Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Absolute Worst of the New York Times

Marking the tenth anniversary of watching the extreme and conscious bias of the New York Times, the Media Research Council has come up with the Top 10 list of the Times most egregious examples of left-wing bias.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Um...WHAT!? Obama Would Face Tough Questions on MSNBC?

Fix your senses on this new redonkulous statement by Rachel Maddow.  Make sure your not eating or drinking anything while your reading this, lest you risk a spit-take or choking when you laugh out loud after reading the phenomenally idiotic assessment of her "network's" journalistic practice.  This is way too funny.

Carson Punks Toure

MSNBC's Toure Neblitt squawked his cowardly squawk again and ran his irrelevant mouth about the only ism that seems to permeate from his pie-hole...racism.  He sure loves not only keeping it alive, but use it as a divisive tool.  This moron might have had a point if it were say...1940s America.

In any case Dr. Benjamin Carson let "Toure" know that the only  black "tokens" and "uncle Toms"are the ones like him being used by the left.

The Uncle Toms are the 95% of blacks staying on the Democrat plantation while the black family implodes after 50 years of Great Society entitlements.
Nothing terrifies liberals more than a well spoken minority conservative who defies the plantation mindset of the Democrat party. A pathetic troll like Toure isn't fit to mention Dr. Carson's name, let alone do anything as cowardly as label him a token. Dr. Carson will be remembered for his accomplishments long after he's gone. No one will bother to remember Toure other than to laugh at his ridiculous name.

Kermit Who?

It seems that I'm not the only one who's still waiting for the mainstream media to report on the horrors that took place inside the offices of abortion doctor/child-killer Kermit Gosnell.

When an incident involving a pro-life advocate happens, watch and see the hypocritical press jump all over it and bemoan the "violence on the right," without even once referencing Gosnell in their biased and self-righteous tangents.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Obama Compares Palestinian-Israeli Conflict to U.S.-Canada Relations

Say whaaaaat?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Obama Allows Spies into Classified Areas

Obama Lectures Israelis on "Humanity"

Well, coming from someone who once said, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.," in his own book (that's if in fact he wrote it) it's not a surprise he would admonish the enemy of those he "would side with" to "put yourself in their shoes."

Question.  When exactly was the last time Barack Hussein Obama asked "Palestinians" to put themselves in Israelis shoes?  what shoes are those exactly?  The shoes of child snipers, waiting in the dark of night to kill Israeli children?  The shoes of those who lob missiles from miles away while hiding there launchers and weapons near school-yards and hospitals?  The shoes of suicide bombers?  Tell us Prez, exactly what shoes should the Israelis be in?

When he stops blaming Israel for every act of violence, learns a thing or two about actual Mid-East history and gets his head out of his ass about who's causing what, then maybe, just maybe he can be taken semi-serious.  Yeah, right.

From all his apology tours and speeches about why America is evil, you would think this guy would realize why he's not very popular over there by either side.

Wow.  Just wow.

Ted Turner, Jr: "CNN Is So Far Left..."

Not that his testimonial is worth a can of beans, but since liberals always like to interview or quote the sons and daughters of Republicans or Conservatives like Meagan McCain and Ron Reagan, whenever they feel the opinions or statements of said sons or daughters support whaever sliming of their parents and their beleifs that arwe the target of the day.

I give you the son of far-left moonbat Ted Turner, Teddy and his opinions of CNN and their ideological bent.

Rangel: Millions of Kids Will be Shot Down

According to Congressman Charlie Rangel, "millions of kids" will die because of the failure of the Democrat Congress to ban "assault" rifles in the U.S.


Still Waiting...

Still waiting for the MSM to report the evils of abortion monster Kermit Gosnell.  It's been two years and hardly a peep out of the media about the horror that Gosnell inflicted on his pregnant patients that he now stands accused of murdering one, not to mention the charge of murdering seven babies.  If this had been someone that blew up a abortion clinic or killed a abortion doctor, like George Tiller, it would have been wall-to-wall coverage, right up to and through the trial of his killer, Scott Roeder.

