SuperPac ad which links Mitt Romney to a woman's death from cancer?  Both proven to be false.  Both still being claimed by Team Obama.

So what will be the next Bullstein smear from "the most trustful, smartest, transparent administration in history" be and who do they expect to believe it?  Other than those who actually thought Obama was going to pay for their rent, bills and gas?

Romney Picks Ryan But Media Already Focusing on Romney Gaffe

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen Rep. Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and member of the Ways and Means committee to be his running mate as Vice-President in this November's General Election.  A darling of the fiscally stringent Tea Party and with membership in those committees, Ryan is a heavy influential conservative player.

Romney committed a Obama-type gaffe when he announced Ryan as "the next president of the United States," instead of course as the next Vice-President.  People like MSNBC's Chris Matthews (as well as the rest of the liberal MSM now have something to chuckle about (conveniently and consciencly ignoring Obama's said gaffes and that of the Gaffe Master himself, Joe Biden) when they take to the airwaves to predictably smear Romney for his media-inflated "gaffes" (as they have been doing for weeks) and thry'll no doubt target Ryan by saying his proposed budgets (that the Dems still haven't done) will kill seniors (as though the true to word "Death Panels" of Obamacare wouldn't) and Romney's gaffe instead of Ryan's fiscal planning or Obama's utter destruction of the economy.  Oh, and throw in Ed Schultz calling Ryan a racist for good measure.

Let the spin begin.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Olympic Athlete Targeted by Left

When not advocating the murder of unborn children (any updates on Kermit the Killer MSM?  No?  Didn't think so) far-left loons are advocating human rights for food animals.  And those who are sport hunters (which even I disagree with) are labeled murderers and should be done away with.  Did you get that?  People who support abortion in all of its stages, including the disgusting and purely evil late-term procedures, including all of the ones practiced by the aforementioned but totally forgotten Dr. Kermit Gosnell, are perfectly content with killing defenseless children in and out of the womb (especially black babies as stats show) but people who kill animals, whether for food or for sport are labeled, publicly, as murderers.

Of course all of the predictable hatred and death threats from the left go on unnoticed and unreported as usual.  The unsubstantiated and made-up narrative of the violent right goes on unabated.  Such is the case with Twitter death threats against U.S. Olympic Coey Cogdell.

The infamous liberal tolerance strikes again.

Clint Eastwood Illustrating the Obama Years and Followers

The Job is Governance Not Avoidance, Mr. President

For a guy who likes to give a bazillion interviews with the same controlled and loving questions, then admonishes any reporter that dare asks an actual question about failed policy and decisions, Barack Obama sure likes to hide from the White House press.

In a recent post I mentioned how infrequent his WH press conferences were (and are) between his first day in office throughout his first two years as president (as have many other before and after) and you can bet dollars to donuts that if Obama were a Republican, the press and the Dems would be out of their minds about the president being "cowrdly" and "having something to hide."  Hell, just within the last two weeks, the MSM has vilified Mitt Romney for being "unavailable" to the press-even though he had as many as nine interviews while in Poland alone-yet they don't seem to mind Obama not being in too much of a hurry to explain any recent comments or actions of his own, namely his lack of morality on Romney smears and recent comments of Harry Reid.

Well, Das Wunderkit is at it again.

Gay Answer to Chic-A-Fil Event Flops, Media Mum After Promoting It

It's one thing to plan an event in response to one person's opinion, belief or public comment.  It's quite another to label those personal comments (that, as it turns out are shared by thousands of people in that zip code alone) as hateful, then planning an event in response to show how wrong that comment (and follow-up support) is.  But when such a responsive event is promoted by all three networks and that event fizzles, isn't it the job to report the meager outcome of said event by the same media that happily promoted it.  Well, no.  Apparently not.

Puts me in the mind of MSNBC's Ed Schultz and his failed anti-Tea Party rally that he then said was successful and even outdrew the much, much immensely more crowd-filled response to Glenn Beck's pro-Tea Party rally a couple of years ago.  Just as those failures were lied about and then attempted again, with the same dismal failure, the happy people are going to try and lift the business of Starbucks. so the media can in one voice scream victory.

I've said it before, to quote a line, "When the myth becomes legend, print the legend."  Or in this case and I'm sure many more to follow, when the outcome isn't what you hoped for, just forget it.  And at worst, censor or destroy it.

