Friday, August 30, 2013

Obama To Go It Alone Against Syria?

President Obama is ready to go it alone against the tyranny of  Bashar Assad.  With Britain voting down any military role in Syria, Obama is ready to put American lives in jeopardy to advance his cause.  Maybe it's his way of making up for not sending gas masks to Syrian government opposition when there was a surplus of them.

Um, didn't the "world" decry President Bush for "unilaterally" going into Iraq?  Although he had 48 countries with him initially, the left whined he was a "cowboy" who didn't care about consensus.
Let's see. Go to war based on weapons of mass destruction?  Where was the U.N. inspectors saying it was o.k.?  Where's the congressional approval Bush recieved?  Oh, right.  This is "different."  This time "core interests" are at stake.  It's funny how Dems like Dianne Feinstein are ready to support any action by the president, but yet denounced Bush for the above reasons and then some, but she's giving Obama all the latitude in the world.  So far, none of this has been approved by congress.  Again, something that Bush had.  But that won't stop the Dems from their usual hypocrisy.  Watch how this one is spun so it is "totally (and I bet morally) different" than Bush and Iraq.  It's sure starting off that way.

Can you say Obama's Iraq?  Without of course, the media and the left condemning it.  So, you know , it's o.k.

LA Times Distorts History for Dems

Leave it to left-wing newspapers to continually spin history to cover for the horrendous past of the Democrat party.  The guilty party this go-around?  The Los Angeles Times claiming the Democrats passed civil rights legislation in the 60s.

These people and their gross misconduct of truth, history and general decency will never, ever stop these lies as long as they're allowed to distort and twist the facts without any admonishment whatsoever.  Don't expect their brethren at the New York Times, Newsweek, or any of he networks to correct them.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ed Schultz...Still An Idiot

With Ed Schultz's "promotion" back from the weekend oblivion time slot, ol' Sarge is at it again.  According his tiny brain, Schultz says that although the Democrats have ruled Detroit for the last 50 years or so, it's (surprise!) the Republican policies that have destroyed Detroit's economic viability.
Got that?  Even though the Democrats have set the policies that have seen the Motor City's economic collapse come to pass, it's those dirty Republicans (who, although didn't have the majority either in Detroit city council or in the State Senate to have the votes to implement hardly anything) that passed the laws that made Detroit what it is today.

Sarge must have really liked his weekend gig (where even less sheep watched him) because it appears he's really trying to go back.

What a moron!  I mean seriously.  Really?

NBC's Todd Blames GOP for Scott Not Being Invited to "Dream" Anniversary

NBC's Chuck Todd has done the predictable while a member of the loathesome crew over at the far-left MSNBC.  The only black senator IN EITHER PARTY, Tim Scott  was not invited to the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech because of, wait for it...the Republicans.

These moonbats will spin anything won't they?  And I mean anything.

Obama: Criticism "Doesn't Have to Do with My Race"

Ooh.  The race-baitors heads are going to explode on this one.  I really have to grab some popcorn and see how the Chris Matthews and Al Sharptons of the world twist this.  Whatever shall they do now?  If the the Great Obama himself says his detractors aren't basing their differences on race, what are the pimps and hustlers like Sharpton (and white-guilt laden "progressives") going to do to obfuscate about race in America?  Heavens, no.

What you just heard was the screams of disbelief of Democrats and the pack of race cards hitting the floor.  You know, besides Obama getting elected...twice.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Proof of Left Wing Fantasy of Violence and Hatred Towards Woman

The Huffington Post has some cleaning up to do, not to mention a major apology to Dana Loesch.  One of the left-wing web site's writers, a complete scumbag named Pascal Robert has publicly wished for Loesch to be anally raped by a "brother."  We'll forget the obvious racism for now, but how does the brass at The Huffington Post condone such behavior.  This isn't surprising, being that Robert is a typical racist, woman-hating left-wing piece of sh*t.  It's not even surprising that the Huffington Post hasn't as of yet admonished Robert for his violent and disgusting tweet, as they traditionally spew their uneducated, uninformed, deviant "opinions" every day.  It's not even remotely surprising that no other lefties have condemned Robert for this, seeing how Bill Maher and other left-wing misogynists get away with insulting and childishly spewing hatred toward conservative woman all the time.  This includes left-wing woman like Sandra Bernhardt.  The rest of their media simply doesn't care, because the rest of their media agrees with them.