Like myself, others have wondered why a monster like Gosnell who stabbed live babies in the back of the neck and incompetently killed a mother of an unborn child, doesn't warrant more coverage?

Priorities I guess.  Like covering the gaffes and incompetence of the current Obama administration.

Gun Control "Setback" Not A Problem for Obama?

Instead of calling the fact that there will be no "assault weapons" ban in next month's Democrat gun-control bill, the MSM has called this a "setback" by President Obama and not a "failure" that would surely be the case of a Republican president if he or she had spent months of political capital for not.  Why are they so silent on this failure?  Afterall, they did call his plea at the State of the Union address for Congress to disarm Americans "dramatic and emotional," of course referring to Obama's alligator tears that whipped the left into a sheep-like frenzy.

Dems Pull "Assault Weapons" Ban from Gun Control Bill

Political expediency trumped the Democrats caring for the safety of Americans from "assault weapons" it seems as their gun control bill slated to hit the Senate floor next month will not contain a provision on what the left has deemed for semi-automatic weapons.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reid Digustingly Uses Marines Deaths As Political Tool

Weasel Harry is at it again.  Senate Majority leader Harry Reid used the marine training accident in Hawthorne, Nevada to drag the sequester and it's budget cuts to the military (as minute as it is) to blame the Republican Party for the Marines deaths.

As if an accident this week was caused buy lack of budget?  The sequester had an effect on the way Marines are trained?  What an ass!

It's another sick example of Reid's grandstanding and trying to play fast and loose with the facts.  In an attempt to blow smoke up the rears of Americans and once again lie to people about who's idea the sequester really was and who continues to be responsible for it.  No matter that the truth is out there and now the Democrats are trying to cover themselves and implement their plan to try and reclaim the House with the same old left-wing plan of blaming the Republicans on everything.

Reid did not misspeak or say anything he didn't mean.  This was a written diatribe and he had time to write down exactly what he wanted to say.  He's just an uncaring malicious weasel.

Strangely enough, all three networks completely ignored the Weasel's little speech.  So did the Washington Post.  That's kind of strange, huh?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dr. Carson: Media Will Change When They Realize They'll Also Be Destroyed If We Destroy This Nation

Dr. Benjamin Carson, you know the man who punked President Obama at a prayer dinner about Obamacare (and too heat for bringing up religion at a prayer dinner!) seems to know a thing or two about the media and their malfeasance.

GOP Lawmakers Digging In

It appears the GOP is preparing to tighten the screws when it comes to finding the truth about the Benghazi riot and murders.  Republican lawmakers are in the process of protecting the job security of any whistle-blowers that come forward with information about the night in question.

I guess when president Obama showed his indifference on the matter by telling the former Director of the CIA, "you handle it," he probably didn't mean the party across the aisle attempting to get to the truth by protecting anyone threatened with the termination of their job that the Obama regime may seek to "make an example out of."

Carney Presented with An Actual Question

A local Colorado reporter actually asked a question that many people may want to know other than how the Obama's keep the spark in their marriage alive or what his favorite color is.  In these days of super-high unemployment and sequester-related budget cuts, the reporter asked, "will the president cut back on his tax-payer funded vacations?

Satan Looks Like Obama

Well, judging from the History Channel's "The Bible" he does.
Obviously this is just a coincidence, as the story in the link points out, the actor in the role of Satan, Mehdi Ouzaani has been cast in demonic biblical roles well before Barack Obama became president.  But it's still a pretty funny coincidence at that.

Plus, the left was calling President Bush the Devil (and Hitler and whatever else) for years.  But I never saw Bush's face on screen portraying the master of all evil.  But as John Nolte from asks, "how does it feel lefties?"

MSNBC: 85 Percent Opinion

Not that this is surprising, but a Pew Research report has found that MSNBC is hardly news.  In fact, the report determined that the far-left network is 85 percent opinion or commentary.  So much for Ed Schultz's claim that his network "doesn't make stuff up."  That means that only a measly 15 percent of what thy put on the air is news.  Personally, I don't think it's even that high.