MSNBC's Schultz Shows His Racism again

As much as he tries to camouflage it, MSNBC's Sgt. Ed Schultz is in line to take the racism crown from Al Sharpton and his protege Toure.

Schultz always the one to decry racism at the drop of a hat, yet before that hat even hits the ground he proves his dislike for anyone that isn't his color.  When those he opposes do share the same skin pigmentation, he uses selective, dishonest video editing to make them appear to be haters, a la Rick Perry.

Now Schultz's dislike of non-whites is so evident he has chosen to use the Sikh temple shooting as a means to smear Michelle Malkin (a conservative woman of color) as uninformed. 

White man criticizing a "brown" woman.  According to the left-wing playbook, and especially that of MSNBC, is racism.  End of story. And to further quote a liberal excuse, "this one isolated incident," seeing as how the first "right-winger" has killed people since Timothy McVeigh. Congradulations lefties, you finally have a right-wing lunatic since 1995 that you've been milking for talking points and reason to do away with the second amendment. Two loons in 17 years from the right as opposed to...I can't even count how many lefties in the same time that you tried to persuade the public that they were conservative or right-wing in ideological nature...and failed.

NASA On Mars (Officially)

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist or Truther, but didn't NASA send probes and sattelites to Mars before?  Wasn't there a rover that was already there and lost contact?  Or was that the movie Red Planet?  Anyways, there aren't boots on the ground, sort of speak, but mankind has finally put their "footprint" on the red planet.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Chick-fil-A Presidents Comments Show Left's Intolerence and Hypocrisy Yet Again

With the recent comments by Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy, liberals and leftists once again have exposed their own intolerance to someone else's beliefs and opinions.  Cathy had no sooner publicly opined his objections to same-sex marriage when the left predictably in unison jumped all over him and the fast-food chain as homophobic and intolerant.  Funny, but organizing a boycott (that has seemed to have failed miserably) of a business because of an executives statement about his or her's deep-seeded beliefs seem the epitome of intolerance of ones First Amendment rights. 

Of course no one on the left is crying bloody murder about the the Occupy crowd exorcising their First Amendment rights of peaceful demonstration (although they have clearly shown that they have absolutely no understanding of the word "peaceful") while boycotting and trying to upset the daily routines of corporate businesses.  It's only when the lefts fragile little sensibilities are messed with do they don the mask of righteousness and despair to take to the streets.  And much like the Occupy movement, when they find themselves in the minority about this (just because the MSM use the famous "most Americans" line in an attempt to sway people to their bias beliefs doesn't make it true-as voters in even some of the most liberal states in the union championing traditional marriage attest to) they cry about how their opponents are "out of touch," or "out of the mainstream."  Not given an instant of thought that they may be the ones who are not in the majority of societies social issues.

Larry Elder has further points on the lefts ever-present, but always dismissed hypocrisy.

Reid Acuses Romney of Tax Evasion on Senate Floor

Weasel Harry has done it again.  The Senate majority leader has once again showed his true Demorat colors by making totally unsubstantiated accusations, in public, on the record, against Mitt Romney that the genesis of which is a unnamed "source" who is "a person who had invested with Bain Capital."  The allegation that Ried has stated he has no obligation to prove, that onus being on Romney himself, "I don’t think the burden should be on me,” Reid said.  "The burden should be on him. He’s the one I’ve alleged has not paid any taxes."

This is the motive operandi for Democrats.  Guilty until proven innocent.  No Dem is remotely obligated to disprove any allegations (you know, legitimate ones that at least have named sources and veracity) or defend themselves in any way when a Republican makes charges against them (the whole Michelle Bachmann/Huma Abedin debacle notwithstanding) but whenever any liberal Democrat wkaes up in the morning feeling like creating unsubstantiated allegations, not only do other Dems not chastise those smears ala John McCain and Bachmann, but the media jumps on it and takes it even further out of reality with hearsay "witnesses" and rumors that they credit as "sources" (like wikipedia articles against Rush Limbaugh's supposed "repeated racial comments" that have never been factually proven to have originated with him-no video or audio exists of him uttering such nonsense) or they edit video to try to make said Republicans racist or outof touch (Ed Schultz and Andrea Mitchell immediately come to mind) but yet no one bats an eye (other than recent media outlets actually doing their jobs exposing Obama administration lies about Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital-which they are still trying to promote and defend despite their gross attempt at smear tactics no longer believed by anyone except the hardiest of Romney/Republican haters) or just simply retract statements about their "involvement" in what everybody knew to be true but later it wasn't politically expediant to stick to those statements while bashing and smearing a Republican president during an election cycle (Bush lied, blah, blah, blah)  Thern there's my favorite of the Congressional Black Caucus accusing Tea Partiers and anyone else against Obamacare before it passed into law of yelling racist and homophobic epitaphs at Emanul Cleaver, John Lewis and Barney Frank