But if Arianna Huffington does not fire this pathetic loser from her staff (or is it simply "let go" since she allegedly doesn't pay her writers) she is just as guilty.  As a former friend and associate of Andrew Breitbart, I would expect more of her.  This moron needs to be restrained from ever publicly writing again.  Don Imus was fired for less.  Paula Dean has had her career destroyed for much less.

Pascal Robert, you are a piece of crap.

Harvard Study: Less Guns Does Not Mean Less Crime

For all the Piers Morgans out there that wish to disarm Americans and leave them defenseless, here's a taste of reality for you.

Voter ID

Ok, so, let me get this straight.  The left, including all the brain-dead Obama sycophants at BSNBC, particularly Chris Matthews thinks and wants anybody who doesn't think for themselves to believe that the Republicans only want people to show identification at polling stations to suppress the minority vote.
I'm going to say this one time.  It's common sense morons!  If you want to stop voter fraud (which the Dems apparently count on to win elections. 100 percent of the Philadelphia vote going to Barack Obama?  100 percent! Yeah, right.  You know who else got 100 percent of the votes?  Saddam Hussein) you ask people to prove who they say they are.  Unless of course allowing Mickey Mouse, Robocop or the family dog to vote for the leader of the country is cool with you.  It is with the Democrats.  Why else are they fighting tooth and nail to allow illegals to vote.  And yes, some people are illegal, despite what your typical bleeding heart hippie t-shirt says.

You need ID to open a bank account.  You need ID to get a library card.  You need ID to get a driver's license. You need ID to buy a plane ticket. But apparently needing ID to vote is racist. 
Did you happen to hear any of them admit that they needed identification to get into their national convention?  Me neither.
What is it that they wear their congressional membership pins for?  Raffles?

Also, apparently the collection of Forrest Gumps at the 'Bend Over' network think only blacks are poor. The racists!  That's right, only blacks can't afford these ID cards in Pennsylvania.  Oh wait.  They're free!  But I guess the left is perfectly fine with their tried and true race card (or as it's being coined now, race poker they've played it so much) and spitting in the face of democracy.  Their projection knows no end.  The only way for the Dems to win any election fairly and legally nowadays is voter fraud.  You know it.  I know it and they know it.
Chris Matthews knows it too.

Zo's the Man

Medal of Honor Awarded to Carter

President Obama awarded Staff Sgt. Ty M. Carter was given the Medal of Honor, the military's highest possible award for his bravery and dedication in a battle at Outpost Keating in Afghanistan in 2009.

Impeach Obama? Oh...Wait

So with President Obama on the verge of bombing Syria (you know, a country that never attacked the U.S?) without congressional authority what will his followers say?  To be fair there are plenty on the left that are furious about his killing of American citizens by drones (one would think if a Republican were in the White House the impeachment proceedings would have been in process a long time ago) and his plethora of broken promises.  But this takes me back to when Vice-President Biden was still a senator and was trying to talk tough about President George W. Bush.

I want to stand by the comment I made. The reason I made the comment was as a warning. I don't say those things lightly. -Senator Joe Biden, 2007.

Uh huh.

By the way, speaking of Syria, does anyone remember Shrillary saying how Bashar al-Assad was a "reformer?"

Sharpton and Obama: One and the Same

Wow.  There has been quite a bit going on in the last week or so.  The usual Obama protectors from the MSM are doing their thing and not reporting on anything significant about the ongoing news regarding Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the NSA spying and the IRS targeting of citizens (especially the Tea Party and other conservative groups) and his using the death of a black teenager as a convenient distraction to all of them.

Each link is new items that the mainstream media should be reporting on as soon as it crosses their desks, or one would think.
There's also the biggest racist on the planet Mr. Al Sharpton, who continues to portray himself as a leader of the black community while continuing to divide, smear and outright lie about his detractors.  Now the fool just reaffirmed to being the total coward and hypocrite that he is when he finally spoke up about the Chris Lane murder.  The astronomical jackhole even managed to say the murder of Lane by two black teenagers (plus a white accomplice after the fact) wasn't race-related.  Get that?  A white teen murdered by two black teens because they were "bored," isn't race-related and that the "system worked."  Yep.  A Hispanic man shoots an unarmed black teenager who looks suspicious (with a history of theft and drug use) and is exonerated in court with a verdict of not guilty; he's still a "cold-blooded murderer.  But yet when a black man shoots an unarmed white teenager who was originally no threat to him as the black shooter was in his house before the shooting, then the black shooter is just a legally-armed concerned citizen.  Nah.  That's not hypocritical (and clearly racist on Sharpton's part)   The Daily Caller's Lisa Fritsch has a nice take on the "good" reverend.  Part 1 & part 2.
Does Sharpton know about shooter James Edwards racists tweets about "knoccin out 5 woods (that's the racist term 'peckerwoods') since Zimmerman court?"  Or "90% of white ppl are nasty.  #HATE THEM"  Of course he does, but it wasn't race-related.  No.  Not at all.