I'm not letting FOX News off the hook by any means, as they were found to be 55 percent opinion or commentary.  That's still well above 50 percent.  But seeing as how NBC's amateur network, who claims to be a real news network has no actual news hour to speak of, again, this is not surprising in the least.
Is it any wonder hardly anyone trusts not only what their hosts say, but their sources as well?  When was the last time Rachel Maddow didn't reference Media Matters for instance?

This is only a small fraction of why nobody trusts or watches these jokers in spite of how many claims they make that FOX News or conservative radio (which by the way also destroys their liberal radio counterparts-the ones that don't go bankrupt that is) "lies."

Not that "everybody didn't know this already."

New Conservative Network to Be Launched

Yippee!  Another reason for the lefts heads to collectively explode.  Charles Herring (who will be another Rupert Murdoch in the foggy eyes of the left) owner of WealthTV is partnering up with the Washington Times to launch a new conservative news network to be called One America News.

I predict along with FOX News, the two top cable ratings leader in the next year or so will be the two conservative-leaning ones.  Even the left won't be surprised by that one.  Extremely angry and jealous, but not surprised.

Wishful Thinking

David Gregory summed up on Meet the Press: Press Pass what all Obama-loving liberals not only want to know, but are hoping for, "What are the chances Barack Obama ..becomes a rock star in Israel?" when interviewing Israeli Ambassador Micheal Oren.

This will never stop until (or maybe even worsen with the next Democrat president) Barack Obama is no longer "leading" the country.  Just when you think the MSM might just be falling out of love with the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, due to recent reports of the press being treated poorly by the White House, it was just a matter of time before someone like Gregory fell back in line and remembered the good old days of the mainstream media licking the heels of their favorite son.

Un. Be. Lievable.

Don Lemon Racist?

CNN's Don Lemon engaged in some pretty racist "code words" Sunday night when he used the term "monkey-wrench" to describe the "problems" the GOP is supposedly having (oh boy).  Of course not being a typical reactionary, knee-jerk liberal who absolutely love to keep racism alive by accusing everyone but themselves of it, I know exactly what Lemon meant.  But had this been Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly, is there any doubt how fast Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews or Toure Neblitt would be jumping on this and calling for the dismissal of said conservative?

Matthews the Slime, Slimes Again

So desperate is Chris "Tingle" Matthews and his BSNBC cohorts to slime anyone who doesn't fall head-over-heels in love with Barack Obama-regardless of his ridiculously hurtful Socialist policies-or blindingly fall backwards into libtard ideology, that he will demean and libel anyone and any organization that isn't radical left-wing.

This time it's Ted Cruz's turn.  Matthews went to the often-played liberal playbook of guilt by association in trying to tie Cruz to the Sandy Hook massacre and the Truthers that are so out of their minds that they actually believe the government plotted to murder 26 people.  20 of them children.  This is beyond the pale and the epitome of disgusting.  Now I'm all for free speech.  And I mean real free speech.  Not just the type that allows you to agree with what's popular, but what's also outrageous and controversial. Say what ever you want.  Just be prepared to deal with the consequences.

But this is just the kind of dirty pool MSNBC is infamous for.  Although being infamous normally dictates that you actually have an audience or viewers (rim shot).  Clearly the NBC brass cares not one iota for the truth or ratings as their latest clearly indicate.

It's the same mentality that keeps the liberal bigwigs in Hollywood green-lighting movies that pretty much tank at the box-office.  They don't care about the gate, just about getting their left-wing, idiotic message out there.  They know most of the movie-going, low-information voters will see it or hear it and believe it.

Don't even think about anyone on the left, especially at the "bend over" network, to call Tingle on this one.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Where's the Outrage?

Again, through all the transparent lies and misdirection that President Obama has made the country endure, you would think the self-professed "watch dogs," the mainstream media, would want to research the easiest of stories (especially since the Congressional Budget Office and the Congressional Research Service are available online with a simple Google search that exposes his stanky B.S. for all to see) of a president and his underlings continually lying to the American people.  It isn't mistakes.  It isn't embellishments.  It's lies.  Straight up, straight forward lies.