The liberal media have already taken this ball and have begun to run with it, not even remotely questioning Reid's veracity of his claims

Even Jon Stewart called Reid on this one. Nor do they have to prove their innocence when the facts of history show how overzealous and political corretness-owned Congressional democrats are truly the ones responsible for the housing market meltdown that had a major role in the near-depression of the last four to five years.  Simply say it's the Republicans fault (while having the media go to sleep about who actually were in complete control of Congress and made the laws in that time frame) repeat the lie and modern history will record it as myth turned to fact turned to legend.

By the way, where are Reid's 10-year backlog of tax returns?  And, um, where's the president to condemn this "radical rhetoric" and the "hateful tone of Washington politics?" Being a Democrat means you don't have to have accountability, as always.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Moral Case for Capitalism

An excellent piece by Sydney Williams.

From Bain to Poland, Media Trying Their Best to Smear Romney

Being schooled on the truth about Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital, the MSM is undeterred in their collective dishonesty about Romney's overseas trip and are doing their best to catch insignificant gaffes or simply make them up to replay the tired narrative of Republicans being less than intelligent (of course at the same time totally and categorically ignoring the multitudes of the same from their darling in the White House.)  The reprehensible Andrea Mitchell's recent, dishonest, selectively edited "It's amazing" Mitt Romney clip comes immediately to mind.

Forget about Romney spokesmen chastising members of the press for having no respect for Polish national monuments, or telling disrespectful reporters to "shove it," which is much deserved anyway, the press have their own agenda as usual.  Apparently taking a page out of Ronald Reagan's book on how and when to talk to members of the press who are nothing short of appalling in their treatment of a Republican president or candidate, Romney is being selective with who to grant interviews and when.. The media of course had to pounce on this one, conveniently ignoring the fact Obama is very short on White House press conferences in comparison  to past, modern-day presidents.

Federal Court: Obama Amin. Interfered in New Black Panthers Case

Did anyone really not see this coming?  Is there anyone that didn't know, or at the very least have a hint that this was going on?  C'mon.

I won't go so far to say that Glenn Beck was right when he called President Obama a racist, but Obama since coming into office hasn't done anything to dismiss that opinion.  He got involved in the Trayvon Martin story, the Henry Gates case when he said Cambridge, MA police "acted stupidly."  He makes absolutely no comment on black on white crimes, including a rash of beatings of black youths on whites in "his town" of Chicago of all places. 

Now it comes to light that a Federal court in Washington, D.C. on Monday dismissed the DOJ’s claims that its political appointees did not interfere with the New Black Panthers case.

So, with this, Fast and Furious (which amazes me that the MSM hasn't been covering this story infinitum like they most assuredly would if a Republican administration occupied the White House) not to mention calling America "a nation of cowards," when will the call, nay demand come for Eric Holder to be relinquished of his duties.  Will the Congressional Democrats grow a collective pair and demand an investigation?  Yeah, don't laugh, I was merely being ironical.

Don't worry Libs, the media will try to spin this as a positive for The One as usual.  At the very least, Obama can still throw Holder under the bus as he has proven to do to other allies that end up being a political albatross.  That way, he can keep his losing strategy of blaming other people intact.

Cruz Wins in Texas, How Long will Media Ignore?

Ted Cruz, the underfunded, under-famed grassroots conservative took on the abundantly funded, well-known Texas Lieutenant Governor and won.

Highly due to grass-roots Tea Party support (you know, those smeared Americans that don't defecate on police cars or rape and murder and actually have their own political caucus to get things heard and done?) Ted Cruz easily won a Texas state run-off Senate election against Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst.  Due to heavy Tea Party influence and involvement (and Cruz's crushing victory because of it) how long will the mainstream media try to ignore this story?  And if they do in fact air a 10-second soundbite on it (because it wasn't a media-darling Democrat story that would have wall-to-wall coverage) how much will be stated about Cruz being a like-minded racist just like the party and/or movement that gave him the win?

Yes.  They are that predictable?

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