The police in the Lane case (according to Sharpton) said it was an "isolated incident" and "there was "no racial motive for the killing."  Um, the police said the exact same thing in the Trayvon Martin shooting, but that didn't stop the racist Sharpton from causing (along with Obama's lapdog, the equally racist Eric Holder) even more racial tensions and hatred; most likely influencing the beatings of Hispanics and whites by blacks days and weeks after the George Zimmerman verdict.

For the record, I agree with the verdict of Mr.Scott (that you will read about in a following link) it's just how can one not want to slap Sharpton and his followers upside the head when he brazenly lies and obfuscates the facts of obviously closely related incidents.  But you see, the victims in two of the three incidents weren't the same skin color as Sharpton, so of course the "system worked" in only one of them.

If you recognized the circumstances of the above description, guess what certain case in which the system supposedly didn't work in Sharpton and every race-hustler's eyes, thanks to a divisive and irresponsible media?  Nope.  Not this one in New York.  Or this one in Washington State.  And since Obama had a white grandfather who also served in World War II, why hasn't the Chosen One made mention of how if he had a (living) grandfather, he would look like Belton?  Don't hold your breath waiting for that one.  And if this so-called president apparently chooses thugs for sons (if he had any) could one theorize that Belton was killed by two of them?

Speaking of the Lane and Belton murders, the left is already on the offensive, trying to minimize the effect of the two black-on-white murders by printing preemptive strikes against the obvious hypocrisy and racism of Sharpton, Obama and their ilk.  Nevermind "conservative hate-talk" (as far as the moonbats think) and "targets" on a Sarah Palin election map a few years ago that supposedly led to the shooting of Gabriel Giffords (also nevermind the fact that the hateful death cult of the left would have said Giffords deserved it if she were a Republican and the fact that in a 2008 campaign speech, when talking about his conservative opponents then Senator Obama said "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.") it's apparently o.k. for the left to jump to those inane conclusions and use violent rhetoric and imagery, but the right should never, never make the same, and perhaps even more relevant argument about Obama being some what responsible for these deaths given that he helped to burn the flames of racism even further?
(For the record the Democrats were using "target maps" a good year before Palin did)
No, for you see to the moonbats like Chauncey DeVega over at Alternet thinks if you merely say something like, "Conservatives are desperately searching for their white version of Trayvon Martin..." and once someone even remotely compares these crimes (without the media hardly saying boo about the white victim crimes) they can then claim "See?  See, I told you they would do this," as if raising the question about their coincidences has no merit.  Then the race card comes out and the other side is supposed to immediately shut up or be shut down.

Of course Sharpton just participated in the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech and preached about equal opportunity and equal rights.  Although he did so without Tim Scott, the only black senator in the country who was not even invited.  The only black senator in either party was not invited to the 50th anniversary of one of the most paramount speeches in the 20th century.  It goes to show you that the organizers don't care about influential or successful blacks, unless they're race-baiting "progressives."
Does Sharpton even realize what century he's in? Does he know there's a half-black president occupying the White House?  He's only black when he wants to be. (that's from Harry Reid folks, not me) And why doesn't anyone interview Bernice King?  The youngest child of Dr. King?  Is it because she shares some conservative and/or traditional family and social values?

Finally, I'm not one to agree with Margaret Carlson, but she pretty much nailed this one.

Dept. of Defence Indoctrination

Training manual for the U.S. military nowadays under President Barack Hussein Obama.

Welcome to Obama's Amerika.  Today's lesson: How to forcibly turn soldiers into "progressives" by limiting what they read.  That is, only what the Obama administration wants your heads filled with.

Ironic isn't it?  Taking away the rights of soldiers while they defend the rights of others?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Think About It

Just another example of why liberal logic is out of this world (in this case literally)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Even Oprah Now?

I never thought I'd see the day.  Not Oprah.  Not her too.