The media were at their giddy best when they even suspected that George W. Bush wasn't being totally forthcoming.  But now they relish in not even attempting to do their jobs.  Not even a simple vetting of a presidential candidate, or the political thug he was in Chicago.  Nevermind who his poltical mentors and ideological associates were.

So, the question remains; where's the outrage?

Democrats Finally Propose Budget

Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

Sunday, March 17, 2013

George Will on NYT Coverage of CPAC

The ever-diligent George Will, whom I believe, along with Thomas Sowell, to be the most intelligent conservatives out there, nails the New York Times for their villainous portrayal of the "infighting" at this years Conservative Political Action Conference and that conservatives have always argued amongst themselves.

Biden Aid Demands Student Reporter Delete Pictures

In yet another story that the Obamedia won't touch, at a speaking engagement in Rockville, Maryland; an aid of Vice-President Joe Biden demanded that a reporter of the Capital News Service delete pictures he took at the event.  although Biden's press office has since apologized, this is typical of the big government "entitlement" and fascist reactions of a administration that thinks it's above the law and can do whatever it wants.

It starts with demanding that reporters delete their pictures, it continues with killing Americans suspected of terrorism on American soil without a trial.  I don't even want to speculate on where it could lead from there.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sgt. Schultz Knocked from Prime Time

Maybe the brass at MSNBC finally had enough of Ed Schultz's brazen misinformation-laden hour of fun-filled gaffes and tirades.  Maybe they got tired of having to lie for him in the form of "clarification" whenever he went all "Rush Limbaugh" on the air.  Although I have distinct feeling that the Sarges advertisers aren't lining up, clawing over top of each other to get a spot on his rotation.

It seems the head honchos at the network of "accusing but not proving," have had enough of Ed Schultz's low ratings (which he laughably said were comparable to Glenn Beck's one-time, months-leading ratings) and have knocked his show from the valuable weeknight slot to the much-less watched weekends and will be replaced by Chris Hayes in the nightly time slot.

Schultz himself untruthfully says he's actually glad to be moving to the weekend. 
And there's word that Ed may be all the out none too soon.  He isn't exactly the favorite son over there and the network reportedly wasn't very forthcoming with him on his demotion.

See, there is justice in TV Land.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From the Sky is Falling to Nothing to See Here

Remember when the Democrats and left-wing media tried with all of their might to scare Americans (and the GOP) into believing the country would implode with discretionary budget cuts that would force air-traffic control towers to close, children wouldn't get their immunizations, seniors wouldn't get their vital medicine and/or starve?  Oh, and remember how it would all be the Republicans fault?  Well, the sequester time limit came and went and guess what?  The sky hasn't fallen.

Oh, the MSM tried.  Oh how they tried, to scare every single American into believing another economic collapse would happen if only the big, bad, evil Republicans (who are the purveyors of everything bad that has happened in America for the last 60 or so years-at least!) would have fallen in line, the repercussions of this collapse could have, maybe, possibly... been worse?  At least that's what the media was not only preparing you for, but actively hoping on it.  Anything to protect the "credibility" of their current celebrity president.  Of course to protect President Obama's razor-thin fables and over-the-top rhetoric, the media had to double-down on exactly what Obama wanted them to.

Now that the truth has once again stymied the lefts plan of fear-mongering, the media is mum about the whole affair.  Other than of course, protecting Obama's willfully false narrative even after the fact.

"Assault Weapons' Ban Just the Beginning"

Along with moonbat Diane Feinstein who admitted that if she had just had the votes, all guns would be banned in America, , Representative Jan Schkowsky (D-IL) "suggested to Jason Mattera at a Feb. 13 women’s rights rally that plans for an assault weapons ban and private-sales background checks were only the beginning of a broader gun control agenda extending to handguns as well."

I guess we know who Piers Morgan will be fawning over as his next guest.

Oklahoma House Approves Bill to Allow Armed Teachers in Schools

More Biased Journalism from Washington Post; Falsely Claims Baby Death Result of Israel Bombings

Not surprisingly the biased BBC helped to create a false narrative in the on-going, media-enabled War on Truth concerning the decades-old Middle East conflict between Israel and those that the world wrongly calls "Palestinians."  The Washington Post was all too happy to exacerbate this willful dishonesty with no admonishments from the rest of the dishonest media.

This is not news.  It's all been documented for years.  But the mainstream media continues to lie to the world and proudly continues aid and abed the lies perpetrated on Israel.
At least some truth has recently come forward.  But again, where are the headlines?

Senate Dems Refuse to Share Budget with Republicans Before Public

Finally after four years, the Senate Democrats are about to put forth a budget, but they are unwilling to work with Republicans, going so far as to not even share with them the details of the "plan."
The proposal will apparently only be review-able by the Senate Republicans upon it's release to the public.

Paul Ryan on the other hand, unveiled his latest budget proposal (his third I believe-Republican budget proposals 3,  Democrats 1) that the usual lefty media will scoff-without even reading it of course and simply let the MSM laugh it off for them.  Afterall, the Dems are too busy vacationing and telling people how to run their lives to actually listen to anything of common sense.

Those darn GOP obstructionists.

Big Government Takes from Soldiers, Gives to Illegals

I guess calling illegal aliens "undocumented workers" works so much that it has allowed the whacko left in Colorado to give lower tuition cots anywhere in the state, but men and women who have served America in uniform may have to scrimp and save to go back to school, or upgrade their armed forces education.

This is the ongoing meme of the left.  To fundamentally change the United States of America.

Disgusting Wisconsin School Officials Want Kids to Wear Identifying Wristbands

Education officials in Wisconsin are "encouraging"  kids there to wear wristbands to remind others of their "white privilege."
Really?  Do I even have to mention how Nazi-like this is?  And I'm not just blowing smoke like a true, full-on left-wing moonbat that calls everyone they don't agree with a Nazi.  Having someone wear something on their persons that publicly identifies them to everyone else as something to be weary of, or to have the green light to publicly demean, besmirch and yes, hate that person is truly disgusting, has to be illegal and is truly the work of the left.

This is way beyond a scarlet letter.  Does the left truly have no shame?

Krauthammer: Obama's Just Not That Good

This about says it all.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Shapiro Destroys Grim

Listen to Ben Shapiro rip a layer off of the Huffington Post's Ryan Grim in a debate in a classic liberal versus conservative argument.  That is to say opinion versus facts.
To be fair to Grim, Hannity, who I admit is quite the gasbag, cut off Grim too much and should have just been quiet altogether.  It's not like Shapiro needed any help.

Friday, March 08, 2013

O'Brien Once Again Shows She Doesn't Have A Clue

Outgoing CNN host Soledad O'Brien showed the public exactly why she's on her way out at least as an on-air personality.

O'Brien must have been reading some more left-wing talking points from Media Matters as she was blissfully unaware that Roger Ailes, when recently quoted as saying he thinks President Obama is "lazy," was taken from Obama himself.

This is just a symptom of the problems at CNN.  Their anchors never do their homework.  And why should they, really?  They've gotten away with it for so long.
Of course over at MSNBC, Obama's own words are now a "dog-whistle" for racism.

Bin Laden Son-in-Law Brought to NYC for Trial

Since he couldn't bring 9/11 conspirators to New York City for a civilian trial, President Barack Obama figured he'd do it for the son-in-law of slain al Queda leader, Osama bin Laden.

Rand Paul Ends Filibuster

Rand Paul finally ended his 13-hour filibuster of John Brennan.  But what did it accomplish?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Muslim Woman's Point of View

Wafa Sultan's point of view on the culture of extremist Islam and how she sees how the Qur'an tells Muslim society  how to treat woman.

Her point about a religion taking away a person's last morsel of compassion is very poignant.

FOX Fourth in Ratings, Current TV Off the Chart

Oh, don't let that post title fool you.
The new Neilson television ratings released last week show that out of all 94 cable channels, FOX News rated fourth behind only the History Channel, the USA Network and the Disney Channel.  The conservative network, that is somehow the worst evil entity that has ever come across the airwaves-and is apparently the only news network that "lies"-once again crushed their cable news competition.  Which means a lot of people are watching it, considering the only other three above them.