By now you must know the debacle of Oprah Winfrey being the alleged victim of racism.  She was in a Swiss well-to-do shop in Zurich when she asked the woman behind the counter to see a alligator-skinned bag (I thought Oprah was a big animal rights activist) When the woman behind the counter, apparently not recognising Ms. Winfrey (as Oprah her self admitted her show is not shown in Switzerland) said she wouldn't be able to afford the $38,000 exotic hand bag, saying it was "too expensive," Oprah would later claim back in the States that she was a victim of racism.  Apparently Winfrey has been listening a little too much to Al Sharpton and the like.  After all, she did recently claim the killing of Trayvon Martin was "the same" as the torture and murder as Emmitt Till.   So clearly we now know that Oprah knows nothing about either case other than what she has been told within her own circle or what she skimmed over in her local paper, just looking for key words like "racist," racism" and Zimmerman/murderer."   Clearly some over-reaching and sensationalism is going on on her part.  Perhaps Oprah has been on television too long and has to make everything about ratings.  Or is it that she needed a little extra attention seeing that she is co-starring in the recently released film, The Butler about Eugene Allan; who served eight presidents in the White House between 1952 until 1980.  Which by the way reportedly smears Ronald Reagan and that Allan resigned his tenure due to the Reagan's "indifference" toward the plight of American blacks.  Which, if you knew anything about Reagan or read his memoirs, is utterly and complete hogwash.  Funny how Allan supposedly didn't like Reagan and quit because of his policies, but yet has a picture of Ron and Nancy predominantly hanging on his living room wall?  All the other  pictures of presidents he served hang in his basement.  Once again, the left-wing establishment trying to bulls**t their way into the history books.  The former president's son, Michael Reagan agrees.

Her latest diatribe?  Having no ill will towards black people doesn't mean you're not a racist.  Did you catch that last line in the third paragraph?  Speaking of the Zimmerman case, "it's ridiculous to look at that case and not to think racism was involved."  Yet another one in the age of the Obamaphile that apparently didn't read the report that the FBI did a thorough investigation on George Zimmerman and found absolutely no racist tendencies or history of the man.  However they did find (as I talked about in an earlier post) that he adamantly defended the civil rights of a black man beaten by police officers.  Something else people like Winfrey and the MSM doesn't want you to know.  It destroys their "all America is racist narrative."  Ironic that the most richest black woman in the world (a one per-center, by the way) made her fortune from white people, based on the population percentage and medium income, is claiming racism is the reason she couldn't purchase a expensive hand bag.  An accusation she has now back-pedaled on, without apologising to the sales clerk.  Is it just a coincidence that she just gave away a car while a guest on Jimmy Kimmel?  And to a (drum roll) white woman at that!  Can you say damage control?

Is it also just a coincidence, as mentioned that Winfrey has sucked all this media attention her way now that she has the movie to push?

I never thought Oprah Winfrey, the class of Chicago, would become a race hustler.

Hope for Iran-Western Relations?

With the election of  new Iranian president Hassan Rowhani, who has been described as a moderate cleric, indications are he wants better relations with the West.  Negotiations may get underway a lot sooner than they would have with former president and advocate of Israeli genocide, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Rowhani has told his people through the Iranian press that "foreign policy is not carried out by repeating slogans" and "we have no right to use foreign policy to win plaudits."

Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Apology Letter to Obama

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rodeo Clown Gets the Boot and Banned for Life for Mocking Obama

Remember when it was cool, even patriotic to mock the President of the United States?  Well, no longer as a rodeo clown was fired and banned for life from all Missouri State fairs for wearing a Barack Obama mask while doing his job as an entertainer.

You can now add this to the list of things you can't mock Obama for.  Make fun of his ears?  Racist!  Question his policies?  Racist!  Wear an Obama mask as a rodeo clown?  Racist!

So I suppose all those people who mocked Reagan, Nixon, Carter and Clinton and burned them in effigy were all racists too?  Is everyone seeing the ultimate ridiculousness of this yet?  Obama doesn't walk on water, folks.  Unbelievable.  Pretty soon after the Obamabots drag people from their houses for mocking this president (led by Eric Holder of course) they'll simply start shooting them on their front porch pretty soon afterwards.

Ah.  Obama's Amerika.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Obama Followers Can Do to One Man's Patience

I love this guy!

IRS Still Targeting Conservative Groups?

Even with President Obama's recent press conference in which he said he plans to appoint a commission to investigate the so-called NSA "phony scandal," Paul Bedard of The Washington Examiner reported the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee was told by an IRS agent that the Internal Revenue Service is still scrutinizing Tea Party groups, which by the way, is being omitted by the mainstream media.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Obama Appeases Public with Rhetoric, Won't Stop Spying

President Barack Obama held a press conference at the White House to discuss the NSA spying scandal (which he has said was "phony," after he had said it was incorrigible that the NSA would do such a thing)

Once again he paid lip service to his base, hoping it would diffuse the situation.  Once again for something he essentially has said doesn't exist.
Much like his State of the Union addresses and pretty much every time he gets in front of a podium, he repeated the same old diatribe about doing "what's right."

But all he did was try to appease the public without really getting into specifics about exactly how he was going to address the problem other than some commission...that he himself will investigate himself...for a scandal that doesn't exist.


Sunday, August 04, 2013

Finally-Tawana Brawley "Pays" for Her Lies

After 25 years the woman who allowed the biggest racist on the planet, Al Sharpton to propel his dangerous, divisive, race-baiting career forward, Tawana Brawley has finally been tracked down and court-ordered to make payments to ex-prosecutor Steven Pagones.  If you remember, it was Brawley, with help from her lying mother and the even bigger liar Sharpton, who viciously lied her way to national attention by accusing six white men (including Pagones and police officers) of raping her after she stayed out all night after a party (and four days afterward) and was afraid to tell her parents.  So she concocted this entire BS story to extract money from innocent people.  The same attempted scam would happen 21 years later with the Duke Lacrosse Team and that phony accusation of white-on-black rape.  These cases and many more like them is exactly what Ann Coulter talks about in her book, "Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama."

Brawley has had her wages garnished and has finally made the first payment (with six payments by cheque) to Pagones in the amount of $3,764.

Sharpton was successfully sued for defamation as well, but has yet to pony up one dime from his own pocket.

Obama Administration Hiding Benghazi Survivors? Changing Their Names?

In an interview with FOX News' Greta Van Susteren, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) claims (along with ABC's Jake Tapper and his report on “dozens” of CIA operatives on the ground during the attack) Gowdy told Van Susteren that the Obama administration, in an attempt to hide even more facts from this (phony?) scandal from the world, is dispersing these survivors around the country, changing their names.

This sounds a little too far fetched even for me, but with the narcissist in the White House that can't seem to take responsibility for anything, I would be shocked not one bit.
But, if this turns out to be true?  If Obama hasn't warranted a reason for impeachment, this is sure the hell it.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Look Who Knew about Obama's "Big Brother " Microscope

Maxine Waters, perhaps the biggest "Big Brother, Big Government" advocate in the House of Representatives knew all along what the Spy-in-Chief Barack Obama was up to with his NSA lapdogs.
"The president has put together an organisation that contains a database that no one has ever seen before in life.  That's going to be very, very powerful...That database is going to have information about everything about every individual in ways that has never been done before."

 Not only did she know about Obama's Big Brother machine having no limit to how the government can spy on it's citizens through every means possible, but she proudly and joyfully advocates it.
These are the people that won a second term after spoon-feeding their ignorant followers their lies and transparent Socialist agenda?
Welcome to Obama's Amerika.  You asked for it.  Reap what you sew moonbats.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Another Desperate Attempt to Smear Palin...For Some Reason

More lies from the left.  This time it's the Daily Beast actually contacting and harassing Sarah Palin CPAC contributors and telling them, in hopes of besmirching the woman who hasn't held office for five years, has no say in policy decisions, nor is running for any public office; that she took their contributions and is defrauding them by using said contributions "on expenses common to every political action committee." How is this woman somehow still a threat to the left-wing establishment?

What are they really afraid of?

Racists, Terrorists and Republicans Oh My

Left-wing moonbats, I give you you're undisputed champion, Charles Rangel (D-NY)

They don't even care to try and hide their true racist ideology, do they?  That darned Tea Party.  What or who would the left throw under the bus without them?


While Networks Ignore Scandal News, Whistleblowers and CIA Operatives Threatened by Obama Regime

So desperate is President Barack Obama and his groups of Democrat and media sycophants to keep any further information leaking out about the Obama administration's incompetence and indifference (including the heinous actions of-conveniently-former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) that not only are Benghazi whistle-blowers being silenced, but on the ground CIA operative's families are now allegedly being threatened by Obama and his high crime and misdemeanour cohorts.

Now, as all of us on the right have asked numerous times during the tenure of this president, where is the outrage from the "center?"  Where's the impeachment hearings that would inevitably be thrown about if it were a Republican in the White House?  Looooong before today by the way.  Where's the incessant hounding by the Democrat-loving press?

Getting tired of the vile, insulting and criminal double standards yet?
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