This, not too long after hosts at MSNBC were publicly jubilant at FOX's overall ratings sliding a tad back in February, but probably don't have to say too much about it now.   MSNBC itself came in 23rd, Headline News 34th, CNN 36th and oil-producing giant-owned (which was just sold to al Jazeera by earth-loving hypocrite, Al Gore) Current TV...dead last.  In fact the ratings for Current are so low, Neilson couldn't even get an accurate rating.
Why is FOX News,  a network so supposedly loathed "by everyone," continually watched by a lot of people for such a long time (almost 13 years almost consecutively now?)  At the same time, why do the liberal networks, which include the mainstream networks of course, ratings continually decline?

Not too much grey matter needed to do the math on this one.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Yeah, Thanks Dave

In a classic example of too little too late, NBC's Meet the Press anchor David Gregory got White House economic chief Gene Sperling to admit, through typical double-speak, that President Barack Obama indeed lied about who's idea the sequester was.

This comes four months after the election in last November, wherein it could have had a lot greater value in perhaps deciding the results, but Gregory, like all mainstream media members didn't find it interesting enough back then.  Or, perhaps they knew it could have an effect.  I'm kinda leaning toward the latter.

The Return of Zo

Alfonzo Rachel returns to hand President Obama his ass to him yet again.  And even some environmentalweenies.  I love this guy!


While we're at it, let's continue with the correcting of history and watch professor Zo punk out BSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnellyevski.

Piers Morgan School of Idiocy

If you have children who eat their lunch at school, you better make sure they're not being normal, creative, imaginative children lest you and they feel the elitist, paranoid, holier-than-thou repercussions of the state.

Just a Reminder

As Long As Your A Democrat

If you're a Democrat and you broke the law, were arrested and convicted (or made a plea deal in the case of Jesse Jackson, Jr.) the media will still fawn all over you, make excuses for you and even omit your party affiliation.  However, if you're a former convict thinking of running for public office as a Republican years after your debt to society has been paid, too bad; your worse than a law-breaker.

Such is the case in the story of Paul McKinley, a former convict who could be in the running to oppose current Democratic Illinois State House Representative Robin Kelly.  Apparently it's okay to smear McKinley for his past legal indiscretions because he's running on the Republican ticket.  By the rules of the Obama post-racial world, wouldn't that make the author of this piece, Bill Ruthhart of the Chicago Tribune a raaaacist?  Nope, only white Republicans are.  And black Republicans are "tokens" and other disgusting racist terms the left continually and historically gets away with, while re-writing history with fables like "the Republican Party and the Liberals have switched ideologies," or "it's not the party of Lincoln anymore."  What rubbish.

The Tribune has a history of double standards in defense of Democrats while vilifying Republicans. As in the case of, as the linked story reminds us,  Jack Ryan.  But in the tradition of the Tribune and other left-wing media outlets, the son of race hustler Jesse Jackson's party affiliation was never mentioned.

Par for the course for the liberal media.  If only they were this "diligent " when non-vetting one Barack Obama.

Hugo Chavez Dead at 58

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

CNN Incredibly Airs Balanced Story of Abortion

The moon must be blue.  CNN, the traditional and stalwart defender of everything Obama, including the disgusting and evil procedure of partial-birth abortion, has done a balanced, heart-wrenching story of a surrogate mother who was offered $10,000 to abort the baby she was carrying due to pre-birth defects.  She refused.

Obama Admin. Spends $400 K on Oil Paintings

The Obama administration has spent $400,000 on oil paintings of obscure officials that no one (I'm betting probably even within the administration itself) has even ever heard of, much less what they do.

With administration rhetoric on-going about how the country is broke, they keep finding ways to waste tax-payer money.  It isn't quite the monstrosity of spending $4 million on studying turtles that the so-called stimulus package allowed, or the State Department under John Kerry donating $250 million to the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt, but I don't think it's that much of a radical comment to state that this is criminal.

But If It Were Bush...

"Stephen D. Abney, the chief public affairs official for the Army’s Joint Munitions Command, recently sent a message to all 6,000 employees he speaks for: Don’t criticize President Barack Obama or any political party to members of the press."

Such is the mentality of the thin-skinned, narcissistic president of the United States.  What happened to freedom of speech, such as the freedom to endlessly attack and demean former President George w. Bush?  Apparently the rights of the Constitution (not surprisingly) stop at the front door of the current president.

Colorado Dems Misogyny Continues

The ongoing Democrat "War on Woman" continues unabated in Colorado. 

In a gun-ban hearing, Democrat Senator Evie Hudak told rape survivor Amanda Collins that "statistics are not on your side" and that even if she had a gun, her assailant "would have been able to get than from you and possibly use it against you."  This is not the first arrogant and disconnected from reality Colorado Democrat to bully a woman who wished she had, or wants a gun to protect herself from would-be assailants.

 This does bring up an interesting question.  As Democrats are so reliant on the point of, "isn't it a woman's right to choose?"  Or is it the job of Democrats to choose how a woman, or any person, defends themselves?

Dominican Prostitute Says She Was Paid to Accuse Menendez

A breaking story out of the Dominican Republic says that the prostitute that accused senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) was paid to make the claim.  
Although this may clear Menendez of the prostitution scandal, it has shone light on the possible abuse of office to benefit a wealthy Florida donor.
Either way, the mainstream media has utterly failed to report any alleged wrongdoing by the Democrat senator.

Doom and Gloom Media's Chicken Little Sequester Rhetoric

In the weeks leading up to the White House's financial sequester, members of the left-wing media did their best to scare Americans into blaming the Republican Party for fantasy-laden budget cuts (for a budget that hasn't been produced by the Democrat-led Senate in four years) with wild tales of starving seniors, grid-locked airports, unvaccinized  children and dying soldiers, for starters.

Well, the sky has yet to fall and the media has yet to correct themselves and to apologize for giving people unjust anxiety.  What they have done is given a pretty good list of over-the-top rhetoric that goes perfect with the White House's fear mongering and ongoing disconnect from reality.

Some of their outlandish claims?

  -On CBS This Morning (March 1) co-host Charlie Rose raised the specter that U.S. "troops could pay with their lives.”
-Earlier on the February 25 CBS This Morning, Rose highlighted "the worst-case scenario" for the sequester: "Kids without vaccines; schools without teachers; and massive airport delays."
-On ABC's World News (February 24) David Kerley likened the cuts to a "disaster movie," warning of "child care canceled for tens of thousands of kids."
-Over on NBC's Today (February 25), correspondent Peter Alexander claimed the puny budget cuts would eliminate "meals for needy seniors" and deprive children of "vaccines for diseases like whooping cough and the flu."
They really went into overtime on this one.  Not since the Obamacare scare have they dedicated themselves to such flame-throwing and skulduggery when it comes to advocacy of their failed hero in the White House.

-Source: NewsBusters

Other "the sky is falling" prognostications from the networks indelible line of seers and Obamaphiles?

Howard Kurtz called the MSM on their ridiculous "freakout."  And the networks are still unmoved in their stance of the sequestration even after the sky is still looming above.  Although Kurtz should have informed people before the sequester went into effect.

"The media's "breathless prognostications of swift, certain doom should be an embarrassment to the entire news industry," Media Research Center President Brent Bozell concluded.

Here, here.

Some Reporters Starting to Come Forward about Obama Admin's Treatment of Press

It seems even though the lefts admiration for President Obama is still ongoing, as he has most definitely benefited from their gracious "see no evil, here no evil" mentality about his Chicago-thug political style since he became the junior senator from Illinois, it seems that the press may, just may be starting to grow weary of being the leader of the Democrat's propaganda army.  It's highly doubtful seeing how far they have fallen and how much their collective opinions have been so dishonest and one-sided on behalf of the Democrats for the past, oh 40 years or so,

But in an article in Monday's U.S. New and World Report, it seems there might be a growing "unhealthy antagonism … between the West Wing and the mainstream media."

NewsBusters' Howard Portnoy has more.

One could only "hope" that this whole deal is true.

NBC's Williams Claims His Reporting is "Cleansed of Political Opinions," "Down the Middle'"

I almost choked on my breakfast bacon when I saw this little tidbit.  NBC's resident Obama-loyalist, Brian Williams (one of many as you know by now) laughingly claimed that his reporting is "cleansed of political opinion" and "is down the middle."
Anyone who has the stomach to watch his nightly Obama love-fest will know this is the most laugh-out-loud pile of steaming horse dung that pretty much any "journalist" has ever had the gumption to try and get away with.

Williams, the Obama-bowing hypocrite and obvious yarn-spinner actually made this claim on fellow liberal Alec Baldwin's radio show.   "My work has been so cleansed, as I see it, and as I've tried, of political opinions over 27 years....I can try to call it down the middle, and try to be fair about it, and do a 'just the facts'..."

Since Williams and his compadres know no one in his profession will openly call him on this (with the exception of perhaps Howard Kurtz) he knows he can say pretty much anything calculatingly outlandish and dishonest and not have to worry about being called on to explain his affection for everything Obama.

CNN's Bash Catches Obama in Distortion, Networks Gloss Over It

Credit goes out to CNN's Dana Bash for actually fact-checking President Obama's distortion of pay cuts for  Capital Hill janitors and security.  The president on Friday stated that, because of the sequester that went into effect at midnight, that, "They're going to have less pay, the [Capital Hill] janitor's, security guards.  They just got a pay cut."
But in what turns out to be yet more misleading, over-the-top rhetoric by the president, those janitors and security personnel will not receive a pay cut, but will receive limited overtime.  In fairness to the president, a pay cut could happen, but according to Bass's source, the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, they won't "yet," and it may indeed be unlikely in the future.

CNN mentioned the distortion, ABC, CBS merely glossed over it and NBC ignored it.

This is yet just another example of gloom and doom fear-mongering by the Obama administration to get the public to get behind tax-cuts, ongoing government spending and to demonize the Republican Party.  It's perhaps not as bad as Maxine Waters comment that the sequestration cuts "will lead to 170 million job losses," but it just shows how ignorant the Democrats are and how much they think the same of the American people.

The left-wing media dabbled in it's usual chicanery of either ignoring the distortion all together or glossing over the misinformation by the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Insanity Island

Armed Services Chair: Never Seen Such Lack of 'Truth-Telling' from Commander in Chief

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard McKeon (R-Calif.) gives his opinion on the lack of leadership and honesty from Barack Obama.

Krauthammer: Meat Cutting End is Nye

Waters: Sequestration Cuts Will Cause the Loss of 170 Million Jobs

What a braniac this Maxine Waters is.  She has absolutely no clue of what will happen when the sequestration cuts hit, but yet her diarrhea of the mouth has spewed forth once again claiming that the sequestration will cause the loss of 170 million-that's million with an "m" in America.
That's 170 million out of...140 million?
Ah, the intelligentsia of the left.

Reid: Do Our Bidding Media!

Weasel Harry Reid is at his narcissistic worst again.  The man who believes he shouldn't be accountable for anything he does or says (smearing Republicans with unsubstantiated accusations-that the media never questioned and blaming Republicans for the Democrat constitutional duty of not having a budget prepared for the last four years, just for starters) now says the media should do his bidding and perpetuate further lies about the sequester and whatever the Dems want Americans to believe.

The slight of hand the Democrats pull off by bullying the press when they don't-in a blue moon-do exactly what the Dems want is mind-boggling.  They simply say whatever they want and the press, along with their ignorant base, laps it up without question.

Maddow Reveals Her Fraudulence

So phony are the hosts on MSNBC that they had to hire a so-called Rhodes Scholar to try and give them some credibility and respectability.  Unfortunately for them, Rachel Maddow is more of a total fraud than the rest of her cronies at the fake news network.  [S]he has now reverted to using multiple fake Twitter accounts to prop up her show...with very little viewers to do it.  Interesting.

Between this and her fellow hosts willfully manipulating video to smear conservatives, how in the world does anybody even remotely think these phonies are being informative?

By the way, did you happen to notice all of these "tweets" are entirely from women?  Not only is [s]he a  complete fraud, but does she really hate men that much?
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